The final trailer for Marvel's 'Eternals' is here and we have a new villain

Marvel Studios has released a new trailer にとって “エターナルズ,” オスカー受賞者のクロエ・ジャオ監督.

最新のティーザーは最初のティーザーに続きます “エターナルズ” 5月に公開された予告編.
この映画はアンジェリーナ・ジョリーをフィーチャーしています, ジェンマ・チャン, Kumail Nanjiani, Kit Harington, Richard Madden, Lauren Ridloff, Brian Tyree Henry, サルマ・ハエック, Lia McHugh, Don Lee and Barry Keoghan in the story of an immortal alien race battling the Deviants. Jolie plays elite warrior Thena.
    The trailer also shows the Celestials, which appeared in 2014’sGuardians of the Galaxy.
      “エターナルズ” takes place after the events of “アベンジャーズ: Endgame.According to Marvel’s ウェブサイト, “the wise and spiritual Ajak (played by Salma Hayek) explains the situation at hand to Ikaris (played by Richard Madden), ‘Five years ago, Thanos erased half of the population of the universe. But the people of this planet brought everyone back with a snap of a finger.
          “しかしながら, the events has caused an unexpected conflict for them, ‘The sudden return of the population provided the necessary energy for the emergence to begin.’ 残念ながら, they only have seven days.
          Check out the trailer ここに.