'The Five' co-host reveals how to make Biden take blame for most of inflation

바이든 지지율, 민주주의에 대한 의구심 속 여러 여론조사에서 낙폭 2024

존스: 가장 놀라운 점은 [카린 장 피에르 백악관 대변인] didn’t make a good excuse. There are so many ways to spin [인플레이션], that she could have found some little small group of countries that have something in common and say, “But we’re better than they are.

A lot of people could do better from that podium, 나는 생각한다. I think Jen Psaki did a tremendous job now that I have something to compare her to. 하지만 들어봐, I saw a video on Instagram of all places. They have Congressman Jason Smith. Nice enough guy, I don’t know much about him. But he’s grilling Janet Yellen and he gets her to admit that their strategy for reducing inflation in part is to reduce deficit, because that’s one of the things they think they’ve gotten right. And when you look at how they reduce deficit, it’s laughable. But if reducing deficit reduces inflation, then it doesn’t take a very smart person to say that increasing government spending maybe increases inflation. And I really wish you would have driven that point home, because I think that’s the point that if you got Janet Yellen to admit, then Joe Biden does have to accept responsibility for the majority of this problem.

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