'The Five': Democrats unable to spin 'defund the police'; Can't 'play race card' or use Trump 'crutch'

그만큼 “Defundmovement blew up in Democrats faces over time, as cities like Portland, 광석., 필라델피아, Oakland, 뉴욕, 애틀랜타 시카고 have seen spikes in violent crime rates, host Greg Gutfeld noted; playing a montage of several big-city Democrats voicing support for defunding police or outwardly criticizing law enforcement.

보스턴, 우리. 대표. Ayanna Pressley was quoted as saying she explicitly supports the ‘Defund’ movement becausethis is about the investments in our community which have historically been divested.

미니애폴리스’ 대표. 일한 오마르 called fordismant[ling] and start[ing] anew,” while the Bronx’s Rep. 알렉산드리아 오 카시오 코르테즈 claimed suburbs have also begun re-allocating police funds to public schools and housing.

Also in the montage, 시카고 Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared in 2020 that Chicagoanscannot rely upon the police to provide public safety.

Most notably, then-Sen. 카말라 해리스, D- 칼리프., praised Los Angeles Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti and told ABC News at the time that governments mustreexaminewhere their funding is going.

Following the montage of Democrats showing support for defunding the police, 주최자 제시와 터스 posited that others in the Democratic Party are having a tough time now claiming they are not in favor of such drastic measures because they are unable toplay the race cardor use Donald Trump as a foil now that he is 1,000 miles away from the White House in Palm Beach.

Notice how they’re not playing the race card. The Democrats are only good at that: at playing the race card – they either will censor conservatives or they will throw the race card down,” 그는 말했다.


When they actually have to debate a policywhich they triggered – the substance of it – they are having a hard time and they are scrambling.

Watters said Trump acted as acrutchfor left-wing politicians and activists over the past four years, and that the Democrats are now exposed as having no viable solutions to crises they caused in a Trump-less environment.

That’s why they are blaming Republicans and guns and it’s sad,” 그는 말했다, adding that a “다섯” producer researched the list of cities defunding the police and found that all 22 are run by Democrats.

It’s not a Republican issue. When you remove the racial obsession, it survived under the guise that this was a race issue, Black versus White, White cops versus Black suspects.

Co-host 제시카 탈 로프 later pushed back on one of the comments from the montage, saying that while Harris had praised Garcetti’s policies, she herself has not been a proponent of defunding police.

For his part, following the death of 조지 플로이드, Garcetti publicly disagreed with Black Lives Matter’s demand that 90% of the LAPD budget be slashed, instead voicing support forreimagining public safetyand reallocating some funds, according to the city’s ABC affiliate.

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