'The Five' on Biden-Putin meeting, left's crime philosophy

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everybody. I’m Jesse Watters along with Katie Pavlich, Harold Ford, Jr., Dana Perino and Tyrus. It’s 5:00 in New York City and this is THE FIVE.

Liberal bail reform policy is wreaking havoc all across the country and the radical district attorneys and politicians who helped put in place those dangerous reforms don’t think there is anything wrong with what is going on.

Take L.A.’s top prosecutor, George Gascon. He’s getting called out for his silence amid rampant theft in the city. The zero veil policy he loves just freed 14 looting suspects. Law enforcement officials in California are fed up.


JAMIE MCBRIDE, LAPD DETECTIVE: Los Angeles is like the movie “Purge” but instead of 24 hours to commit your crime, they have 365 days to go out and commit their crimes. And that’s how it is right now.

MARK STAINBROOK, BEVERLY HILLS POLICE CHIEF: We’re catching the criminals and the problem is we’re catching them over and over again and they are being released very quickly without bail and they’re not staying in prison. So, we just continue to deal with the same people again and again.


WATTERS: That’s even more absurd in my hometown of Philly. The city just had one of the deadliest years ever. A radical D.A. Larry Krasner doesn’t see a problem.


LARRY KRASNER, PHILADELPHIA DISTRICT ATTORNEY: There is not a big spike in crime. That is not true. There is also not a big spike in violent crime. We don’t have a crisis of lawlessness. We don’t have a crisis of crime. We don’t have a crisis of violence.


WATTERS: Okay. And over in Chicago, there has been a frenzy of crazy smash and grabs. Mayor Lori Lightfoot has the audacity to blame the retailers.


LORI LIGHTFOOT, MAYOR OF CHICAGO: Some of the retailers downtown in Michigan Avenue, I will tell you, I’m disappointed that they’re not doing more to take safety and make it a priority. For example, we still have retailers that won’t institute plans like having security officers in their stores, making sure that they’ve got cameras that are actually operational.


WATTERS: All right. Tyrus, in Philly on the street they call the D.A. Uncle Larry because they know if they get hit with something he’s going to let them right out. People know what the policies are in these series and they’re just taking advantage of it a little bit.

TYRUS, FOX NEW CONTIBUTOR: I’m sorry, my little ears, I know they’re cauliflowered for defending my title this weekend, but did she just say the retailers were asking for it?



TYRUS: They shouldn’t decorate their windows that way or put new things? Where are we to where this is the point? I don’t even know what — I’m in shock. She, with a straight face and almost a giggle, said they were asking for it.

In what walk of life can you ever say that? If my child was like Little T, why did you steal the cookie? Well, he was asking for it. I would give him a spanking and send them to a therapist because he thinks cookies talks to him. This is crazy.

We are seeing — and there’s no way to fix this because they’ve gone so hard on our boys and women in blue. The police department in California, in my hometown, they have either retired or they have moved somewhere else.

So, even if you put — let’s say they put $ 5 million to get the police force back to crack on this, you’re looking at least 18 months to get a new police officer trained and get out there.



TYRUS: And the criminals know this. So you arrest the guy, you can’t even go to the press conference and they are already out. But there is nothing to see here. And all the things — what did you call him, uncle —

WATTERS: Uncle Larry they call him.

TYRUS: Uncle Larry, yes. All of those things are down because homicide is way up. So, yes, attempted murder, done, lowest ever. How is homicide? It’s a little up – 130 — it’s like unbelievable.

WATTERS: Yes. And it’s the same people. It’s not like thousands and thousands of people. It’s the same couple hundred guys doing the same crimes and just getting let back out.

PERINO: And you hear this from police that are able to speak on camera or in the newspapers that basically they are saying it’s demoralizing for them.


PERINO: They go out, they do all this hard work but they know they’re going to be back on the street the next day and then especially if they commit additional crimes. Well, Lori Lightfoot just said is like what Alec Baldwin said last week when he said that the cinematographer whom he killed was to blame for the direction.

I mean, do you not want to have retail stores on Madison Avenue in Chicago? Is that — or Michigan Avenue, excuse me, Chicago. That was Michigan Avenue. It’s a beautiful street and it’s been — that’s a hallmark of a place where Chicago is a wonderful place to live and it can be a great place to visit.

But if you are worried as an employee about going to work because you’re afraid for your life or if you’re a customer and you think, maybe it’s just better not to go into the store. Maybe I’ll just buy it online.

They are going to drive more and more people out and then that also hurts the small business people because they have those jobs that they want right next to the fancy ones so that they can get the foot traffic. The only foot traffic is a career criminal. You’re not going to sell anything.

WATTERS: So, Lori has always been pushing the crime on the south side. You know, as long as it happens on the south side, everything is fine, you know. Now it’s up in the nice retail areas, right in the miracle mile in Chicago. And now she is saying it’s your fault. It’s your fault, Bloomingdale’s, Louis Vuitton.

HAROLD FORD, JR., FOX NEWS HOST: Why do you look at me when you say Louis Vuitton? I don’t know what that means.

WATTERS: I’m looking at you, Harold. Tell Lori what to do.

TYRUS: It is a compliment. It’s a compliment. Louis Vuitton (inaudible).

FORD: Louis Vuitton is a nice store. I would say this, you are right. Everything that has been said is right. I think the most alarming thing I think for a city —

WATTERS: You’re going to fit in well here.

FORD: — for a city official is what Tyrus — what you just said about the time it’s going to take if we decide to fully fund the police which we should as a nation. If you were mayor right now of a big city, they have to look at three or four things on the table. One, how do you — if you did have a bail reform package that passed over the last year, how do you reform that bail reform package because we’re letting out violent offenders. It’s not working like we want it.

We wanted to try to protect nonviolent offenders. What we’re doing is enabling violent offenders to get out. Two, we have a mental health crisis in the country which we have talked about this around this table. And mayors and others, if I were the head of the mayor’s association I’d be appealing to this administration and to my congressman and senator and governor to help us — help us figure out how we have some sort of comprehensive way to deal with this mental health crisis on our streets as well.

And then finally, even with the 18-month challenge we have, maybe we ask some retired officers to come back. I know Katie you talked about many are moving outside of some of these big cities. What can we do to incent some of these trained officers to come back until we’re able to get those who wish to go into this profession, a noble and honorable profession to do that?

And finally, mayors have got to try to help rebuild this trust between communities and police officers. When I was growing up I wanted to be a police officer. When you were a kid you talked about wanting to be a police officer. I realized I was not strong enough or fast enough to do it, yet, that’s what I wanted to do.

You now probably don’t have as many kids saying that, certainly as many diverse kids and the diversity in this nation, you have to have police officers that come from different backgrounds. So, I get her frustration but she was wrong to say that, the mayor.


FORD: And I hope if she has a chance to correct that she will, but we’ve got to look at this holistically and I just don’t think that we are.

WATTERS: Wrap it up, Katie.

PAVLICH: Well, the leftist philosophy of crime is on full display. They don’t think that this is a problem because they believe in blowing up the system, tearing it down and replacing it with chaos. And that’s exactly what they’re doing now. None of this is happening in a vacuum. It’s happening in blue cities.

Well, what else do a lot of these blue cities have? Very strict gun control. So when you look around at what’s happening, when you had this Palisades holiday party for example. It’s not just happening at stores. And you have people — criminals with guns coming into a holiday party and robbing everybody at the holiday party.

We have the physical therapy office in Beverly Hills, all these guys come in with guns rob the doctor, take his watch, rob all the people in the physical therapy office. There’s no deterrence. I know the cops aren’t going to be there. They’re not afraid of getting arrested because they’ll be released.

And they also know that everybody there has been put in a position where they are not allowed to own a firearm without jumping through a number of hoops and they know there will be no response because there can’t be or people will be vilified by the very people like Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and as we’ve seen when people have defended themselves before.

And for the mayor of Chicago to say that the stores need to hire more security, okay, well, what do you want them to do then or will the security guards be allowed to be armed. Probably not.


PAVLICH: Do you want store owners then to arm themselves and do what Kyle Rittenhouse did, which was to defend the property of a car lot owner? Are you allowed to do that now? So this whole philosophy of what they think, it’s not just one thing.

It’s not just the bad D.A.’s, the defund the police, it’s also defunding people’s ability to defend themselves and then blaming them for it and then daring to, you know, and then completely criticizing them and vilifying them and destroying their lives in the media should they decide to take on these criminals that the politicians and the D.A.’s have allowed to run rampant, not just at the stores, but in people’s communities.

WATTERS: Robbed at physical therapy.


TYRUS: You can’t even use harsh language because you’ll offend somebody and get cancelled.

WATTERS: Is nothing sacred? And you’re getting your sciatica stretched out, guys coming with guns.

PAVLICH: — are strapped to the —

WATTERS: The one time you can relax.

TYRUS: Maybe a better injury. Sciatica is kind of a first (inaudible).

WTTERS: It’s an old man injury Tyrus.

TYRUS: Maybe — you know, America is not going to —

WATTERS: What’s a cool injury?

TYRUS: Learning how to walk again from saving kittens and burning, he’s fell out of a tree, okay.

WATTERS: Okay. Well, everybody out there watching us, sciatica. So, you’re welcome. Up next, Joe Biden’s toxic to his own party. Some Democrats now want nothing to do with him.


PERINO: Things are getting pretty lonely for President Biden in his own party. According to “Politico,” Democrats are worried Biden’s scary poll numbers will lead to a midterm bloodbath and some are making sure to distance themselves from the commander-in-chief like vulnerable House Democrat Jared Golden who says he’s not worried about Biden’s sinking numbers and here’s why. “What I know about his approval ratings right now versus my own is that I’m outpacing him by about 30 points.”

Harold, for Democrats, they better hang together or they will all hang separately at the midterms.

FORD: I think you’re right. I’d say two things. There need to be some personnel changes at the top of this administration, I think.

PERINO: Oh, boy! You better take my predictions.

FORD: I won’t. I’m not going to take your prediction, but I think — I think they’ve got to look at, number one, you don’t — you don’t try to tell the public what they should be thinking and how they’re living and what they’re experiencing their communities. I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican. You do that, it’s your own peril. You generally lose a race.

You meet people where they are and if you want to take them to another place you first got to meet them. You got to explain what your plan is and how and why your vision is better than their opponents. Right now, the opponent Democrats have really is just a non-Biden, non-Democrat vision.

If you look at the most recent polling from “The Journal” people are disappointed with what we think are the priorities for the country. Our priorities have to match what every day Americans are thinking, whether it be what they’re buying at the grocery store, what they’re buying at the pump — the gas station or be what their kids are learning in school.

We can still win this thing. Its 11 months away. I think about where we were 11 months ago today, we’re obviously in a very, very different place. Now a lot will have to change. I would focus on the border. I would focus on the economy. And I would focus on COVID. You focus on those three things and you put the personnel around you that can help you do those things, you got a fighting chance to win in November.

PERINO: Would you add crime to that because it’s — there’s been no federal response on crime.

FORD: Yes. There’s no doubt about it. Some of the things I talked about in the last segment, just really was a summary of some of the things were around the table. I would figure out ways to help mayors with mental health and with which — with getting police officers back on the street.

PERINO: Well, we just saw in the A block with Uncle Larry Krasner in Philadelphia. He spent all of his whole press conference saying we don’t have a problem. There’s nothing happening here. Don’t believe your own eyes. The murders are not up. The crime is not up. And so it feels like they are really disconnected and there’s a no real cohesiveness from the top.

WATTERS: So, he should feel their pain instead of trying to spin their pain. He can’t say, oh, everything’s great in this country. The country doesn’t think everything is great. The country feels like this country is going down, down, down, and that’s where he looks like he’s out of touch. If I were a Democrat running for re-election, you know, what I’d do Dana?


WATTERS: I would retire. I would go become a lobbyist and I’d golf all day because why do I want to sit around and dial for dollars if I’m going to get smoked in the midterms. The donors don’t want to give me anything.

FORD: I’m going to write that one —

WATTERS: They know I’m getting smoked, right? So, I mean, what, if I’m going to run for re-election I want Joe Biden to come take a picture with me? I don’t want a photo with Joe. I’d have Mayor Pete take a picture with me. I’d have Michelle come over and take a pic, but I mean, Biden shows up, the crowd doesn’t even show up. What’s the point?

PERINO: You know, you need Obama. You forgot about Obama.

WATTERS: Yes, get me Barack, but that’s the point. So, he’s not Barack. Barack was black. He was historic, all right. Trump, he’s not Trump. Trump was historic. They both had huge bases and both of those guys parties got crushed in the midterms.

What does Joe have going for him? He’s got nothing. He’s got no charisma and the fundamentals of the country are off with the supply chains, inflation, the high crime, the high gas prices, the open border. This is a funeral landscape for the party in power and I don’t see how they’re going to spin their way out of it.

PERINO: One thing, Katie. When you think about Jared Gold and this congressman’s quote about being 30 points ahead of Biden, is that — if you’re a voter that’s disgusted with Biden it’s not like you’re going to vote for another Democrat that distanced themselves from Biden. If you look at what happened in Virginia, you’ll vote for a Republican if you feel like that Republican meets you where you are.

PAVLICH: Well, to your question about hanging together, hanging separately, it’s hard for Democrats to hang together when there are so many different factions in the party.


PAVLICH: And you’ve seen this play out with Build Back Better and Joe Biden having a really hard time getting that across the finish line. And when it comes to Democrats who are saying no, I would like to not retire and keep my job, they’re looking at their own polling in the issues that are affecting their voters.

They’re hearing directly from constituents who are calling their office every single day about inflation. Kyrsten Sinema, senator from Arizona, a Democrat, has talked about this a lot. She’s been one of the people holding up Joe Biden’s agenda in the Senate and says inflation’s actually a real problem for people in Arizona and the administration is not addressing it properly.

And so they’re looking at their own numbers and trying to distance themselves from the president and hoping that their votes and the way that they interact with people calling their office will benefit them during the midterms.

PERINO: There really was a big — if you think about last year, they were screaming at each other over defund the police after the midterm saying that this absolutely hurt us. And then you just continue through 2021 and you see more of it.

TYRUS: Well, it’s not just that but to his point. If you just played the game of dominoes, if you tightened up the border that would help law enforcement. That would help the cities. That would help the economy. It’s just one thing. But when you have six or seven different versions of the Democratic Party fighting over who’s going to get the best sound bite, nothing will ever get accomplished.

You have to fix one real thing, not imaginary things. Not, oh, we’re going to have infrastructure in 10 years guys.


TYRUS: To what town?

PERINO: Right.


TYRUS: Because we’re all moving. By the time you get infrastructure in California, we’ll be in new L.A. Montana with the seven, the new show, you know, because they don’t — just give us one! Just one! Fix the border and let the dominoes fall. Come on Joe.

PERINO: Come on Joe is what Tyrus says. You better listen to Tyrus. All right, ahead, fresh of the chaos in Afghanistan, President Biden and Vladimir Putin facing off ahead of another potential foreign policy crisis.


PAVLICH: All right. Well, after the utter disaster in Afghanistan, President Biden could soon be facing another foreign policy crisis. The president facing off with Vladimir Putin in a high stakes virtual summit over fears Russia could invade Ukraine, but not exactly striking fear into the heart of the Russian leader with moments like this.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Good to see you again. Unfortunately, last time I — we didn’t get to see one another at the G20. I hope next time we meet, we do it in person.”


PAVLICH: All right, now there’s a massive buildup of Russian forces along the border between those two countries and the U.S. has been threatening to slap Russia with economic sanctions if Putin invades. So, Harold, the White House keeps saying that Putin hasn’t made a decision yet. Do you think that’s true?

FORD: Well, I don’t know. What I do know is we should all be rooting for him, the president, in this instance here. We had a —


FORD: — we had a pull out in Afghanistan that didn’t go as well as we wanted. I don’t think — I think we could all agree that could have gone a lot better. I think the White House would as well. I think Putin is — does not want Ukraine in NATO for all the obvious reasons. That means that NATO would come to the defense in support of them.

But I thought the president today did what — did what he had to do and I think he probably did it more effectively than we thought. Look, what Putin can’t have is the oligarchs attacked and attacked being economic attacks and the kinds of threats that we’re making to put the economic clutch around him is pretty doggone strong.

Because if — Putin is not necessarily afraid of voters in Russia. He is afraid of the oligarchs. But if you have the voters in Russia concerned about the — how their economic output is and economic productivity and you have the oligarchs concerned about their resources, I think that’s the pinch you have to put on him for him to want to change and to get that smirk off his face which he always has when he talks with our presidents.

PAVLICH: So Dana, sanctions have failed on Russia before and they now have the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. Jake Sullivan, the White House security advisor today, national security advisor, tried to argue that pipeline is actually leveraged for the west and not for Russia.

PERINO: Yes. I found that curious because the pipeline’s not like a toy you can take away from a child because they were being naughty. That pipeline has been being built for years. And one of the things I was going to say is that Putin and Lavrov, the foreign minister, basically they’ve been through many administrations. They’re super patient.

They’ve been through Clinton and Bush and Obama and Trump and they’re looking to buy it and they’re like — they’re very patient. What Putin really — what he really wants is Ukraine back, but he might settle for Ukraine not getting into NATO right now.

FORD: Right.

PERINO: And after — I bet — I bet he gets that.


PERINO: I bet he gets that. And then so, then you have to ask him, well, then what else is left, right? If he’s starting to get that, you wait until just a few more years and a few — then Nord Stream 2 is underway. The gas is flowing into Germany. Do you think Germany is going to vote for Ukraine to be in NATO? No, I don’t — I don’t believe that.


PERINO: So, there are a lot of geopolitical concerns I believe here because if a sovereign country can have two other countries makes decisions for it, like meaning, that the United States and Russia basically dealing with Ukraine and Ukraine can’t do that, what does that mean for all sorts of other countries in the world?

And I — and we focus a lot on China and Taiwan but there are others all across the world where we’re not going to send troops, and really truly to me, the only real deterrence if you’re not going to do the swift transaction piece for Russia would be show a force and I don’t think Biden’s going to do that.

PAVLICH: Yes, Jesse, when Biden was vice president, President Obama sent the Ukrainians some blankets when Russia was threatening to invade and after that they went into Crimea to try and defend themselves. So, it’s not that this is just a Russia thing. China’s watching this when it comes to moves that they want to be making. Did he do a good job (inaudible)?

WATTERS: Well, he’s distracted from China with what Putin’s trying to play with Ukraine and that’s kind of annoying because, you know, we should be looking at the Pacific. But so, they’ve surrounded Ukraine and if they want to invade and conquer Ukraine they can. But it’s going to be so brutal and so bloody and so costly for the Russians that it’s going to really almost destroy that country.

So, Dana talked about it. We’ve been playing a game with Ukraine. We dangle NATO membership over Ukraine to like screw with Putin’s head and it destabilizes him. He’s kind of off balance because they need Ukraine out of NATO, but we play this dance because we don’t really want Ukraine in NATO. It’s an indefensible country. It’s just flat. They’ll just roll right through it.

So, we don’t want it but we pretend like we want it. And it just makes Putin go crazy and he does all this crazy stuff. So, I just think you just sell Javelins to the Ukrainians. Just give them as many Javelins as possible. They just take these tanks out like that. They’re great. And then you tell Putin we’re not going to buy any oil, stuff it. And then bolster security in the Baltics, but just keep your eye on the Pacific. Don’t let this distract you from the Chinese.

FORD JR.: So, you think sanctions could work.

WATTERS: You know, sanctions don’t always work, but in a package of stuff – – I just say let’s load up the Ukrainians with javelins.

PAVLICH: So, you think we should load up the Ukrainians with javelins too, Tyrus?

WATTERS: I wouldn’t send troops there.

PAVLICH: Maybe we should send Tyrus there.

WATTERS: I would only send Tyrus.

TYRUS: I’ve gone — I’ve gone to Russia three times. I’m actually the first WWE match in the history of Russia. I’m very proud of that. But I was also out there when Georgia got invaded, so not a good time.

Here’s the thing. I think that Putin, he sees the lay of the land. And he sees — he sees how the woke administration makes deals. I’m sure he gave the Taliban a call. And they’re like, so what did you get? How many helicopters? How many — wow.

Hey, new training exercise. Let’s all go stand by Ukrainian suit we can get, and I guarantee you, he’s going to get a lot. They’re not going to get NATO. They’re not going to get new weapons. He’ll get some new deal. There’ll be some new thing. And it’ll — they’ll act like it’s a victory. And Ukraine is going to be like, what about us?

WATTERS: Poor Ukraine.

TYRUS: Just like the people at the airport in Afghanistan were saying, what about us. The dinner bell has been rung, and everybody is coming to get a piece.

PERINO: I was going to say, Putin holds all the cards and all the leverage.

PAVLICH: Indeed.

FORD JR: So, I’ve been to it — what should we do? Should we send troops?



FORD JR: Because what Putin doesn’t want is us having military — conducting military exercises there in Ukraine. I mean, I’m against Putin, but I understand what he wants, so a deal is got to be — got to be reached.

PERINO: Providing defense — providing weapons that might be really helpful. But the other thing is, remember, the people who in Ukraine who fight in the military, they’re like your physical therapist who now he’s like — now he’s got to go and fight for his country. In Russia, they’re professional soldiers. I mean, it’s hard to imagine that —

TYRUS: What would happen if he said, you know what, because of this, they’re in NATO, now what?

PERINO: Well, because — that would be — well, if I could do that unilaterally, maybe we would, but you have to get consensus, and Germany is like, no.


WATTERS: I don’t want to protect that country.

PAVLICH: Group work. Anyway, ahead, hate crime hoaxter Jussie Smollett snapping on the stand today, and he’s dragging CNN’s Don Lemon into his scandal.


FORD JR: Jussie Smollett back on the stand for a second day and his criminal trial where he’s accused of staging of fake hate crime. Smollett denying under oath that he staged the attack even after prosecutors said they had evidence of him doing a dry run. Closing arguments are set to start tomorrow morning.

That comes after another shocking reveal from Smollett testifying that CNN’s Don Lemon texting him during the start of the investigation that cops did not believe his account.

Katie is it bad that — well first, there’s a lot elements here. What’s your take on the trial and the — and the Don Lemon piece? I don’t quite understand it if that is relevant in any way. That’s interesting, but I don’t know if it’s legally wrong.

PAVLICH: I’m not sure if I have enough context to the whole conversation that Don Lemon was having with him, if he’s trying to get more information. I know that they know each other. Just saying like, the cops don’t believe your story. What’s, you know, your side of the story maybe, asking that question.

But based on what’s happened in the trial so far, I think all of us are very jealous of Matt Finn because he actually gets to watch this in the courtroom. We all wish we could watch it live. And my main question throughout this whole thing before the trial, the argument from Jussie Smollett, was that two guys in MAGA hats were white, beat him up in the middle of a blizzard in Chicago and yelled, this is MAGA country and other slurs at him.

Well, if that were the case before the trial started, shouldn’t the cops were looking for those people if they were really on the run? And shouldn’t his defense team be very concerned that these white supremacist are out on the streets of Chicago and they could commit more crimes. They’ve never been concerned about that.

Now his story is well, the guys were actually the brothers who are testifying against me who are not whites. They’re Nigerian. And they’re the ones who did this to me in order to get money from me to get contracts. So, maybe he can convince one juror. One, it just takes one, that he’s telling the truth. But I think it’s pretty obvious he’s not.

FORD JR: Tyrus, what are your thoughts about him? Is this the way you — if you’re in business development —

TYRUS: I would have to say this story is beyond the pale. And in terms of pale, I believe the assailants — thank you, Dana. The term described as the assailants was pale. Remember, you and I aren’t pale. This coffee cup is pale. You can’t see it on pale. So —

PAVLICH: What’s the context for the pale —

TYRUS: — based off that, he was trying to say the brothers from Nigeria were pale.

PERINO: Yes, he said, while being cross-examined Smollett admitted that he initially said his attackers were white.

TYRUS: Were white. Then —

PERINO: But change that story later to say they were pale because it was the responsible thing to do.

TYRUS: And at that point, and as a prosecutor —

PERINO: And if anything, Jussie Smollett is response.

TYRUS: I would have stood up and said we rest.

WATTERS: Wait, he was trying — he’s trying not to give white guys a bad name? Is that was this about?

TYRUS: And that’s worth noting too. White supremacist in the dead of winter, apparently they take a timeout from —

WATTERS: Those guys — those guys were white?

PAVLICH: Those are the pale guys.

WATTERS: Those are the pale guys.

TYRUS: Those were the pale guys.


TYRUS: Had to stop at Subway to get a meal of food before they continue their evening lynching in the freezing cold streets of Chicago where subway MAGA hat rocking pale, working out, out of work bodyguards hunt the streets for guys who are trying to re-up their contracts on a show that was dying. It happens all the time. I’m tired of it.

FORD JR: Jesse, you have thoughts on this?

WATTERS: I do. Like Tyrus, I love this trial. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Today, I heard something I’d never heard before. Smollett testified he didn’t fake this attack for fame, because he doesn’t like attention.


PERINO: That’s great.

WATTERS: An actor who doesn’t like attention. I never heard that before. Then the text message comes out. So, he texted these guys who kicked his butt after they were arrested and said, I 100 percent have your back.

Now, when people jump me in the street, I don’t usually text them and says, I got your back. And then this is the best part. He pays the attackers with a check and the checks for $ 3,500. And he says it’s $ 3,500 for personal training.

Now, usually, you hire one personal trainer or two personal trainers. I usually hire one trainer. I don’t like all of a sudden hire the guy’s brother also. You just need one person to train, right?

TYRUS: Maybe one cardio guy, and the other guy is a powerlifting guy.

WATTERS: Yes, one is the cardio guy. Neither of those guys looks like cardio guys, by the way. And then he says that he has permanent injuries all over his face. But the doctor testified the guy’s got no injuries at all. And I saw him today walking past Matt Finn. The face looks pristine, all right. And if those guys jumped me, I’d be on the ground with every bone in my body broken. So, we know that’s garbage.

Then he said he was told by one of these trainers to go out at 2:00 a.m. to buy eggs because trainers often at 2:00 a.m. say the best thing to do with their clients is tell them to buy eggs.

TYRUS: The freshest time to get eggs.

WATTERS: Not sleep — yes, fresh eggs. And that’s how they knew he was there at the time to jump them. And then he said, he made out with one of the guys at a gay bathhouse, but that same guy he made out with beat him up because he was gay.


WATTERS: It doesn’t get any better than this. I can’t — I’m so angry they rested.

FORD JR: Dana, what’s your — what are your thoughts on that?

PERINO: Well, closing arguments are tomorrow, so stay tuned because — I wonder how long the jury is going to deliberate. I can’t go into the room and say like, OK, like, how long do we have to wait in here to make it look like we really thought it through?

WATTERS: Yes, order lunch.

TYRUS: Eight minutes.

PAVLICH: Get another free lunch and then you can go home.

WATTERS: Yes, get a lunch.

PAVLICH: Get a free lunch.

PERINO: Make it Subway.

WATTERS: Yes, make it Subway in honor.

FORD JR: Well, “THE FASTEST” is up next.


TYRUS: Welcome back. Time for “THE FASTEST” with slow-talking me. First up, Instagram will now alert users when to take a break from using the addictive app, encouraging people to spend some time away from the platform after they’ve been scrolling for a certain period of time.

Well, this probably has nothing to do with the fact that they’re in huge deep water over child safety, so the answer is a little alert, going ding, put it down. Is this diversion? Is this a good idea?

FORD JR: It probably is a good idea. And I think you’re right. I think they’ve been pushed into this position. And hopefully, it will push some people back from wanting to use this stuff as much as like I worry about it for kids. I got an 8-year-old — my daughter’s about to be 8, and the son is 6. And these things are so everywhere.

And my kids already know how to use it to play games and to call up stuff for their school. I can only imagine if — you don’t do something like this. I mean, I think Congress is probably the next place where there’s going to be some action here.

TYRUS: Watters, you’re a law and order guy to the highest level. You’re a father. I personally feel that Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all that stuff should be treated same as alcohol and cigarettes with — they need to be at least 18 years old before a minor should be allowed on social media. Your thoughts?

WATTERS: Well, I like them when they watch Fox on social media, like the “WATTERS WORLD” Instagram follow. Good follow, check it out right now. I like the concept of like restraining screen time in general. I just don’t want them to use that on Fox News Channel.

Like, I want people to watch Fox News Channel all day long and no dings allowed, right?

TYRUS: Right.

WATTERS: Right. We want to encourage keeping the channel on.

PERINO: No ding zone.

TYRUS: You are on fire today.

WATTERS: No ding zone.

TYRUS: You either hang together or you hang alone, but no dings zone, the pale, you’re — all right. You, because you don’t — you don’t stay up past seven, so you don’t need a ding when it comes to social media, correct?

PERINO: I actually kind of like this. You remember when Apple started that thing where they said, every week they send you your screen time and if it’s up or down?

TYRUS: Yes, they still do.

PERINO: They do? I mean, I don’t really pay attention to it. But I’m always curious what it could be. As long as they don’t ding Percy pictures, I think we’ll be in good shape. But also, the guy has to testify tomorrow morning, so he can say, well, we just started this thing.

TYRUS: Or maybe while he’s testifying, he gets a ding.

PAVLICH: Yes. He’s like, I got to go. The scroll for this conference committee, it’s just — we got to go. Yes, I’m out. No, it’s exactly because they’re in trouble for this mental health crisis that Congress accuses them of starting. So, they’re trying to implement things ahead of getting regulated.

TYRUS: Yes, I just — this is — I mean, don’t watch the fire behind me. It’s a peaceful social media. We’re bleeding your kids. All right, all right, next topic. Here are the most mispronounced words of the year. Anyone, Perino —


TYRUS: — want to take a crack at saying them.

PERINO: OK, which ones?

TYRUS: Number two on-screen.

PERINO: Well, I’ve read my packet. Cheugy. But Billie Eilish, I did have to correct someone the other day on her last name. I did on air too.

TYRUS: Are you talking like that on purpose? Is that just —

PERINO: Yes, because I’m feeling guilty that I corrected somebody on air. That’s like not — it’s not a good behavior.

TYRUS: Because your teeth are close the whole time you’re talking and it hurts my face. All right, Katie, number four.

PAVLICH: Oh, I just mastered number one.

TYRUS: Take it. One.

PAVLICH: Omicron is mispronounce because it’s really she.

WATTERS: Oh. I see what you did there.

TYRUS: OK, you know what? We’re — so she’s — okay. All right, number one.

WATTERS: Omicron.

TYRUS: That’s the guy from the Transformers movie.

WATTERS: I didn’t know the — I didn’t know the second one, Cheugy.

PERINO: Cheugy.

WATTERS: It’s the first time I felt old. Like, I didn’t know what that meant. I haven’t heard it before.

PAVLICH: Gen Z, to mock outdated and unfashionable aesthetics typically associated with millennials.

PERINO: Like skinny jeans.


TYRUS: Which, over my dead legs. All right, Harold, number three.

HAROLD: That’s Billy Eilish.


WATTERS: You know it.

FORD JR: No, no, I thought —

TYRUS: You what? Here, Perino.

PERINO: I’m helping you out to make it best.

TYRUS: And finally, watch her back on whiskers. A new study finds that if cats were humans, they would be psychopaths. Opposed to humans, being psychopaths? Now, listen, and the first one to admit, Dana, dog person, dog guy, but even — that’s a little stiff for us to say because cats, they seem to be very neat. They have no problem going to the bathroom in the same place. They take care of themselves. They’re independent. So, what about that says psychopath?

PERINO: Well, cats cannot give you COVID, but they could — they would if they could. That’s the kind of —

TYRUS: You don’t know that to be true.

PERINO: Cats? I definitely think so. My sister has three rescue cats and they ruled the roost at home.

TYRUS: Roost because — wow. Who are you? Watters?

WATTERS: I just think it’s a dumb study. Why are we paying for a study to look into this, right? Who studies this? Can we cure cancer first and then we will study cats? Let’s focus on cancer.

FORD JR: My dogs — I got three dogs. I’m allergic to cats, so I hope this is not the case.

PAVLICH: I am also allergic to cats, but if I wasn’t, I think I would be OK with them. But then I saw another study they did that if you died in your apartment, your cat would eat you.


PAVLICH: And the dogs wouldn’t.

TYRUS: Chihuahua and cats, I agree with you.

WATTERS: Now, that’s a study I support.


TYRUS: All right, “ONE MORE THING” is up next. Thank you.


WATTERS: It’s time now for “ONE MORE THING.” We got “WATTERS’ WORLD” mugs at the Fox Shop. And at this company a long time, I finally got my own stuff. It has “WATTERS’ WORLD” on it, it’s 20 bucks, and it’s in stock. No supply chain issues. We got them stocked not because no one wants to buy them, but just because we have them in stock.

TYRUS: They’re new.

WATTERS: They’re brand new.

TYRUS: It just got here.

WATTERS: They just got here.

PERINO: How do you feel about that handle?

WATTERS: I mean it’s sturdy.


WATTERS: So, you can put coffee, or you can put water, you can put anything. You can put unpasteurized milk if that’s what you’re into, whatever you want. And you can also buy my book along with it. How I Save The World makes a great little companion.

FORD JR: It’s a combo.

WATTERS: I wouldn’t say you get the mug for free when you buy the book, but I’d be lying. It’s a good deal, though. Dana.

PERINO: All right, so do you remember — you know, I love to do New Year’s predictions.

WATTERS: We know that.

PERINO: And often I can get them right. One of the ones I got right a year or two ago is that I said Free Solo, the documentary — the climbing documentary was going to win the Oscar. It did. Well, if you liked that documentary, which won huge awards, Jimmy Chin who’s the Academy Award- winning director of free solo, he’s a National Geographic photographer and he just came out with a new book today. It’s called There And Back: Photographs From The Edge. This book is incredible.

I think the photography is amazing. Some of the most incredible moments of accomplished climbers and outdoor athletes in the world. So, get the book. Check out Free Solo.

FORD JR: Are his clients climbers too.

PERINO: Yes, he’s — oh, he was on CBS Sunday morning. There you go. There you go.

FORD JR: That’s my stuff. That’s my stuff.

PERINO: Free Solo, I believe that you can watch it with your kids. Tyrus disagrees.

TYRUS: Yes, because they end up climbing stuff.

PAVLICH: That’s true.

TYRUS: Yes. Don’t try this at home.

WATTERS: A parent over here.

TYRUS: Don’t try this at home.


PAVLICH: All right, so to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Best Defence Foundation partnered with several organizations and companies to put together a week-long trip honoring the service and sacrifice of World War II Veterans. They flew 63 World War Two veterans including Pearl Harbor survivors to the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Hawaii.

The Veterans received the hero’s welcome in Hawaii, where they were honored with a special event featuring a red carpet walk, chef-cooked meals and entertainment. They also made several appearances at commemoration sites in military installations. The Best Defense Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to helping military veterans and their families.

American Airlines and the Gary Sinise Foundation also worked with foundation to make a special trip happen. And my friend Jack Carr, who’s a former Navy SEAL, was there this week volunteering to help these guys get to and from all the site.

PERINO: Love that.

PAVLICH: So, thank you for their service to the greatest generation and it’s nice to be able to celebrate them.

WATTERS: It sure is. Harold Ford Jr.

FORD JR: Always good to hear about patriots. Check this out. A loose cow was spotted wandering in traffic in Elgin, Illinois. I hope I’m pronouncing the name of the town correctly.

WATTERS: Oh, that kind of loose.

FORD JR: Police said it escaped from a trailer while being transported to its new home. A witnes captured a video. So, police tied — I think we’ll get — the police tied one in a rope to the trailer — to hint you, before the Ford Expedition Squad vehicle — and tied the other end and tie a lasso while pursuing the cow through multiple streets.

The officers were eventually able to get the lasso around the animal’s neck and thankfully safely and successfully were able to return the big animal to the trailer about two hours — after about two hours in the street.

PERINO: Poor cow.

WATTERS: Did you ever come across a loose cow?

TYRUS: Yes, more than I care to talk about.

PERINO: Jesse Watters, hold my hand.

TYRUS: You cannot tip them when they’re — these would be real tight cow when you push it over through (INAUDIBLE)

PERINO: Find me the cowboy.

TYRUS: You’re taking away from my time. As a champion, this dog is a champion. When a FedEx driver dropped off a package at home in Minnesota, Nixon, the homeowner his 8-year-old lab decided to grab it and he ran it right back to the delivery driver.


TYRUS: That’s amazing.

PAVLICH: That’s adorable.

WATTERS: Let me see that again.


WATTERS: What happened here?

PAVLICH: He dropped off the package —

TYRUS: No, no, no, no, sir, sir, sir, sir, you dropped something. Thank you.

PAVLICH: He retrieved the package.

WATTERS: Right. And if that guy dies, the dog won’t eat him, but the cat will eat his face right off.

TYRUS: No, no, no. That is a — that is a tight dog. That is a tight dog.

PAVLICH: It’s true. It’s true. I’m just warning you.

PERINO: The things you learn on THE FIVE.

WATTERS: That’s right. Animals are great, except cats. That’s it for us. “SPECIAL REPORT” is up next with Bret Baier.

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