'The Five' on Biden's mask mandate grounded

グレッグ・ガットフェルド, FOXニュースホスト: I’m Greg Gutfeld along with Judge Jeanine Pirro, ジェラルドリベラ, Sean Duffy and she once run a marathon on a hamster wheel, デイナ・ペリーノ, THE FIVE.


わからない: 氏. 大統領, should people continue to wear masks on planes?


わからない: Are you gonna apply to appeal the ruling, the rule that the judge made striking down the mandate?

バイデン: I haven’t spoken to the CDC yet.


グッドフィールド: President Biden reacting as this mask mandate for planes gets grounded. A federal judge in Florida ruling his administration does not have the authority to continue enforcing the much despised rule. So you can now void the wrath of being scolded by the flight attendant in between sips of vodka, というのは, 水. Airports and airlines all over the country dropping the requirement and cheers breaking out mid-flight after passengers heard the news.


わからない: A judge overturned the mask mandate. At this moment, if you chose to, you may remove your mask.

わからない: It’s over. Immediately. おめでとう!


グッドフィールド: A lot of cheers there. The end of the mask mandate could also mean the end to all the nasty mid-air fights with people going Jerry Springer on each other over having to cover up. But not so fast. The White House not ruling out a challenge to bring the mandates back. そしてもちろん, the media is cheering them on.


LEANA WEN, CNN MEDICAL ANALYST: Just because this ruling was made by a judge doesn’t mean that suddenly the science is hinged.

わからない: What we saw was a legal decision not a public health decision.

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL, MSNBC ホスト: Guess who is not lifting his personal mask mandate on airplanes? I will not. I ain’t.


グッドフィールド: They like tothey just need to stay together despite the science. ダナ, the one thing that we keep hearing, ええと, oh there’s mask mayhem and mass chaos. How hard is it? You either wear it or you don’t. You don’t have tothis is notno one’s putting a gun to your head. You can still wear it. Why are you flipping out?

デイナ・ペリーノ, FOXニュースホスト: It’s really incredible to me that the White House decided to basically yesterday take the L.

グッドフィールド: はい.

ペリノ: We’re disappointed in that decision. But instead of like accepting the win, they want to make it all muddled.

グッドフィールド: はい.

ペリノ: So you have the president saying, 上手, that’s up to them. 上手, we have to talk to the CDC. 上手, we’re not really sure. Instead of just saying the court has spoken, make good personal choices for yourself. This is March or April of 2022. It’s not March of 2020. ワクチンがあります. We have therapeutics. We have many people that have natural immunity. We also know from the own e-mails between Fauci and Walensky that the six feet to slow the spread was just a number they threw out there.

グッドフィールド: 正しい.

ペリノ: And that airline CEO ofhe who testified saying that what the studies that they’ve shown is because the air is recirculated sitting on a plane right next to somebody is like sitting 15 feet away from them on an airplane.

グッドフィールド: はい.

ペリノ: So the six feet thing that’s twice that.

グッドフィールド: はい.

ペリノ: そう, they’re not following the science. They’re not following the politics. And the other thing is don’t forget, it wasn’t the Biden administration made decisive action and the president is saying I’ve looked at the science and I’m making a decision and this is where we’re going. 番号. Every single time they get pushed into doing something, it’s either by Congress or a court.

グッドフィールド: 正しい.

ペリノ: There’s not a lot of decisiveness going on.

グッドフィールド: 番号. ええと, ショーン, people like Valerie Jarrett says, I don’t care whetherbut I’m still wearing my mask. It seems to me that they’vesome people and it’s basically on the left side have latched on to the mask as an identity component. It’s like a human bumper sticker.

ショーン・ダフィー, FOXニュース寄稿者: It’s like youit would be like you, me going up and say you need to take that visualized world peace bumper sticker off your car. それは — they feel like you can’t take this mask from me. We’re not.

DUFFY: This is their liberal flag where you put it on and I show my liberal stripes, but just I got to tell you what, I’m so happy about this.

ペリノ: Me too.

DUFFY: This being lifted because now all of America gets to see the beautiful mustache on Geraldo. You’re never going to mask it again. みたいな, we want to see it, 正しい?

ペリノ: すごい.

DUFFY: Gorgeous.

グッドフィールド: はい. 番号, stick the mask back on. I was going toI thought you were going to bring up the fact that youhow many kids you got? You must live

DUFFY: Nine.

グッドフィールド: — when you got to mask them. You got nine kids.

DUFFY: It is horrible. I don’t mask them. 私はしません —

グッドフィールド: That’s a whole box.

DUFFY: はい.

グッドフィールド: It’s a box of masks.

DUFFY: But to Dana’s point, I think the White House actually loves this ruling. They don’t have the backbone to actually make it themselves. They’re waiting for a court to do what they should have done and now they’re not going to appeal this. 見る, they won’t do it.

ペリノ: いいえ.

DUFFY: And what’s frustrating is the CDC is saying we needed two more weeks to look at the science, look at the data. Well the truth is, 上手, we’ve given them billions of dollars. The fact that they can’t actually look at the data and immediately say listen, we know that there’s a rise in in COVID infections, しかしながら, hospitalizations haven’t spiked.

グッドフィールド: はい.

DUFFY: This is not that bad. Take your mask off and fly, little friends, fly.

グッドフィールド: はい. 裁判官, did you notice how the media was going after the judge?

ジェニー・ピロ, FOXニュースホスト: 絶対に. 彼女はそうだった (聞こえない) ジャッジ.

グッドフィールド: She’s the young, single female, 文書によると, all theall the dog whistles for sexism.

PIRRO: All the dog whistles. というのは, the fact that she would

GERALDO RIVERA, FOXニュースホスト: Not qualified.

グッドフィールド: ない — そこに行きます. Not qualified.

PIRRO: 正しい. You’re not qualified.

RIVERA: That’s why they have American Bar Association.

PIRRO: Would you like to answer it?

RIVERA: 番号, 私はしません.

PIRRO: Don’t call me darling.

RIVERA: 私はしませんでした. 私 —

PIRRO: Say you’re sorry.

RIVERA: 私がやります. 私は. 私は.

PIRRO: All right here’s the bottom line. Because she was a Trump appointee

グッドフィールド: はい.

PIRRO: — they’re furious about it. They can’t say anything else. The judge was very clear. She said they failedthe administration failed to adequately explain their decision there inis the science argument. The mandate exceeded the statutory authority of the CDC. The judge was very correct on that. The CDC did not have the statutory authority to mandate that we may wear these masks. And they improperlythey didn’t do it properly. They were supposed to ask for notice and comment.

So everything that she said was accurate. And here’s the bottom line. We’ve got freedom at last. そうでなければ — if you want to wear a mask, you want to muzzle yourself, go right ahead. Stop bothering me anymore. I have freedom finally. We all have a freedom to do what we want to do and the judge was absolutely on point, and they’re mad.

And what they’re going to do is that totalitarian instinct is very strong. They’re going to continue to try to embarrass us and bully us into wearing masks.

グッドフィールド: 番号. ジェラルド, you’ve been on this planet a while. It seems like there’s a flip going on. You would think if you step back it would have been the Republicans and the leftthe people who take lessfewer risks would be pro mask and it would be the freedom loving liberals, ええと, インクルード, ええと, burn your bra, but it’s flipped.

It’s now the liberals are like, we want our face covered, we want to shut down, and it’s theit’s the true freedom loving right.

RIVERA: 上手, imagine how confusing it is for someone like me in the middle of the road. I have a picture of myself on the flight today. I didn’t know what to do. Half the people had mask, half the people didn’t have mask. They announced it. I just saw and I decided to just drape it from my (聞こえない).

グッドフィールド: そこに行きます.

RIVERA: That’s better. That is schnoz there in the middle of it. ええと, おもう, グレッグ, あなたのポイントに, that it allall of these decisions are political. Those we agree with, the judge is wise. As we disagree with the judges, ええと, is inexperienced then incompetent or this and that and the other thing.

I agree with Dana. I tweeted as soon as I saw her comments on it on Sunday I think it was. You got to go with the flow. The judge has decided. It was only a couple of weeks left anyway even in the best of circumstances so why not say, はい, we did what we were supposed to do and now the judge has ruled and let’s move on.

PIRRO: And test.

RIVERA: あなたが知っています, you want to wear them, you wear it. You don’t want to wear them, you don’t want to wear them. But it was almost over anyway.

グッドフィールド: You know thewhat the masks kind of taught us? We keep talkhearing about racial divisions and all sorts of divisions. Really is a class division. We go back to that Met gala. That one image of the powerful unmasked and all the servants masked. というのは, I think we learned that there’s an authentic division in our country and its power, powerlessness, and the mask is kind of the symbol.

ペリノ: And I hope that that is going to start to lift as well because that’s still happening at retail shops and at restaurants. And if it’s a personal preference or if there’s a need, if there’s an immuno-compromised person that wants to wear a mask, absolutely respect that. That shouldn’t be something that anyone makes fun of anybody about.

But I also think that the White House is just missing this opportunity to say this is great, アメリカ. Look atlook at how much better we are. And when — あなたが知っています, they could take this opportunity to make fun of China. Look at these guys. Look at these guys. They’re having to do all of these really draconian things while we have succeeded. The country is getting back to normal.

グッドフィールド: はい.

RIVERA: Live and let live.

ペリノ: They just miss every opportunity.

DUFFY: Obama’s birthday party, あまりにも.

グッドフィールド: はい.

PIRRO: Gosh, はい.

DUFFY: All the guests there maskless in a certain


RIVERA: Stop judging. Stop judging.

グッドフィールド: それは — 番号, the issue is it feels uncomfortable when someone is wearing a mask waiting on you and you’re not wearing a mask.

ペリノ: Agree.

グッドフィールド: 申し訳ありません, psychologically it bothers me.

ペリノ: はい.

グッドフィールド: It’s like I feel a difference. 感じます, はい, that tells me you are serving me. I don’t like that feeling.

RIVERA: Interesting.

グッドフィールド: ええと. I think it’s

ペリノ: Remember Pelosi’sthat dinner party she had and everybodynobody else had to wear a mask except for the staff. And I don’t like it either. It makes me not want to go intothere’s a particular department store here I like to go to, but I don’t like to go with it. You can’t hear anybodytalk about (ph). And I feel bad.

グッドフィールド: I want to pull it off, but then that would be assault.

PIRRO: はい. Say, what did you say? カリフォルニアの女性がメキシコで逮捕された — it’s like you can’t see their mouth and it’s like what did you say, わかりません.

グッドフィールド: It’s the most dehumanizing thing. It’s a face, it’s the mouth. Everything is there on for a reason so you can communicate.

RIVERA: It is over now. It is over.

グッドフィールド: はい. Geraldo says it’s over.

ペリノ: はい.

RIVERA: It’s over.

グッドフィールド: 大丈夫.

RIVERA: ありがとう, ショーン.

DUFFY: (聞こえない) that mask.

グッドフィールド: 来る, the Democrats worst nightmare is about to come true. We’ll tell you more about it next.


PIRRO: The Democrats left with some truly terrible options for 2024. President Biden has reportedly told Barack Obama that he intends to run for re-election despite his poll numbers being in the dumps and his presidency turning into a train wreck for the country. But his party may have no other choice. Have you seen the alternative?


LESTER HOLT, NBC HOST: あなたは国境に行ったことがありません.

カマラハリス, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: そして私はヨーロッパに行ったことがありません, and I mean I don’tand I don’t understand the point that you’re making.

I’m talking about the significance of the passage of time, 正しい? The significance of the passage of time. So when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time.


PIRRO: And this one has got to sting. A “ワシントンポスト” writer bumping Kamala Harris down on their 2024 Democratic presidential contenders list, putting her behind Pete Buttigieg. はい, let’s start with Joe Biden though. How can a man whose numbers are so low and so in the tank believe that he deserves another chance at running for president of the United States given the fact that he’s told Barack Obama that he’s going to run again. というのは, this is a man who’s got to read some of the stuff about him that he’s, ええと, cognitively weak and his aptitude ain’t what it used to be.

ペリノ: I think anyone who actually does throw their hat in the ring to run for president has a confidence in themselves that I certainly don’t have and it’s unfathomable to me. そう, there’s one, there’s that. That he does thinkand he’s thought that he should be president for a long time, 数十年.

また, I think practically either he or his people know that if he were to say he’s not running at this point that means they’ll absolutely get nothing done. I think that when they lose in the midterms that there will be a real reckoning and that you might all of a sudden see a decision about 2024 その後.

I do wish I had been a fly on the wall when Kamala Harris heard this news because I think she’s been sitting there thinking are you kidding me. I’m sitting here trying to warm this seat and I’m not going toand be able to have a go at it. だけでなく, let me tell you thesome of these senators who are up for re-election in 2024, the Democrats who would be on the ballot with Biden.

That would be John Tester of Montana, ウェストバージニア州のジョーマンチン, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Jackie Rosen in Nevada, Debbie Stabenow in Michigan. And they would probably lose all of those seats. So there’s a practicality that’s happening there.

The last thing I would say is there’s something happening where this leak came from an Obama camp, はい. So Obama was apparently told this by Biden. Obama has probably told a couple of people. Those people go out and don’t give their names to the press.

RIVERA: 正しい.

ペリノ: But they leak this out and I think it’s because the Obama people don’t want Biden to run again and they’re trying to get it out there now so that it’s out there in the water.

PIRRO: Do you think that the Obama people want Kamala to run, ジェラルド?

RIVERA: 知りません. ええと, people that live in that political world are different than me. I just think that if not Biden, I don’t know who could run against Trump.

PIRRO: はい. Well then

RIVERA: I think Biden is the only one who could beat Trump. And I also think that the cognitive decline is exaggerated by ideological news coverage. And I also think that we exaggerate how badly Biden is doing compared to Trump

PIRRO: 大丈夫.

RIVERA: — at the same point in his presidency. According to FiveThirtyEight, Biden is slightly ahead of Trump at this point of his presidency.

PIRRO: 大丈夫. Let me ask you then about Hispanic voters who were disillusioned and disenchanted with Joe Biden. ただ 26 percent according to Quinnipiac Polls support Biden. That is very unusual.

RIVERA: それは — it is devastating. It is devastating and I mentioned to Dana last week. I think that in my opinion Hispanics are more interested in inflation and the economy than they are issues like, ええと, the raging fire over immigration. That’s less relevant to most Hispanic families.

I think they don’t like Biden because he’s into bed with the progressives and most Hispanics many of them are conservatives.

PIRRO: But what are you saying they’re more concerned about food and inflation, but not the border?


PIRRO: They’re concerned about the border, あまりにも. The Hispanics, many of them are very concerned about the illegal immigration. しかし、あなたは何を知っています, I want to go to you, グレッグ. I want to talk about Kamala Harris.

グッドフィールド: はい.

PIRRO: And I wantI want to ask you to listen to this. It costs more money at the pump. She said this at a DNC meeting last night or the night before.

グッドフィールド: So far so good.

PIRRO: はい. It cost more money at the pump and we have to deal with that. We need to acknowledge, but also need to keep with our program around making it easier to get by day by day, which means again, going back to child care. She just said that in the last 24-48 時間.

グッドフィールド: She’s this generation’s Hemingway. I don’t see how you canthat made total sense to me. Everything she just said, ええと. You know what causes inflation? Rising prices. ええと, she alsodo you know what she did. She went to Hollywood. Do you know that? She went to Hollywood. And the reason why she went to Hollywood is because she needed to find a group that is even more unpopular than her to do that.

So she appears a little bit more confident that’s why I hang around Dana and you, 裁判官. I appear taller to some people because you people are tiny, tiny people. But that’s what she’s doing. She went to Hollywood because she needed to be around people that just arejust worse than she is and then she kind of looks, はい.

Joe told Obama he was running in 2024. He also told him he was Batman that he could lift a car over his head and now he can just hold his breath underwater for three days. But if youif he ran, you got to think about this. I think that Geraldo’s right in part about the exaggeration of some of the cognitive declines. しかしながら, it’s there and in two years it’s really going to be there.

He’s like a roll of toilet paper. Every day you can see it getting less and less there. He’s a toilet paper roll of presidents.

RIVERA: We all get that.

グッドフィールド: はい, we all guessed.

DUFFY: わかりません.

PIRRO: はい. 大丈夫. ええと, but there’s one thingone thing I do want to add to that. When she defaulted to child care I said to myself I am so sick and tired of hearing about child care. We need to take care of child care. So he looked up the numbers and, ショーン, you might relate to this. がある 330 million people in the United States. がある 46 million parents who have children under the age of 12.

So they keep saying child care is the most important thing, but out of 330 百万, 46 million have kids under the age of 12. I’m sure mosta lot of them don’t need the additional child care, but why do they keep defaulting to that?

DUFFY: 聴く — because it’s a switcheroo, 正しい? Don’t look at inflation, and if your prices are going up at the gas pump, if your prices are going up the grocery store, we’re going to help you with child care. It’s an answer they can have to the problems that people face.

[object Window], I disagree with Geraldo in the sense that Donald Trump is hoping that Joe Biden runs again. That is the best matchup ever, 一番. ナンバー2, with Hispanics they do care about inflation but they also care about the CRT and the transgenderism that’s being taught to their kids in school.

RIVERA: 同意する. 同意する.

DUFFY: That does not fit their values. And so I do think Joe Biden has worked a lifetime to be president. He’s there. He is not going to leave. The only way he leaves is when the liberal media decides that he has to go, and if they turn on him and start telling the truth about who he is, the liberal media will decide if he’s in or out and who knows what happens.

His poll numbers are very low right now. しかし、聞いてください, two and a half years is an eternity in politics. A lot of things can change in that time frame and I think it’s too early to count him out.

PIRRO: 大丈夫, 次に, more proof Democrats defund the police was a catastrophic failure with deadly consequences.



ハリス: We have to reimagine public safety and how we do public safety in our country.

REP. イルハン・オマル (D-MN): Not only do we need to defund but we need to dismantle and start anew.

REP. ALEXANDRIA-OCASIO CORTEZ (D-NY): Talking about the reduction of our NYPD budget and defunding a $ 6 billion NYPD budget.

REP. CORI BUSH (D-MO): I am for defunding the police.


RIVERA: 元チームメイトがレイカーズをフランク・ヴォーゲルの発砲で殴る. The push by Democrats to defund the police following the murder in Minneapolis of George Floyd has almost certainly had devastating consequences for the very population the Democrats were claiming to help. Criminal justice experts telling Fox News that support for the Black Lives Matter Movement and related calls to cut funding to the cops has had several unintended consequences all bad.

For one thing, the toxic environment has caused thousands of cops to disengage or leave law enforcement altogether. さらに重要なことには, there has been an epidemic of urban violence that is unprecedented for recent years. According to statistics from the FBI, since George Floyd, there’s been a 32 percent increase in the murders of black Americans mostly by other black Americans.

Example, に 2019, ほぼ 7,500 元ヒューストン警察官ジェラルド・ゴインズが関与する有罪判決. A year later by 2020, the number had grown to more than 9,900. According to DOJ statistics, homicide is now the leading cause of death of young black men, それでも, ダナ, not a peep from any major civil rights figure or organization.

ペリノ: Where is the protest?

RIVERA: Where is the protest? Where is the NAACP?

ペリノ: I’m looking for it. I think this defund the police even though Joe Biden, 上手, as it goes at great lengths to say I never said defund the police like, 上手, you have all of these people that have said it and they are going to have to deal with that coming forward.

And it’s not enough for them to say well, 我々 — and you’ll see the White House do thiswe put more money in the budget for police, but where’s the support for police? And that starts with the prosecutors as well. I’m sure we’ll talk about that.

I think that this is showing that just this continued massive expanse between what Democrats in Washington that are really driven by radicals think and what Americans are thinking. Because if you look at any of the polls, always it says that they don’t believe that the president understands what they’re going through or cares about the things that they care about.

And one of the most important things is the security of the people and they see this on their T.V.’s every night and it’s not just here in the city, it’s not just in Los Angeles or Chicago. It’s all across America.

RIVERA: Public safety is everything, but black lives seem to matter to organizational BLM people only when a cop is involved, ジャッジ.

PIRRO: Only when a cop is involved and it’s interesting, ジェラルド, when youwhen you distinguish between organizational Black Lives Matter people. Those are the people for which who raised $ 90 million and now no one is willing to admit that they’re part of the organization and now we’ve got the IRS and everybody else looking at whether or not they defrauded the government.

しかし、あなたは知っています, when you read the introduction to that, they are so shocked by theunintended consequences of defunding police.” ライアン・レイノルズは、彼の子供たちでさえ彼を荒らしていることを明らかにします? This is the onlythe police are the only barrier that we have between an anarchy and a civilized society, between barbarism and total organization.

And when we start listening to people like AOC and Cori Bush, these are not experts in law enforcement. They don’t know anything about law enforcement. They haven’t spent their career or they haven’t studied it, 大丈夫. Let’s talk to the people who’ve been in law enforcement, when crimes have been knocked down, when we took it from the 90’s all the way down to making New York City the safest big city in the United States.

These people are nothing more than ideologues who are looking to tear down the system at the collateral price to them of killing innocent citizens. And I’m tired of it. I’m tired of them telling us what needs to be done. I don’t need to hear from Ilhan Omar on how we should defund police. Every penny taken from the police should be put right back in that budget.

Those people were standing in Albany like Andrea Stewart-Cousins, and the other one. He sees preventing a change in the bail law. Their pictures should be all over. People should be marching and protesting them because it is literally the people who have no voice are the ones who are suffering.

It’s black-on-black crime, where the minority inner-city community and the minority community everywhere is hurting because of drugs, which we don’t talk about anymore and because of the of guns, where everybody is concerned about the legal gun owner and not the illegal gun owner. That’s all I have to say.

RIVERA: I heard you on the “上手, 裁判官 —

DUFFY: Tell us what you think.

RIVERA: She’s red hot. The Black men being killed seven, eight times the rate of white men. というのは, this is the civil rights issue of our time.

DUFFY: It truly is. など, if you look at the issues of defund the police, so many more people have died and African Americans have died. More African Americans are dying than white individuals in America. And it’s only 13 percent of the population of African-Americans. Whites are what, 76 percent of the population. そう, it’s a huge disparity.

だけでなく, if you look at the Southern Border policy of Joe Biden, more migrants are dying now under Joe Biden than under Donald Trump. Then you look at the drugs that fall into that country because of the open border, 我々は持っています 100,000 Americans lost their lives from drug overdoses. そう, you look at Democrat policies, they kill. They’re killing people. They’re horrible policies.

And one last point, I was a prosecutor, you’re a judge and a prosecutor. ジョージ・ガスコン, on the D.A. which I think you’ve covered tonight, グレッグ, on your show. The D.A. in L.A. has reformed the way he’s doing enhancements to crimes. など, one defendant was going to tattoo George Gascon’s name on a face. He was so happy with it.

No one wanted to tattoo their namemy name on their face or probably yours, 裁判官. I got death threats when I was a prosecutor because I did my job. If you’re tattooing someone’s

RIVERA: Where are my fans when I need them?

DUFFY: — name on your face, you are not doing your job as a prosecutor.

RIVERA: But excluding cities like Seattle and Cleveland, my own town, グレッグ, most municipalities are taking this into their own hands. They’re refunding the police rather than defunding the police. Cops now, their virtue is being extolled once again.

グッドフィールド: There’s one thing that isn’t local that used to be local and that was the news, 正しい? そう, there’s one thing that the police can’t deal with, and that’s the coverage of these issues. そう, when you talk about cops involved in unarmed Black interactions that result in death, it’s actually like one dozen to two dozen, then you drill down, and each one is individually different. など — and you find out bigger stories, some of them are definitely horrible.

Black on Black crime, death is in the thousands. そう, そこの — これは — these are two separate problems, and one is far bigger. そう — but you end up with this cause and effect by the coverage which made a small group of cases appear large. How many times did the news replay the George Floyd videos? そうだった — it was on a loop nonstop.

What was the result? Legitimately, when they did research Democrats actually believed that thousands of unarmed Black men were killed by the police. And it was because, very simple, information coming into your head, the videos over and over again. そう, then you jump to now, we have this research, それは 32 に 40 some odd percent of increase in murdered Blacks.

そう, now you do have the thousands. You do have the thousands of dead Black men, not just a few on a video. That’s kind of anit’s a horrible irony that that’s almost created that in a way because we drove the rage and the division and everything with those videos to a point where now you have it.

It’s a veryand there’s another final deeply racist point behind this. The left believes that the rules of law and order that apply to everybody do not apply to Blacks because they’re oppressed. など, who dies? More Blacks. そう, good on you BLM and all you leftists who thought you were doing good for thefor Blacks, because what you did is you took away what they really needed, which is a civil society which we all want, which we all love, law and order. Taking that away helps no one. It’s about freedom.

RIVERA: This is the civil rights issue of our time.

DUFFY: はい.

RIVERA: Ahead, is college worth the sky-high cost. The new reason why people are reconsidering college.


DUFFY: While Democrats push to cancel student debt, more parents are debating if college is worth the enormous costs. More than half of graduates over the age of 25 don’t actually work in the field of study they got a degree in. While people pay buckets of money for the campus experience, they’re getting nearly nothing in return.

And new report says 25 percent of grads earn less than $ 30,000 一年. そう, グレッグ —

グッドフィールド: はい.

DUFFY: Is college worth it? というのは, これが — the other side of it says so many of the grads don’t work in their fields of study. I don’t think that’s necessarily the issue. It’s the fact that they’re getting that with massive amounts of debt.

グッドフィールド: はい. It doesn’t matter if it’s worth it, if it’s required in life. というのは, college degree is not meant to give you any knowledge. It’s so youit’s a signal that gets you into the club. It’s a six-figure cover charge to get you into the bar of life. It’s a virtue signal. And it always has been a virtue signal.

そう — but now, the virtue signal of aof a BA bachelor’s degree is not enough so then it’s like well, this person has a masters, 上手, this person has a PhD. You’re now in an arms race of degrees. And the hangover is you pay it off later. It’s the debt that you’re accruing. It would be a shame if we could get people out ofout of this track and say, 見て, trade schools, 軍事的, there’s ways to gain experience in life, so you don’t end up in six, seven figures in debt.

ところで, nobody’s paying for it. You’re paying for it. That’s something I would go to war for. Cancel debt, 番号, 番号, 番号, 番号. And everybody who paid their debts would be on theon the militaryon my side.

PIRRO: そのとおり. I’m with you already.

ペリノ: I’m with you.

グッドフィールド: はい, はい.

DUFFY: The average cost of a graduate’s debt is $ 37,000. But a lot of these, like social sciences, [object Window], art majors make less than $ 45,000 一年. They can never pay this back.

PIRRO: 上手, あのね? まず第一に, Jen Psaki is the one who says, we’ve got so many jobs available. She’s the one who says the economy so good. And yet they’re the same people are talking about maybe getting rid of student debt. 見て, if you can’t afford it, go to a state school, go to a community college.


PIRRO: You don’t have to go to the best school. Get a job. I had a job in college. I had a job in law school. I worked in the legislature. というのは, 私 — あのね? Stop with this nonsense, this namby-pamby, you got to pay my bill. I don’t want to pay your bill. Pay your own bill.

グッドフィールド: そこに行きます.

DUFFY: But Dana, isn’t that really the choice you have? You can go to a community college, get two years of your degree out of the way very cheaply. And then you go anywhere in the country with that degree.

ペリノ: I used to have a lot of sort of college degree intimidation factor because I went to a small school, the University of Southern Colorado, now called CSU in Pueblo. I was on a full-ride scholarship for the speech team. And then I go to the White House, and I’m surrounded by all these people who went to Harvard and Yale and Berkeley.

グッドフィールド: And they’re stupid.

ペリノ: そして私 — there were times where I was like

DUFFY: はい, 彼らです.

ペリノ: And I thought I don’t know as much as they did. And there were things that I didn’t know, like the classes I didn’t have a chance to take. But then I realized that the President would turn to me and asked me for my opinion just as often as he would somebody else. そう, I always encourage people, はい, if you think you want to go to college, you absolutely should pursue it.

We talked about immigrants early on, especially Hispanics. もちろん, they want their children to go to college, because while there’s that study that says that yousome college graduates make less than $ 30,000 一年, over the course of your lifetime, if you have a college degree, you are likely to have more wealth.

That could change, しかしながら, tech companies now they’re no longer requiring that four-year Bachelor of Arts degree or Bachelor of Science degree. They’re starting to figure this out. And there’s a lot of ways you can enhance your life and learn about things that you might learn about in college through other means now, including YouTube podcasts, and just working.

DUFFY: そう, ジェラルド —

RIVERA: I agree with everything she said.

グッドフィールド: 次は.

DUFFY: — there’s a movement to have — 正しい — government paying for student loan debt, but should we go back to the universities that he’s charged, ええと, $ 150,000 for an education that kids can’t earn a salary and pay it back?

RIVERA: 絶対に. 絶対に. まず第一に, I agree with my friend Ro Khanna, the congressman from California who says, forget about forgetting – – forgiving — 上手, he doesn’t say, forget about forgiving student debt, but he prioritizes free community college. I think this should be Community College for everybody for free.

私の息子, my second son, クルス, is an engineer from Texas A&M. He works building elevators and escalators here in town, a union job. A lot of the people he work with barely graduate college or didn’t even graduate college and they make the same money, which is a great salary and very proud of them. But college was not necessary for what he does.

ペリノ: はい. The free community college just turns into the next two years of high school. お気に入り, 私 —

RIVERA: だから何? というのは —

ペリノ: 上手, because you don’t needbecause that’s whatI get mad thinking about as a taxpayer, I want K through 12 education to be better.

グッドフィールド: はい.

ペリノ: You shouldn’t have to have another two years of remedial English?

DUFFY: One quick point to that, then we got to go.

RIVERA: The biggest problem in urban America is the kids from 18 に 21. They got to get over that hump. They graduated high school and then they got

ペリノ: They’re being graduated without being able to do


PIRRO: ちょっと待って. 番号, 私は言わなければならない — I got to add something.

DUFFY: Quickly.

PIRRO: Do you know how many kids are coming through the southern border that we are educating in schools if you want to talk about the cost of education? And I ended.

RIVERA: 神は彼らを祝福します.

DUFFY: 上手, 私は — I got to see what

PIRRO: 神は彼らを祝福します?

RIVERA: God bless them all.

DUFFY: — what these schools are teaching our kids and it’s absolute garbage. 大丈夫, we got to go. “しかし、私はなぜ人々が” is coming up next.


ペリノ: お帰りなさい. It’s time for “しかし、私はなぜ人々が” しかし、私はなぜ人々が, a heart- stopping video. Viewer warning, this might be hard to watch. I know it was for me. A woman somehow surviving a brutal tumble off of a subway platform getting sandwich right between the oncoming cars.

She felt lightheaded, she fainted. The woman is now out of the hospital thanks to quickly thinking of the security who rescued her from the tracks the woman saying laterI don’t know how I’m still alive.And it really is a miracle that she felt right between — 彼女は — she was lightheaded, she fainted, she fell forward, and she lives.

DUFFY: It’s horrible.

ペリノ: And isn’t that incredible, ショーン?

PIRRO: It’s Argentina.

DUFFY: 上手, she hit her head first, 正しい? そう, she headed to the train and then perfectly sandwiches headfirst down, legs up, and then survives. 信じられない.

PIRRO: OK, look at it now.

ペリノ: OK, but i getit’s hard. I have a hard time.

RIVERA: It’s like rag doll.

DUFFY: I thought she was drunk by the way. 実際, she was passing out.

ペリノ: はい, she justshe was unwell. She fainted. グレッグ?

グッドフィールド: 明らかに, it was good that she was wearing a mask.

RIVERA: It’s Argentina.

ペリノ: Touche indeed. I bet they were. She might have been wearing a mask. 裁判官, anything else to say?

PIRRO: 何もない. というのは, if I were her, I go toI go to church right away and thank God.

DUFFY: Go gamble.

グッドフィールド: Never take the subway.

ペリノ: 大丈夫, 上手, then we’ll move on to our next topic. A big teachers group thinks that books are overrated. They are calling for a new emphasis focused on digital media and popular culture and say it is time to dissenter traditional activities like reading books and writing essays.

ショーン, you have a ton of kids. What do you think of this topic?

DUFFY: If I was going to pay for these teachers to say don’t read books and don’t write essays, why are we getting an education? I can do the social media right at home. Turn on YouTube, let them go to social media wild. I’m sending them to school to actually read classics and learn how to write. That’s what the schools are for. This is idiotic.

RIVERA: Are they in parochial school or private school.

DUFFY: They’re in private school. ところで, it’s painful though to pay that amount of

RIVERA: You paying tuition for nine kids?

DUFFY: はい.

RIVERA: おい, you better work overtime.

DUFFY: 番号, 知っている. Tell me about it.

PIRRO: Private? Did you say private or

ペリノ: Private.

DUFFY: Private school.

PIRRO: Private.

DUFFY: そう, I pay for the public school and my kids go to private school.

PIRRO: 正しい. 知っている. State taxes.

DUFFY: I’m not going to let them wokify my kids.

ペリノ: And Greg, it is proven at the moreif you read more that you become a better writer.

グッドフィールド: That is a lie.

ペリノ: 本当に?

グッドフィールド: 番号, 知りません. Books are hard. Let’s kind of be honest about how hard reading is. Reading is reallyyou sit downit’s such a weird thing, because you’re doing two things at once. You’re processing words, while you’re imagining the information playing out at the same time. And sometimes you’ll kind of skip down and look over down at the page to see if you’re almost done.

And maybe you’ll turn a page and go, how many more pages are there, and you’re hoping the chapters not that long? And you go, 何てことだ, 20 pages. It’s going to take an hour for me to get there. How do people read books? And all of a sudden you start thinking about like, how do people read books. And then you just totally put the book down, you forget that you were reading a book.

ペリノ: That never happens.

グッドフィールド: That never happens? That happens to me every time I pick up a book, although Tyrus’ 本, holy crap, すごい.

PIRRO: We love Tyrus’ 本.

グッドフィールド: You read it.

PIRRO: I read Tyrusbook this weekend. I thought it is phenomenal.

ペリノ: Isn’t it great?

PIRRO: But you know what’s interesting? I do what you do. I read the book, and I go, ああ, OK, OK. ええと, I can edit the book. I want to take out all the unnecessary words.

ペリノ: 待つ, you guys are ruining the segment.

PIRRO: はい. We’re ruining it?


グッドフィールド: You want to skip to theyou’ve been reading it and you go like, I just wanted that part.

PIRRO: はい, I want to slap and say, who edited this thing. Then I go to how many pages are left? 申し訳ありません.

PIRRO: ジェラルド.

グッドフィールド: タイヤ’ book is action after action, after action.

PIRRO: タイヤ’ book is worthwhat’s it calleda memoir.

ペリノ: Just Tyrus.

グッドフィールド: Just Tyrus.

RIVERA: I don’t like when either activist politicians or political unions mess with books.

ペリノ: OK.

DUFFY: My Christmas book was awesome not to

ペリノ: はい, ありがとうございました.

PIRRO: ああ, おやおや.

ペリノ: And don’t forget to get the paperback version of everyoneEverything Will Be Okay.

PIRRO: We didn’t hear that.

ペリノ: “一年中アーカンソーについても考えていませんでした” しかし、私はなぜ人々が.


グッドフィールド: “もう一つ。” ダナ.

ペリノ: I want to show you this adorable dog named Trompita, very excited to share some burgers with its owner until he discovered that his was much smaller than his owner’s and that is not right. He wants the bigger one. He does not like to be tricked. And I would like to know how they’ve figured this out. とても良い, Trompita.

グッドフィールド: That’s fantastic. He’s got some broad shoulders for a dog.

ペリノ: はい.

DUFFY: He looks like he works out.

ペリノ: I alsoif you could check it out, I wrote an opinion piece with my friend and Army Week Association COO Jen Wilson called We Cannot Forget Our Afghan heroes and Our Promises To Help Them. It’s out now on foxnews.com. And it talks about in particular two of the Afghan interpreters that we talked about a lot onAMERICA’S NEWSROOM.And it’s an outrage what’s happening to them. The State Department should read it.

グッドフィールド: 大丈夫, 今晩, オン “グッドフィールド!” great show. I’m going to have Susan Li, ガイベンソン, ジョー・デヴィト, キャット・ティンプ. We’ve got some surprises that are going to blow your mind. Let’s do this now. Greg’s Job Search. あなたが知っているように, I signed up for LinkedIn a few months ago and they asked me what my job description was, and I wrote host.

そう, now I get all these job offers and I got three yesterday. This is from Target of all places. I’ll be a general manager and food host. I have to make sure the product set and deal with the foodservice food and beverage for a safe food experience. Vice of all places is looking for an associate test kitchen.

ペリノ: You should apply.

グッドフィールド: 私はそれをします. If they test the stuff that I want to test, I’ll be there but I have to have excellent written, オーラル, and presentation skills, so I don’t know. また, 最終的に, Texas Roadhouse host. That sounds like fun. I get to give the first time guests an extra special welcome.

ペリノ: また, they’ve got a barbecue there.

グッドフィールド: はい, there is a lot of fresh-baked bread. 大丈夫, who’s up?

PIRRO: 自分.

グッドフィールド: It’s now the judge.

PIRRO: OK, so six stranded sailors were rescued from a deserted island thanks to a message in a bottle. They’re on this island for two weeks after the vessel that they were on caught fire in the ocean. など, what they decided to do was send a message in a bottle. And in the bottle, 彼らは言った, ええと, please let our family know that we’re out to sea. We have no food, we have nothing but some rainwater.

ペリノ: ああ, ワオ.

PIRRO: And somebody actually opened the bottle and they sent out the Brazilian Navy that find them.

ペリノ: 何てことだ.

PIRRO: 今, I just want to make sure that this is real, but they say it’s real. そう, it’s real and that’s the end of that.

グッドフィールド: How do you know it’s real?

PIRRO: Because I said so.

グッドフィールド: I’m going to call B.S. その上に.

RIVERA: I believe it.

PIRRO: It’s was like the bear. Remember the bear?

グッドフィールド: はい.

PIRRO: And nobody thought it was real. It was real. I’m telling you it’s real. Go ahead.

ペリノ: It’s a real bear.

RIVERA: Time for Geraldo’s Geraldo news with Gerald. そしてここ, meet Geraldo Jr. 冗談だ. His name is Skipper, my newmy new dog, our new dog. Erica, そして私, and Sol have this new dog and he’s a Labrador Retriever.

PIRRO: ああ, かわいい.

RIVERA: And it’s his first time in the snow. He’s so adorable. He’s already doubled in size in the 10 days that we’ve owned him.

ペリノ: はい, he grows so fast.

RIVERA: And Dana Perino gave him a bottle of champagne froma pawduct of France.

グッドフィールド: 正しい.

RIVERA: A doggy champagne. Let’s throw that. He’s big retriever.

グッドフィールド: ああ, そこに行きます. That’s cute.

DUFFY: Great picture. You got the waffle here coming down, and funky glasses, always looking great. はい, ぼくの “もう一つ。” This is body cam footage from the Indianapolis Police Department. A fire broke out in an apartment complex at 3:30 午前中に. And the mother was forced to throw her two children out of the building to save them.

Bodycam footage shows the police officers catching the two kids. After they were out safely, the mom jumped out as well. Just again going to show all the great work that men do to keep our community safe. Another great example right here.

PIRRO: 絶対に.

DUFFY: ところで, how scary is that to be a parent and a fire is going on. You’re trying to throw your kids out of the house.

グッドフィールド: I don’t believe thatI don’t believe that shipwreck story at all.

PIRRO: OK. ゲームスタート.

グッドフィールド: I don’t believe it at all.

PIRRO: ゲームスタート.

グッドフィールド: はい, we’ll bet. Let’s bet. Let’s bet it.

PIRRO: How much do you want to bet?

グッドフィールド: Let’s bet a steak dinner.

PIRRO: A steak dinner? Where?

グッドフィールド: 知りません, アウトバック?

PIRRO: アウトバック?

グッドフィールド: That’s it for us. “スペシャルレポート” しかし、私はなぜ人々が. ねえ, ブレット.

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