'The Five' on CNN coverage of widespread violent crime

达娜·佩里诺, 福克斯新闻主持: 你好, 大家. I’m Dana Perino along with Judge Jeanine Pirro, 哈罗德福特, 小, Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld. He’s got a new ring.

格雷格·古德费尔德, FOX NEWS CO-HOST: 是.

佩里诺: It’s five o’clock in New York City, and this is THE FIVE.

It was a bloody weekend for law enforcement across the country. Liberal crime policy is facing intense new scrutiny after several police officers were gunned down. The NYP is grieving the loss of rookie officer Jason Rivera’s who was shot and killed responding to a domestic dispute. His partner is now clinging to life.

In a chilling detail, the gunman reportedly kept shooting at the two officers even as they lay motionless on the ground. 在德州, a manhunt is underway for a suspect who murdered a deputy during a traffic stop near Houston. And in Washington, 直流电, a police officer shot and wounded, but was thankfully released from the hospital.

Democrats in New York being pressed for solutions and here’s how they are responding.


政府部门. KATHY HOCHUL (纽约): We have to do more to fight the scourge of the illegal guns on our streets.


MAYOR ERIC ADAMS (纽约): Illegal guns is an important first step but we must also adjust bail reform. New York is the only state in the country that does not allow a judge to detain a defendant who poses an immediate threat to the community.


佩里诺 (在相机上): And the White House confronted over how it plans to keep Americans safe.


彼得·杜西, 福克斯新闻记者: Does he know that after a year in office, people do not feel safe in this country?

仁帕斯基, 白宫新闻秘书: We’ve seen a surge in crime over the last two years, would you agree with that?

DOOCY: As the murder rate nears a 25-year high, would he consider maybe trying something different?

PSAKI: Trying something other than supporting a massive plus up in funding from his predecessor, cracking down on gun trafficking and gun violence which is a major driver of the violence we’ve seen across the country. I think most people who want to fight crime would agree that’s the right approach.


佩里诺 (在相机上): 珍妮法官, do you want to take a crack at that?

珍妮·皮罗, 福克斯新闻主持: 我得告诉你, 你懂, I have to, I have to sit here in shock when I hear the governor of New York and the mayor of New York, 你懂, talk about things that can be done today or yesterday before all of these cops are killed.

Fifty-nine percent higher numbers of cops killed in 2021 比在 2020, 73 cops killed in a felonious killing, 谋杀, felonious killings. Now let me tell you how to get rid of guns. And you get rid of the people who are shooting the guns, 第一. You put them in jail, and just like they define deviancy down, I think it was Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

We are so used to things being so bad that if we allow it to continue, more than we are not going to care about the crime that’s happening. We are going to say it’s not as bad as last year, it’s not as bad as the year before.

The bottom line is this. If you don’t put career criminals in jail and the guy who killed the police officer in New York City and one who is presently fighting for his life was a career criminal with mental illness who had an illegal gun and had an AR loaded under his bed.

Now that guy is a problem. He shouldn’t have had those problems and he shouldn’t be out of jail because what we’re doing now is even if he is arrested, he’s being released immediately. You want to get rid of guns here’s how you do it. You get a confidential informant. You get someone undercover. You do surveillance, you get wiretaps. You get search warrants, you join what the state, the local and the fed. I did it myself as the D.A.

You put together a task force. Don’t talk about it, do it. And don’t defund the police and don’t come out. 你懂, I want to give Mayor Adams the benefit of the doubt but, don’t come out and say we’re going to do this or we’re going to do that, just do it.

Now he says we’re going to put 30 percent of — 80 percent of the city’s violence where it takes place, 和 30 police precincts we’re going to put a lot more manpower or person power. No kidding. It’s called coms stat. We did it years ago.

They gave away broken windows, they are letting criminals run rampant, these politicians are hypocrites. They don’t want to jail them. They don’t want to lock them up. They don’t want to prosecute them. They don’t have task forces and then they say these guns are coming into New York but not made in New York. So what?

We have the toughest gun laws in the country, the governor says. So what? You are not prosecuting and you are not jailing them, you are worthless. You are worse than worthless, you are a liberal, you are defunding cops and you don’t care about the victims, you never did and you never will unless there’s a funeral going on.

佩里诺: This has reached the levels where it’s getting asked at the White House briefing and not just by Fox News. let’s take a look at Trey Gowdy from his show last night and some of the things he had to say.


特雷·高迪, 福克斯新闻主持: Americans have the right to be safe. Because there is no liberty, there is no pursuit of happiness without life. You can’t vote if you are dead it, you can’t sign up for a government program if you are dead. You can’t build back better if you’re dead. 所以, what is he doing about it?


佩里诺 (在相机上): In particular last night one of the things that Trey Gowdy went through is several of the young women who have been killed in just the last couple weeks.

杰西沃特斯, 福克斯新闻主持: 好, you can vote if you are dead. I think we saw some of those. Just kidding, 达娜. 和拜登 — has Biden called the family of any of these victims? 我不 — they haven’t announced anything, I’m sure another president would have called.

This was an experiment, the soft on crime thing was an experiment. We warned them it was going to fail and cause death but they did it anyway. It’s like gain of function. 正确的? We said it was going to maybe kill people but they risked it and then everybody died.

You know where it started? And I don’t care because my sister is not watching, it starts at the university level. These stupid professors have this dumb idea that America creates criminals. Because of income inequality, because of systemic racism, that is what creates criminals.

And then when you incarcerate them, 达娜, that’s just going to harden the criminals. 所以, we can’t incarcerate them we have to release them and give them rehab. Now Soros bankrolled it. And now what’s the lesson? You can’t allow dumb professors and a billionaire donor and a power-hungry Democrat in the same room together because you are going to get death.

And I don’t know if they did this on purpose to cause a crime wave, a lot of communists wanted to destroy America from the inside or whether they are just too stupid to know that their theories that they think don’t actually work when you put them into practice.

Now before they move on to another stupid experiment that’s going to get people killed, they should actually have to face the pain they are causing. They have to get out of their penthouse, get out of their ivory tower because there’s blood on the streets and they’re not affected by it.

They should have to go look at some of these family members in their face. Feel the anguish, see the pain. Spend the night in north Philly. Spend the night on the south side. See what it’s like. See what their policies are actually doing. Because until they actually register some of that pain, I think they are going to still cause that. The Democratic Party is on the clock. 我的意思是, they are now branded as the party of death and crime. That’s not good for business.

佩里诺: I want to ask Harold. Do you think that the Democratic Party is understanding this moment?

哈罗德福特, JR。, 福克斯新闻撰稿人: 好, I’ve said, 首先, it’s good to be around the table again. I’ve said on the show before, I don’t think this iswe said before this is not a Democratic issue. There are Republican governors who are overseeing this. The Republican mayors in Florida, in Oklahoma and Texas and other places that are overseeing this, but there’s no doubt in the last year that we have seen movement of people who are more aligned to the Democratic Party suggesting we had to defund the police.

The president of the United States has said that’s wrong. The leader of the city, Mayor Eric Adams run on saying that’s wrong. I’m not a Democrat that believes in that. Number two, the answer is yes. If the Democrats wouldn’t believe that defunding police and going soft on crime was somehow another winning strategy, they should bethey shouldthat should be refuted and they should understand that’s not the right thing to do.

I give Adams some credit. I do think you’re right. CompStat has been something we’ve always done, you look at the stats and figure out where you apply the resources, hopefully he’s able to do that. I do hope he also floods the subways with police officers. You have to have a one victory to beget another victory.

Dana has a story, we all have stories, but Dana has a really personal story that just reinforce this for all of us around the table. 二, you have to do something with guns. I understand the notion that guns don’t kill people, or kill people, you got to have a gun that kill them. And if someone gets really angry and they don’t have a gun they can’t shoot me.

We have to figure out ways for Democrats and Republicans like to come together around some of this ghost gun stuff and we have to, 就你的意思, their laws, they got to punish these people. If we have to build more prisons to put them in and have mandatory minimums for them, we should have that.

佩里诺: One of the things the White House has said a couple of times, is that we are for more money for cops. Like money would be welcomed, I’m sure. But it’s not just that, it’s the progressive prosecutors.

好场地: 是. 没有, you have Alvin Bragg who is basically not prosecuting what he called thewhen someone is caught with a gun they are released.

佩里诺: 是. It’s a misdemeanor.

好场地: 所以, there is no — 是, it’s a misdemeanor and that they call it the iron pipe line, these guns are coming in. Nobody is being prosecuted and if you do, you actually have to put them away for a long time, that’s a good thing to do.

We’re seeing, I think this is a rebound to a movement. 正确的? You are seeing intentional cop killings at a 20-year high. When you go and you look back at it, where was thethere’s comparethey are going since 9/11. That’s a really weird comparison and you should remove 9/11 and see how far it goes back. 正确的?

This is a rebound. We kind of predicted this when there was this constant relentless drumbeat from the media and the far-left activist that devalued the lives of law enforcement. They never said like, 你懂, these human lives aren’t worth it. But if you said blue lives matter, what were you called?

佩里诺: 正确的.

好场地: People had to apologize

沃特斯: 是.

佩里诺: 是.

好场地: — when they said blue lives matter. So now we are in a situation where you are seeing the sense that these lives are devalued. 而且你知道, it’s weird how like, the left does not believe in free will but they believe it if it’s an inanimate object.

所以, a rock can hit an Asian woman in the head. An SUV could plow into a parade. A bullet can leave an illegal — 铅 — leave an illegal gun. 正确的? It’s like they talk about gun possession. 从字面上看, I think they mean it. I think the gun is possessed. It’s like a, it’s an autonomous weapon, there is no actual criminal they are firing it.

It’s a possessed gun but then you think about, what aboutwhat about the woman who wasn’t pushed in front of a subway? No gun? What about the woman in the furniture sore? That was a knife. Are all of these just possessions, 你懂? 我不知道.

And then you have a governor saying despite all of our gun laws this is happening. Well maybe it’s because you are not enforcing the gun laws.

派罗: 确切地.

好场地: You have to. 所以, I came up with a word, I invented new word, it’s called ‘excusions.’ 正确的? it’s an excuse disguiseit’s an excuse disguise as a solution. And the result is nothing changes. 所以, what you always hear are excusions. When in fact, you should be hiring more cops.

You should be flooding the area, especially the subways. You should be locking up all of the gunthe illegal gun users for a long time but the best and most important thing that we have to start re-institutionalizing immediately, restore cash bail. But we have to bring back stop and frisk right now even if it’s temporary, just to get off the guns off the street, but the re-institutionalization for getting thegetting the criminally deranged off the streets is going to do a lot.

沃特斯: Excusions.

好场地: Excusions.

沃特斯: I like it.

好场地: 是. It sounds like


福特: You could use it tonight.

沃特斯: 是, I might. We can use it tomorrow.

好场地: I’d love an excusion.

派罗: 是, what a day without an excusions?

好场地: 是, 究竟. It’s inexcusionable.

沃特斯: The transfusion.

佩里诺: 好的. 下一个, some in the media now mocking Americans concerned about the surge in violent crimes. We’ll be right back.


沃特斯 (在相机上): Liberal CNN once again mocking America’s massive crime wave and claiming the surge in violence is totally being overblown.


布赖恩·斯特尔特, CHIEF MEDIA CORRESPONDENT, 有线电视新闻网: You get the sense that America has gone to hell, and a declining quality of life. America is an apocalypse hell escape. 是, there is a crime problem.


STELTER: But the way it’s describe on Fox, you’d be afraid to leave your house.

UNKNOWN: I kind of think of it as an Instagram filter, 布赖恩. 你懂, you start with a real image and then you take the filter and you pump it up a thousand percent and what you are left with is distorted, it no longer reflects our reality.

UNKNOWN: The goal of this kind of coverage is to freak people out, to cause them to live in fear.


沃特斯 (在相机上): CNN might be the only ones to find that funny because 81 percent of voters are extremely or very concerned about higher crime rates in this latest Fox News poll. Carjackings are soaring by over 500 percent in major cities while 16 cities hit record homicides in 2021. And in Baltimore homicides are now the leading cause for unexpected childhood deaths.

What do you think the strategy was behind that segment, 格雷格?

好场地: 我不知道. It’s got to be gross to work at CNN where all you do is push these elaborate hoaxes while denying actual human suffering. 正确的? They spent years pushing this labyrinth of just trying to scare people that the Republicans inRepublic is in danger, but yet they laughthey literally laugh about crime.

People ask me why do I constantly point out how fat Brian Stelter is, how fat and bald and homely he is and I always tell you that no insult is worse than their ideas, as long as they mocked the black-on-black crime and the death in the streets which there is tape of Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo laughing about it.

As long as they believe that and got a pass on it, then everything is on the table. You can make fun of them about anything. 正确的? 所以, they chose this hill to die on while cops and civilians are literally dying. How can – – I wonder like how security can work at CNN and have to like be around these people.

我的意思是, these are actual crime deniers, they help build the anti-cop narrative for I don’t know how many years. 所以, to answer your question, the ratings are dying. The narrative is antithetical to what Americans believe. This is not a network interested in the American viewer anymore. This is a curated propaganda machine to put out segments to other areas, whether at social media to be retweeted, that are specifically anti-American views.

This is not a network. I don’t know how they get advertisers at this point, it’s so embarrassing. They have producers that are being accused of alleged pedophilia. 我的意思是, how do theyI think that’s whatthe other thing too, this is a distraction because they are in such sorry shape.

沃特斯: 是. 所以, they don’t have anything to talk about because it’s not a lot of good news. Are they trying to put stuff out there for controversy do you think?

佩里诺: 我的意思是, —

沃特斯: Because that’s stupid.

佩里诺: It is weird to program a segment just to try to get back at THE FIVE. I mean that is a strange way to program.

沃特斯: 是.

佩里诺: I would say that the one thing about it is matching the mood. 正确的?

沃特斯: 是.

佩里诺: 所以, I do the morning show now 9 至 11 上午. so I see a lot of the other morning network shows, and they are starting to lead with the story of the day. And guess what that is. It is crime.

沃特斯: 是.

佩里诺: And when it’s being asked about at the White House and not just by Fox News, the one thing that I feel the White House doesn’t, the president is not doing, you need to match the moment and the mood of the country and if you are not, then you are going to get polls that show that only a third of the country think that you care about the issues they’re focus on, and that’s what those polls were showing last week.

The other thing is that, if you look at CNN’s own polling on immigration and crime and inflation, if the execs aren’t sharing CNN’s own polling with the CNN’s media reporting team they may be should like break down that wall because their own polling is showing that it’s a problem.

沃特斯: And I assume that these guys work out of New York City, 对? That’s where they work at.

好场地: They don’t leave the apartment.

沃特斯: Do they see the local news, do they read the post of the daily news, are they absorbing any of the actual crime that’s happening in their own neighborhoods, do you think?

福特: You’re coming to

沃特斯: 您, I’m looking at you, 哈罗德福特, r.


派罗: He is talking to you.

福特: Denialdenial does not wear well. And as I listen to them, I could understand if you are trying to make a point that crime, that some numbers are down and some numbers are up or trying to explain that maybe the way this is being presented is being interpreted wrong, but they didn’t do that. They didn’t say that crime is down here or people are looking at this the wrong way.

It strikes me as a group of people and this is not meant to malign CNN as much as those who literally try to present the crime as not somehow another bad thing. Where do you live? 就你的意思, are you in a neighborhood where you don’t go out?

佩里诺: 正确的.

福特: Or there’s nothing happening where you have a security team around you. That’s one thing.

好场地: But if you live in a neighborhood which is most neighborhoods unfortunately in New York City today, you are watching where you are going. I don’t take the subway any longer. I used to take the subway.

好场地: 是.

福特: I don’t take the subway because I’m concerned about my safety. I won’t goI won’t go near a subway stop with my kids because I don’t want to be confronted and have to try to defend or do something that would put them in danger or myself in danger.

所以, those who want to do this in stages like that or do presentations like that, have a reason for doing it. If your reason is just to get back at someone or a show or network, you are not serving the people who watch your network and the people who are in danger every day and every night in our city. And for that matter across the country. Many of them who are probably watching that network.

沃特斯: 是. Maybe some gullible person is watching CNN, and they (Inaudible), they walk out, they’re not looking around. They do have to do a public service.

派罗: 好, 看, here’s the thing. The media is the megaphone for the Democrats. 好的? So even though they know 81 percent of the American public is concerned about crime, they want to tell you that it’s not a problem.

沃特斯: 所以, it’s spin.

派罗: 所以, it is spin, clearly it’s a spin. But their naivete, unless they are lying hypocrites, then you pick whatever you want. It’s really, it’s gain saved by the fact that you’ve got five cops who have already been shot in New York City and we’re still in January of this year. You’ve got kids, an 11-month-old girl who got shot in the face.

你懂, kids go to sleep in their own beds these days and in their own homes and in their own bedrooms and they end up getting shot in their own beds. 我的意思是, if these people can’t see what is going on in the inner city, and the gangs that are controlling the streets, if they can’t what’s going on in the subways where women are being openly raped and all of that horrific stuff that’s going on, well then you know what, they are just stupid. You’re stupid.

福特: It’s elitist.

派罗: You’re just stupid.

沃特斯: You’re just stupid.

福特: It’s elitist, is what it is.

好场地: Do you remember Stelter was mad once because they removed a trash can outside of his apartment, do you remember that?

沃特斯: 我做.

好场地: That was he’s like, 天哪, that was the crime for him as there wasn’t a place to throw away the twinkie wrapper.

沃特斯: 格雷格, so mean. 下一个, things getting even worse for Joe Biden. The brutal news that could up end this White House.


派罗 (在相机上): Americans are just not that into Joe Biden, and a majority are ready for a breakup. Sixty percent say they would vote for someone else if the 2024 election was held today with only a measly 36 percent wanting to put him back in the Oval Office. The numbers are so bad that even liberal Chuck Todd can see the writing on the wall.


CHUCK TODD, 主持人, NBC NEWS: Our new NBC News poll suggests Mr. Biden doesn’t need a reset because he’s lost his identity a bit. He’s no longer seen as competent and effective, he’s no longer seen as a good commander- in-chief or perhaps most damaging, as easy-going and likable.


派罗 (在相机上): 好的, no longer seen as competent and effective by the majority of Americans. Why do you think it’s just now, that took them this long?

佩里诺: I think that theit’s a pretty young administration, 对, only a year, and there are three more years to go so keep that in mind. The i-word incompetent, when that starts creeping up into basic, even in the mainstream media, that is a really big red flag.

But there was another i-word that started to pop up last week, also in mainstream media and that was impotent. 所以, if you add those two things that is no bueno, 好的? 所以, for a White House.

好场地: Tell me about it.

派罗: 是, 但, 好, I’m not going to go to you next then.

好场地: There’s a lot of good therapeutics out there.


佩里诺: I just thinkI just think that they have some significant problems and there are times when you have to figure out a way to, 好, 好, what are we going to do? We got to have something different. We got to have a new policy. We have to have something that changes things. And you just don’t see that on the horizon.

The idea that the President is going to go out and talk about his accomplishments more doesn’t seem to me that that’s going to turn around the polls.

好场地: It’s a hard job.

派罗: 好的 — 好的, 格雷格, aside from the impotent part, what’s with the 36 percent who would vote for him?

好场地: 好, he’s soft on crime.

沃特斯: 格雷格.

佩里诺: 哦, boy.

派罗: 好, those are the criminals.

好场地: 是.

派罗: 好. Is that your position? Is that your position.

好场地: Placid numberplacid numbers, 法官. 你懂, 上个星期, Comedian Jim Gaffigan said he would have votedhe would vote for Joe Biden’s corpse over Trump. And I hate to tell him, he already did.

This guy is so not in charge. Any more than a Walmart greeter is in charge of Walmart. He’s just there shaking people’s hands. But it kind of shows you the trade-off and the payoff, 对? We always said that like, there were people that were suffering from Trump derangement, like Gaffigan and others who were so emotionally damaged that they would happily embrace the mystery box behind door number three, except the mystery box was Joe Biden.

现在, 是, sure, you don’t have the tweets anymore, you don’t have to think about the guy who upsets you and your wife. But now you got crime, you got inflation, you got the border, you got COVID policy that’s all over the place. You have Ukraine, you got China, but hey, you don’t have thethis is what we’re dealing with right now because a select group of elitist could not bear the tweeting.

派罗: 好. 好的, 好, then Harold, I’ll ask you this. Most Americans feel that the country is going downhill, that you know, they have all these negative thoughts and connections. It’s divisive, it’s downhill, it’s struggling, it’s negative. How ishow is Biden going to reset according to Chuck Todd and make itmake Americanslook at America differently.

福特 JR。: You reset, you focus on the things they want you to focus on. I’ve said before

派罗: 好, what has he done?

福特 JR。: 好, he needs to do it. 他有 — he’s nothe’s obviously not doing enough. One of the pollingone of the numbers in the poll which I think they need to realize also is an NBC poll, 64 percent of African Americans support President Biden. That’s a lotthat’s a low number for Democrats. They’ve got to be mindful of that.

And inflation task force is a dailyprovides us with updates on what we’re doing to unclog the supply chain to ensure that we’re able to get I think the root cause of some of this inflation to a Crime Task Force.

You got to get your FBI director and we got to figure out how in Chicago, 纽约, 天使, 丹佛, 亚特兰大, 巴尔的摩, 孟菲斯, where you have these crimes thatyou put peopleyou have not only just the talk in the press room, but how are we keeping track of these things and how are we dedicatingallocating resources.

三, the border. Without question, 60 percent of Americans oppose what he’s doing on the border. That’s a recipe for a loss, not only in the midterms, but going forward. I’ve said before, three of the four past presidents were down at this point in administration, and they came back. Two others were down, they lost Carter and Trump.

You don’t want to be that if you’re Biden. You want to figure out how you get on the winning side. You’re going the winning side by walking with the people, not in front of them, not behind them, but alongside them. And they’re not doing enough of that.

派罗: Which means you have to feel their pain. And speaking of feeling their pain, 现在, there’s a percentage of Americans who think that the pandemic is responsible for inflation, 杰西, and another percentage feels that it’s not. What do you think Biden has to do? How does he play it?

沃特斯: 好, it’s both things that are causing the inflation. But Biden hasn’t really done anything besides that one attempt to lower the price of gasoline that shows that he’s focused on it. And then he flies and looks at Ukraine, and then you know, he focuses on the voting thing, but he’s not zeroed in on the pain that people are experiencing.

The big problem, he lamed up himself in that ABC News interview. 他说, 你懂, 什么, if I’m not healthy, I might not be healthy, I might not run again. And the whole country was like, 哦, 天哪, it’s real.

所以, after that, when you combine that with his performance, I think we’re underestimating how damaging the video of him tripping three times up the steps of Air Force One was, They’ll constantly looking at the notes, the light schedule, and then you have a disastrous year when you anger everybody, 共和党人, Independents and Democrats. That’s hard to do. 所以, the media is struggling on how to cover him.

你懂, some corporate media, they can see the writing on the wall, and they’re already looking at 2024. And then you have people look over at CNN who are scrambling, like they’re blaming Trump, and they’re blaming Fox and they’re attacking Manchin and they don’t know what to do. And that’s not good for business either.

所以, 就好像是, Trump broke the media and they still haven’t figured out a way to put themselves back together.

派罗: 好, straight ahead, Democrats are not going to like what liberal comedian Bill Maher just said about COVID.


福特 JR。: This is the moment from President Biden’s event on inflation that’s blowing up Twitter right now. Let’s listen to it.


身份不明的男性: (听不见)

身份不明的女性: 谢谢.

乔·拜登, 美国总统: That’s a great asset, more inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch.


福特 JR。: 达娜 —

佩里诺: 哦, 是.

福特 JR。: If you were the press secretary in the White House tonight, and this is obviously going around like this. What do youwhat do you tell the press?

佩里诺: I think that you call him, you say you’re sorry or have the President call him. I’ll have the president call him.

福特 JR。: The President call Peter?

佩里诺: The President should call Peter and President should give Peter Doocy an interview in the Oval Office tomorrow. 明显, he might not do that, but I would have the president call him and say, 看, long day, 对不起, I shouldn’t have said that. Inflation is a problem, 是, 绝对.

I think that also the President likes to be sarcastic. He forgets he’s on a hot mic. Let me just tell you something. Do you remember a hot mic situation back in 2000? New York Times reporter, I think it was Adam Clymer, 对? Big time. Remember that? 是啊. 我的意思是, it lasts for a long time this kind of thing.

But just last week, the President said to Jackie Heinrich’s question about Ukraine, and why not taking proactive steps, that that was a stupid question. 所以, 明显, maybe having more media access is not necessarily good. 但看, you get ayou get a look into how he’s really thinking when he’s on a hot mic.

福特 JR。: 格雷格?

好场地: 是, 你懂, I kind of like these moments. I find them quite pleasurable because I have been guilty of many hot mics that can cause

沃特斯: He was really hot.

好场地: 好, I had to make my wayhow to pay the tuition somehow. 但不是, 你懂, 就好像是, 我不 — you know Biden is in trouble. His numbers are falling faster than Toobin’s pants at a porn convention. 所以, that’s all I got.

福特 JR。: 法官?

派罗: You know what’s interesting is both of those comments, a stupid question was for Jackie Heinrich with Fox and stupid SOB was toward Peter Doocy at Fox. And then you got CNN trashing Fox. 现在, on the one hand, we could say, 嘿, when you’re at the top of the mountain, everybody wants to bring it down. 另一方面, you could just say, your the stupid ones S-T-O-O-P-I-D. But you know what people don’t want to hear that.

好场地: They’re going to fact check. I guarantee you. 你懂, it’s actually S-T-U-P-I-D.

派罗: 没有, S-T-O-O-P-I-D. But that’s why they keep them under wraps, because he can’t control his anger. 记得, during the campaign, 嘿, 伙伴, you want to do push-ups? Let’s do this, let’she’s an angry guy and they’re covering it up.

福特 JR。: I think we have young Mr. Doocy with us right now. You heard Dana’s comments and everyone’s comments, 彼得. Have you been called by the White House or the President and asked for to come to the Oval Office tomorrow for an interview?

彼得·杜西, FOX NEWS CHANNEL WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: 没有, 没有. And I don’t think that that’s coming, 要么. But what’s crazy about this is, in the longer version of the clip, there was a group of reporters that were all gathered, we listened to him explain the competition council which is the reason that he’s having this meeting with most of the cabinet, and somebody shouted out a question about Russia. And the President said, I’m not going to take questions right now about anything off topic.

所以, I shouted out something that’s not on my two pages of questions about crime. 好, what about inflation? Do you think inflation is a political liability and the midterms? And then he said that. And I couldn’t even hear him because people were shouting at us to get out. But somebody came up to me in the briefing room a few minutes later and said, did you hear what the President said?

我说, 没有, 什么? 他们说, he called you a stupid SOB. 我说, did he say SOB? And the person said, 没有.

派罗: He did the elongated version?


沃特斯: 所以, Doocy, I think the President is right. You are a stupid SOB.

DOOCY: 是, nobody is fact-checking yet and said it’s not true.

沃特斯: No one is giving Pinocchios for that one. 没有, 但 — so you’re nowI guess everyone is talking about you. You’re going to be known as the stupid SOB guy. 我的意思是, before you were like the hair guy with the blonde hair, now you’renow you’re stupid SOB. Is this something you’re embracing, 彼得?

DOOCY: Do I have a choice?

沃特斯: 我不这么认为. 我的意思是, I think I think you just have to walk around for the rest of your career as the stupid SOB.

好场地: 没有, but it is something great that you were called a name by a president.

沃特斯: 是.

好场地: 我的意思是, that’s something that you couldthat will be in the history books. If you still have them.

佩里诺: 是. 我觉得, 彼得 — and Peter, you might already have like a book title, 对?

好场地: 是.

佩里诺: Or a chapter title at least. I do have a question. This happened last week with Jackie Heinrich, it happened again today. 喜欢, is there something going on at the White House whether it’s more press availabilities that you’re getting these hot mic moments or is there just a lot of pressure because of everything that’s going on? What do youdid you notice anything different?

DOOCY: 好, 你懂, the White House and Communications Officials here had been signaling last week when they had their first year in office anniversary that they were going to take a different approach with reporters. And we thought that that meantafter they did the two-hour press conference, 哦, 好, he’s just going to be available for Q&A more often. But maybe it’s more stuff like this.

佩里诺: It might be. 好 —

派罗: It’s good that you can smile.

DOOCY: 好, if I don’t smile, I’m just going to be a bowl of tears, and I can’t because I have to do a hit with Bret Baier in 10 分钟.

佩里诺: 好的, 彼得.

福特 JR。: 谢谢, 彼得.

DOOCY: 谢谢, 伙计们.

福特 JR。: We are all in his world now. The launch ofJESSE WATTERS PRIMETIMEis almost here. And Jesse has a special preview next.


好场地: 是. Brace yourselves, 美国. “JESSE WATTERS PRIMETIMEis about to melt your face and melt faces everywhere when it officially kicks off tonight at 7:00 下午. 东. We’re going to

沃特斯: Did you write that.

好场地: 没有, 我没有.

沃特斯: 好.

好场地: Though I started with Melvins, their new single just make you happy. I want to take around the table. 你是 — do you have any butterflies? Any butterflies?

沃特斯: No butterflies.

好场地: Does Jesse have butterflies?

沃特斯: 没有, 没有, 没有, 没有, 没有. 我们 —

佩里诺: Never in your life?

沃特斯: 没有, 没有, 没有. We smashed butterflies onPRIMETIME.We don’t do that. We love the environment.

佩里诺: 我同意.

好场地: 达娜, do you have a question for

佩里诺: 好, I’m justI’m very excited. I do wonder and I did hear from someone that loves you very much. And she was worried about who was going to hold your hand.

沃特斯: My mother?

佩里诺: 是.

佩里诺: 我说, I think he’s got it. I think you’reI think you’re very prepared to keep it

沃特斯: 好, you are on tonight’s show to give the show a review.

佩里诺: 是.

沃特斯: 所以, on the first night, you may be holding my hand.

佩里诺: 是. 所以, tweet me if you see anything you want me to bring up.

好场地: I think you’re pretty cocky thinking the show is going to last that long.

佩里诺: I’ll be there with Greg.

好场地: I’ll be — 是, I’ll be

沃特斯: 做得好.

好场地: 哈罗德, 你怎么看 — he’s gotyou know that Jesse has got some obvious glaring problems and he’s often in denial.

沃特斯: You can cover those up with makeup.

福特 JR。: What have you done especially to prepare for that? You’ve been on TV a lot

好场地: He didn’t last night.

福特 JR。: — weekends, this show. What have youis there anything different?

沃特斯: I didn’t drink on Saturday night. And I regretted it. I went to bed and I missed the end of the football game. 所以, that was a big mistake. 和不, I exercise, I tried to eat healthy, relatively healthy, so I think I’m mentally prepared or spiritually prepared, 然而, you want to look at.

福特 JR。: if you plan on doing this no drinking and eating healthy?

沃特斯: Eating healthy and exercising? I think I’m going to have to stick with that.

好场地: 法官, you got a question?

派罗: How many producers do you have?

沃特斯: 不够, never enough.

派罗: Never enough.

好场地: I think I believe we have a mobsomething that’s called in the production to TV world, a montage?

沃特斯: Is this the guessing thing again?

好场地: 我不知道. 它是什么? Throw the montage.

沃特斯: Don’t do the dancing thing.

好场地: I don’t know what it is.


EMMA WATTERS, WIFE OF JESSE: 你好, 杰西. We just wanted to say that we love you. We’re so proud of you. And we can’t wait to watch you on your new show. 我们爱你.

ELLIE WATERS, DAUGHTER OF JESSE: 你好, dad. 我们爱你. We’re so proud. Congratulations on your new show. Bye!

STEPHEN WATTERS, FATHER OF JESSE: 恭喜啦, 杰西. We’re just so proud of all your accomplishments. 事实上, it’s so wonderfully evident that you just love what you do every day.

ANNE WATTERS, MOTHER OF JESSE: Honeybun, we know you will continue with your intelligent, articulate, and humorous presentations. And if there’s a problem, I’ll text you.


佩里诺: And I have a little not to read out to me because Eliza, she couldn’t make it into the video.

沃特斯: Eliza doesn’t want to be on Fox at all.

沃特斯: 没有, I don’t think that was it, but here’s the note, 好. My dearest big Bruv, 好, you’ve been promoted to the main stage of our rambunctious democracy. I am sure you’ll do all you can to keep it rambunctious. Be sure to protect the other part toothat’s in italics in her noteor else I’ll disclosed to America, a trove of unredacted material from your last 40 年份. I love you and Godspeed. That’s from your sister Eliza.

沃特斯: 哦, 哇. Eliza is blackmailing me. I like that, being blackmailed by my own family.

佩里诺: 是, 你去吧.

沃特斯: It feels good. That was really nice. Thank you and I love you all.

好场地: 好, you’re going to do great I’m sure or reasonably well, maybe mediocre.

佩里诺: 哇. We’re going to see you tonight.

好场地: But I’ll be there. I’m going to be there on the show.

沃特斯: 是, 是.

好场地: 所以, 达娜 — 所以, we’ll be right back withONE MORE THING.


佩里诺: It’s time now forONE MORE THING.” 杰西.

沃特斯: 好的, special day on THE FIVE. One reason, the judge officially joining the table right after taking a week vacation

好场地: 是, weird, very weird.

沃特斯: — when they announced her

派罗: It wasn’t a full week.

沃特斯: It’s kind a weird thing to do when you start up a new job. I wouldn’t have done it.

好场地: I wouldn’t have approved it. I wouldn’t approve it.

沃特斯: 但, whatever she wants. 也, I have a new addition of Jesse’s yearbook news. 好的, so we’ve unearthed some photos that really put the junior in Harold Ford Jr.

好场地: Look at that.

沃特斯: As a senior graduating from Saint Albans High in D.C., star the track team.

佩里诺: 哦对了.

沃特斯: And he’s in government club too.

福特 JR。: 哇. I can’t believe you found these things.

沃特斯: Fun fact, Brit Hume very proud alumni there. Graduated 20 — I’m not going to say the year because they don’t want to make

好场地: You knew the blurry people. How did you know the blurry people?

沃特斯: — Brit look that old. But again, you look great. You haven’t aged a bit. And after THE FIVE, I’m going to do a Fox News Facebook Page where I’m going to be hosting in between shows show live.

佩里诺: He said he’s really excited about it.

沃特斯: I’m just become aware of this. And then you’re going to watchPRIMETIME” 在 7:00.

佩里诺: 好的, 好. 恭喜啦. We look forward to it. 格雷格.

好场地: 好的, my show tonight, it’s going to be great. I’m not going to say who’s on it because it’s going to be a surprise. But let’s do this. Greg’s heavy metal Emily in Paris. Let’s start it.

好的, Episode One Emily in Paris. Emily hung up after sleeping with Gabrielle, 对? Gabrielle was dating Emily’s friend. Where is the music? 打开它. Emily then goes to Saint-Tropeztalks about going to Saint- Tropez with bath MattMattie. But her friend is mad because she found out that Emily is actually cheating her friend Camille. Have you been following this?

佩里诺: 是, I watched it.

好场地: 所以, when Emily leaves for the weekend for Saint-Tropez with Matthew, Gabriel calls her and admits that he can’t stop thinking about her. 所以, Emily says she cares about him but that their meeting was a mistake.

佩里诺: 好.

沃特斯: What are you talking about?

派罗: 是.

沃特斯: What is this?

佩里诺: That’s Emily in Paris and he’s given it a little beat and it’s a heavy metal.

沃特斯: What’s Emily in Paris?

派罗: It’s a movie.

沃特斯: No one knows what that is.

派罗: Is it a movie or

好场地: I’m just going to shut up now.

福特 JR。: It’s a show.

沃特斯: You have towhen you make a reference on this network, 格雷格, they have to be references that people know about.

佩里诺: 我知道. Whatever.

派罗: 好.

佩里诺: 哈罗德, your turn.

福特 JR。: This great American woman Colette DeVito was born with Down Syndrome and has never let anything get in the way of her doing what she wants to do. When she struggled to find a job, she decided to turn her passion for baking into her own business. She launched Colette’s Cookies and has since made over $ 1.2 million and employs 15 人. And she sends us some cookies to try. 所以, Colette, thank you and best to you.

佩里诺: Thank you because we need something to eat around here.

派罗: Collette, they’re delicious. I already tried them.

好场地: She’s making me fat.

佩里诺: I have a quick thing. The supply chain crisis, 你懂, wreaked havoc on Christmas including for Harold’s gift. 看这个.


佩里诺: There’s a supply chain issue with your gift, Harold and these actually have our faces on the golf balls. We know you love golf. They will be coming.


佩里诺: 好的, 就是这样. It look gorgeous. They arrived.

福特 JR。: 我喜欢它.

佩里诺: 你去吧, 哈罗德. This is your gift.

福特 JR。: 谢谢. 谢谢.

派罗: 我的 “ONE MORE THING.” “CASTLESis now available on Fox Nation right now. We’ve got new season. Join me as I visit America’s most beautiful homes and historic castles. This season I visit the Elms in Newport, a mansion built in 1901, modeled after 18th-century French chateau. You also get to see the Eastman house in Rochester.

好场地: 哇.

派罗: The properties are breathtaking and the castles are majestic.

佩里诺: 好的. That is it for us. “特别报道” 接下来是. 嘿, 布雷特.

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