'The Five' on crime sprees in California, gas prices under Biden

杰西沃特斯, 福克斯新闻主持 (在相机上): 你好, 大家. I’m Jesse Watters along with Dagen McDowell, 杰西卡·塔洛夫, 达娜·佩里诺(Dana Perino), 和格雷格·古特菲尔德.

It’s five o’clock in New York City, and this is THE FIVE.

It is a coast-to-coast crime wave brought to you by Democrats weak and completely irresponsible crime policies. Smash and grab game striking yet again in California this time knocking off a jewelry store. And as for the thieves who have been busted for storming other places, 好, the LAPD announcing 14 suspects have been set free. The police chief blasting no bail policies.


MICHEL MOORE, POLICE CHIEF, LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT: All of the suspects taken into custody are out of custody. Be there as a result of one juvenile. Or the others as a result of bailing out, or no bail, zero bail criteria.

The risk of COVID to those that are in custody the court system installed the zero-bail system as a mean of safeguard, but as we evolve through this, there’s criminal elements ofthe criminal elements that are recognizing that condition and are capitalizing on it.


沃特斯 (在相机上): In New York City a suspected gang member with a long rap sheet going on a stabbing spree. Knifing a Columbia student who bled to death and then wounding a tourist. The Bank of America telling its employees to dress down to avoid getting targeted on the street while the city gets rocked by a crime wave.

所以, what does the White House plan to do about all of this? Jen Psaki trying to clean up her boneheaded comments yesterday, blaming the crime on COVID. 看.


仁帕斯基, 白宫新闻秘书: I think a root cause in a lot of communities is the pandemic. 是.

What I should have added yesterday but I learned afterwards is that the Justice Department and the FBI and the federal law enforcement have been in touch, in contact with jurisdictions where we have seen this high level of retail theft.

On top of that the Department of Justice announced last week that San Francisco where a number of high-profile retail thefts have happened, will get money to high 50 more police officers through the cops’ 程序.


沃特斯 (在相机上): 我不知道. Is that going to cut it?

达娜·佩里诺, FOX NEWS CO-HOST: 好, the thing is, 加 50 警务人员, 精细. That might be a great for a day but then if the career criminals get back on the street the day after they are arrested and are just let go because of the policies, then it doesn’t make much sense.

And I think that it wouldthe White House I think would be in a position to be able to say what’s happening at the local level is wrong but they won’t, because all of it goes back to all the big funders from the beginning.

沃特斯: 是.

佩里诺: 而且你知道, Michael Bloomberg also was a part of this and trying to get more progressive district attorneys in thisin the country that has happened and apparently has work. I think the White House ought to ban a phraseroot causes.

沃特斯: 是.

佩里诺: They have so many root cause issues that they are not actually addressing that is because


沃特斯: They are the root cause.

佩里诺: And the thing like they have jobs numbers today and it’s almost like the career criminals, their jobs are like secure. Because you are not ever going to get put in jail and made to stay there.

If I were at the White House, I would definitely say we should change this up immediately, 一, on the merits that’s necessary because of what’s happening. But two, because Jessica has made some great points this week about you can’t tell people that what they are seeing with their own eyes isn’t happening.

Because that’s the surest way to make sure that you are going to fail in elections and then you can’t get any of your policies done.

沃特斯: Do you have more great points?

杰西卡·塔洛夫, 福克斯新闻撰稿人: 我认同. You may not think so but I think Dana will.

沃特斯: Well said.

塔洛夫: There are three key players that I see here. 所以, the police chiefs, the D.A.’s, and the mayors. And you are hearing more out of the police chiefs and the mayors about this problem. Eric Adams went down to the Biden White House for a meeting that was all police chiefs and mayors. He is taking a very tough on crime stance. We’ll see what happens when he gets inaugurated. But that was obviously part of his platform for winning.

所以, if we get them in sync and that means that those two groups, the police chiefs and the mayors going to the D.A.’s and saying in practice this is not working. I understand where all progressives here. Because most of the mayors are also progressive like the D.A.’s. But this is what’s happening on the streets.

And if we don’t get all on the same page, funding is going to be cut, we’re also going to losecontinue to lose tax dollars because people are going to move out of the cities. They are not going to become empty.

所以, bringing back together which is something that Bloomberg worked on really hard when he created this mayoral task force, there was a nationwide project, and was actually quite effective is something that I think is going to underpin a change here. And then the White House will be able to speak more cogently about what they are doing to try to help.

沃特斯: But don’t you also have to kick down doors at the city council level? Because it was the radical city council members that put all these policies in place.

戴麦德威尔, FOX NEWS BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: You brought in my note.

沃特斯: 对不起.

麦克多威尔: 没有, 没有, I was thinking that when Jessica was saying that. This actually is a statewide level.

沃特斯: 是.

麦克多威尔: Because in New York the bail reform

佩里诺: 是.

麦克多威尔: — was at the state level, also something here in New York, discovery reform which led to fewer witnesses going forward because

沃特斯: What’s that.

麦克多威尔: — the defense teams were basically given the personal information of witnesses. 所以, it discouraged witnesses from coming forward.

沃特斯: 太疯狂了.

麦克多威尔: The city council here in New York City also passed a few years ago, like three years ago, the Right to Know Act which forces the cops to inform suspects that, you can tell us not to search you.

It putsit puts the cops and the role of being legal counsel

佩里诺: 是.

麦克多威尔: — to criminals. 所以, there are myriad problems. It will take years to be undone. If they can be undone at all. But I’ll tell you one thing that would help, if Bank of America, they’re telling their employees quietly up, maybe don’t wear your wedding ring or your engagement ring to work. They’re essentially telling their employees you’re in danger if you come to work here. Why not


佩里诺: 是, why not just work from home?

麦克多威尔: Why not move your damn jobs to somewhere that’s more hospitable. You start moving your tax base out of New York City, the building is right down the street, you know who’s going to snub and take notice? It’s the city council and it’s the state government. That’s what they ought to do.

佩里诺: Good point.

麦克多威尔: They are already in Charlotte. Move them on out. No one wants to live there anyway. It’s a hell hole.

沃特斯: Gutfeld doesn’t have to worry about looking too nice when he leaves the building.

格雷格·古德费尔德, FOX NEWS CO-HOST: What is that supposed to mean?

沃特斯: You look at yourself

好场地: What’s wrong?

沃特斯: You don’t look like you are flossed out, 古特费尔德. 看, you’ve got a black sweater.

好场地: Where is this going?

沃特斯: 你懂 —

好场地: Does anybody know?

沃特斯: No one knows.

好场地: You shouldn’t just let him go.

沃特斯: I love that.

好场地: 你懂, the root cause of crime is progressivism. It is the misunderstanding of incentives. They are incentivizing crime by with no bail and all of these measures. That’s why you have the criminals.

We are allowing the media, the White House to redefine crime is like a weather pattern. 喜欢, 你懂, you go out there, be sure to bundle up. Dress like a hobo. 正确的? Because there’s a 70 percent chance of smash and grab. Thirty percent chance of felonious assault. 所以, it’s up to you and it’s out of your hands.

I am soI feel so hopeless about this because it’s been going on for quite a while. I am thinking about joining the dark side. Why bother being a law-abiding citizen and pay all these taxes and go shopping when you can just smash and grab? 我的意思是, why am I going to Amazon online when I live around the corner from the store? I could just totally smash them windows. take somejust join.

If you can’t beat them, join them. There should be an app for solitary people like me who can meet up with other solitary looters. Because that’s my problem. 我不知道, like I don’t have a lot of friends. I don’t have a mob that can like come with me while I go trash other people’s private property.

So maybe we could dowe could do an app for that. The bottom line is we have redefined law and order as systemically racist so anytime you enforce the law, you’re going to be called a racist. Which is the most effective method for undermining society. We are watching society implode.

I feel absolutely hopeless. That kid. That Columbia kid was murdered, was murdered by a guy that’s been in and out of jail. 我的意思是, maybe his parents have some influence. Maybe with the home invasion in Beverly Hills, will that wake-up people? 你懂, a music legend murdered, 对? While her husband was sleeping or her husband was sleeping. She was murdered. 为什么 — 如何 — doesn’t this wake Pelosi up? Don’t some of these people travel in the same circles?

沃特斯: 好, 我的意思是, it shouldn’t have to happen that way. 这才是重点.

好场地: 是. But you know what, not until hell comes to their house

沃特斯: 正确的.

好场地: — will they wake up.

沃特斯: 好, it’s coming pretty close.

好场地: 是.

沃特斯: Straight ahead, Democrats getting roasted for a ridiculous attempt to brag about the Biden economy.


麦克多威尔 (在相机上): Democrats getting ridiculed for their pathetic attempt at trying to give President Biden a pat on the back despite soaring gas prices. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee proudly tweeting out this cherry-picked chart showing gas prices dropping by $ 0.02 over two weeks.

Even The Washington Post thinks it’s lame, saying it might be the worst defense of the Biden administration yet. What jackass thought this was a good idea and should said jackass be fired?

佩里诺: 好, I think I shouldwe should refer to Jessica to make the one great point about how this all started. 所以, I don’t take it.


塔洛夫: As though as the jackass?

佩里诺: 没有. Because I don’t want to


塔洛夫: 没有. 没有, she already talked about it on America’s Newsroom but what is funny about this is it was a joke from (Inaudible). He’s a super lefty and hasI very much enjoy his Substack, 我会说. And he did it as a joke. The DCCC took it seriously, it’s been retweeted by Ron Klain. It’s really bad y- axis.

佩里诺: 是.

塔洛夫: 喜欢, it’s insane.

好场地: More like why not access.

佩里诺: 是, why not.

塔洛夫: So that’s a nice little distraction to the whole thing. There were some good things. 的 4.2 percent unemployment rate is good. I imagine that the job numbers will be revised like it has been for the past few months because (Inaudible) just doesn’t sink up with it. I think we are at an average of 588 a month during the Biden administration which is good. I know we’re coming out of a pandemic. But that is the origin of the chart.


佩里诺: The thing is the administration has these allies like the DCCC. That’s basically the campaign arm that tries to get Democrats elected to the House of Representatives. 而且你知道, maybe somebody thought it was cute. 没有质量控制, 任何.

And it seems harmless, 对, but it absolutely undermines all the credibility. Everyone from The Washington Post on down basically said this is so embarrassing. You should never be allowed to do this again.

麦克多威尔: Now almost as embarrassing as the White House talking about the July 4th your barbecue is going to $ 0.16 cheaper than it was a year ago.

佩里诺: 是.

麦克多威尔: 所以, 格雷格, they don’t know what to do.

好场地: 看到, I actually appreciate this kind of thing because it’s a great lesson in data manipulation. We are living inwe’re drowning in data and almost all of it is B.S. Because it’s when the data comes out, it ends up being manipulated in a way that it can’t be trusted.

所以, you see what this chart did, is that it zeroed in on the smallest increase and created a line that appears to be dramatic when in fact it’s just a tiny little thing. 例如, let’s say you hear about a study that says if you take the conclusion from the study is if you take this pill, it will cut the rate of illness in half. 正确的?

But then you read up. And it was like, it went from two people in 10,000 to one person in 10,000. So cut in half but it’s essentially meaningless. That’s how you deal with data. And youthe best thing you can do when you take statistics courses, learn how to read stuff, take an economics class

佩里诺: 是.

好场地: — if you’re young because then you’ll be able to laugh at this stuff and not get taken.

沃特斯: 好, they did this with the coronavirus.

好场地: 是.

沃特斯: Cases exploding 20 百分!

好场地: 是.

沃特斯: Cases went from four to six.

好场地: 是, 究竟.

沃特斯: 类似的东西.

好场地: 确切地.

沃特斯: I don’t know if the Democrats are dumb or they think the American people are dumb. If the Democrats are dumb, that makes sense to me, 对? That would explain their dumb policies. 我明白了.

But if they think the American people are so dumb that they are going to see this and go, 乔, 谢谢. I’m so grateful, then that really pisses me off because it shows a lot of contempt for the voters.

They’re just not even going to look at the fine print. Or they are just going to scan through and see this and just be deceived. There is a difference between spin which a lot of people do, and deception. And I know that difference because occasionally I will spin.

好场地: You do.

沃特斯: Occasionally.

塔洛夫: But never to say


好场地: 你知道吗, 虽然? It’s kind of like people get taken by this kind of data game, or the same people that fall for like fad diets. 喜欢 70 百分. Like people that are into drinking raw milk. 正确的?

沃特斯: 好, if you do your research, you might realize that raw milk could be healthy

好场地: 好的.

沃特斯: — to some people. Let me continue. The way that they’ve deceived people here.


麦克多威尔: You and your left-wing progressive diet that you’re peddling.

沃特斯: This is what this is like what they did. This is the scam. This is like when some 50-year-old woman with obvious plastic surgery tells you she’s 25 and she has never been under the knife. 好的. That is taking someone for a fool. It’s clear she’s been under the knife. It’s clear she’s not 20 岁.

That’s what that chart is. 好的? The other thing is, 太, so when the price of oil and gasoline was going up a $ 1.50 in the first what, nine months of the Biden administration, Biden said he couldn’t control energy prices. So then in two weeks it goes down $ 0.02 and he goes, that was me, 伙计们.

佩里诺: 是, 究竟.

沃特斯: 所以, 我的意思是, can you control it or not?

好场地: 并且, what is so idiotic about bragging about the decline in gas prices is it’s related to supply. 所以, if you’re in favor of increasing the supply of oil, then you should be in favor of pumping as much as this nation possibly can.

沃特斯: 是.

麦克多威尔: That’s what doesn’t makes sense.

佩里诺: 你是对的. That’s why they’re basically, it’s like they cannibalize their own policy.

麦克多威尔: 是.

佩里诺: Because they were like, we want to have high gas prices because then you want to buy electric vehicles, but electricity is also expensive. 好. 所以, now we want OPEC to pump more so that we can have lower gas prices. And it’s like a vicious cycle.

好场地: Cannibalization, now there’s a


沃特斯: 我的意思是, they are very thin.

好场地: You don’t see a fat cannibal at all.

塔洛夫: I was just going to say to Greg’s point, I think it’s great now that people actually in polls look at the cross tabs and they see what group has been over sampled and make their own conclusions. 现在我们有了 —


佩里诺: You’re speaking as language.

沃特斯: This is how I know you guys rigged all those polls, because I looked at the cross tabs. And you oversample Democrats like 15 百分点.

塔洛夫: 好, 我们赢了.

沃特斯: 没有, but remember the poll in Wisconsin? Trump was going to lose by 17 点数. 来吧. ABC/Washington Post I don’t forget.


佩里诺: How about Ciattarelli in New Jersey?

沃特斯: 另一个 —

佩里诺: 是.

沃特斯: — poll rigging extravaganza.

麦克多威尔: 是. And if a 50-year-old is getting a face-lift, she’s really 70, 所以. And she’s never going to tell you she looks 25. Because she won’t. She would look like she has a face-lift.

下一个. 我不 — I’m not speaking from my experience. No remorse you won’t believe who Alec Baldwin is blaming for that tragic movie set accident.


佩里诺: Alec Baldwin not taking any responsibility for the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins after accidentally shooting her on a movie set. Baldwin continues to insist he didn’t even pull the trigger and is even pinning blame on the victim.


ALEC BALDWIN, 演员: Everything is in her direction. She is guiding me through how she wants me to hold the gun for this angle.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, CHIEF ANCHOR, ABC NEWS: But there some say you’re never supposed to point a gun at anyone on a set no matter what.

BALDWIN: Well unless the person is the cinematographer who is directing me where to point the gun for her camera angle. I cock the gun and go, can see that, can you see that, can you see that? And I was like I let go of the hammer of the gun and the gun goes off.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you feel guilty?

BALDWIN: 没有. 没有. I feel that there isI feel thatthat someone is responsible for what happened, and I can’t say who that is but I know it’s not me.


佩里诺 (在相机上): I hated everything about that interview, 天. And one of the things I really disliked about it is that, 你懂, I’ll just speak for myself, but I felt very empathetic towards him and defended him and thought well, this is so terrible. And then to watch him a month later basically disassemble everything that we witnessed with our own eyes and that we knew and trying to convince us that he has nothing to do with it is pitiful.

麦克多威尔: He tried to act like the victim.

佩里诺: 是.

麦克多威尔: Alec Baldwin is not the victim. And he clearly didn’t do that interview to make Halyna Hutchinsfamily feel better. He did it to burnish his reputation and put a shine on his image and maybe get ahead of the future legal wrangling over her death.

I didn’t think he could possibly come across like a bigger narcissist or a bigger egomaniacal monster. The man who called his daughter a pig when she was young on a voice mail message. The rage machine. But somehow, 他做到了.

But Hollywood is watching this. Reading the comments on social media about is very telling.

佩里诺: 是.

麦克多威尔: He is a festering boil on the neck of Hollywood and he will be lanced at some point figuratively in the very near future. 老实说, I ask a career (Inaudible) of this.

佩里诺: He indicated that, 杰西卡, he basically said well, maybe my career is over. 但你知道, at the same time blaming the cinematographer who was the very woman who got shot and died.

塔洛夫: And at the same time said that when she sawwhen he saw her husband that they embraced and talked out how they are both going through something. He made sure to say what you’re going through is worse. 是, 是.

佩里诺: 是.

塔洛夫: You lost your wife and your son has no childhas no mother anymore. I found it all very strange. We talked yesterday about doing this as a dramatic interview was a mistake. Because it undoes any of the emotions that we thought that he was having after the event.

你懂, he just put out a very short Twitter statement a couple of days latest that just said absolutely in shock, destroyed over this. And he is clearly courting public opinion now because he said in the interview that he’s been assured that he’s not going to be charged with anything.

No one is going to like that interview. I doubt if he watched it back, he would even like that interview. And I don’t know if he just got ahead ofahead of his skisout over his skis, —

佩里诺: 是.

塔洛夫: — whatever the saying is and just went with it because he was feeling powerful at that moment because he is back on TV and he was being interviewed by someone powerful. But it does not read well.

佩里诺: 所以, I don’t know about that, that nobody will like the interview. I was listening to NPR this morning, 杰西, before I came to work.

沃特斯: Were you, 达娜?

佩里诺: And it was 5.45 in the morning looking at my watch to check. And there’s a reporter telling his audience what happened on the interview and at the end he tells the host, I believe this was a master class in how to answer a lot of questions, to protect yourself, to advance a story. It was basically like saying what a great job Alec Baldwin did.

沃特斯: I’m getting texts from family members not my mother, conservative family members who think that Alec was the real deal, he was genuinely upset.

佩里诺: 哇.

沃特斯: And I don’t see it that way. I see him acting as a lawyer instead of a human being. He probably should have just cried for an hour and said I’m sorry for an hour instead of getting up there like he was testifying under cross.

It made no sense a few times when he said, 好, I never checked the gun to see if it’s hot, and then he says he stays up at night because he can’t sleep because he is always thinking about what he could have done differently. 好, he could have checked the gun. Because that’s what Clooney said.

Clooney came out and said we always check the gun to see if it’s hot. And Stephanopoulos hit him with the Clooney line and go, good for him. Good for him. That was not the right thing to say.

佩里诺: Gross.

沃特斯: And then to say he acted like he never heard anything was going on the set, people were walking off because there was an accidental discharge.

佩里诺: 是.

沃特斯: People were walking off because of bad conditions.

佩里诺: Can I show that? 所以, we have this part of the interview. This is a quite unbelievable what he said happened immediately afterwards.


BALDWIN: She goes down. I thought to myself, did she faint? The notion that there was a live round in that gun did not dawn on me till probably 45 minutes to an hour later.


佩里诺: I mean that’s obviously checkable.

好场地: 是. 但是也 — 我的意思是, 是 — as we’re listening to this, we’re going like, what the hellwho made the decision about the music

佩里诺: 是.

好场地: — as if that music is necessary to tell this story. And it tells you the obvious thing that this isn’t journalism, it’s choreography.

沃特斯: 是.

好场地: It’s been a month, 对, 30 天. That’s not journalism. He camethis has been fabricated or manufactured with the help of ABC and George Stephanopoulos. The music, the tension, everything there is designed to help him out.

The argument itself, if it actually — 你懂, it takes hold in the public consciousness, how many people are going to use this? 喜欢, the gun went off, the gun went off, the gun went off. And everybody knows that’s impossible. It’s impossible.

This could have been — 你懂, I hate to use the phrase, a teachable moment on gun safety. 代替, it’s like completely the opposite. 这就像 — 就好像是, I just pointI didn’t pointI pointed the gun and it just went off. It’s just like, this isn’t possible. It’s impossible, but that’s Baldwin’s defense.

And if it actually becomes commonplace, then you’re going toyou will see more and more and more. 再次, I go back toI’ve said this a million times. If they hadn’t demonized the NRA, the NRA could have been on these sets. You can’t — 我的意思是, you could have benefited from the instruction and the supervision. But instead, you demonized a group that probably could have saved that person’s life. But instead, it’s just more important to be politically correct than it is to be safe.

沃特斯: Good point.

佩里诺: You’re right aboutwe’ll see if anybody comes up with the Alec Baldwin defense.

好场地: 是.

佩里诺: It will be

麦克多威尔: Can I add though to your point? Maureen Callahan in the New York Post today, she was interviewing a gun safety expert from the movies and said why didn’tand raise the issue, why didn’t George Stephanopoulos just simply ask him if you had to put that gun to your head, would you have checked it?

沃特斯: 哦, that’s a good question.

好场地: 是.

佩里诺: 哦, great question.

麦克多威尔: But againbut this was ait was a layup. And it wasit was a show just like his wife and thehis fake Spanish wife, 希拉里亚, and the show they put on in Vermont after well, he killed the DP on his film.

佩里诺: 好的, 接下来, the Jussie Smollett trial getting very close to a verdict after new damning evidence against the actor. We’ll be right back.


塔洛夫: A verdict in the Jussie Smollett fake hate crime trial could come as soon as Monday. The prosecution resting its case but not before revealing more damning evidence against the actor. The state star witness, the Osundairo brothers testifying Smollette wanted the staged attack to be captured on video so that the media would amplify the alleged hate crime.

And a Chicago Police Officer saying on the stand that Smollett was upset when he was told that the incident was not captured by a nearby camera. The defense cross-examined the brothers and tried to paint them as homophobic and fame-hungry.

好, 是, a lot of whoa. 格雷格, so the defense had to say something.

好场地: 是.

沃特斯: 那是个很好的观点.

塔洛夫: 所以, they went with this and also asked for a mistrial.

好场地: 是, 哭了.

塔洛夫: And there was some crying.

好场地: There was some crying. How awful is this guy that he’s actually repeating the same hoax on two other people? 所以, 记住, this whole thing started branding imaginary white people as racist attacking him late at night. That fell apart. 所以, 现在, he’s using the same kind of strategy on these two Nigerians. 现在, he’s saying that this is actually kind of a hate crime, a homophobic crime that they’re exacting on him.

And he’s doing — 我的意思是, he’s likehe’s like, I’m going to tryit didn’t work the first time, I’m going to do it again. If you believe this – – if you believe this guy, you’re a scum. 我的意思是, you’re justbottom line you’re scum because heI have sympathy for the Nigerian brothers because I just have this feeling that they didn’t know what they got into.

佩里诺: 正确的.

好场地: They’re just like — 你懂, they’re not from this country, they want to getthey want to be, 你懂, friends with this powerful actor. They do anything he said. 现在, he’s just likehe’s just doinghe’s a psychopath.

佩里诺: 是.

好场地: He’s a sociopath. He doesn’t care who he hurts.

佩里诺: He’ll destroy anybody.

好场地: 是.

塔洛夫: 所以, he’s gone as far as to say or his attorneys have that they were doing this because they got rejected for personal security jobs which they said no. And there’s text messages for everything.

好场地: 是, and the dry run.

佩里诺: 也 — and I mean, 一世 — the other thing that the defense did is that they started attacking the judge.

塔洛夫: 正确的.

佩里诺: Saying that the judge was giving them dirty looks and

塔洛夫: Bad face.

佩里诺: 是. And that that was going to taint the jury. I feel so sorry for this jury. Imagine having — 首先, you have to disrupt your whole life to serve as a public servant. You got to go in there and you have to sit there with a straight face and actually try to believe this or at least listen to it.

Imagine when they go into the jury room for deliberations. 喜欢, do you think that they’ll just sit there and go, how long do we wait? How long do we have to sit in here before we can just go in there and say obviously, this is nonsense. I feel sorry for them.

塔洛夫: 它的 — it should be short definitely. I think by Tuesday there

佩里诺: And then the Osundairo brothers should sue Smollett’s lawyer for slander.

塔洛夫: That seems like it could happen, a feasible route after all of this. 所以, looping this back to what we were talking about in your block to lead off the show, 3000 hours of police work went into this. What are the repercussions of that when we have these larger discussions about what’s going on in terms of being understaffed places and how can we do better?

沃特斯: 是, you don’t stage a fake hate crime hoax in the murder capital of the United States.

塔洛夫: 好, I think you do.

沃特斯: They have a lot of other things to do besides chase down this stupid guy. 我的意思是, they say he’s not going to spend any time if convicted. He should, 虽然. And I hope the judge who I hear as a straight-shooting judge does give him a little jail time.

The judge’s wife is a Trump supporter, she’s a Trump donor, so you know this guy’s a good guy. 和 —

好场地: Nicely done.

沃特斯: There is another thing too. Oprah tried to get added jury duty with this judge and the judge says no. Just because you’re Oprah, doesn’t mean you get to skip jury duties.

好场地: 好, I like this judge.

沃特斯: 是, I like this judge already. 所以, when I started joining Greg and our life of crime together, there are a lot of lessons to be learned here. You don’t stage a dry run for a crime at the scene of the crime.

好场地: 正确的.

沃特斯: You don’t bribe somebody with a check. You don’t accuse someone of being a homophobe when there’s pictures of them marching in a gay pride parade, 对? You don’t say you got beat up by two bodybuilders and then only show a scratch on your arm to the police, 对?

There’s so many things you don’t do, but he did all of them. He did all of them. He actually put three hate crimes into one. He got the bleach, he got the noose, he got the assault. Pick one.

好场地: 我想要 —

沃特斯: He could havehe could have just had one.

好场地: I want to see Stephanopoulos do that interview with the music, 你懂.

沃特斯: Some people said.

好场地: I’m sure they’re friends.

沃特斯: 是.

塔洛夫: But they did. They had the doctor who examined him on the stand who said yes, he was punched and kicked but he came in with like, light abrasions.

沃特斯: 是.

好场地: 是. Beat him up but don’t beat him up — 其实, don’t beat him up but rub him up.

塔洛夫: Not the face.

好场地: 是, not the face.

沃特斯: Not the face.

佩里诺: 没有, not the face.

沃特斯: That’s what I tell the twins, not to face.

麦克多威尔: And to add to your list, if you’re going to enter a life of crime, don’t announce it to the world before you do it.

沃特斯: 正确的.

麦克多威尔: 这个 — the general rule is don’t lie to law enforcement, don’t lie to cops. 他们讨厌. You have them chasing your tail, they’ll come for you. They’re going to get you back. You lie to federal investigators, that’s itself is a crime. Why’d they go after Martha Stewart? She wound up in the clink for a (听不见) for like five months just for lying.

But they willthey will punish you and they will come for you. It is just that simple. 真不幸 — I would have loved to have been on this jury because mostlymost of the time it’s so dry. This is an episode of Law and Order.

佩里诺: 是, that’s fair.

好场地: It’s not well-written.

沃特斯: 是.

麦克多威尔: 确切地. And too bad it isn’twasn’t broadcast so Jussie Smollett could have one last starring role.

沃特斯: That’s true.

好场地: He can play himself.

麦克多威尔: 确切地. 而已.

塔洛夫: 好的, “FAN MAIL FRIDAY” 接下来是.

好场地: Hurray.


好场地: 好的, “FAN MAIL FRIDAY.Let’s get to it. What childish thingthis is from Larkwhat childish thing do you still do as an adult? That’s a pretty good question. Let’s start with you, 达娜.

佩里诺: 好, I’m thinking I was like — 我不知道. 你懂, remember Smarties?

好场地: 是.

佩里诺: I had three of those today.

沃特斯: 哦, 三.

佩里诺: I took them from my assistant’s desk.

好场地: Three little Smarties or three packages.

佩里诺: Packages.

好场地: 哇. That’s a lot. You’re going to be hanging on the ceiling like Lionel Richie. Was that Dancing on the Ceiling? 杰西, you dance in the ceiling.

沃特斯: Go to someone else. I want to thinkI know there’s something.

好场地: 哦, you can’t do itthis isn’t password. You can’tyou’re not (听不见).

沃特斯: Childish?

塔洛夫: I’m happy to bail you out, 杰西, since you don’t have a good answer.

好场地: What is yours?

沃特斯: Don’t rub it in.

塔洛夫: 哦, I don’t know if my answer is good. 但你知道, how when you’re young you have favorite things that you just wear every single day and you demand that you get to. I still go throughnot just because of my increased size, 但 — and I only have like five things that fit me right now, but I do that.

好场地: 是.

塔洛夫: 我很像, this is the week of polka dot T-shirt.

佩里诺: What’s the thing?

塔洛夫: It can be anything.

好场地: 是, 究竟.

塔洛夫: But it happens all the time.

佩里诺: 好.

好场地: 天?

麦克多威尔: Garanimals. Armpit poops.

好场地: Ooh, that’s fun.

麦克多威尔: I can’t really do it with a suit jacket on but I did that for a friend of mine the other day to make them laugh. I’m really good at it.

好场地: I hear that

麦克多威尔: I can even do songs.

好场地: I hear that’s the number one strategy to get onSPECIAL REPORT.It is to make fart noises with your armpit. 好的, 杰西, we’ve waited long enough.

沃特斯: 我不知道. I can’t think of anything. But the only thing that comes close, I eat the peanut butter out ofI eat peanut butter with a spoon out of the tub.

塔洛夫: 哦, 是.

好场地: 那很有意思.

沃特斯: Is thatis that childish?

好场地: 没有, but I’ll tellyou know what’s childish? 我是 57 and I bite my nails to the freaking bones.

沃特斯: 是, 这是正确的. You shouldn’t do that.

好场地: 我的天啊. Look at this. Look at the hangnails I got. 是, and I got a wart. I got a wart that I just keep like scratching at.

沃特斯: You’ve had that for a while.

好场地: I’ve had that for a while. I think it actually has its own brain and it’s telling me things. 好的, what’s the next question? 哦, I love this one Bobfrom Bob Harvey. What is your home town famous for? 杰西?

沃特斯: 好, the city of Brotherly Love, but that’s not what we’re famous for.

好场地: 没有.

沃特斯: It’s mostly just for like real kind of like horrible fans and like roughnecks people.

好场地: 是.

佩里诺: What about the sandwiches?

沃特斯: The hoagies and cheesesteaks for sure.

好场地: 是, 是.

沃特斯: But just really bad fans.

好场地: 是, 这是真的. You got Philly soul. 嘿, Hall and Oates, aren’t they from Philadelphia?

佩里诺: What aboutwhat about the liberty bell?

好场地: That’s cracked.

沃特斯: 好, I don’t thinkthat’s cracked. Send it back.

好场地: Send it back. 服务员, this bell is cracked. 天?

麦克多威尔: Patrick Henry’s last home and burial place is in my hometown. Red Hill, please visit it. And Charles Haley who is a member of the football hall of fame who won five Super Bowls, grew up right near

好场地: 49人, 49人.

麦克多威尔: And the Cowboys, and the Cowboys.

沃特斯: Cowboys too.

好场地: 是, but he was a 49er first.

麦克多威尔: Correct. 是, he was a 40 — 是, 正确, GG.

好场地: 谢谢. 是. I know my 49ers. 杰西卡, did I go to you yet.

塔洛夫: 没有.

好场地: 好.

塔洛夫: Bagels and pizza.

好场地: 啊, 纽约市.

塔洛夫: 是, those are good ones.

好场地: 是. I’m glad you didn’t use the nationalities like you did in the rehearsal. 达娜.

佩里诺: In Denver, Colorado the Unsinkable Molly Brown lived there.

好场地: 真? Who is she?

沃特斯: 等待, that’s what Denver is known for?

佩里诺: 好, 我的意思是, I’m just trying to think of something interesting. 明显, the Broncos

沃特斯: The altitude.

佩里诺: And skiing.

好场地: My hometown

沃特斯: The beer.

好场地: My hometown

佩里诺: The beer?

沃特斯: Rocky mountains.

好场地: — is known for me, 我. San Mateo, I am the best thing to ever come out of San Mateo. Sure there was Barry Bostwick who was in Rocky Horror.

麦克多威尔: 是.

好场地: But I’m bigger than that. 汤姆·布雷迪, San Mateo, bigger.

塔洛夫: 哇.

好场地: Bigger. There’s some otherwho are famous peopleI think Bruce Springsteen lived in San Mateo.

佩里诺: What about thewhat about the cheater?

好场地: 哦, 巴里·邦德. 是, 巴里·邦德. You sit on my Spanish class.

佩里诺: Bigger.

好场地: Bigger, although his head is huge for some reason.

沃特斯: So is yours.

好场地: 是, 矿. What would be the hardest thing to give up? Oh should I stop? 没有? 好, 很快. Hardest thing to give up.

佩里诺: Dogs.

好场地: Dogs? 杰西?

沃特斯: Chocolate.

塔洛夫: Candy.

麦克多威尔: Men.


好场地: You just took my answer. I’m going to say, 慈善机构.

佩里诺: 是, 好.

好场地: She’s a stripper downtown.

沃特斯: 嘿.

好场地: “还有一件事” 接下来是.


沃特斯: It’s time now forONE MORE THING.We found the woman with the biggest lips in the world.

好场地: 哦, geez.

佩里诺: 哦, boy.

沃特斯: Check this girl out Andrea Ivanova. 她是 24. She’s hoping to make her lips even bigger with her 27th injection for this Christmas.

好场地: Why are we doing this?

沃特斯: No supply chain issue there.

好场地: Geez.

沃特斯: We support Andrea though?

好场地: 没有, we don’t.

沃特斯: Speaking of support, support me on Tucker tonight. I’m hosting at 8:00 东, so watch that. 也, 支持 “沃特斯’ WORLD” 星期六, 8:00 东. We have Don Jr. Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, soon-to-be Speaker McCarthy, Dana Loesch, and Raymond Arroyo. It’s what we call a loaded show, right Greg?

好场地: And you’re going to be loaded. 你懂, my show tonight is amazing. You know who’s on? This lady, 达娜·佩里诺(Dana Perino). Alan West, he’s running for Texas governor. Vivek is on. I’m not going to ruin his last name. Adam Carolla is on, 凯特·蒂姆普. It’s great. You got to watch it, 11:00 下午. 现在, let’s do this.

你懂, I was in New Jersey the other day and I couldn’t believe it. I look out and what’s coming up the street. I see John Kerry just drivingriding a little bicycle, heading up the street.

沃特斯: It’s a tree.

好场地: There he is. There he is. He’s incredible. I didn’t know that he could actually ride a bike. He’s so stiff. But there he is John Kerry, our climate czar on his way probably to, 你懂, get some carbon offsets. 反正 —

沃特斯: 好, he shouldn’t be riding a bike. The last time he rode a bike, he fell off and broke his leg.

佩里诺: Broke his leg. 好, 手臂, 对?

好场地: That is true. 你知道吗?

沃特斯: Something.

好场地: 神速.

沃特斯: 神速.

塔洛夫: It took me awhile. I almost said, you guys, I can’t really make out.

好场地: I wanted you to believe it. 天.

麦克多威尔: More Christmas spirit and a great gift idea. Shawn and Rachel Duffy’s book highlighting all — 格雷格, don’t roll your eyes. 哦, 天哪. All American Christmas has been on the New York Times bestseller list for two straight weeks. It’s a number one Christmas book this year, great stories from the fox family.

More Christmas spirit, Fox Nation All-American tree lighting this weekend, although it seems to be lit already. 史蒂夫·杜西, 安斯利·厄哈特(Ainsley Earhardt), and Brian Kilmeade light the tree. We highlight Fox Nation specials for Christmas that are coming up. 它的 — I say we, I’m not there. 喜欢, I got canceled on Jesse and I didn’t get invited to the tree lighting.

好场地: 看到?

麦克多威尔: That’s Sunday — 是.

好场地: There’s no such thing as Fox family.

麦克多威尔: 是, 我不是 — I’m just

好场地: Whenever a company says you’re part of the family, that means they’re going to pay you less.

麦克多威尔: 是, I get jettisoned because I’m the family member who does the armpit poops at dinner. 10:00 下午. 星期日.

好场地: 是. I don’t want to be in a family. Just give me more money. That’s my slogan.

沃特斯: That’s a good slogan.

佩里诺: Great slogan.

沃特斯: 达娜.

佩里诺: I just want to show you something that I thought was so cute. This is Stan. And he is an amazing young dog. This is my assistant, Caroline Sherwood. This is her puppy. They live in North Carolina. And he just did not want to go. 进而, 桑德拉, the mom, she’s just trying so hard to get him to go. But if you have a big dog like that that doesn’t want to go, you’re not going anywhere very fast. 所以, good for Stan.

沃特斯: 太棒了. It’s fun to jump in a leaf pile, 对?

好场地: It sure is, 杰西.

塔洛夫: I do it all the time.

好场地: It sure is.

沃特斯: Isn’t that nice?

好场地: 是, it is nice.

沃特斯: Jump right in the leaf pile.

好场地: Jump in the leaf pile? 是.

沃特斯: It brings you back, doesn’t it?

塔洛夫: This is how you guys are burning towntime here.

沃特斯: Back in San Mateo?

好场地: 是.

沃特斯: Jumping in high leaf piles for you.

好场地: 是.

沃特斯: What did you find in a leaf pike?

好场地: Who didn’t I find?

沃特斯: 布雷迪?

塔洛夫: 没有, they’ll get to like 40, and they’ll say, 哦, 杰西卡, you’re here.

沃特斯: What have you got?

塔洛夫: 好, 难以置信. dashcam footage from Chicago shows a car being wedged under a truck

佩里诺: 哦, my gosh.

塔洛夫: — after attempting to make a lane change. The driver was a 19- year-old woman who remained incredibly calm during the whole ordeal, signaling out to theout the window to fellow drivers that she needed help.

The man who recorded the video managed to get the driver to pull over, obviously shocked at what he had discovered under his truck. Best part, no wasn’t injured at all. I have driven a lot around Chicago. I cannot imagine

麦克多威尔: Listening to Nugent too loud, you don’t know a car is stuck in your truck.

好场地: That’s what it is, music too loud.

麦克多威尔: 是.

好场地: That’s exactly what it is.

沃特斯: That’s what happened to me.

好场地: 是, 我知道.

沃特斯: Music was to loud, I would up under a truck.

好场地: 是.

沃特斯: 对我们来说就是这样. We’ll see you back here on Monday, 大家.

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