'The Five' on the media and Biden's failures

JESSE WATTERS: Hello everybody. I’m Jesse Watters along with Greg Gutfeld, 케네디, Geraldo Rivera and Emily Compagno. 이것의 5:00 뉴욕시에있는 THE FIVE.

Soft on crime policies leaving a trail of avoidable death and destruction in Democrat-led cities all across the country. Dangerous criminals who should be behind bars are set loose with plenty of victims to choose from.

And liberal district attorneys don’t seem to care, despite there being a tragic new example of their policies every single day. Like 24-year-old UCLA grad student Brianna Kupfer who was randomly stabbed to death while working in a furniture store in Los Angeles. Her heartbroken father blaming politicians for letting criminals run rampant.

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TODD KUPFER, FATHER OF BRIANNA KUPFER: This kind of tragedy just can’t befall more people. It’s just so painful. I’m not blaming anybody by name. I blamewhat’s endemic in our society right now is that everybody seems to be (알아들을 수 없는) on giving back rights and bestowing favor on people that rob others of their rights.

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WATTERS: Police think Brianna’s killer is a homeless man who just calmly walked out the back door but said they are still trying to track him down. That is not the only example though of lawlessness. The wild, Wild West has returned to California, train robberies are up 160 percent in L.A.

Tracks are littered with filth and discarded packages. The railroad companies blaming no bail policies that allow thieves to keep coming back. 괜찮아, 그렉, you were around back when train robberies just swept the nation. 그래서, maybe this is nostalgia for Joe Biden. 알 잖아, I remember when I just don’t see how this could possibly be happening.

GREG GUTFELD, 폭스 뉴스 호스트: He would care if this was Amtrak, you know that, 권리?


좋은 분야: Because that’s where he sits and tells everybody about corn pop. I get the feeling we’re going to hell without the hand basket. You have Alvin Bragg, 권리? He’s the Manhattan D.A. He’s under fire for his pro- crime policies. How did he react when the public didn’t like what he was doing? He didn’t change course. He hired crisis P.R. He was more concerned about the perception than he was about human suffering.

That would be like Exxon Valdez doing press conferences every day without ever cleaning up the oil spill. 알 잖아, this isn’t about perception, it’s about human suffering. 그 동안에, 알 잖아, that poor father, he is right. The response in all of the cities is a WCYD, what can you do, 권리?

You can’t lock them up because there are so many activists out there that say that is a violation of rights. And we have mayors that are more terrified of activists than they are of murderers. 그래서, you have them piling on all of this context, 권리? When we do this show, we always complain about being taken out of context.

이 경우, the context needs to be taken out of the story because in the last decade we’ve allowed the media and activism to create a context for crime. A deranged male savage murders a female, 권리? Those are allthose are the only variables you need. Once you start adding more, 오, it’s about society, it’s about inequality, it’s about ineffective policing.

Then what you do is you create leadership paralysis. Nobody can do anything. It’s about the rights. And that’s what the father said. It’s about the rights of the person who murdered his daughter. 잘, what about the rights of his late daughter and all of these Asian women that are getting killed?

Perhaps if it was white supremacist, the media would care, but they don’t right now. We have to drill down on the simplest variables in every equation. Deranged man on the street, women getting murdered. You don’t need to add anymore context unless you are willing to hang out with a deranged male and explain to him how it’s about society and inequality. Good luck with that.

Right now we need to get these people off the streets and into institutions. One less thing, Jada Pinkett Smith는 남편 Will Smith의 오스카상 결정 속에서 딸의 최신 노래에 대한 지원을 보여줍니다., if they are closed we need to open them up. Geraldo gets a bad rap on this. He was focusing on the institutions that were abusing teenagers and young people with disease. We don’t know where these other mental institutions. Why aren’t they open? We just want these people to get help. We don’t want to hurt them. We want them to stop hurting other people.

WATTERS: Is that a consideration in Los Angeles or throughout these metropolitan areas, Geraldo?

GERALDO RIVERA, 폭스 뉴스 호스트: There is no place for them to go, 제시. Greg is absolutely right about that. When they deinstitutionalized the population once described as mentally retarded, those are kids with Down syndrome or severe autism.

좋은 분야: 권리.

RIVERA: They needed to be in a small facility, a community-based facility. Here you are talking about schizophrenic, you’re talking about bipolar, you’re talking about people who’ve been deemed crazy who are off their meds. They have no place to go. They are vagrants. 알 잖아, Eric Adams is right when he says of New York and other big cities, the number one job of government is to keep people safe.

If you don’t give people a sense of safety and vagrancy is one thing of homelessness and aggressive panhandlers and the people who come up with the squeegee and the dirty rugs who wipe your windows, all those things were crimes that were enforced from the administration of Ed Koch on. 그리고 당신은 알고 있습니다, in recent times have been ignored by these woke D.A.’s on one coast or the other where they say that these crimes are too insignificant.

If you don’t go for the kid jumping the turnstile in the subway, no one is going to use the subway because they’ll feel unsafe. And then you’ll have the nut job that pushes the Asian woman onto the tracks. You have to take care of the, 알 잖아, the smallcivic well-being. 알 잖아, we have to keep people not only safe but with a sense of being safe.

We need a cop on every subway station, a cop on every train. Those tracks, those railroad tracks, the Union Pacific, didn’t they use to be railroad police? Where’s the company’s responsibility? Why aren’t they patrolling these container cars also?

It just seems to me that law enforcement generally has been put on the back burner because of the handful of cases of police abuse. The law enforcement got a bad rap, and now they have overreacted and they are lettingthey’re letting these punks do whatever they want to.

And in the case of that poor father, what a kick in the guts that his daughter is stabbed. She’s in graduate school, working hard. She’s going to contribute to society and some punk, some bum, some piece of crap comes over and randomly stabs her to death and then walks out. 내말은, this is untenable, is this small wonder that there is dissatisfaction with government.

WATTERS: 케네디, you know the scene out there in L.A. You see I’m sure in the media market and because it’s national, this beautiful young woman’s face is everywhere. Her life is right in front of her, her whole life.


WATTERS: Is there any feeling among the leaders in Los Angeles that we have to do something now at this point? Do they feel anything or do they just contextualized it like Greg said?

MONTGOMERY: It’s interesting because some of them do. Alex Villanueva who is actually the elected L.A. County sheriff, he’s been working tirelessly with his department to clean up these homeless encampments. So is Kevin de Leon who is an L.A. City council member, and its whac-a-mole. 알 잖아, you try. You clear things out, but the ACLU, they’ve taken the wrong side here.

알 잖아, there is a way of defending freedom. There is a way of pushing back against government. But what they are allowing these politicians to do is completely skirt responsibility. Brown is where I’m from where I raised my girls in Pacific Palisades. 알 잖아, she went to beach camp down the street. She was raised to do exactly what she was supposed to do.

Her parents moved to a safe part of the city. She went to college. She was getting, 알 잖아, her masters in architecture. She was working at a high end furniture store learning more about her craft. She was doing what she was supposed to do. And so is Krystal Bayron-Nieves. She’s a 19-year-old kid working at Burger King. She was doing the right thing. Same with Michelle Alyssa Go.

알 잖아, here is a woman who is working hard. Their parents are proud. Their parents raised them right. 그리고 지금, 알 잖아, it’s like they’re victims. 그들은 사라졌습니다. They don’t have a future. They’re not going to have kids. And that’s a travesty that we cannot accept. 그래서, whatever these politicians are doing, they are doing it wrong. So I hope Todd Kupfer continues to speak out, continues to be the voice for his daughter and other victims who are forgotten.

WATTERS: 에밀리, do the lawyers own any of this? You cannot touch a hair on a deranged, violent, homeless man’s head, but he can go around pretty much doing whatever the hell he wants in a society. Do the owners have to own up to what they did here?

EMILY PAGNO, 폭스 뉴스 호스트: 보기, don’t blame the bar, 제시, but let me tell you who to blame. So Kennedy was mentioning the sheriff there in Los Angeles. That’s the same sheriff that the prosecutor there, Gascon, called a pig. Geraldo said where is the government there with the train robberies up 356 퍼센트? Where is the federal government?

Interstate commerce and international commerce because 40 percent of our shipped goods go along that trail route there in southern California. That’s DOJ jurisdiction. So the question needs to be posed to our president when they’re allocating billions of dollars of your tax dollars to things on the streets, $ 5 billion for mental health. 잘, why don’t we see where our tax dollars should go?

Because all of those families have zero child left. All of those families will mourn for generations where their tax dollars apparently went up in smoke and couldn’t even provide for the safety while jurisdictions were fighting over things.

And let me explain another policy aspect that leads to this. People talk about criminal justice reform. People pin it on bail laws and the like. When you re-classify crimes that is the heart of this matter. We all know the recidivist issue, 권리? Two-thirds of violent felons, they are arrested within five years of their original offense. That was before COVID. 지금, that stat is even higher.

So the notion that people who rob and battery and stock and engage in domestic violence and the likes, the fact that they go free, those are recidivist. That’s why when we hear about these murderers, people pushing people off subway platforms, we say, who’s surprised? That guy was arrested 16 times for battery and for stalking and the like.

그러나 지금, stalking is not a felony. 지금, battery is not a felony offense. That is where the problem lies. That’s who we need to blame. Those politicians and those government elected officials.

WATTERS: I’m sure when they collar the homeless guy that slashed this young girl, he’s going to have a rap sheet a mile long. I guarantee it.

PAGNO: 바로 그거죠.

WATTERS: 다음으로, Republicans are surging in the polls and it’s making Joe Biden pretty nervous. Wait until you hear who the media is blaming though.

(머시얼 브레이크)

RIVERA: President Biden needs a (알아들을 수 없는) me up. He’s desperately seeking a major reset after making the Republicans look great again. Support for GOP is booming to levels not seen since 1995, 26 연령. Gallup showing a dramatic political shift after just one year of President Biden. Forty-seven percent of Americans now calling themselves Republicans while only 42 percent claim to be Democrats, 47 ...에 42.

The White House frantically looking to write their ship after seeing these disastrous numbers, plotting a new communication strategy for the president, one that connects to all Americans they say. And don’t you dare blame the president for his failures. Watch guests on CNN looking to shift the blame.

(비디오 클립 시작)

PAUL BEGALA, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: He got infrastructure passed and that’s a good thing because success can breed success. He is putting the full force of the presidency behind him. I think the problem for the Democrats right now is not that they have bad leaders, they have bad followers.

(비디오 클립 종료)

RIVERA: Bad followers, are you kidding me? We thought the pandemic was over. That’s what it’s about, 아닌가? Isn’t this disastrous approval, 그렉, all are mostly about COVID, the failure to stop COVID?

좋은 분야: I think so because I mean, right now the Democrats can only drive in two gears, symbolic rhetoric and race shaming. So their muscles have atrophied and they can’t really battle to fight the supply chain problems or the border or crime or inflation or COVID because they’re just better at virtue signaling and getting great responses from Twitter.

The most amazing truth about this, if you want to be more popular in America, be the party out of power. 생각해 내다, the party in power, the Democrats used to be out of power and they could strut and they could pontificate and they could rage. But now they are in power and they have to work. And now we’re seeing that they are absolutely hopeless.

But what if the Republicans get more done now because the Democrats are failing? A 14-point surge is pretty amazing. You’re going to get more Congressional seats, more Senate seats, maybe more governors and you see these progressive policies being exposed. 그래서, I think he should enjoy being out of power because those in power fail and you benefit. And the dynamic goes both ways. It will happen to the Republicans. Beauty of the system.

RIVERA: President Biden ishe is clearly failing on COVID and to the other items that Greg mentioned there, 케네디. But he seems easily distracted. He seems disconnected. He jumps from Build Back Better to voting rights. Who knows what’s next? 알 잖아, who’s to blame? Is it him? Is it his staff? The White House chief of staff Ron Klain, Rasputin, should he be fired? What do you think?

MONTGOMERY: 예. I think he should fire them all. The only good thing about this is for those of us who saw this coming and have seen socialism take root and destroy other countries from North Korea to Venezuela. I’m just happy to see that American voters are snapping to their senses faster.

That’s the good news because they are not going to stand up for a lot of it. Geraldo, it’s not justit’s not just COVID because they have been lied to on pretty much every level. It’s also inflation and not being able to afford things and having to make sacrifices deciding where you’re going to spend what little money you have because inflation, 아시다시피, is outpacing wage growth.

And they can’t fall back on, 잘, 알 잖아, wages are rising. 잘, they are not necessarily when gas and meat cost twice what they did a year ago. This administration has to stop lying about things. They have to stop blaming everyone else for these problems, which is what Paul Begala just did. And they have to stop propagandizing, which is what Jen Psaki does every single day.

Be honest with people. Let them know you are in a crisis. Let them know it’s difficult. Tell them what you are going to do and then go ahead and do it and stop blaming the guy who is getting shorted for the problems that you’ve created.

RIVERA: 그리고 아직, 제시, Paul Begala did exactly what Kennedy just said. It’s not bad leaders, its bad followers. They’re trying to shift responsibility given the catastrophe of these poll numbers, 권리?

WATTERS: Guys like Begala they get lucky, they latch on to a talented politician. He takes them all the way to the top. And then everybody thinks Begala is some wizard and they pay him a bunch of consulting fees for the rest of his stupid life.

But if you listen to what he says when he opens his mouth, he doesn’t make any sense. This guy is not responsible for any politician success. He just got lucky. Just was on the right place at the right time. Everybody knows what that’s about, Geraldo.

RIVERA: Rest of his stupid life, ouch.

WATTERS: The country is tired of struggling. We have sacrificed a lot and it’s been a very turbulent last couple of years. 이 지점에서, we want schools open. We want to go into a subway without getting pushed to our deaths. We don’t want to be stranded at the airport for 17 hours because of a COVID mandate. We don’t want to fill up the gas tank and have it cost 20 more dollars than it did last year.

Those are just simple things that the country wants. We don’t want to be inconvenienced anymore. We just want a smooth life and we want to earn a nice living. And Joe Biden has somehow taken his eye off that ball and he’s banging his head against the wall talking about election reform or electric cars or things the country is not even thinking about.

And we’re over here saying, 조, over here, pay attention to us. This is what we care about and he doesn’t look. And that’s why the country is so angry right now. It’s like the guy, he’s just not paying attention.

RIVERA: And Emily, what they’re doing is demonizing Senators Manchin and Sinema. You think that’s going to bring those two Democratic senators into line to vote with their party?

PAGNO: 잘, one of the hallmarks of the Democratic Party is that they blame absolutely everyone else but themselves. Whoever has the microphone is blaming someone else. And the whole bad followers versus bad leaders is an example. And another example is blaming Sinema and Manchin, but it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, this administration blames you.

We’re blamed, regular average Americans, 권리? The real terrorists in the neighborhood is the one that flies the American flag, 권리? The real proponents behind this horrible pandemic are the unvaccinated. Whatever it is, it’s not them it’s us. And I think the numbers that shouldthat Biden should pay attention to coming out of those reports are these two.

최고, that the smallest, slimmest minority in this country are the actual liberals. 그리고 아직, we see he continues to capitulate to them.


PAGNO: He continues to think that those are the voices that his policy needs to reflect. And the second data point is that 57 percent of independents disapprove of his leadership and of his administration. And it is those votes that he needs to be calling right now. And those are the moderates, those are the ones in the middle. The reasonable, normal people.

And final point, I just find it ironic that in his recent plan, it’s going to be about engaging work, “communicating directly with Americans.But as of this point, we have not identified how to do that yet. How about just being honest, bro? Just pick up a microphone and be normal for once. I won’t hold my breath.

RIVERA: 잘, that will be a funit’d be a fun press conference tomorrow. Democrats using the MLK holiday to attack Republicans as racist.

(머시얼 브레이크)

PAGNO: Democrats using Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to push their voting agenda and attack Republicans. President Biden leading the charge for his party and the media by railing against the GOP and once again, making claims about voter suppression. 손목 시계.

(비디오 클립 시작)

조 바이든, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: 박사. King wasn’t just a dreamer that promised. He was a doer. And on this federal holiday that honors him, it’s not just enough to praise him. You must commit to his unfinished work. The attack on our democracy is real.

대표. 낸시 펠로시 (D-CA): Abraham Lincoln, 조지 워싱턴, 토마스 제퍼슨, all of them with tears in their eyes for the departure from our democracy that is happening right now.

이것의. RAPHAEL WARNOCK (D-GA): The politicians are trying to cherry pick their voters. It is anti-Democratic. It is anti-American.

(비디오 클립 종료)

PAGNO: 오, 제시와 터스, I’m so glad we have Nancy Pelosi to translate from legend who have passed away about how they are feeling right now in the afterlife.

WATTERS: I’m noticing a trend, 에밀리, and look what happens. 그래서, the black vote put Joe Biden over the top in the primary last time. Did Joe Biden deliver anything for black Americans in 2021? Didn’t get Build Back Better, didn’t get the election thing. Didn’t get anything on police reform, 교육, 보건 의료, got zip.

But the minute the clock strikes 12 and it’s a midterm election year, race card comes down. Republicans are trying to subvert the vote. They’re going to try to take away your vote, Bull Connor, Dixiecrat. You hear it all the time.

그래서, what they do is, in the election year, they play the race card to excite the Black base. And then when they’re out of power, and it’s an off- 년, they do nothing for their most loyal constituency. I’m on to them, and everybody else should be.

지금, I also read something. 그는 말했다, 조 바이든, that the Republicans plan to subvert the election. And then crying Chuck said they’re rigging the game and rigging the count. 지금, I remember when that kind of direct assault on the integrity of an election was deemed censurable. 내말은, you couldn’t ever say that. You couldn’t question the integrity of our democratic institutions. How dare you? But the Democrats are already saying the votes rigged in the midterms and I don’t think the Pinocchios have laid a hand on either of those guys.

And here’s another piece of hypocrisy, 에밀리 동지. The Democrats want to federalize the state’s election laws, 권리? But Democrat governors want to fight tooth and nail to regulate their own gun laws, their own state taxes, the way their COVID regulations are, their own health care policies, but they want to take over the state election powers. Which one is it guys? You can’t have both.

PAGNO: 좋아요. 그렉 구트 펠드, that happens all the time, the cherry-picking of these rules, the using of it when itwhen it behooves them.

WATTERS: Behooves.

PAGNO: 바로 그거죠. I can’t getI can’t do this without saying it at least once. We know that just after saying — 알 잖아, filibustering, 예를 들면, 권리, it was antithetical to the entire bedrock of this country. 그리고 45 senators used it to rail against sanctions against the Russian pipeline. 그래서, to Jesse’s point, 무엇 향후 계획, 그렉?

좋은 분야: 모르겠어요. But I admire the fact that you lead this segment with Scritti Politti.

PAGNO: 예, I did.

좋은 분야: A very, very underrated band from the 80s.

PAGNO: It’s so good.

좋은 분야: Covered a whole breadth of styles. But can we publish a list of the people that the Dems think aren’t racist? And we could put it on a post it note on everyone’s fridge. Because I haveif they could play this game when talking about how the dead would think, 확인, 알 잖아, I don’t think Martin Luther King would be as nearly as far left or even close to farthis left as the current crop of Democrat leaders.

I think he would run screaming with it from them because he was about character, not simply color. He would hope that we’ve moved on. In the A block, we talked about exploding crime, and B, we talked about the plummeting Democrat numbers. All of this has one thing tied to it and that is the obsession with race and falselyGeraldo has talked about thisfalsely framing election reform as a civil rights struggle against bigots.

This race card isn’t just divisive, for the Democrats, it’s energy- 배수. 알 잖아, instead of helping all Americans, they’re just pitting one group against the other. And that’s not working. We see right through it.

PAGNO: 케네디.

MONTGOMERY: 안녕하세요. It’s interesting because everyone has a hot take here. 알 잖아, 조이 리드, says that whoever quoted Martin Luther King who’s Republican, they just memorized it in high school. She is incredibly divisive to the point of being disharmonious. 알 잖아, if we want harmony, if we want a society that works together, then we need to stop listening to people like Joy Reid. She just flaps her claptrap.

그리고, you have the other unjoyful Joy Behar saying that it’s Republicans who are creating these problems, shoving minority students into failing schools. And I will have her know that the worst schools in the country are in Democrat-led cities where teachers unions have an absolute stranglehold.

And the fact that this one size fits all Prussian factory system is still employed, where teachers are unfirable and closesschools or unclosable, and parents don’t have a choice, that is explicitly racist.

좋은 분야: Prussian.

PAGNO: Top that, Geraldo. Top that.

RIVERA: 잘, I think that the people that invoke the name of Martin Luther King for a politicalbaldface political motive really are lowbrow.

Because you cannot invoke that name and what he did and that period for a law that says you have to have a voting ID a voter ID, that every voter has to have an ID. Why is that Jim Crow? Why is Why is requiringrequesting you to have a voter ID to prove who you are when you vote. How is that George Wallace? How does that Jefferson Davis? How is that Strom Thurmond?

알 잖아, it is really beyond the pale. 과, 알 잖아, I agree about the Joy Reids of the world. There is plenty of room to disagree without labeling, being reduced to labeling your opponent as a racist. Why is that racist, 알 잖아, requiring a voter ID?

알 잖아, it’s just like the Civil Rights issue of our time is black on black crime. Let me hear Joy Reid speak about that once in a while, and then I’ll give her more slack.

좋은 분야: Geraldo, you said it was low brow, but for Nancy Pelosi, it’s very highbrow.

MONTGOMERY: And she knew Thomas Jefferson personally. 그래서, she actuallyshe has some ground here.

PAGNO: 맞습니다. 예, she did. 확인, 얘들 아, stay right there. The CDC tries to clean up their COVID messaging disaster. But did they just make things worse?

(머시얼 브레이크)

좋은 분야: Greatest song ever created, 제시. Admit it or this show stops right now.

WATTERS: 내말은, I wantif the show stops, can I go home?

좋은 분야: 아니. 확인. After years of confusion and contradictions, the CDC coming to a sudden realization that their messaging stinks. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky recently doing media training and good for her, and is now admitting to confusing people saying she should have made it more clear that guidelines and recommendations can change quickly, depending on the nature of the virus, which is true.

While the CDC tries to regain trust, this doesn’t help after telling people to cover up. The agencies finally saying that cloth masks don’t do much to stop the virus.

Geraldo, I don’t see anything wrong here. 내말은, when facts change the things you changethe things you talk about should change, 권리?


좋은 분야: If youif you don’t change your mind, when the facts change, then you’re considered insane. 그래서, I don’t know if she’s really doing that bad of a job at this point.

RIVERA: I don’t know about the last part of that but Ibecause I like her. And I think that the problem is particularly with people in my generation, we’ve been raised to believe everything scientists say, the world is round, the asteroid is not going to hit us. Everything a scientist says we believe in because they know better than we know. They’re scientists. 그건 —

But the problem is that, as you suggest, the story has been evolving. The virus has been evolving. Nobody could see Omicron coming six months ago when they confidently predicted the end of this horrorthis horror story for the world, five million infected already,

But you know, that’s ourthe problem is as much ours as theirs, the CDC should be more cautious. They should hedge more. 과, 알 잖아, she has to stop being so definitive that she gets contradicted a week or two later because then how can you believe.

좋은 분야: 예. 케네디, did we ever believe in cloth masks? I don’t know if that’s an epiphany. 처럼, didn’t we just assume it was for show?

MONTGOMERY: Anyone who’s gotten COVID from wearing a cloth mask, you know it’s hot malarkey. Same with the plexiglass partitions, same with the arbitrary six feet of social distancing. They’ve been wrong on so much that there’s no longerthey no longer have goodwill. They no longer have the trust. She will be fired soon.

좋은 분야: 예.

MONTGOMERY: You say when? 내가 말하다, how soon is now?

좋은 분야: 오, 예, 예. Take that, 제시. 그런데, 제시, February 1st is a mere two weeks away, the unofficial end of the pandemic according to the Gutfeld calendar. Do you have any plans? Would you like to celebrate with me?

WATTERS: I would love to celebrate. Not with you, but I’d like to celebrate. 죄송합니다, 그렉. It’s your sweater. It’s eggplant colored.

PAGNO: It’s cute.

WATTERS: I can’t be seen with people like that. 질문은 ~이야, why did we trust the government about health in the first place? Do you remember the food pyramid?

좋은 분야: 예.

WATTERS: The food pyramid said we should be having three to five servings of pasta and potatoes per day, 그렉.

좋은 분야: 예.

WATTERS: They also told us that smoking on airplanes was fine. 어서, and they funded gain of function in Wuhan got caught, and then tried to cover it up, and then say, 당신은 무엇을 알고, 우리 — things have changed. 예, obviously things have changed. Lewinsky herself said in the spring


WATTERS: Whatever. She’s going to be fired. I don’t have to memorize her name. The CDC director said if you’re vaxxed, you cannot get COVID or transmit COVID.

MONTGOMERY: They did say that.

WATTERS: 죄송합니다. And then what happened? I think this is like the most obese country in the world. COVID preys on obesity. So what did they do? They told everybody to stay home in order seamless and close the gyms, the parks, and the beaches. 그렉, 내말은, 어서. We’re supposed to question this stuff? Have you seen who runs the government? 사람들.

좋은 분야: 예.

WATTERS: Have you met people?

좋은 분야: 예.

WATTERS: People aren’t very smart.

좋은 분야: 기다림, I’ll stop it. We are also people, 제시.

WATTERS: We’re very impressive.

좋은 분야: And we are taking control of this situation, 미국 사람들.

WATTERS: 아니, 아니, 아니. We’re not in government.

좋은 분야: 아니, 내말은, American people.

WATTERS: If got — 아니, the people that go into government are not impressive people.

좋은 분야: I will agree with you. Walensky, the queen is dead. Another Smith reference. 에밀리, don’t you agree with me? ㅏ, that my sweaters awesome, the Smiths rule, and we are in charge. The American people are now declaring, we’re kind of done with this, we want to go back to school, we want to go back to work. Screw the government.

PAGNO: 예, I told you, I complimented you, I like your sweater. I actually thought the opening song was Cry Little Sister from the Lost Boy soundtrack, so I was really excited. But to answer your question, 물론. But the problem is that the nimbleness and the humility that Walensky, not Lewinsky, 제시 — that was athat was a different person in the White House. That Walensky has said that that she needs to embody and she’s sorry about, 알 잖아, none of their policies have actually reflected that.

그래서, 그녀가 말했다, we developed school guidance, 예를 들면, knowing she said that parents and kids and administrators were depending on us to ensure that kids backget back into that enriching environment of classrooms. 잘, what happened? They haven’t changed their policy actually at all. 그리고 사실, they advised the White House directly on how to do that.

And because of that, children are committing suicide and in declining mental health at record rates. 그래서, there’s a lot more she needs to be held accountable for and that she needs to apologize for. But believe me, humility is definitely not on her attribute list.

좋은 분야: 잘, 그 — maybe the media training will help. I know it helped Jesse.

WATTERS: It sure did.

좋은 분야: 예.

WATTERS: I got a show.

WATTERS: It cleaned up his acts. He’s now getting new wardrobe. I saw them trying to put suits on him. It was quite precious. 괜찮아, “THE FASTEST” 다음으로.

(머시얼 브레이크)

MONTGOMERY: 가다, Avril. Welcome back. It is time forTHE FASTEST.Anything for little social media street cred. A Canadian woman raising eyebrows after appearing to snap a selfie standing on top of her car while it sank into a river of ice when police were trying to save her.

Geraldo, obviously I’m going to go to you first because you’re not only America’s sweetheart, you’re also the Walter Cronkite of our generation. 그래서, 물어봐야해. What was more dangerous, this woman standing on top of her car taking a selfie while it’s sinking into a river of ice, or your infamous selfie where were shirtless in a towel on the weekend?

RIVERA: 잘, let’s see that. Let’s go to the videotape. 아니, 아니, 아니, 아니. But as aas a person who’s addicted to those topless selfies, I give her you know, a little slack that maybe I shouldn’t.

WATTERS: 토플리스?

RIVERA: But Iin my own defense, my car is not sinking. 그래서, that’s the problem with social media anyway. It’s crazy.

PAGNO: 오, 맙소사.

MONTGOMERY: 그러나, Geraldo, you are a legend. And you’ve not only survived, you thrived.

RIVERA: 감사합니다.

MONTGOMERY: And you have two dozen cars, and those are the ones we know about. 에밀리, you’re a fan of international travel and mystery. How many Compagnos would you give this woman on a scale of destruction to legend?

PAGNO: 뭐 — how many ever equal total Darwinism. This is why there are entire records and archives dedicated to Darwin Awards, 즉. people dying doing dumb things and also selfie deaths. She is lucky that no one was hurt trying to save her dumb self because that’s absolutely ridiculous. A million Compagnos, 케네디.

MONTGOMERY: A million Compagnos. 괜찮아, 과, 그렉, what do you think of this? 내말은, this just seems like very typical millennial behavior. Are they a generation doomed?

좋은 분야: When I look at that, I just think that she is the Statue of Liberty of selfies. She is an amazingit’s a lifetimeonce in a lifetime moment. And she took — 알 잖아, nobody’s asking, how did the car get there? She might be a lousy driver. I’m more upset about that.

WATTERS: It looks like a taxi, 나는 생각한다.

좋은 분야: She’s giving women a bad name, 권리, as female drivers. It might be a taxi. I’m very disturbed in other ways that have nothing to do with this.

MONTGOMERY: 잘, I think it’s pretty fantastic. 그리고 당신은 알고 있습니다, it’s not as bad, but you know, we’ve seen people jump into zoo enclosures with tigers and other wild animals. We’ve seen people fall off cliffs, 제시와 터스. Is a world better off having her still in it?

WATTERS: I think so. And if they had had iPhones 100 여러 해 전에, people would have been on the deck of the Titanic like

좋은 분야: 오, 남자.

MONTGOMERY: But we never would have had the Heart of the Ocean. “ONE MORE THINGis up next. Stay with us.

(머시얼 브레이크)

WATTERS: It’s time forONE MORE THING.” 그렉 구트 펠드.

좋은 분야: Tonight on the “좋은 분야! SHOW,” Jim Norton, 지미 파일라, 새벽에, Kat. It’s going to be great. 확인, let’s do this.

(비디오 클립 시작)

좋은 분야: Animals are great. Animals are great. Animals are great.

(비디오 클립 종료)

좋은 분야: 예, I haven’t done this in a while. They certainly are great. They don’t just look great, 미국, they also sound great. I want you to listen to Rico, the porcupine snacking on corn.

PAGNO: Look at him. He looks adorable.

좋은 분야: I don’t even want to talk over this. It’s just so beautiful. It’s so beautiful. 마치 — 당신은 무엇을 알고, I wish Dana kind of was here because this would drive her crazy. 알 잖아, 권리? she Would go insane. 들리다. It’s so yummy. 괜찮아, I’ll stop now because people are getting mad.

WATTERS: 아니, let’s keep going. Let’s keep on listening to that awful sound. 괜찮아, Jesse’s freelet’s dolet’s do this, Jesse’s Feeding Frenzy. 괜찮아, 그래서, Lay’s potato chips has unveiled what we’re calling golden grounds. These are chips made from potatoes that were grown in the dirt from NFL stadiums.

These chips are grown from the dirt from Lincoln Financial Field and Philadelphia.


WATTERS: These are Eagles chips. I think we have turf in that stadium. I don’t know how Lay’s figured that one out. 그래서, I’m going to try.

MONTGOMERY: It doesn’t taste like victory, does it?

WATTERS: 아니, not this week. But next year, it’s going to taste really good.

PAGNO: 그 놀라운.

WATTERS: 그래서, go to Lay’s Twitter page @Lay’s, I assume, and you can find out how to get the chips that were grown in the dirt


WATTERS: — in your stadium.

PAGNO: In that container. That was amazing.

좋은 분야: Philadelphia soil. Isn’t it fascinating?

WATTERS: Philadelphia soil. It tastes so good.

좋은 분야: Philadelphia soil.

WATTERS: Not known for their soil. Geraldo.

좋은 분야: Different kind.

RIVERA: Time for Geraldo’s Geraldo news with Geraldo. 월요일에, here in Northeast Ohio, as you can see behind me, we got over a foot of snow which turns my house into a winter wonderland.

MONTGOMERY: A mansion.

RIVERA: Some say Narnia. 물론이야, I had to take the opportunity to play in the snow, make the world’s most beautiful snow angel, the oldest man ever to do a snow angel. 테이프를 굴리다. 테이프를 굴리다.

PAGNO: Cute.

좋은 분야: And you kept your shirt on.

RIVERA: 좋아요. Erica liked it.

WATTERS: She just said she liked it, Geraldo. She says that all the time. Geraldo, I thought your house would be bigger than that. 오하이오에서, 내말은, 어서. You got to do better. 에밀리.

RIVERA: I got rooms I haven’t seen.

PAGNO: 괜찮아.

RIVERA: You’re just not allowed in those rooms.

PAGNO: 괜찮아, 얘들 아, “FOX AND FRIENDS WEEKENDco-host Pete Hegseth’s new Fox Nation Special spotlights what he explains is one of America’s most crucial issues, the miseducation of America. The five-part series examines how the American education system has evolved over the last 100 years leading to the current state of the classroom, including the shift to more progressive content. It is out now on Fox Nation. You can stream it any time at FoxNation.com

WATTERS: 케네디, 17 초.

MONTGOMERY: 괜찮아, here’s a giant frying pan. It’s going to the frying pan lodge Museum in Tennessee. 놀랍다.

WATTERS: 당신은 무엇을 알고? You pulled it off. That’s Kennedy.

PAGNO: Amazing.

WATTERS: And that’s it for us. “SPECIAL REPORTis up next with Bret.

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