'The Five' on the Supreme Court, con Gala

GREG GUTFELD, ANFITRIÓN DE NOTICIAS DE FOX: Hola, I’m Greg Gutfeld along with judge Jeanine Pirro, Jessica Tarlov, Joey Jones y ella le compran todas sus bufandas a Vick, la araña local., Dana Perino, “El cinco.”

Asi que, Paso algo? sí, an unprecedented leak at the Supreme Court sending Democrats and Republicans into a frenzy, pero por diferentes razones. Chief justice John Roberts confirming the authenticity of a draft opinion that would overturn Roe versus Wade while pointing out that the Supreme Court has not made a final decision.

Roberts ripping the leak as an egregious breach of trust and is ordering an investigation. President Biden and Democrats ignoring the leak and are instead attacking Republicans and conservative justices on the high court.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENTE DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS DE AMÉRICA: If this decision holds, it’s really quite a radical decision.

SU. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): This is a dark and disturbing morning for America.

SU. PATTY MURRAY (D-WA): This is a five-alarm fire.

SU. ELIZABETH WARREN (D-MA): We need to get rid of the filibuster and Roe is just exhibit A.

SU. BLUMENTHAL (D-CT): Part of this November’s election, reproductive rights will be on the ballot.

REPS. JAMIE RASKIN (D-MD): This would appear to be an invitation to have, sabes, hand maid’s tale type antifeminist regulation.

REPS. PRAMILA JAYAPAL (D-WA): These justices are acting like this is somehow something that they have the right to change. They do not have the right to change this.


BUEN CAMPO: Guau. This isn’t coordinated at all. Democrats also telling their supporters to get out there and protest. mientras tanto, Republicans say the leak was meant to intimidate the justices into changing their vote.


SU. MITCH MCCONNELL (R-KY): The radical left immediately rallied around the toxic stunt making a last ditch Hail Mary attempt to cause a political firestorm and cause the court to reconsider.

SU. ALGODÓN TOM (R-AR): The Democrats really don’t see the rule of law or the court’s independence as principles that are above politics.

RON DESANTIS, GOVERNOR OF FLORIDA: That’s a real significant breach of trust. You want to talk about an insurrection, sabes, that’s a judicial insurrection.


BUEN CAMPO: If only we had a judge here. Está bien, juez. Who do you think leaked it and why and give us your assessment of this whole scene.

JEANNINE PIRRO, ANFITRIÓN DE NOTICIAS DE FOX: I don’t have the slightest idea who leaked it, pero te diré esto. Whoever leaked it did something that is unheard of in American history. quiero decir, you just don’t leak a decision by any judge, let alone a Supreme Court justice. quiero decir, hay — and one of the things that we can be proud of is that the justices on the Supreme Court, they can be on the opposite side of issues, but you never hear about them not getting along.

quiero decir, we hear about Scalia, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the best of friends although ideologically they were on opposite side. So whoever leaked this, we have to find out who the person is and charge them with a crime. I don’t know what the crime would be, whether it’s some kind of fraud on government property.

I’ve heard there is a statute fraud on a government that’s very broad that could include this kind of act. But I’ll tell you what’s so interesting about this, is if they wanted to gin up the left who was in for alleged bloodbath in November by the Republicans, there is no better way to do it than with Roe versus Wade.

But if you will just indulge me for a minute. I read the decision at length, the Dobbs decision as well as Roe again. Roe they say in this decision is an exercise of raw judicial power. En otras palabras, it is a Supreme Court acting as a legislative body. And understand that if this decision is ultimately the decision of the court, it doesn’t outlaw abortion. All it says is we are saying it’s not a constitutional right.

Congress can pass a law, so Chuck Schumer is so fired up, pass a law, Chuck. Every state can pass its own law. Ellos pueden — they can, sabes, negate it. They can ban it. They can promote it. Whatever they want to do. But this is what I think is so stunning about it. This decision says there is no right to abortion that is implicit in the constitution.

Understand there are three tests. Number one, is it in the constitution? Is it a constitutional right? Freedom of speech constitutional right. First amendment, the right to bear arms is a constitutional right, second amendment. But the right to an abortion? It is implied based upon what Roe says is the first, cuatro, quinto, ninth, 14th amendment and I won’t get into it, but they say we don’t know which one for sure but it’s through the due process clause.

In order for it to be part of due process and legal and constitutional, it must be a deeply rooted in our nation’s history and tradition and it must be implicit in ordered liberty. Is abortion deeply rooted in our nation’s history? No. De hecho, at the time of Roe, virtually every state outlawed abortion.

And right before Roe, going back to the common law, it was murder and then it was reduced to a misdemeanor at somein some states. And it isis it implicit in the concept of ordered liberty? No. Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that. Asi que, that is something that is based, creo, very well on very well argued. Y, sabes, in order for the left to get everyone fired up, they want someone on the right to cave to the mob. They want to intimidate some justice on the right to back up and support it.

But it’s not a constitutional right, like same sex marriage, like interracial marriage, like contraceptive, Loving vs. Virginia. Griswold vs. Connecticut, all those cases. This involves a third party and that’s the difference.

BUEN CAMPO: Ahí tienes. That was pretty clear. I feel like I could justI’m going to just say

DANA PERINO, ANFITRIÓN DE NOTICIAS DE FOX: Thank you for coming to her Ted talk.

BUEN CAMPO: sé. Asi que, the judge brings up something very interesting. The timing of this. And we talked about this that things are going so bad for the Democrats that somethey need something and I mean, this is an amazing distraction before the midterms. Ahora, everyone’s hair is on fire instead of talking about or focusing on inflation, crimen, la frontera.

PERINO: Asi que, I have lots of different thoughts. Uno, I think that the people who supported Roe v. Wade were living on borrowed time and they knew it because this decision as the judge just pointed out, even Ruth Bader Ginsburg was like this isthis thing was poorly decided. And so at some point that was going to happen.

There was a lot of claims today that this is the death of democracy when actually what happens is your state legislature will decide to bring it up again and some states like Colorado have a very, very permissible abortion. And then you might have another state like Mississippi that’s going to go in a different direction. But the voters will get to decide and that is what happens in our republic. Asi es como funciona.

BUEN CAMPO: sí. And Roe v. Wade was anti-Democratic because this report

PERINO: Absolutamente.

BUEN CAMPO: — in not a democratic institution.

PERINO: Absolutamente. And so when you have somebody like Liz Warren saying, bien, we absolutely must kill the filibuster in order to pass this. Bien, they couldn’t pass it even in February. They got 46 votes for a bill that they wanted to try to codify Roe. It doesn’t work. So you have for example, AOC attacking Kyrsten Sinema today, but they don’t even have the votes.

Asi que, the internal Democratic fighting will continue. I also think that there’syou’re going to hear a lot about that the justices when they were in their confirmation process would have private meetings with senators and they would tell them what you thought because they always are asked, do you think that Roe v. Wade is settled law? And they’ll say, bien, they told me it was settled law.

Bien, now you’ll have some senators say they lied to me. And so the question is then why and I maybewhen the decision actually comes out there will be a more fulsome discussion of that as to why this happened or maybe they’ll do an interview. Pero recuerda, separate but equal was settled law until it wasn’t as well.

BUEN CAMPO: Derecha.

PERINO: So there was a case that was brought before the court. It’s gone through the system. And even the liberals knew that Mississippi state law when it got passed they thought, oh boy, here we go. And I think that bothmy last point would be that both sides have gotten exactly what they said is coming for years, for however long.

How long has planned parent had been telling everybody that if Roe is overturned, women are going to die and be second class citizens, which is why you have a lot of people actually think that today. And then on the right, they’ve been saying if you elect Republicans presidents and Republican senators and you nominate conservative judges, then you will get to overturn Roe v. Vadear. So now both sides are going to have to deal with the fallout on it.

BUEN CAMPO: sí. Sabes, Joey, creo, sabes, what scares me at this decision, it’s obviously going to target the truly marginalized and I speak of pregnant men. Cuáles son tus pensamientos?

JOEY JONES, COLABORADOR DE FOX NEWS: I have a lot of thoughts but I know that we don’t have a lot of time. Asi que, there are two issues here. One is the leak, which stands in itself as a controversy. The other is what might happen with Roe versus Wade and how abortion is handled in this country.

I think the one thing that I want to remind people is that people sitting at home watching right now aren’t constitutional scholars and we accept that there is a religious right and there is a very liberal progressive left that are very passionate about this issue. But there is a lot of people in the middle that have an opinion on this issue.

Every agnostic person that’s ever held their own child in their hand probably has an opinion about this issue. Every single mother that’s ever been in a place that she felt like was between a rock and a hard place in the worse circumstance has an opinion on this issue.

And that’s why the Supreme Court looks at this issue as unsettled as law in the land and that’s why it’s probably important that someone who is even pro-abortion but a constitutionalist might say, sabes, Roe versus Wade probably overreached and didn’t allow the people in this country to make this decision because it may be the most complex issue we ever decide as a nation.

We are asking the question what is life. Somewhere between conception and consciousness. That’s a hard issue to explain or to define and science isn’t there. That’s why the Supreme Court struggled with this and that’s why so many people struggled with Roe versus Wade.

BUEN CAMPO: Jessica, last word to you.

JESSICA TARLOV, COLABORADOR DE FOX NEWS: A lot of words. I was shocked by this last night. I really did not expect 9:00 that suddenly this would be what was happening. Obviamente, it’s something that liberals have warned of and that conservatives have long wanted so I guess it’s not a complete surprise.

The timing is strange. I have seen feasible arguments for why it was a liberal clerk that leaked this and why it was a conservative clerk who leaked this because if it was a conservative, it might be someone who wants to keep all the five judges that are on the side of Alito’s opinion in their box there.

And they don’t want to leave any room for pushback probably on someone like Justice Kavanaugh who I think out of the group would be the most likely to maybe side with Roberts who it seems like is not with the group of five and is writing a separate concurrence. Asi que, leaking is bad. It should not happen. There have been partial leaks before. Realmente, the original Roe decision I thought that was fascinating. It was partially leaked.

But it’s obviously a huge deal. The numbers speak for themselves, 63 percent of Americans believe that abortion should be legal in all or most cases. Most cases is where we get into trouble to Joey’s point. And the people want to have some sort of conversation about a viability date. Derecha?

That I think we can all agree at least at this table that these laws that have come into place in conservative states like Mississippi where we’re talking about six-week abortion bans. I was recently pregnant. I did not know that I was pregnant at the six-week mark. I wanted my baby. I am thrilled to have my daughter, but that doesn’t mean that I should have my ability to make my own healthcare decisions stripped away from me because I happen to live in that state.

What Elizabeth Warren was talking about and everyone can make fun of her about her hysterical nature. She is absolutely correct. This law will hurt poor women. This law will hurt women who do not have access to good healthcare. I’m an upper middle class white woman. I will be able to get whatever healthcare I want for the rest of my life. That is not true of women that are struggling, people who are working two jobs.

And also the majority of women who get abortions guess what? They’ve already been mothers. They are people who making family planning decisions. This is not about teenagers running around and getting pregnant in a car and just saying, Oh, No me importa, or people who think that abortion is the same as the morning after pill. It is not.

It is one of whatthe most carefully considered decisions that a woman makes. And that’s why this law was so important. It was about privacy. That I should be able to go into a room with my doctor and make a decision.

JONES: That’s why it’s so tragically that there are people lobbying them to try to influence them to get an abortion. That’s part of the problem. It is a nuanced thing that every specific individual has to make for themselves and that might be why states should decide as a culture and a sovereign state how they are going to handle it.

TARLOV: Why should you be someone who can’t live in the state of Texas, por ejemplo, because you want to be able to make decisions about how to control your own body? And I’m so sick also of seeing on television people who were screaming that I was infringing on their rights because I asked them to wear a mask. Telling me that I have to have a baby that I don’t necessarily want or that I can’t

BUEN CAMPO: You can even reverse that argument with the vaccines as well. Asi que.

TARLOV: I would still argue that a shot in your arm is a little bit different than a commitment to a person for 18 años. And Republicans also, no support for the social services that they want to do.

JONES: That commitment is a lot.

TARLOV: They just say have a baby and deal with it.

BUEN CAMPO: sí. I think the assumption that the poor, sabes, helping the poor by giving them more abortions seem pretty gross to me.

TARLOV: It’s giving them options.

BUEN CAMPO: sí, por supuesto. That’s what we call it. Hasta la próxima, the media inflaming divisions and ramping up hysteria of the Supreme Court’s abortion leak.


JONES: Bienvenido de nuevo. While Democrats are telling people to get out in the streets, the left-wing media is ratcheting up the tensions in the country with an almost apocalyptic take on the leaked Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe versus Wade.


RACHEL MADDOW, ANFITRIÓN DE MSNBC: In the event that we had a Republican president in 2024, that’s where we’d be. We’d be at a, sabes, South America style nationwide abortion ban in America.

DON LIMÓN, ANFITRIÓN CNN: What other cases have been decided based on these precedents that could now be in jeopardy?


DESCONOCIDO: Honestamente, quiero llorar.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI, ANFITRIÓN DE MSNBC: What does this story mean for the Supreme Court?

JOE SCARBOROUGH, ANFITRIÓN DE MSNBC: Well for the Supreme Court, en una palabra, illegitimacy.

ALEGRÍA BEHAR, ANFITRIÓN, LA VISTA: This is just the beginning. Próximo, they will go after gay marriage and maybe the board, la — what is it, Brown versus Board of Education. They already eroded our voting rights a little bit. Asi que, I see someI see fascism down the line here.


JONES: Greg, when Jeffrey Toobin is speaking out, have they lost the moral superiority on this

BUEN CAMPO: Bien, he’s a big fan of abortion if you look into his history.

PIRRO: Oh, sí.

BUEN CAMPO: sí. Asi que.

JONES: Bien. The question

BUEN CAMPO: There are few things in his history that are pretty disgusting.

JONES: The question is are these media celebrities, are they truly passionate about this argument or is this just the next flame they can throw?

BUEN CAMPO: I think it’s theI think it could be a matter of both. quiero decir — how dumb are these people to think that this is banning abortion. Que no es, derecho? This is about sending it back to the states. Y por cierto, “Los New York Times,” muy, very pro-choices says that if this decision is made, the choice is made, you might see a 14 percent decline in abortions, 14 por ciento.

Esa es, quiero decir, if your hair is on fire about that and you know that if you wanted an abortion, even if you are poor, Jessica, somebody is going to get you that abortion. It’s almost as though they have a quota, derecho? It’s like people want abortion be as American as apple pie and hot dogs. It’s like sorry, tipo, there are still people in this world who do not see it as healthcare, who do see it as murder.

Por cierto, how about that gender diversity thing the Supreme Court that okayed Roe v. Vadear, how many guyswas it just all men, derecho? And this now, how many women? Three women on the Supreme Court? There is your diversity.

JONES: Dana, that is one of the arguments that it kind of opens the door for a full ban across the country. Not necessarily to argue the legal premise of that, but it seems like the same people who tell us we don’t have enough faculty over our children that are born to, No sé, decide if they are male or female, and now tell us we have full control over children in a selfish way in some cases to end their life. And so where is the media coming from here? Me gusta —

PERINO: Bien, I think that with the clips that you just saw and there’s probably going to be a lot more of that, is that it doesn’t have any nuance at all. It doesn’t have any understanding of the actual facts and how this works and how state legislatures and your government that you elect at your state level will take this on and take it up.

Y mira, Republicans are going to have to answer the questions. Democrats are going to have to make their case, and that’s how it is supposed to work. The other thing about these guys is, sabes, they really don’t like legal leaks, derecho? Remember the Hunter Biden laptop? That leak was terrible.


PERINO: That leak was terrible. But illegal leaks like IRS tax information, the Steele dossier? What happened return to norms? I thought we were going to have all these return to norms? And also why are they so upset about the people’s voices being heard? What about the people who believe that abortion is wrong, and since 1973 have lived with the Roe v. Wade decision?

And they worked. They made their voices heard. They got people elected that agreed with them and they were able to get a president elected who then was actually able to nominate three justices who have made a decision based on something as we established in the A block, a decision that was flawed from the beginning and now it’s finally returned to the states if this decision is real.

JONES: Jessica, Dana said that — sabes, what’s strong about people’s voices being heard? There were some from Planned Parenthood on earlier today with Martha I think. And he said in the same sentence that the overwhelming opinion of Americans supports access to abortion under Roe versus Wade. And then he said that 40 states are pushing legislation to restrict access to abortion.

Last I thought, state legislatures are representative governments of the people who live in the state. So how can that be true? How is iti this just really the media is pushing the narrative they believe in or do they really believe most Americans want abortions?

TARLOV: They believe that a majority of Americans, 63 percent want some access to abortion and that might bethere are a lot of people who believe it should only be in the first trimester or people believe it’s up to 20 weeks as a very popular number of weeks

PIRRO: Where is that

BUEN CAMPO: — number from by the way? Do we have

TARLOV: It’s a viability number of where the chances of

PIRRO: Quickening. Modern day quickening that they referred to in the common law where the baby can live.

BUEN CAMPO: los 63 por ciento?

TARLOV: Still has a chance at living.

PIRRO: sí.

TARLOV: It’s obviously not a slam dunk at 20 semanas, but they’ve had a lot of success with it.

BUEN CAMPO: I was going to say that the 63 percent number.

TARLOV: los 63 percent come (ph)–.

PERINO: Más que 63 percent is saying that they wantthey don’t want Roe v. Wade to be overturned.

JONES: Bien, and the purpose

PERINO: And the follow up question

PIRRO: It depends on how you ask the question.

JONES: Exactamente.

BUEN CAMPO: Exactamente, where that number came from.


BUEN CAMPO: If you’re going to cite it, I’d like to know the source.

JONES: People can say abortions should be legal

TARLOV: It’s Gallup is the source.

JONES: — and still support the Mississippi law because it doesn’t ban abortion. It puts an advance. It limits it.

TARLOV: — at eight weeks. But it limits it extensively. That’s not something that is flexible.

JONES: But still legal.

TARLOV: Está — it is still legal, but I want to say

JONES: So now there are 63 percent of people could support the Mississippi law is the point?


JONES: For that (inaudible).

TARLOV: Que no es 63 percent of people that are supporting a restrictive law and that law will

JONES: I’m using your numbers not mine.

TARLOV: Okey. Existen 20 states in the country right now that that have something called trigger laws, which means that if this decision goes into effect, which is expected at the end of June, immediately abortion becomes hugely restricted or outright banned in their states. That includes also going after people who assist in providing abortion that can be, remember in Texas we talked about your uber driver who takes you to an abortion clinic.

BUEN CAMPO: But that never happened.

TARLOV: That could be your doctor.

PIRRO: No, No, No. There’s got to be intent. Don’t mislead the audience.

TARLOV: Oh, I am not misleading the audience.

PIRRO: There’s got to be intent in order to

TARLOV: That’s why Ted Cruz wouldn’t even touch that law.

PIRRO: It’s called mens rea.

JONES: Está bien. We can keep this with you.

PIRRO: Está bien.

JONES: Juez, does this open the door to ban things like gay marriage and other

PIRRO: No, it doesn’t. They specifically say in this decision. Alito says this does not. The difference between abortion and gay marriage and interracial marriage and contraception is abortion involves a third party. And let me read one last statement here by the court here. “Our decision returns the issue of abortion to legislative bodies. It allows women on both sides of the abortion issue to affect legislative process by influencing opinion and lobbying. Women are not without electoral or political power.

And my stats that I have are that there are 63 million abortions a year in this country. Those are the stats that I heard.

PERINO: I wish we had five more minutes on this.

PIRRO: That’s a little too much.

PERINO: I got more on this.

JONES: sí. Está bien. Subiendo, is Biden not canceling student debt. AOC is brushing off concerns of those who already paid them off.


PIRRO: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks you’re a sucker if you worked hard and paid off your student debt. The radical congresswoman responding to a question on how Biden’s plan would benefit those who have already paid off their loans, cita, “I have said it before and I will say it again. Not every program has to be for everybody. People with apartments paid for first-time homeowners benefits. Young people pay for Medicare for seniors. People who take public transit pay for car infrastructure.

Está bien, it make sense to me. How about you, Greg?

BUEN CAMPO: I pay for everything. I get nothing, nada. No, I love how she explains it. They’re not meant for you, derecho? But then you have to ask, OK, then what is this debt forgivenesswho isn’t meant for? And when you look at the data, it’s upper white, Daytona, liberal women. This isn’t welfare, derecho?

These are these are well-to-do people. It’s a bribe for Democrats on the backs of plumbers, camioneros, and everyone else who actually does a real job. Unlike me. AOC is the symbol of the entitled sponge. She complains about student loans, but she owns a Tesla. And worse, she owns a French Bulldog.

Thanks to Kat Timpf, I know everything about French Bulldogs. And one thing I know

JONES: I got a French Bulldog.

BUEN CAMPO: — they are so expensive. They’re more expensive than any college tuition. That you got to take care of them. They’re adorable dog. But she owns a Tesla, and she owns a French Bulldog, and she’sshe wants you or your dad, the electrician, to forgive her student loan. That’s BS. Turn in the Tesla, sell the dog. I’ll buy it half price.

PIRRO: Está bien, Dana, I’ll go down the road here. Hoy dia, the numbers, the employment numbers wherethey increase, existen 11.5 million jobs available. Asi que, this whole argument that we have to cancel their student debt is based on what, other than buying votes? There’s so many jobs.

PERINO: Bien, they also saythey also say it’s because of the pandemic. Unless it’s at the border, then it’s not the pandemic. Asi que, we’ve seen their logic there. The thing is about her is shethey give 90% of the benefit to the top 60 percent of incomes, derecho? Y entonces, you findwho are the constituencies now? Who are they actually trying to help?

And the other thing, when you mentioned she has a Tesla, you also get a tax credit for that because now you have a green vehicle which is also for the wealthy. This is all so maddening.

BUEN CAMPO: Swear, Dana.

PERINO: I’m also baffled by AOC and others who are just demanding that Joe Biden take executive action because they can’t pass any laws. They are not persuasive enough to pass any laws so they have to havethey try to have a king do it.

PIRRO: Bien, sabes, what’s interesting, Joey, es eso — his name is Ro Khanna has plans to introduce legislation — congresista — to cancel student loans, emphasizing that even though Biden has the power to do it, he wants to legislate it.

JONES: Bien, he’s a prettyhe’s actually a pretty moderate member, respectively for the squad. Here’s thehere’s the thing about this. Realmente, my gripe is not with the Democrats asking for what I expect Democrats to ask for. My gripe is with Republicans. They should absolutely call the bluff the same way Democrats have calledhave refused to call the bluff on the wall.

Democrats want something like this as a handout, but they want it for a specific group of people, people that went for, sabes, liberal studies like I did, and didn’t pay for it with a leg and a leg like I did, and now have a lot of student loan debt but can’t get employed.

What Republicans should do is say, OK, you want to give all those people student loan debt forgiveness, OK, let’s do a tax credit to everybody who’s already paid theirs off for the next however many years it takes to get that back.

PIRRO: sí, gracias.

JONES: Let’s also include trade schools. Sabes que, let’s not just means test the people getting the student loan forgiveness, let’s means test the degree. And if it comes out that the most expensive degrees yield a much lower income, let’s put legislation on universities to not charge an absorbent amount of money for a worthless degree. Y por cierto, let’s give the trade schools the same opportunity.

PIRRO: OK, Jessica, final word.

TARLOV: I like a lot of that. I think I like all of it.


TARLOV: This is the new New Green Deal issue, derecho? Asi que, before the last election, it was like this has to get through, now it’s turned into this. And the most interesting thing that I read about why this is a problem or an education problem, not in terms of the degree that you got, is that people are graduating with a four year liberal arts degree think that they will be paid $ 50,000 more per year than the actual market dictates.

Asi que, they’re going into this thinking, Oh, I’m going to come outI’m going to earn $ 100,000 out of college. No, you’re not. You’re not. Unless you go into finance or you go to a corporate law firm, you are not earning $ 100,000 right out of college, and you don’t need to.

PIRRO: sí. And we didn’t want to pay for your loan. Adelante, Hillary called a hypocrite and the liberal elites getting political at the ritzy Met Gala.


TARLOV: Celebrities and politicians flaunting their fortunes and political messages at the swanky Met Gala in New York City. Hillary Clinton getting called out for the optics of going maskless as a mass staffer attends to her gown. New York City Mayor Eric Adams sporting an end gun violence tuxedo as crime soars in his city. And Kim Kardashian stunning people everywhere with her sparkling $ 5 million dress that Marilyn Monroe wore to sing Happy Birthday to President John F. Kennedy. Greg, would you like to talk about Kim Kardashian’s dress?

BUEN CAMPO: No. I couldn’t believe thatdid you see what Kilmeade wore? Increíble. He showed so much skin. It was disgusting.

PERINO: He’s been working out.

BUEN CAMPO: It’s weird though. It does show how people who like to define themselves as edgy, rebellious, or artistic, or whatever, and they love to stand out but they’rethey just have such a desperate need to belong. That when one of these events happens, they flocked to it and they all get dressed up and they all obey and they conform to the collective need to be seen.

It’s like you don’t need to go to these things but it’s like this is replacing the Oscars. And somebody tells them, their publicist says you have to be seen. But Hillary in the dress with thewith the African- American or the Black gentleman in the mask, sabes, holding her skirt or her train, quiero decir, that’s the hierarchy. That’s the structure that makes the elites happy.

You follow the rulesyou follow the rules, they don’t have to. You’re down there. I’m up here.

TARLOV: Joey, do you think that the average person who might have caught a glimpse of thisand obviously, last night this was not the big news story with the abortion case leak, but do you think that’s how they feel about this or they just think this is what rich people do?

JONES: I think the average person doesn’t know what the hell the Met Gala is or care. Escuchar, if you’ve got enough hubris and money to go dress like a Star Wars character

PIRRO: Look at this.

PERINO: Jared Leto, sí.

JONES: — they’ll do it. Yo no — No tengo ninguno — I don’t condemn any of this. What I condemn is those same people walking a block over the next day and holding some press release about how we got to, sabes, tax the rich. Me gusta, sabes, pick your side. Sabes, be a little bit consistent, a little bit less of a hypocrite, and we’ll get along just fine.

I don’t know anyI know some of those people, not really well. And I really don’t care if they had a good time. I really don’t care if they dressed like idiots for a night and called it fashion. I don’t care about that at all. What I care about is them telling me what I should do with my money. Or even worse, telling Elon Musk what he should do with his money. That’s the hypocrisy of it all. And I guess we just expect Democrats do Democrat things, supongo. No sé.

TARLOV: Bien, you don’t know if that was your final word. Dana?

PERINO: I think one of the worst things that could ever happen to me would be to be invited to that thing. I would cringe the entire time. I’ll make Greg go with me.


PERINO: So that we could at least make some fun.

BUEN CAMPO: sí. We could do a costume pair. Me gusta, No sé.

PERINO: Oh, sí. Tweet us. Tell us what we could be. Oh, boy.


PERINO: sí, there we go. I think it’s funny that the Met Gala always follows the White House Correspondents Dinner. Nunca me importó nada de esto, it’s perfect. Es solo — and I’m sure that everybody there really truly believed that rich people should have their student loans paid off. I’m sure that was a high topic of conversation.

BUEN CAMPO: I would go as Mr. Met, the big, giant Met guy.

PIRRO: With the big head?


PIRRO: With the big head?


PERINO: That’s funny.

JONES: I’ll go when I can afford nickel-plated legs.


PIRRO: Sabes, I don’t begrudge them doing this. What I do begrudge is, sabes, sometimes I think the mayor probably spent more time on ending gun violence in terms of making that suit and putting it on than he has in actually trying to end gun violence. Because when he went to Albany and came back, he yelled at the press because he didn’t like — sabes, he didn’t want to answer how he failed in Albany.

I love that Elon Musk brought his mother.


PIRRO: Ahora, I love him even more. Y, sabes — sabes, let them do their thing. They’re happy with themselves. Sabes, good for them. Trump tendía a exagerar a veces?

TARLOV: Y yo sé — his mom used to be a supermodel.

PIRRO: sí, she was a supermodel.

BUEN CAMPO: (INAUDIBLE) Did you know that?

TARLOV: Yo no.

BUEN CAMPO: sí. She was on the cover of many, many fashion magazines.

PIRRO: sí.

BUEN CAMPO: You can look it up.

TARLOV: I will look it up when I’m free.


TARLOV: Estoy emocionado. “THE FASTESTis up next.


PERINO: Bienvenido de nuevo. It’s time forTHE FASTEST.First up, a gigantic wild turkey is terrorizing Washington D.C. residentes. And nobody seems to be able to capture him. The Angry Bird has been attacking cyclists, runners, and walkers for months. Joey, they might want to send you down there.

JONES: A couple of things. Number one, I used to ride a handcycle on the Mount Vernon trail in D.C. or on theon the Virginia side and I used to get attacked by geese every day. Nobody cared about that, a guy with no legs get attacked by a flock of geese.

también, this bird is not attacking. It’s March, abril, casi — it’s May now. He’s mating. Él es — he thinks that bike a female turkey.

PIRRO: With the bicycle?

BUEN CAMPO: Who hasn’t?

JONES: Understand what happens with birds. Number two, if they would allow us to hunt turkeys in DC, this wouldn’t be a problem. He’d be on my wall and in my freezer. He wouldn’t be terrorizing anybody on the bicycle.

PERINO: veo. OK, Yo no — do you think that he’s trying to mate with that bike?

BUEN CAMPO: No. Obviamente, he’s very concerned about the Roe v Wade being overturned. I believe an MSNBC reporter has labeled him an insurrectionist. I think we need to establish a committee to find it if this turkey is just the tip of the turkey supremacist movement.

PERINO: Juez, Qué opinas?



PIRRO: I don’t know why that person doesn’t get on the bicycle and start paddling. Why does that person keep going around and around.

BUEN CAMPO: And he’s filming it? Who’s filming it?

PERINO: sí, he’s filming it.


PIRRO: No sé. quiero decir, it’s stupid.

PERINO: Jessica?

PIRRO: OK, go to the next guy. And that’s all I have to say.

PERINO: Jessica?

TARLOV: I didn’t know that there were so many wild turkeys in DC, not just this one. quiero decir —

PERINO: There are a lot of turkeys in D.C.

PIRRO: sí.

PERINO: Seamos claros. Maybe some not so wild.

JONES: That’s just athat’s just Jake. He’s not even a full-grown Tom.

PERINO: Está bien, up next model coming up with aI guess it’s a super smart way to vet her date. She gives them an IQ test the first time they meet. And if they don’t score above average, then they’re out. Jessica, do you like that idea?

TARLOV: No, it’s horrible. It keeps you single a really long time

PIRRO: sí.

TARLOV: — if you’re doing things like that. It’s achy


TARLOV: It gives women bad

JONES: No sé. Me gusta, maybe litmus test, does he have a job? Sabes, stuff like that first.

PERINO: Is he a good person? Does he have a good heart?

JONES: sí, sabes. There’s a lot of dumb people out there to make good money and make you laugh. I’m one of them, sabes.

PERINO: What do you think about her method, Greg?

BUEN CAMPO: She is in a quandary. I feel bad for her because the person who flunked the IQ test is anyone who dates her, derecho?

PIRRO: Well said.

BUEN CAMPO: Because I mean, a smart person would run from her like she was on fire.

JONES: Así es.

BUEN CAMPO: Those are the brainiacs. If you say, Oye, she seems like a real natural catch. sí, you’re stupid.

PERINO: Juez, she says that she’s often underestimated by men who assume she’s stupid because she’s so good-looking and she is a model.

BUEN CAMPO: Can we show a picture of her?

PIRRO: Sabes que, if she’s underestimated by men, what do you think the men think of her in terms of her saying, sabes, you’ve got to take ityou got to take an IQ test. quiero decir, esa es —

BUEN CAMPO: Show the picture.

JONES: Pero tu sabes —

PIRRO: We got a picture of her?

JONES: That is kind of a thing though.

BUEN CAMPO: We don’t have a picture of her? That’s the story.

PIRRO: Do you have a picture of her?

BUEN CAMPO: sí, in my wallet. Esperar.

PERINO: OK, let’s do the third topic please. Aquí vamos. Finalmente, science finds that teen brains literally tuned out their mom’s voice. As teenagers mature, their brains are wired to listen to their parents less than they did when they were younger. Juez, that seemsis it logical?

PIRRO: Déjame decirte. As soon as my kids turn into teenagers, they didn’t hear a word I said, which is why I talk at this level all the time.

PERINO: Joey, your daughter is too young to tune you out.

JONES: I’ve got a 12-year-old son.


JONES: And he stillhe still fears me enough not to me out. I don’t know how he treats his mom. It’s a different house. But I will say, this is evolution at play. When you have to become an adult, assume responsibility, you can’t do that if you’re leaning to mom and dad.

PERINO: You have to go from being a Jake to a Tom.

JONES: That’s exactly right.

PERINO: Jessica, you have a baby.

TARLOV: Asi que, I only have 12.5 years left.

PERINO: sí. You better enjoy her.

TARLOV: sí. Eso fue —

PIRRO: There she is.

TARLOV: And here she is.

PERINO: She’s super cute.

JONES: Hermosa.

TARLOV: My little

BUEN CAMPO: Greg, did youdid you ever tune out your mom?

BUEN CAMPO: No, I couldn’t because we didn’t have phones back then. You know what this is? This is evolution. It’s the homefrom the homo sapien to the homo techno.

PERINO: I thought it was techno sapien?

BUEN CAMPO: Techno Sapien? No sé. It’s whatever grimes says is correct.


BUEN CAMPO: But it’s like, we are actuallywe are now designing our own evolution. We are changing our bodies. Terrell critica a Biden por vender al público estadounidense para satisfacer a los extremistas del Green New Deal — because welook at


BUEN CAMPO: Have you watchedhave you watched how — me gusta, I watched young women in ourin our building. When they walk, they were developing a really bad

PERINO: The hunch?

BUEN CAMPO: The hunch. And that’s not going to go away.

JONES: We are losing our pinky toe because we wear shoes. Asi que, I consider myself a hit with the evolutionary thing.

PERINO: And with that, “ONE MORE THINGis up next.

PIRRO: En realidad?


BUEN CAMPO: It’s time now forONE MORE THING.I get to go first. Tonight’s show is a real banger as they say in England. I got Johnny Joey Jones, Emily camarada, Kat Timpf, Tyrus. It’s going to be so much

PERINO: Oh, you’re friends.

BUEN CAMPO: And our new studio. And now let’s do this.


BUEN CAMPO: Animals are great! Animals are great! Animals are great!


BUEN CAMPO: Sabes, in journalism we say, when a man bites a dogor dog bites a man, it’s not a story. When a man bites a dog, it’s a story. But what about a fish biting a cat? Mira esto. The cat is getting pretty cocky. He thinks he can get the fish. Bien, he didn’t know who he’s dealing with. El locutor de radio conservador Erick Erickson calificó las declaraciones de la administración de Biden como.

JONES: Eso es genial.

BUEN CAMPO: Eso es increíble. I think thatI wish Tyrus is here. He would tell me what kind of fish that is. The cat ends up having to suck on his own little paw but we

PERINO: That’s a real fish bites cat story.

BUEN CAMPO: Exactamente. Gracias.

PIRRO: Guau. Is that a piranha?

BUEN CAMPO: No sé. Piranhas are deceptively calm, Juez. And your next.

PIRRO: Oh, gracias. OK, so the next time you go to Home Depot anytime soon, I hope that you have a better plan than the person in this car. Echar un vistazo. This person has got wood sticking out of his car as he smashes through an intersection. Check this oblivioushe’s on a Texas freeway.

PERINO: What an idiot.

PIRRO: As you can see, he couldn’t be bothered renting a truck. He destroys a road sign. He strikes another vehicle with a lumbar. And left large pieces of woods scattered all over the road before driving off into the sunset without a care in the world. And half the wood that he bought at Home Depot.

PERINO: I don’t think he’d be able to date that model.

JONES: If you don’t drive a truck, you don’t know what to do with that anyway.

BUEN CAMPO: Ahí tienes. I would not do that. Jessica?

TARLOV: Asi que, a 70-year-old Michael Kish has gone viral for proving that age is just a number showing off his amazing wheels and running a 13.47 segundo 100 meter dash. The grandfather blew away the competition and won the 70 and over age bracket at the Penn relays last week. It’s gotten millions of views with viewers of all ages wanting a shot to race the elderly speedster.

For comparison, the average 100-meter dash time for top Olympic athletes is just over 10 segundos. Just a few seconds faster than Michael’s time at 70 años.

PERINO: Oh, Dios mío.

TARLOV: Incredible, derecho?


BUEN CAMPO: De hecho, he was running towards the bathroom. Dana? Lo siento.

PERINO: That was funny. I want you to meetI want to introduce you to a young Wendy. This is Wendy. This is Wendy, a sea lion. And she lives in the Galapagos Islands. And every day she comes to this hotel and she just swims along. Ella es como, sabes, I know there’s a big ocean out here but I think I’m just going to take a dip in the pool.

Y entonces, that’s her chair. And it doesn’t matter who’s there. Ella es como, Perdóneme, I’m going to take a nap right there.

JONES: That’s what I would like, going from the pool to the shore.

PERINO: The name is Wendy. And if you go to this hotel in the Galapagos Islands, you can meet her.

BUEN CAMPO: That’s silly. That’s a terrible name for a seal. Wendy is a girl’s name for like a human being.

PIRRO: How do you know that seal is a female?


TARLOV: He’s saying that there’s an animal name.

PIRRO: Look at this. Look at this.

JONES: What would you name her?

PERINO: Es hilarante. Él era como, Perdóneme, can I have my towel?

BUEN CAMPO: Seal. I’ve named him seal after one of my favorite musicians.

PERINO: sí, por supuesto.

PIRRO: Oh, that is so creative.

PERINO: Oye, real quick. Another news, my Everything Will Be Okay podcast is out today again. And Arthur Brooks was my guest. He wrote a book called From Strength to Strength. And he talks about maximizing your happiness 401K. It’s a really, really great conversation.

PIRRO: Oh, that’s wonderful.

BUEN CAMPO: Está bien, where are we? Joey.


JONES: OK, May is Military Appreciation Month and there’s non-profit I’m on the board of. It’s been involved in my life since I’ve lost my legs. It’s called Boot Campaign. Go to bootcampaign.org/militaryappreciation. Asi que, what they’re doing, they’re doing a physical fitness challenge. El World Car of the Year será un Ford eléctrico 69- year-old man that’s running 31 miles a day every day in May to celebrate the extortion 1731 that were lost on August 6, which was also my lab day.

I’m on a team. I don’t know what physical fitness I have to do to make this happen but — asi que, go check it out. Sign up for your physical fitness challenge.

PERINO: Él es 70?

JONES: 69.

PIRRO: No, 69. And he doesn’t run as fast as 70 —

PERINO: But he runs 31 miles a day?

BUEN CAMPO: That’s crazy.

TARLOV: But he’s a veteran.

BUEN CAMPO: It makes my knees hurt just thinking about it.

PIRRO: sí, my knees are killing me too.

JONES: Mine too.

BUEN CAMPO: Bien, that’s it for us. “SPECIAL REPORTis up next. Oye, Bret! Cómo estás?

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