'The Five' on voters believing Biden is too liberal

NEIL CAVUTO, FOX NEWS HOST: Art, thank you very, molto. Art Del Cueto, the Border Patrol Union VP. And sadly, he’s been proving (inaudible) accurate and all of this stuff. And as for the border and that it’s closed down. Apparentemente, it is still open like a sieve. “I cinque” is now.

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Ciao, tutti. I’m Jesse Watters along with Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino, Geraldo Rivera and Dr. Nicole Saphier. Suo

5:00 in New York City and this isThe Five.

A growing number of Americans think that President Biden is too liberal, and he is giving them trillions of reasons to think that. The president getting ready to supercharge his progressive agenda with levels of spending we haven’t seen since World War II.

Despite signs of runaway inflation, Biden is set to roll out a new $ 6 trillion budget plan. It includes big chunks of change for things like infrastructure, formazione scolastica, and fighting climate change. Biden is in Ohio today boasting about the economy and taking shots at Republicans.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENTE DEGLI STATI UNITI: This is our moment to rebuild an economy from the bottom up and the middle out. Not a trickle-down economy.

Every time I talk about tax cuts for working-class people, it’s oh my god, cosa faremo? Bene, we’re going to take back some of that 1 percent money.

Even my Republican friends in Congress, not a single one of them voted for the rescue plan. I’m not going to embarrass any one of them, but I have here a list, of how back in their districts they are breaking about the rescue plan. intendo, some people have no shame.


WATTERS: As for the president’s agenda, 46 percent of Americans say Biden is too liberal. And that’s up 10 percent from December 2019 when he was running as a moderate. And Dana, I checked the internals, the partisan breakdown is good. I approve of that poll so you can

DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: Bene, thank goodness for that.

WATTERS: — take that to the bank. What did you think of Biden out there, getting out of the White House, going to Ohio and trying to sell six trillion?

PERINO: He’s going to have to do a lot of selling because the longer this infrastructure bill sits out there without a deal, while he is planning on additional spending, you have to start asking yourself then, what problem are you trying to solve?

The Republicans have come forward and said, Guarda, you went from $ 2.3 miliardi a $ 1.7 miliardi. We’re offering you $ 1.05 billion and we’re going

we want to use all this unspent COVID money, which I think to a lot of people makes a lot of sense.

But if we also have to deal with the possibility of inflationEd Lawrence was just on Fox the previous hour talking about how if you’re going to have a barbecue this weekend, there’s all these products that are costing a lot more, including meat, for example and that’s whateverybody is buying that.

The housing market, you have very inflated prices and so that is boxing younger people out of buying homes. And there are all these real problems.

And it is okay, the administration should know it, it’s okay to take the autopilot off and fly the plane yourself when there are changing conditions.

Adesso, he’s out there saying how great the economy is, but yet, he wants to spend all this money to fix the economy when all of these flashing yellow lights are like, bene, wait a second, maybe we don’t need that particular help.

I think on the moderate thing and that heor a moderate liberal, it’s interesting because they definitely hid behind the moderate claim during the election. But then as soon as he was elected, he was like, bene, why are you surprised? This is what I said I was going to do during the campaign.

Ma ricorda, the campaign was what it was. They didn’t cover anything.

There’s nothing to cover.


PERINO: Così, some people seem a little bit surprised. Ma quello 46 percent number, quella 10 percent since January, as COVID continues to get a little further in the rearview mirror, I think that that number could probably go higher and the next 100 days for him is going to be pre-talk (ph).

WATTERS: I agree that that number, is moderate mantle just got blown out of the water. And it’s because $ 6 trilioni, Geraldo. intendo, that’s an alimony payment for you, but for most people, they look at $ 6 trilioni, and they say wow!

GERALDO RIVERA, FOX NEWS HOST: I’ve never had an ex-wife say anything bad about me. Quello è (inaudible). Così, when you — sai, I think it

WATTERS: Do you think normal Americans are looking at $ 6 trilioni, does that register?

RIVERA: Non credo proprio. I really don’t think so. I think that when you look at Biden’s popularity, he is in the mid-50s. intendo, as most Americans, sai, the country is divided anyway, most Americans want the rich to pay more taxes. Most Americans want corporations to pay more taxes.

Sai, he is a nice guy. He soft sells. He came here to Cleveland today.

Sai, he cheered everyone getting vaccinated. He cheered our state’s vacci-million contest. Sai, a nice lady from southeast Ohio won. A kid got a full scholarship to a state school. Così, he toured the tech side of it.

And basically soak (ph) the rich platform for a Democrat in the early stages of his first term is not bad strategy. penso che, sai, he is doing okay. What’s the difference between $ 1.9 trillion and $ 1.1 trilioni?

Sai, if it’s more than $ 100, $ 1,000, sai, these numbers are so astronomical, we can’t even conceive of them.

Ma tu sai, in summary, I think that he’s doing okay and that this plan, sai, the build back better, if he can stick to highways and bridges, and internet, and some of the things people understand and not

PERINO: But that’s not what’s in it.

RIVERA: — his pork barrel stuff, I think he will be fine.

WATTERS: sì, but Greg, to Geraldo’s point, sai, you could soak the rich, but if you add trillions and spending to that, you jack up inflation and the people that aren’t rich are startingthey’re going to feel pinched.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: sì, that’s the disincentive that the Democrats ignore. The sad reality is, is that small government isn’t just dead. Small government is dead and we’re abusing the corpse. intendo, this is likethat’s why when you’re — hai ragione. Nobody understands these numbers.

RIVERA: It’s gross.

GUTFELD: It is gross. It makes me sick to my stomach. Guarda, the campaign strategy that Biden had is the same strategy he has now as a president. The key feature is no transparency. Everything the White House does is meant to prevent you from seeing how hard left the mission has become. It’s the opposite of the previous boss, whether you like Trump or you hated him.

He did everything in front of you. Joe is more like a paid spokesman for an infomercial for a product that you never actually see. And then you get to this poll, destra, which proves this amazing point. In polls of like liberal perception, it’s presented as a negative when you are seen as too liberal.

Even by the liberals.

That if you say hey, look at this, he’s really liberal. No, no, no. They can’t even bethey can’t even afford to be seen as a purer version of their own ideology, which tells you two things. Uno, liberalism can only be tolerated in small doses. It’s kind of like whipped cream on ice cream.

And they need to lie about their depth of liberalism in order to survive.

So Joe Biden is kind of like the old west movie setsGeraldo knows what I’m talking aboutwhere the banks and the hotels are simply one- dimensional.

But behind it, something else is going on and it’s AOC and its woke-ism.

It’s not the trillion-dollar stuff that scares me. It’s the woke-ism that’s coming out.

WATTERS: Speaking of ice cream, Dott. Zaffiro, the president got a scoop or two today and the big question was, what flavor was it from the media? intendo, he could just coast on stuff like that. He never has to reveal what Greg was saying, what is going on behind the scenes.

NICOLE SAPHIER, FOX NEWS HOST: I’m going to bet that it was vanilla. If I know President Biden at all at this point, it’s probably vanilla. Just a very flat vanilla. Ma, sai, a couple of points that I want to make on this.

Prima di tutto, when you have like Larry Summers, the Obama-Clinton official warning about some of the rise in minimum wage and the regulation and the support of the unions, saying that that could, sai, obviously lead to a very large inflation, I listen.

When you have the Alan Greenwald (ph) saying that what President Biden recently did with the waiver of intellectual property rights causing businesses to quickly raise their prices, intendo, I’m going to listen to these people. They know what they are talking about.

But one point that I did notice from what President Biden was saying, what happened to that unity, that bipartisan unity? He goes up there and like a child, holds up a list of Republican’s names saying that they were bragging and touting.

I look some of those up. Sai, rappresentante. McCarthy, the one that he said he was bragging about it, rappresentante. McCarthy just posted the link for small businesses in his district to get financial help. He said I didn’t vote for this because I didn’t agree with everything in it, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want support for our small businesses.

So I actually think that this continues, this verbiage is continuing to create the division that I think most people voted for President Biden because they didn’t want anymore.

WATTERS: So you’re saying the president might be being a little dishonest?

Wow! I am shocked to hear that Dr. Nicole. A politician being a little slick.

SAPHIER: Bene, I’m not sure I said that, Jessie.

WATTERS: I’ve never heard that before. Tutto ok, coming up, liberal cities trying to refund the police after a stunning rise in violent crime.


PERINO: A prominent defund the police politician in Atlanta getting his car stolen by a group of kids in broad daylight.


ANTONIO BROWN, ATLANTA MAYORAL CANDIDATE: The three other kids were trying to figure out to get in the car or stay out of the car. He started to hit on the gas, didn’t (ph) let go. And then the kid started to drag me in the car a half a block.


PERINO: So the councilman, Antonio Brown, who is running for mayor says he will not press charges. That comes as America faces a nationwide surge in violent crime. Homicide is rising by triple digits in some cities compared to this time last year, Compreso 800 percent in Portland, 800 per cento.

And some cities are reversing course on defunding police with lawmakers in New York City, Gli angeli, and Baltimore proposing more funding for departments. Jesse, I know you are a stickler for consequences for kids.

But Antonio Brown is running on one of his platforms of reimagining the police.

WATTERS: sì. Bene, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to stop crime. You just get tough on crime and crime goes down. We got to talk about this story. The kids that carjacks Brown were ages 6 per 12. A 6-year-old jacked a car. Not off to a good start in life.

And then the council member tries to fight the first-graders and seventh graders and ends up losing the fight. And then clings to the car as it drives away and gets dragged a half a block. You never cling to a car.

How many shows has this guy seen on TV, destra? And then he goes no, I don’t want to press any charges. This is my solution. I want to create a new government program to keep these kids occupied during the day. We have one.

It’s called school. Is this guy new, destra?

And then he says, Oh, I was in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for one of those Baskin-Robbins DunkinDonuts combos where they were giving out a $ 1,000 check for a school nutrition program. Doughnuts and ice cream people are giving kids money for school nutrition, destra?

So then he says he wants to do this. He says he wants to restructure the police department in Atlanta and create a new department. And this is a department of wellness. I think people feel well when they are not getting shot, because shootings are up 40 percent in Atlanta right now.

And this guy is under federal indictment for bank fraud. So he goes around and lies about his income in order to get new credit cards and bank loans and spends them on Mercedes and Range Rovers. Then when he gets caught, he says no, no, no, I was the victim of identity theft. It wasn’t me.

This guy wants to run Atlanta. I’m beginning to think politicians want to defund the police so they can commit more crimes.

PERINO: And Greg, one of your favorite governors, he had some thoughts on crime here in New York City. Ascolta.


ANDREW CUOMO, GOVERNOR OF NEW YORK: We have a major crime problem in New York City. We have a major problem in the subway system. New Yorkers don’t feel safe. You know why they don’t feel safe? Because the crime rate is up.

It’s not that they are being neurotic or overly sensitive. Hanno ragione.

Hanno ragione.


PERINO: The first step is acknowledging there’s a problem may be?

GUTFELD: sì. I think he isthat’s his way of getting back at de Blasio for not supporting him and I don’t, sai, he just loves to hear his own voice. Sai, when Jesse brought up the age of the car thief being six years old, it reminds you that those shocking horrific videos of police interaction that end in tragedy are often the final acts in a very, very long play.

So if you think about that 6-year-old, what will that 6-year-old be in 20 years or 30 anni? Will he be on the street and will it end ugly? There was a crazy story in England where a vehement anti-police BLM activist was shot, critically wounded at a house party.

The police caught her attackers and I think there were five young men, swiftly. Really fast. And it justthe bigger point is that even if you hate cops, the cops still work on your behalf and they do the best job they can. It’s not political. It’s not personal. They are not like leftists who bring their politics to work. These cops, they went out and they did their job, even though the person that was shot wanted full defunding of the police.

We can’t let the media rewrite history like they always do. Numero uno, it’s the media activists class that took a traffictragic incident and cast all police as corrupt which caused the Ferguson effect. They pull back through inconsequence for their actions. That increased the crime in all of these cities where minorities are getting hurt the most, where young blacks are shooting other blacks and people are dying.

This is an absolute problem and the big lie was the cover-up of the crime because it was going to hurt the Democrats in the election so they just ignored it. And it’s possibly, in my belief, damaged a lot of our cities permanently. And it’s hurt the poorest among them.

PERINO: James Carville had an op-ed in “Il giornale di Wall Street” oggi.

Geraldo, I want to get your take on it. He said Democrats are the anti- crime party and then he saysTrump was lawless himself and violence exploded on his watch. Republican law and order talk is empty.I thought there was a lot lacking in this op-ed like the fact that there are mayors in the cities.

GUTFELD: Sanity.

RIVERA: Destra. You have now the attorney general, Merrick Garland, is vowing federal aid to fight the violent crime spikes in these Democratic states and cities. intendo, they are not just going to lie back and let the Republicans thrash them over it.

But listen, the reality is New York City murder is up 22 per cento. That’s very, very scary. D.C., 27 percent jump in slayings. Sai, it’s horrible. The situation is horrible. Defund the police is the most virulently masochistic movement ever because the people who need cops the most were the ones who are saying they want to defund the cops. They demoralize the cops.

And what happened? Crime naturally exploded that people took advantage of the situation. Jesse started the segment by saying you fight crime with a strict enforcement. È proprio così. I want to bring back stop and frisk. I want to bring back, sai, broken windows policing.

It wasn’t an accident that crime was defeated. And on the down slide, it was affirmative action that saved black kid’s lives. And we’ve got to wake up. We’ve got to wake up and be brave enough to say that it is racist to ignore what is really going on. It is a ghetto civil war going on.

PERINO: Nicole, a lot of these cities are trying to, sai, put money back into the police department, which so many of these cities, especially New York City and Minneapolis. I can’t remember the exact number, but the number of police officers that have retired instead of continued, you can’t replace that kind of experience with new recruits. And plus, there are hardly any new recruits.


SAPHIER: Dana, what we have seen over the last couple of years is they have just completely demolished the police in the public’s eye. They continue to beat them down. Why would people want to be a police officer? What we are seeing right now with the increased crime rates and flat out anarchy in certain areas of the country is the intersection between the pandemic stress and the pull back from police.

And Jesse made a valid point and I don’t say that often, but he did when he was talking about schooling. Atlanta just said that kids, they promised, are going to be in full time in-person schooling in September 2021. Bene, sai cosa, they should have been full-time in-person September 2020 when the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics said that’s when they should have been in school because we know negative consequences are going to come and children who are not in school have a much higher risk of doing criminal activities like these young children we just saw.

PERINO: Well said. Coming up, the White House keeps repeating that the border is closed, but exclusive video that we have just for you shows otherwise.


GUTFELD: Così, repeating the same thing over and over again will never make it true. Biden’s DHS chief continues to find that out the hard way.


ALEJANDRO MAYORKAS, HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY: The president could not have been clearer in his articulation of this administration’s position, nor could I have been clearer and continue to be so, which is the border is closed. And this administration administers and enforces the laws of the United States of America.


GUTFELD: The Biden administration is saying that while exclusive new video shows migrants streaming across the border and running away from agents and this is disturbing. Border Patrol stopped 10 sex offenders over a one-week period.

Così, Geraldo, I’m going to go to you first on the icky stuff. They have seen a 3,000 —

RIVERA: The sex offenders.

GUTFELD: sì. They’ve seen 3,166 percent increase in arrests of convicted sex offenders. This included people charged with lewd and lascivious acts with children, sexual assaults of children, persons under 13 and statutory rape. So these arethey’re notthese are not the best people is what we’re getting atto quoteto quote a former president.

RIVERA: I think you’re wrong about that. I think you’re wrong about that and it’s of course interesting and effective to emphasize these abhorrent people who come over. They should be crushed, arrestato, their hands smashed. They should be sent away forever. But that’s not the vast majority of these people running through the bushes that we all have been seeing thanks to the, sai, drone footage that we are getting for the first time.

Where are they going? The vast majority of Americans never see them. Why did the never see them? Because they are absorbed into our economy. They are babysitting. They are mowing the lawn. They are washing the dishes in the restaurant. They are working in the poultry processing plant and the meat packing plant.

They are going across the border because American employers are saying come on, we’ve got jobs for you. You see all these help-wanted signs? These people are heading someplace where they are going to be absorbed into the fabric of the country, the vast — al di sopra di 11 million are here and I think that number is way low. I think there’s more than that.

We have to recognize that as long as we are pulling, giving them the magnet, come on, we’ll give you a job, they’re going to come.

GUTFELD: sì. credo, intendo, Geraldo, but there is something called a process, sai. If you want a process, it doesn’t make you anti- immigrazione. And we do have jobs, but if they take the jobs then the wages will be lower and then the liberals can’t ask for a higher wage. What do you make of this, Jesse?

WATTERS: sì. You kneecap the minimum wage and it drives wages down for hardworking Americans. sono d'accordo. I want an orderly process right now. That’s not orderly. This guy, Mayorkas, reminds me of the reporter that stood in front of the burning building and said this was a peaceful protest. What else is he going to tell us, those people running across? No, no, no, that’s just the Mexican Olympic track team. They’re just getting ready for the games. intendo, he thinks we’re stupid, destra? We’re stupid.

Piace, if you saw a bar with 100 people in it, would you say the bar is closed? No, the bar is not closed. You have a bouncer booed out two people.

But every two people he bounces out, four people come back in. That’s not close. That’s happy hour. And then they’re saying we won’t even deport you also unless you’re convicted of an aggravated felony.

Così, you can actually punch me in the face and Joe Biden won’t deport you.

You could get drunk and drive your car into Gutfeld’s house


WATTERS: — and they will deport you. sì, you can graffiti Dana’s beach house, and they won’t deport you. There’s a whole host of things that you can do, bank fraud. You can steal Geraldo’s credit card, take out loans, and they won’t deport you. And you could probably take out a lot of loans on Geraldo’s line of credit.

And you’re right, Greg. Trump was right. Ricorda, he said they were letting in rapists? Bene, just not in 10 di loro, Tutto ok.

GUTFELD: sì. Jesse, I actually looked at into the laws and if you punch Jesse Watters in the face, you get instant citizenship. Non sono —

WATTERS: That’s onthat’s on the books?

GUTFELD: That’s actually on the books. It was introducedit was introduced over ten years ago.

RIVERA: I’ve seen it. È vero.

WATTERS: sì, that’s inciting. You are inciting people now.

GUTFELD: I am. Così, Medico, would there also health consequences or ramifications to this? I doubt that they’rewe’re closely monitoring the COVID symptoms and all the people coming in and going back.

SAPHIER: Bene, it’s more than just that, Greg. Sai, I did actually a lot of my training in Arizona, and I worked in the county hospital. And I, sai, I helped to care for a lot of illegal immigrants. E sì, in the time of a global pandemic, we don’t necessarily want to be bringing people from different countries that may be bringing in different variants.

But when they cross all of these deserts, they have renal failure, cardiac failure, they get very sick, and they come across and they’re ill. And they come and they need health care. E, sai, Là, there isn’t a parallel increase in crime when it comes with illegal immigrant activity.

Ma tu sai, as Geraldo did point out, a lot of people are seeking refuge.

But there is a process for that.

And as we’re seeing with the defund police movement, the whole abolish ICE movement needs to take a look at what happened there and it didn’t go over well. Così, we need to enforce more of the process to get people over safely.

GUTFELD: Sai, Dana, it seems to be the strategy here is kind of like to let the American attention span simply fatigue. The assumption is that over someabout a time, we’ll just lose interest in this story. Summer comes, people going toand then this will just kind of like continue on and on. It reminds me of Portland. How like Portland every night, it’s the same problem. It’s still there.

PERINO: lo so, Dan Springer did a report for us the other day. And even though it was breaking news, I felt like I’d seen it 100 times before, because that’s what’s been going on every night. I also wonder I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen a less effective communicator then Secretary Mayorkas. I’m not even sure there’s like a real person in there. Piace, the way he talks about, è come — it sounds robotic. And it doesn’t sound like they have any heart in it.

There’s two possible things that are going to happen on a policy front to keep in mind on the COVID issue. President Trump had an executive order that basically said, if you’re coming from a country that has high COVID cases, then you can be out basically deported right away, turned away, you’re not allowed to come in. Apparentemente, that could go away soon. Così, there goes anotherthere goes another tool.

And the other thing is, and this just broken, and I’m working on getting the details on what’s exactly here. But when you apply for a green card, your wife did, my husband did, destra? Così, you have to fill out all this paperwork, say all of these things. Bene, nel — on the form is a thing about either any past punishments or jail terms or convictions or anything like that. That helps the process be done properly. They’re about to take that out.

GUTFELD: È pazzesco.

PERINO: Così, that wouldn’tthat wouldn’t even be something that you had to admit to when you were applying for a green card.

GUTFELD: Bene, that’s bad news, Dana. I hope you’re wrong. Tutto ok, up next, socialist Bernie Sanders is being called a diva for his list of travel demands. I’m going to defend him.


RIVERA: Welcome back to THE FIVE. Socialism is not the only thing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is demanding. A new book claims the senator has a long list of hotel demands that include preferred suites with bathtubs, king-size bed, room be kept at 60 degrees, and an extra blanket that has to be dark blue and made of cotton. We should hook them up with the My Pillow guy.

Sanders also became a huge fan of private planes during the campaign at least if they’re getting over thelittle embarrassedpulling into the private terminals thing. But Greg, sai, you said you were going to defend him. You don’t fault him for wanting to avoid horrible commercial airports. Doesn’t that makethat’s notit doesn’t make him a bad person.

GUTFELD: This is why I like Bernie Sanders. Sai, come sai, everybody here in THE FIVE knows that I’m an expert in diva behavior. A thermostat at 60 is not diva behavior, it’s necessary when you need to sleep. It’s also like you’re not supposed to be cozy when you’re working.

You’re supposed to be cold because it keeps you awake.

E anche, intendo, piace, Guarda, sai, he’s got to get somewhere, if you can use a private plane duringit’s easier during a campaign. My problem only is that as a socialist who’s never actually lived in a socialist paradise, perhaps he should stay in really bad hotels, because even the worst hotels in America are better than the ones in Cuba, but he should at least get a taste of it.

RIVERA: Dott. Zaffiro, first of all, I’d like to thank you for all your guidance during the pandemic. Your advice, your expertise really helped calm the waters, focus us on what it takes. Bernie Sanders is 79 Anni, a year or so older than I am. At what point do we seniors typically need extra attention?

SAPHIER: Bene, sai, I was researching for this extremely important topic that we’re talking about because it is very serious. And I have to agree, sai, il 60 degrees and a king-size bed, that sounds quite lovely to me. But I want toI really want to know what the blue blanket is all about.

PERINO: Me too.

SAPHIER: Why blue? He has gray hair, you could definitely see the grays on it. That’s the only question.

WATTERS: I’ll explain it.

SAPHIER: But did you know that Kanye West, all that he likes, he just wants lip balm, shower shoes, and a lot of alcohol. intendo, that seems reasonable too.


RIVERA: I want space, lots of space. Dana, doesn’t everybody want lots of space? Does everybody want to fly first class?

PERINO: Bene, sì. If you ever have a chance to fly on a private plane, it’s like wow, you do not ever want to go back. But then of course you’re slapping it to the airport and going through TSA and taking your shoes off.

The blanket thing reminded me of like Linus. That’s the first thing I thought of. The other thing I was thinking is that why isn’t AOC out there outraged? Do you know how many greenhouse gas emissions are wasted keeping a room at 60 degrees at all times? That is really outrageous. That’s the scandal here. We must follow up on it tomorrow.

RIVERA: Jesse, do you remember your first time?

SAPHIER: Excellent point.

WATTERS: My first time of what, Geraldo?

RIVERA: First class, first-class, or private plane.

WATTERS: sì, no, sai, it allit all blends together. But I understand the blue blanket. That is the power move. Because most blankets

RIVERA: I see.

WATTERS: — that are cotton under blankets are white or cream-colored so you’re actually making the hotel manager go out and acquire a blue blanket.

But the rest of it is so basic. Guarda, Bernie does it like being near the ice machine? What is Bernie going to ask for late check-out next time? And then like, he requires a bath. Bernie is taking a bath and a hotel in Iowa or New Hampshire. Oh my god, the image.

The private jet request was funny though. Bernie requests a private jet that’s not too bumpy.


WATTERS: intendo, Bernie, that’s called turbulence. The pilot has to just find smoother air. There’s not like a bumpy jet and a non-bumpy jet. He’s like a child.

PERINO: It’s not like a shock system in a car.

WATTERS: It’s kind of cute. It’s like cute, sai?

RIVERA: I think he’s adorable.

SAPHIER: But that’s another point for AOC in itself. He was chartering plane.


SAPHIER: Where’s AOC at on the outrage.

PERINO: Outrage.

RIVERA: “THE FASTEST THREEup next. Don’t go away.


SAPHIER: And welcome back. It is time forTHE FASTEST.First up, it was a lucky shot. Abbigail Bugenske taking home $ 1 million as the first person to win Ohio’s vaccine lottery. Four others still have a chance to win. And teenager Joseph Costello won the first full-ride scholarship to any Ohio State College.

Così, this is interesting, ragazzi. This is one of the vaccination push moves to try and get more people vaccinated. Jesse, what’s your take on this?

WATTERS: Sta funzionando. And I think that’s good. And I’m going to try that with my twins, throw a little lottery reaction there. Instead of saying, girls, I want you to both make your beds and give you $ 1.00, I’m going to say girls, I want both of you to make your beds and one of you, if you do, could be in the running for a cash prize, and that would spice it up.

SAPHIER: I like it.

PERINO: But if there’s only two of them, won’t they figure it out?

WATTERS: I don’t think I’d figure it out.

SAPHIER: Così, I’m all for incentives. Greg, positive or negative incentives when it comes to vaccination? Should we give positive incentives like the lotteries or the negative incentives were only vaccinated could enjoy certain liberations?

GUTFELD: I think that if you weren’t vaccinated, you should be imprisoned.

In realtà, sai cosa — sai cosa? The bestthe best incentive for vaccinations was not wearing a mask.


GUTFELD: That was the bestthat’s the best A plus B equals C, and it’s something that the Biden administration had missed until late. Who knows how many people have died because of that? That’s me pretending to be a Democrat. He has blood on his hands. A proposito, $ 1 million is not a lot of money after taxes. Jesse spends more on that in hair gel and massages


GUTFELD: È vero.

WATTERS: Not necessarily in that order.

SAPHIER: Geraldo, cosa pensi?

RIVERA: Sai, I have a list of demands.

SAPHIER: Geraldo, good idea or bad idea?

RIVERA: I have a list of demands for President Trump to win back my support. One of the minor ones is he has to go to his supporters and say they must get vaccinated if they want his love. Because here in Ohio, the people who are not vaccinated are in the southern part of the state.

They’re Trump supporters and it is a crime against humanity.

I think that everyone needs to be vaccinated and Donald Trump should use his leverage, his popularity with that group to get them all vaccinated.

WATTERS: Geraldo, that’s a list of demands

GUTFELD: It’s not Trump supporters, it’s also minorities.

SAPHIER: Geraldo, we don’t have enough time, but I have a lot to say to that.


WATTERS: Geraldo’s demands.

SAPHIER: I have a lot to say to that, Geraldo. But Dana, cosa pensi, good or bad?

PERINO: Let melet me give you that time. I’ll yield to you so you can make your point.

SAPHIER: Bene, sai, the concept of herd immunity in mytraditionally, it’s never been the goal to vaccinate 100 percent of the population. And the fact is, it’s to get enough immunity whether its existing natural immunity or vaccine-induced to a level where we have drastically declining cases, hospitalizations and deaths. And the good news is we’re very close to that.

We still want more people to go out and get vaccinated, but it’s not necessary to vaccinate 100 percent of the population to move forward on things.

RIVERA: I still want Donald Trump to speak out.

SAPHIER: Tutto ok, ragazzi, bene, that was my little spiel, my doctor spiel.

WATTERS: That was good.

SAPHIER: Bene, that would be a great idea too. People do listen to him. Tutto ok, ragazzi, bene, “ONE MORE THINGis up next.


WATTERS: It’s time now forONE MORE THING.” Greg Gutfeld.

GUTFELD: Let us do this. Greg’s Celebrity Sighting. Sai, I am a world- famous celebrity and I hang out at posh resorts. Last weekend I was atI can’t name it because I don’t need to have my fans show up there. But I was out by the rock pool and I sawwho did I see but a good friend of mine, Alec Baldwin, trying to open a can of Pringles. He loves to bring food into the pool, but he spent literally the entire time trying to open up his can of Pringles.

He could not get it open. It drove him crazy. Infine, the lifeguard had to come over and tell him to stop eating in the pool. Oh, he did open it. He was so happy. He should really shave though.

WATTERS: That was a good one. Tutto ok, exclamation point, we’ve had enough of you. Dana, Vai avanti.

PERINO: It’s nice that that little guy couldn’t use his chest as aas a plate. Great.

GUTFELD: If only of us could.

PERINO: ok, so I have a new episode of my podcast, Everything Will Be Okay with Dana Perino. And Tracey Mallett is ashe’s a great fitness expert.

And she is really beautiful. Everybody check her out. E anche, Dott. Nicole Saphier, she was on the show and we were talking about wellness and how to try to figure out a good work-life balance. Così, grazie, Dott. Nicole, for being on the show.

Anche, check out this guy. Do you ever think a dog can ride a bicycle? Bene, maybe not, but he can ride on the back of his owner. That’s a big doodle right there. intendo, if it Rookie was supersized, that would look like Jesse.

GUTFELD: No helmets, Dana? What are youwhat are you selling to our public? No helmets on either of them.

WATTERS: That’s a really reckless message.

PERINO: Wow. You know what? That didn’t even cross my mind. You’re right.

GUTFELD: Tu sai perché? Because you’re from Wyoming.

PERINO: Giusto.

WATTERS: sì, they’re a little behind in Wyoming. Just kidding. They probably didn’t have helmet laws in Wyoming until like last year.

PERINO: Oh, mio Dio. I can’t wait to take you. I can’t wait to take you, Jesse. It’s going to be fun.

WATTERS: That’s my point. They’re just, sai, they’re just not as uptight as we are on the East Coast. I saved it. That was close.

PERINO: My cousin is getting that horse ready for you.

WATTERS: Tutto ok, I want everybody to stop paying attention to everybody else and pay attention to me. Pick up your phone and preorder my book, How I save The World. You can do with your fingers. That sounds weird, but you can do it with your fingers and it will come to your house on July 6.

Adesso, come sai, I’m reading excerpts from my book to titillate you. And this chapter is about how Iwhen I came on to THE FIVE. Dana Perino was harder to win over than Greg. It took me a while to figure her out, but I finally did. Dana has a secret life.

Così, if you want to find out about Dana’s secret life, like I said, order the book and it is really, really gnarly.


GUTFELD: How do you get away with dishing on your co-host? I can’t believe you. You didn’tyou didn’t show this book to the legal team, did you?

WATTERS: It took a long time with legal. Trust me. You wouldn’t believe what I got through. Nicole Saphier, Vai avanti.

SAPHIER: Bene, in a similar vein, Jesse, although I’m not talking about Greg and Dana. I also have a new book that is available today. It is out.

It’s called Panic Attack. And in it, I prove how the rampant politicization of science has divided the country and caused further damage during a time of crisis.

I explore the most controversial topics including the viral origin, the cover-up by the CCP, facemask lockdowns, hydroxychloroquine, e altro ancora. All the while, big tech tried to censor contrary and opinions which is fundamental piece of scientific trial and error discovery.

Così, get your copy now. It’s available everywhere. And right after THE FIVE tonight, you can join me for a live book signing by going to premierecollectibles.com.

WATTERS: That looks good. I can’t wait to knock it off the bestseller list.


SAPHIER: Hey, adesso.

WATTERS: No, suo — it is good.

SAPHIER: People can get both. They’re very different.

RIVERA: I wish Dr. Saphier and you, Jesse, grande — I wish you great good luck with your books, Dott. Saphier and Jesse.

WATTERS: Grazie.

RIVERA: Everything Will Be Okay, big hit in this family. Erica really loved it. She is notif you haven’t received it yet, she’s written you a nice hand-written note on how much he enjoyed it.

PERINO: Grazie.

RIVERA: Sai, a half-century ago, I did the big expose of Willowbrook, the agreements, the tuitions for the developmentally disabled across the country. We figured out how to care for the handicapped and help their families, small community-based residences, and to raise the money we needed to seed money for these homes. I did it with a little help from my friends. Great concerts, John Lennon, John Denver, Stevie Wonder. Là, Sean Hannity, the great Sean Hannity coming out this year as he has the last several years.

Sai, we did everything. We did celebrity boxing matches. 33 anni fa, we figured out that these golf tournaments are the way to raise money.

Vicky Snips (PAPÀ), a woman who hadthe founder of the charity child in the institution. Così, with the help of these wonderful, wonderful people, we’ve opened 50 le case.


RIVERA: He’s the first one named after yours truly. But there are 50 more and they’re all around the tri-state area. You know and other groups like Autism Speaks, they’re opening these homes all over the country, so it’s a great thing.

WATTERS: Tutto ok.

PERINO: È fantastico.

WATTERS: It is a great thing.

PERINO: Well done.

WATTERS: Tutto ok, that’s it for us. “SPECIAL REPORTis up next. Hey, Bret.

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