'The Five'on Kamala Harris' confusing interview, Sinema refusing to end filibuster

JESSE WATTERS, 폭스 뉴스 호스트: 여보세요, 각자 모두. I’m Jesse Watters along with Sandra Smith, 해롤드 포드, 주니어, Dagen McDowell and Brian Kilmeade. It’s five o’clock in New York City, and this is The Five.

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조 바이든, 미국 대통령: There’s a lot of talk about disappointments and things we haven’t gotten done. We are going to get a lot of them done I might add.

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WATTERS: President Biden trying to make the best of the week of epic failure and embarrassment. The White House now reeling after suffering one humiliating blow after another. The Supreme Court slapping down Biden’s vax mandate, inflation surging to the highest level in 30 연령, while Biden’s poll numbers are plummeting to record lows. And it gets worse.

Biden getting called out by some on his own party for his unhinged voting rights speech in Atlanta that Stacey Abrams snub. Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema crushing his plan to kill the filibuster before it even got started.

As far as the pandemic that Joe promised to shut down, cases are heading record highs. And that’s just a small taste of the major setbacks. Press secretary Jen Psaki spinning like she’s never spun before to try to clean up the mess Biden has left behind.

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PETER DOOCY, 폭스 뉴스 기자: Did Biden promise to bring decades of D.C. experience to the Oval Office, but Build Back Better has not passed, voting rights apparently not going to pass, and vaccine requirements being late are apparently illegal. [object Window]?

젠 프 사키, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Looked back at last year and what we were able to be accomplished. That include getting the American rescue plan passed. He also pressed, despite skeptics, to get a bipartisan infrastructure bill passed. The work of an administration continues after one year.

DOOCY: What happened to the guy who when he was elected said, to make progress, we must stop treating our opponents as our enemy.

PSAKI: He was not comparing them as humans, he was comparing the choice.

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WATTERS: And the media that’s tried to pop up and championed Biden in every step of the way is now melting down over this week of incompetence. 들리다.

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UNKNOWN: President Joe Biden has had a very tough week.

CHUCK TODD, 주최자, NBC: I know they’re never supposed to look the poll numbers. But my goodness, every time I think the White House thought they’ve hit bottom, there seems to be a new bottom.

JOY REID, 주최자, MSNBC: It is hard to think of them as anything other than right-wing ideologue. They should all just have right-wing talk radio shows. They are not justices in the great tradition of the Supreme Court justices. They are just politicians.

ANDREA MITCHELL, 닻, NBC NEWS: Kyrsten Sinema did something that is extraordinary. She completely embarrassed, politically embarrassed the leader of our own party the sitting President of the United States.

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WATTERS: And you know things it hit rock bottom when the Clintons are getting involved. Bill and Hillary are swooping in and now giving Joe Biden advice on what to do next.

새벽에, if the Clintons come and offer you advice, I think it’s a good idea to just maybe be careful.

맥도웰 데이, FOX NEWS BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: Hillary Clinton wants Joe Biden’s job.


맥도웰: If he isif he takes advice from her, he is as dumb as we think he is. Here is my headline, a loss for Biden is a win for America. 이것에 대해 생각하다.

그래서, some of these setbacks this week will actually be great for the country and the economy and may be even by extension, Biden and company and the White House. The Supreme Court knocking down the vaccine mandates, 잘, it will help companies keep and hire workers. It will prevent the supply chain problem from getting worse and prop up the economy.

다시, 이것의 — they wanted to throw wrenches into the works of our economic system. That’s not going to happen. The Build Back Better monstrosity is dead, $ 5 trillion welfare program. 이것의 — that would have made inflation worse. So that helps the Federal Reserve fight inflation.

And then keeping the filibuster intact means that the nation isit stays the course. 아니에요 — it’s good for the country. It’s not far left or far right.

But how bad is it for Joe Biden? Today a group of Senate Democrats, including Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, sent a letter to the White House wantingand I’m going to paraphrase herewanting to know what the hell is going on with the COVID response? It was written by Senator Jacky Rosen

Netflix는 우리에게 새로운 시즌의 모습을 선물했습니다., 폭스 뉴스 호스트: 예.

맥도웰: — but also Jon Ossoff and Mark Kelly signed it. I think it’s the third letter from congressional Democrats this week that $ 2 trillion plan that Jen Psaki was bragging about, 이하 1 percent of that was for therapeutics to treat COVID. 대신, these people in the White House have been job owned and about masking, 백신, and testing. And all three of those have been a failure.

WATTERS: 예, 브라이언, the new testing plan, they are going to have a web site live on Wednesday, we will be monitoring that. And then it’s going to


브라이언 킬미드, 폭스 뉴스 호스트: I’m sure it will go well.

WATTERS: — it’s going to take up to maybe 12 days to shift the tests once you order it. Twelve days. 램스, 경기용 유니폼 공개, carrier pigeon? How are they getting them to


KILMEADE: 권리. What about ordering something today? I know you have a big weekend coming up and you like to go home to Delaware. Can someone fill an invoice in that department and just order the test? We are not asking him to innovate the test, not ask him to even innovate the therapeutics, not ask him to innovate the vaccines. We are asking him to execute.

Execute because you said that you guys had all the experience, you know how to do this, you are for years prior you had it for eight years. This is basically the same group. You’ve got Susan Rice, you got Ron Klain who is helping the vice president last time, they’ve been friends for years.

You’ve got to fire everybody. You’ve got to clean house. This is a flat-out disaster. 그래서, I always say to myself, what is, for a Democrat, where do you go from here? 그래서, I’m thinking to myself, see if you can get some wins. The infrastructure deal was a win.

When they both agree on Electoral College decide, when the vice president, whether it’s Joe Biden or it’s Mike Pence, or it’s Al Gore, when they have to go gavel in the official tally, it seems to be an issue. There seems to be blow ups every time. 그래서, let’s just forget about that. We both sides agree on that, take that.

And then I looked down and I say, what did he talk about today? He talked about doing police reform. 뭐? Police reform? We have these cities overrun in crime. In two blocks we are to be talking about carjacking 101. And now he’s talking about police reform. You are going to crackdown on cops? If there’s anything that should be left on the side, it is that.

And I don’t want to take Harold Ford’s talking points, but you’ve got to look for thing you can get some wins on. 그래서, talk to Joe Manchin now. And Bill Clinton, a great advice by the way, talk to Manchin, find out what he wants, the Build Back Better and pass it. And the rest of the stuff, run on it.

그래서, you run on it next time, you want four more years? Then you go ahead and say, I’ve got some of Build Back Better. And instead of vilifying these moderates, include them in and say this is the best I can do.

And lastly, the worst thing to happen to Joe Biden I think historian to write is for him to invite those historians to the White House to talk about FDR and LBJ and for him to win those two Senate seats in Georgia. It gave them the sense that he could do anything even though you think he knows reality. He can’t do anything.

WATTERS: 잘, I was going to go to Sandra next, but you just name checked Harold Ford, Jr. 그래서, 해롤드 포드 주니어, how bad is it? Is it bad or is it really bad?

HAROLD FORD, JR., 폭스 뉴스 호스트: 그래서, I think Brian’s frame is the right one. You’ve got toif you are in that White House now, and Dagen had a lot of good points, I would disagree with some of them, but I think the overall trash (Ph) is that it’s not going well. She got to reset your whole frame.

When you are president, you have two jobs. Your first is your commander in chief. 그래서, you think about the geopolitical threats. 중국, 러시아, 북한, and Iran. The challenges that we face in our own hemisphere, obviously with the border, and obviously in the Middle East.

And then you think about the domestic challenges, and we’ve had a few really emerge. 코로나. 명백하게, the president won because of it. 범죄. 다시, our border and supply chain the pressure it’s creating on inflation and our economy.

If I’m him, I’d sit back and say, what is it, to Brian’s point, how do we create within these thin majorities we have in the House and Senate, an agenda that’s going to begin to address these concerns? Frame those concerns and frame them consistently. And I would argue constantly.

We’ve had this conversation around the table before, and we all a very strong opinions about it, but I’m root for whomever the president it is. We want COVID defeated, we want inflation changed, we want our geopolitical adversaries to know that they can’t push us around.

그래서, the president has got to reset, reframe. And if that means bringing new personnel around, he should consider that. I’m not sure that’s what he has to do, but if he does, he should consider it.

But he’s got to get a frame, a set, and a reset and go out and meet people where they are, 미국 사람들. 다시 한번, grab those winds that are easy wins in front of you, because one victory can produce another victory, and another victory after that.

WATTERS: 잘, 산드라, answer Harold Ford, Jr.’s question. Does he need to fire anybody?

SMITH: I don’t know if he’ll have to, 내말은, can you imagine Jen Psaki wanting to stick around much longer after this? She’s got a tough gig.


SMITH: 내말은, I woke up flipping the channel hearing CNN saying Biden had a week from hell. John King, the country is frustrated. The headline on Axios was Biden’s epic failure. In USA Today writing that Biden just had a terrible, horrible no good very bad day and it’s going to get worse.

내말은, 제시, when you are going down the list of all these failures just this week alone, I checked them off so that I could go where you left off and you left out inflation had its highest level since 1982. McConnell taking to the Senate floor to go after that speech he came in Georgia on Tuesday where he was stabbedsnubbed by Stacey Abrams.

And he finished the week Thursday with that lunch on Capitol Hill coming out to the microphone acknowledging that his voting legislation is unlikely to pass. 내말은, really couldn’t have gotten worse.

And I’ll just leave off of on this. Jen Psaki announced this morning that he is going to hold a formal press briefing on Wednesday, press conference I should say, 수요일에, the eve of the first year in office for this presidency. That’s Thursday, that marks one year.

What are they going to say? How do they spin this? And it’s tough to really even guess what victory is they are going to be able to tout on Wednesday. It’s been a rough week, it’s been a rough year, they better do a little bit of athey better do a little bit of looking back to see where they can correct, because Hillary Clinton sees an opportunity, 분명히.

WATTERS: Crooked is circling. The worst possible thing to have happened. 괜찮아. 다음으로, it’s not just Joe Biden. Kamala Harris also having a terrible week after bombing and yet another interview.

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SMITH: 잘, it’s not just President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris also suffering through a rough week. Her new team of aides was trying to revamp her image to save her political prospects. But that got off to a rocky start after critics say she bombed her way through this TV interview.

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카말라 해리스, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: It is time for us to do what we have been doing and that time as every day. Every day it is time for us to agree that there are things and tools that are available to us to slow this thing down.

CRAIG MELVIN, 닻, NBC NEWS: 그만큼 500 million tests that have been ordered that are going to be sent to every American, do we know when those are going out?

해리스: Shortly.

MELVIN: Should we have done that sooner?

해리스: We are doing it.

MELVIN: But should we have done it sooner?

해리스: We are doing it. 우리는 20,000 cities where people can go. And I urge people toyou can Google it.

If you want to figure out how to get across town to some restaurant you heard is great, you usually do Google.

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SMITH: Do Google the fact? 제시, what was that?

WATTERS: That was bad, 산드라. And everybody saw it because it was on network television. When I hear about someone that’s trying to revamp their image, I know it is going to fail.

Remember Al Gore? He hired the guru, told him to wear earth tones? It doesn’t matter what Al Gore wears; he is still a boring snub. When powerful people stink, they hire consultants to hide their stink. Instead of kind of making sure they don’t stink, they try to masquerade the stink from the public.

처럼, you know the guy in high school who didn’t shower? He just put on a lot of cologne? Brian knows what I’m talking about. This is what Kamala Harris is doing.

KILMEADE: 예. Too well.

WATTERS: Look inside herself, see why people don’t like her, see what she could do better and work on that. Instead of paying people to spin better for her. If I knew I was doing a network interview and I had the 28 percent approval rating, I would lock myself in a room with all of my aides the entire day before and I would work the whole thing out.

I know they’d ask about COVID, the ticket, the testing. I knew what was coming and I’d be fluent in it. What did she do instead? She walks out into the interview like she’s going on a canoe trip. 처럼, she’s like, where do I sit? Maybe I’ll just dip my paddle.

This is serious stuff. And a lot of people don’t talk about this. But she’s a heartbeat away from the presidency. 신 금지, anything ever happens to Joe Biden, she is the commander in chief. Are you confident Kamala Harris could calculate a risk assessment in a Pacific theater of China or North Korea ever decided to test her? I don’t think she could handle it. And people are very concerned about that.

SMITH: Including Whoopi Goldberg on The View. 들리다.

(비디오 클립 시작)

WHOOPI GOLDBERG, CO-HOST, 알파벳: Not only is it insulting, but you know, it’s just crazy. And I had this idea that we have no say over what’s happening like it’s already done and we shouldn’t give a poop.

JOY BEHAR, CO-HOST, 알파벳: It is disrespectful to Vice President Harris. 알 잖아, 마치, people would say to me, 듣다, when you retire or when you leave the show, who do you want to fill in for you? 마치, excuse me, and when they go, she’s the young Joy Behar. These are very insulting things to say to people.

(비디오 클립 종료)

SMITH: 내말은, 새벽에, Kamala Harris is even making that crowd happy.

맥도웰: Joy is worried about herself. 아니 — no one else. 괜찮아, I have a theory. Just hang with me here. I don’t believe that Kamala Harris got to where she is being this bad of a liar. She has to be able to (Inaudible) better than this. She is a lawyer and a politician, the two top career choices for charlatans.

그래서, this has to be on purpose, this performance.


WATTERS: 기다림, is Harold a lawyer and a politician or something.

맥도웰: Not anymore. He’s not a politician anymore.



FORD: Let that go.

SMITH: 권리, 바로 그거죠.


FORD: Let that go, 제시.

맥도웰: 그래서, she has to be doing this on purpose to spotlight how bad it is inside the Biden administration. It’s like she’s sandbagging for her own preservation to kind of highlight how bad it is inside of this White House. 마치, if I’m blinking hard twice, help me.

Just on that note, James Freeman at The Wall Street Journal he said that she’s been catching javelins for this administration all year. They put her a headin charge of the border. That’s one of the biggest disasters. They are trying to blame her for it.

James wrote this, time for Harris to cut Biden those. How to start leading the country right now and win the presidency in 2025. 그는 말했다, this team is losing and she can best help the country and herself by entering the political equivalent of the NCAA transfer portal.

SMITH: Brutal. 해롤드, she’s attempting this reset, she gives this interview, she bombs the interview. She’s pinned by both sides for it. To Jesse’s point, why was she not more prepared?

FORD: That’s an interesting and probably the right question. 모르겠어요. I do know this. 알 잖아, these are hard jobs, and she, 나는 생각한다, has to accept that. And the president has to accept that. They don’t give these jobs away. They’re demanding.

Now I think sheher media appearances have at best been uneven. Her handling of the border and it’s probably reasons for this. It’s just not gone well at all.

I come back to what I said with the president. I think the vice president has got to understand what her theory or develop a theory of the case around the things that she’s been challenged or tasked with doing, and they’re all challenging things.

I know she’s hired a new communications person, 자말 시몬스, who I know well, who is smart, he is seasoned, he is tough. But it’s not going to be – – it’s going to be staff alone.

The vice president has to understand that if she is going to be judged and sometimes the judging is going to be favorable, sometimes it’s not. But you can’tyou can’t swerve off the court if you know where you are trying to go.

She’s been tasked with two big things. One being the border. I would tackle that. If she is able to show progress there, a victory there, a coherent policy there that we can follow, the country can point to, I think she can find herself staring down an alley, or a street, path, a victory that could come her way.

But right now, there is no theory of the case. The press appearances are too uneven. And the criticism will continue to mount if she can’t get herself a victory as well.

SMITH: 잘, Brian to show progress at the border, she might have to show up. Maybe they should make that part of her image reset.

KILMEADE: 예. It’s not like sheremember Donald Trump wanted to get the border sealed. He had trouble doing it with Congress and getting the wall built and everything. 하지만 그거 알아, by the time it was done, trial and error, a few firings, a few releases, few resignations, and he got it right. And he broke it.

My fear is that they are doing it on purpose. And Harold, I hope you’re right. That she just decided it’s too hard. But I just hope they want to eventually seal the border.

I just think, I could not believeI thought this was the old headline. Harris teams looks to course changes to reset their political prospects. 그, I’ve read that headline like seven times already. She’s only had the job for a year.

And if I could do this one thing, I’m not really active by trade, but I’d like to roleplay for a second and put myself in Harris’ 신발, so Jesse, would you help me with this?


KILMEADE: You be Craig Melvin.


KILMEADE: Can you ask me this question.


KILMEADE: Am I running for reelection with Joe Biden? Please answer me as – –


WATTERS: 해리스 부통령, are you running for reelection with Joe Biden?

KILMEADE: 예. 그게 다야. You say yes.


KILMEADE: I want the job another four years. 그게 다야. 그게 다야. Now Liz Cheney, that’s not possible.

SMITH: 확인.

KILMEADE: 모르겠어요, you’re talking about the column. 그게 다야. 감사합니다, 제시.

WATTERS: 천만에요. Great interview.

SMITH: 괜찮아. A for effort. 다가오는, the crime wave is so bad that liberal cities are now offering up carjacking prevention tips for terrified residents.

(머시얼 브레이크)

FORD: A surge in carjacking is getting so bad in the city of brotherly love that Philadelphia police are now issuing a guide to help residents survive it. It includes various tips. Like a list of hot spots to avoid. Advising folks to be on high alert while in residential driveways, parking lots and on the streets with poor lighting.

And it’s not much better in other cities like Chicago, 미니애폴리스, 클리블랜드, and New York City. We saw two violent carjackings in the same day less than an hour apart.

제시, you are from and grew up in Philly, if you are chief of police for the day, for the week, for the month, what would you do differently?

WATTERS: 잘, first of all I would abuse my power and send a lot of people to my enemies and knock on their door with guns. But in all seriousness, a lot of these things are happening with children, minors are doing this a lot of the time just for a joyride to just get some thrills, other times, 알 잖아, they lift the car and then they can sell it for parts at chop shop. You know how much used cars are going for after inflation. And then they’ll brag about it. They’ll post about it on social media.

And COVID has closed a lot of schools. 아직도, 오늘까지, kids are out with no structure and discipline. They’ve emptied the juvenile detention centers because of COVID. And right now, a lot of these crimes because of bail reform in Philadelphia, car theft or even second-degree robbery, you can get booked and then walk right out afterwards. And if you do it with a taser instead of a firearm, it’s going to decrease the charge as well.

그래서, 모르겠어요. 내말은, you got to look at the tips, 해롤드. 알 잖아, a lot of these things are crimes of opportunity. It happens at a carwash or an ATM or a gas station. You got to have your head on a swivel if you’re putting your groceries in the car, dealing with your kids. But the number one thing, don’t fight it. Car is not worth losing your life tolife over.

FORD: 산드라, if you were mayor of one of these towns, Minneapolis or New York or Cleveland or Philly, what would you want from the federal government to try to help you with this issue? I think we talked about the Feds not doing enough. But what more can they do?

SMITH: I thought maybe you would ask, what could they do for those residents to help them make them feel safe? And right now the answer is move to an area in the country that cares about law and order, where you feel safe walking down the street.

It’s terrifying what has happened in the city of New York. 내말은, you don’t feel safe walking a block. You certainly don’t walk a few blocks. And that’s what the citythat’s what the city is all about, because this is happening in broad daylight. 내말은, that attack there in Manhattanmidtown Manhattan, 55th and Broadway, it’s absolutely disgusting.

And it’s not just on the coasts that we’re seeing this happen. You go to middle America, in Ohio, 클리블랜드, you mentioned the spike they’re seeing. Carjacking is up 21 percent and 2021 위에 2020. 내말은, that’s a double digit increase. That’s scary.

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Mike O’Malley is saying this brazen, aggressive, and violent crimes, the individuals that are doing this, they will destroy our city. And so many great American cities are just crumbling under these far-left policies on crime. They’re destroying these cities. 그래서, for residents that are dealing with this right now they have to vote for change, or leave.

FORD: 브라이언, what are your thoughts?

KILMEADE: A couple of things. Cleveland is up what, 쪽으로 22 퍼센트. New York City up 55 퍼센트. Philly is upthey’ve had 90 already in January. The first thing I would do to your original question, I would ask the Democratic governor to start recall on that DA in Philly Krasner. Because when you don’t prosecute crime, you get nothing but crime. And we’re seeing that over and over again.

I’m talking about dumb moves by Democrats. 이럴 수가, 어떻게 — what do you havewhat pie charts do you have to look at to be anti-crime and be reasonable when it comes to people who are incarcerated, but first and foremost, make people feel safe.

The other thing that’s scary to Jesse’s point is suggesting I was looking at the tips. And I’m not saying they haven’t well thought out, but I’m saying we can’t avoid it. Look out for hotspots like your driveway. 진짜? Parking lots, what else am I going to do with my car? What about gas stations?

Someone’s got to fill it up. My Butler is fired or he called in sick. I forget which one it was. And look out for times when you get in and out of the car. 매일, what are we going to do, go out the moonroof? 그래서, this is kind of scary. 알 잖아, I don’t know what to do about it.

FORD: 새벽에, how comforted are you by this Eric Adams mayoralty? It’s very early, but do you think the New Yorkers can have some confidence that there’s light at the end of the tunnel here?

맥도웰: 아니, not with Alvin Bragg as the district attorney that memo that he sent out where essentially he said the only people who are going to be prosecuted are people who murder, are murderers. I mean that has shaken the city and it’s all that anybody can talk about.

With Philadelphia, it’s even worse. They had more murder, record number of murders last year, more than New York City, despite the fact that New York has more than five times the number of residents. 그래서, I think New York is watching Philly and thinking man, it can get a whole lot worse here.

But this is yourjust watch Philadelphia. This is the beginning of the death of a city where you will have criminals not only feel like this is you know, open bazaar for them. But criminals moving into the city if they know they can get away with this. Higher-income Philadelphians, they can leave and go elsewhere, to Sandra’s point, but it’s the low-income individuals who can’t leave.

The money leaves and that’s how you begin the downward death spiral of what is a great city and there’s no coming back. It takes years to recover from this kind of decimation of a city and that’s only if you start electing people likeremember what Giuliani did here in New York, who can clean up the city.

FORD: I hear you. But never bet against New York. You didn’t say that, but never bet against New York. Straight ahead, a teachers organization being accused of pressuring big tech to silence parents.

(머시얼 브레이크)

맥도웰: 먼저, they compared parents to domestic terrorist. 지금, we’re learning of another teachers union doing the dirty work for Democrats. Fox News has learned that just after the National School Boards Association sent that infamous letter to the White House in which it compared parents to domestic terrorists, America’s largest educators union sent a very similar letter to social media giants, urging them tostifle propaganda about critical race theoryand describe parents in these terms. “The alarming growth of a small but violent group of radicalized adults who falsely believe that graduate-level courses about racism are being taught in K through 12 public schools because of misinformation spread on social media.

제시, parents will not be silenced. And this teachers union is awfully dumb for a bunch of educators to think that they can do that.

WATTERS: They’re whining to the refs like losers do. 내말은, they’re like – – they’re like, 오, 페이스 북, timeout, that was a foul, someone posted something mean on Facebook, kick them out. It’s like the same people you see at the club tapping the bouncer on the shoulder, 이봐, 이봐, the table over here is are being a little too loud and they spilled a drink on my loafer, and it’s Gucci, get them out of here.

처럼, first they complain to big government and they complain the big tech. This is a rambunctious country, 새벽에. These are passionate people. We have freedom of speech, freedom of assembly. This is how this country has always been because we care about life.

And you can’t just all of a sudden start teaching kindergarteners racism. And then when the parents pick it and post something, you can’t run in hide and say they’re trying to kill me, lock them up, censure them. It’s not how things work.

These people need to get together, stop acting like children. Act like adults, talk to each other, learn from each other, and just finish the school year like normal people.

맥도웰: But Brian, they also have to worrythis has gone further with Merrick Garland essentially sickened because of that National School Boards Association memo which again, we found out that the Secretary Education Cardona requested the original letter. It’s this circle of targeting parents.

다시, 메릭 갈랜드, the FBI, and the DOJ going after parents. And just what in the last few days, the Justice Department announced it’s forming a new domestic terrorism unit. Who do you think they’re going after, mama and papa?

KILMEADE: 잘, I really — 예, I really believe that the whole Virginia situation didn’t get out of hand, because the mediawe would not let it go, because we just exposed it. We show the video and say this has got to stop. What exactly are they saying?

But my advice to the parents is don’t make it easy. Don’t lose your temper. Write some points down. You probably have good solid points. You’re certainly passionate. Ian Pryor is a great example of it. He’s a teacherexcuse me, he’s a parent and saw the teachers were off the reservation. 그래서, he organized the parents to fight back, and that started this whole movement. It was organic, it was real.

And I would just say this. Get the kids back in school as the overarching thing. It looks like kids are organizing. They’re making their own demands. That’s the new trend. And in New York City, 씨. 시장, do not cave to the unions. Cases are down for 90,000 ...에 30,000. Keep the kids in school even if it’s 10 아이들. Do not break and go back to the virtual schooling.

맥도웰: 해롤드?

FORD: I don’t disagree much. 나는한다 — I did take a note that Jesse must have had a bouncer tap because he spilled something on somebody when he was on bar one time.


FORD: But short of that, I do think we ought to be more focused on teaching critical English, critical math, critical science in our schools. I’ve said it many times. If you want toif you want to show a politician that he or she is wrong, un-elect them. Don’t impose violence or threaten them with violence. I think that is a line that should not be crossed.

But big tech is going to have togoing to have to balance it out and measure how they get involved because parents certainly should be involved in big tech.

SMITH: But a line that shouldn’t be crossedsorry, I didn’t mean to cut you up, but a line that shouldn’t be crossed, 게다가, as these big tech companies shouldn’t be willing to silence these parents. 그리고 날 믿어, the teachers unions are doing this because they believe they have a sympathetic ear. And the big tech companies have shown a willingness to silence these parents speaking up.

You mentioned Ian Pryor. 그는 말했다, “This looks like a concerted effort between the federal government and these outside groups like the NEA and the NSBA to interfere with the First Amendment rights of parents.He’s fighting the fight and he’s telling parents to stand up.

맥도웰: The parents know though they don’t need Facebook and they don’t need Twitter or TikTok. They do old school signs and go and stand out in front of their kids at school and the cameras show up. And that’s how the American people realize and parents everywhere from coast to coast realize they’re all in it together. And they’reand these unions are all trying to get one over on them backed by the Democrats, which Jesse has talked about.

다음으로, Microsoft Word goes woke. We’ll tell you all about it next.

(머시얼 브레이크)

KILMEADE: 괜찮아, the PC is going PC, 말하자면. Microsoft playing to the woke crowd and rolling out a new update to their popular word software, that only 250 million people use, that will autocorrect some term seen as not politically correct.

그래서, instead of for example, postman, we needthey’ll do it automatically, they’re going to use mail carrier or postal worker. If you actually do the drop-down menu, don’t say mankind, they’ll correct it to humankind or humanity. And heroine becomes hero. What is the problem with heroine? It’s also comes with the inclusiveness drop-down menu which allows users to filter by text, by age, and gender, and gender bias.

그래서, 제시, are you saying to yourself, about time, I’m so glad they did this?

WATTERS: 예. 나는 화가 해요. I’m going to go longhand from now on, 브라이언. I’m off my PC. I saw that headmaster is also offensive. My father is a headmaster for like, his whole career. My mom is going to be very upset when she finds out that headmasterI don’t even know why? Is it master, 처럼, because a slave master? Is that what it’s the connotation?

KILMEADE: I think so. I think so.

WATTERS: 우리 엄마 — my mom has been married to a racist person apparently her whole life. She’s going to be shocked.

KILMEADE: And Sandra, another example his mistress, so offensive, but lover is so much better.

SMITH: You mentioned mankind. That means that Neil Armstrong’s words, upon landing on the moon, one giant leap for mankind would bewould be altered to humankind or humanity. 또한, Barry Manilow’s hit Copacabana in which he sang of Lola, the showgirl

KILMEADE: I saw this. 예.

SMITH: — would now be altered to dancer, 수행자, or performing artist. I’m not shocked but

WATTERS: 예. And Manilow is now personal low.

KILMEADE: 새벽에, would youwould you changeI did not know showgirl was a bad thing. There was actually a movie Showgirls. It wasn’t too good of a movie, but it did get a lot of box office.

맥도웰: 알아.

KILMEADE: But Dagen, 언제 — will you changewill you change software because of this?

맥도웰: 아니. 하나, I know some showgirls and they’re tough gals. And I think they like being called showgirls. 알 잖아, those headdresses are so heavy, you have to have a really big, thick, strong neck to hold themhold your head out when you’re wearing them. 그래서, I think Microsoft is messing with the wrong folks there.

이것은 — 그래서, nobody uses Microsoft Word at home. Everybody uses Google Docs. It’s free. Why am I talking like Joe Biden? Anyway, Microsoft Word is in use at work. Microsoft is trying to help you avoidevery company has a couple of people who are going to get mad about you using the word mankind and they’re going to report you to human resources. They’re actually saving everybody in the workplace a huge headache from the irritants who don’t have anything better to do.

KILMEADE: 해롤드, a lot of people look at this and they see the left-wing people pushing this forward, the political correctness. And people like Bill Maher getting scared. He says we’re doing the craziest things in our party and it’s scaring people away. We got to snap out of it. It all fits in the category of canceled culture.

FORD: 알 잖아, I’m strongly opposed to that. 우선, you had great music coming in. Two wonder what the word they may have when youwhen you put in THE FIVE or you put in Fox News. I’d be curious to hear if they have anything they wanted to say differently on that.

I think we’ve gottenwe’ve gone completely overboard with this PC stuff. There’s some things I understand we want to be sensitive about. But we as a societynot just Democrats, we as a society, we’ve got to take a step back here and take a breather.

KILMEADE: 감사합니다. Got that. 빌 게이츠, tell your people, reign them in. 그 동안에, “ONE MORE THINGis next.

(머시얼 브레이크)

WATTERS: It’s time now forONE MORE THING.Tomorrow night, 토요일, 8:00, it is the last episode ofWATTERS WORLD,” the final show before we move to 7:00 weeknightsJESSE WATTERS PRIMETIME.” 그래서, 각자 모두, 주의를 기울이다. Last show, it’s the highlight package. Five to six years, some of the craziest stuff. 명백하게, we had to include some highlights from the streets. Here’s a little taste.

(비디오 클립 시작)

WATTERS: What territory did America buy from France?

신원 미상의 남성: Paris with Benjamin Franklin.

WATTERS: We bought Paris?

신원 미상의 남성: Isn’t it with Benjamin Franklin we bought Paris?

WATTERS: You’re onto something with that.

(비디오 클립 종료)

WATTERS: 그래서, that and a lot more. I’m very proud. 감사, 각자 모두, that made that show successful. We really appreciate it. 브라이언 킬미드.

SMITH: Congratulations, 제시.

KILMEADE: And Jesse told me

WATTERS: 감사합니다.

KILMEADE: 예, 권리. 지금, you make everybody look bad, 산드라, because youI didn’tI didn’t say it and I look terrible. Congratulations, 제시. On radioand here’s the inside story. Jesse got emotional on this final show. 그래서, definitely watch.


KILMEADE: 그래서, you’re going to love this. Kayla Sullivan is a former TV reporter in Oklahoma and she now has a 2-year-old who had a meltdown at a restaurant. And instead of just keeping it to herself, she decided to handle it like a reporter. 손목 시계.

(비디오 클립 시작)

KAYLA SULLIVAN, FORMER TV REPORTER: Kayla Sullivan reporting live from outside my son’s bedroom where he is currently being detained until naptime is over. 지금, this story does involve a minor so I can’t release specifics. But what I can confirm is my son is a 2-year-old terrorist who held me hostage at the Olive Garden earlier today.

(비디오 클립 종료)

WATTERS: That is great.

KILMEADE: 30 백만 번, five million likes. Fantastic, 권리? 당신은 할 수 있습니다 – – you can understand that right, 제시?

WATTERS: Fox needs to hire her immediately. She’s got it.


SMITH: She’s very good.

WATTERS: 확인, 새벽에, you’re up.

맥도웰: What do you do if a giraffe is chasing your car? 잘, you take a video of him. 이것 좀봐. 그래서, Matt Yardleythis was down in a nature reserve in South Africa. This young giraffeit’s a young male giraffe. He was actually cared for by conservationists after being abandoned as a youngster.

He’s just actually having some fun with people. But he might still eat you, so good thing they outran them.

SMITH: 놀랍다.

WATTERS: Almost got carjacked down there. 해롤드 포드 주니어.

FORD: 제시, congrats again.

WATTERS: 감사합니다.

FORD: This biggest weekend of NFL football coming up soon. Your Eagles are playing Sunday. But dramatic rescue in Colorado caught on camera after three children fell into an icy pond. A good Samaritan Dusti Talavera watched from her window and jumped into action. And divine intervention she called it. Listen to this video. Listen to this interaction here.

(비디오 클립 시작)

DUSTI TALAVERA, RESCUED THE THREE CHILDREN: God saved them and use me too you know.

(비디오 클립 종료)

FORD: Children are thankfully all fine. The parents are praising those who rescued their kids. God bless them.

WATTERS: 괜찮아. Great one. Thank you guys so much. That is it for us. Have a great weekend everybody. See you back here Monday.

SMITH: You too.

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