'The Ingraham Angle' on Biden administration's failing policies

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I’m Raymond Arroyo in for Laura Ingraham. This is THE INGRAHAM ANGLE.

A group of scientists is calling on Spotify to censor Joe Rogan show, specifically because he featured the inventor of the mRNA vaccine platform, Dr. Robert Malone. Tonight Dr. Malone is here to respond.

And since I’m hosting, we needed somebody to fill the Friday Follies void. Thankfully, actor and director Robert Davi stepped up, and we have video of an unhinged professor that you will not believe. Get your space helmet. Stay for that.

But first, there is a new Quinnipiac poll that caught my attention. It claims that 58 percent of Americans believe democracy is in danger of collapse, collapse. I can see why they might think that. Oh, I’m not talking about the media fueled January 6th narrative, where a band of goofballs broke windows at the Capitol. No.

Citizens even obnoxious trespassing riot as citizens are not the real threat to democracy. Otherwise, the DOJ would have a task force tracking down these rioters too. The real threat is the one the founders identified, a tyrannical government that forces its will on citizens, regardless of what the Constitution says.

A good example of this is the Biden administration’s push to secure what it calls voting rights legislation. Now, bear in mind, the Democrats have introduced versions of their election reform bill for years. Had they thought it – well, brought it rather to a vote around Flag Day, they might have argued the bill has to be passed, or you’ll never see old glory again.

But with MLK Day approaching, they made this bill about race. The President and his supporters quickly took up the refrain.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Do you want to be the side of Dr. King, or George Wallace?

BAKARI SELLERS, CNN POLITICAL MENTATOR: But if they want to go down in history as standing on the side of segregationist in those individuals who oppose – people who look like me, having free and fair access to the ballot, then we will remember them as such.

JOY REID, MSNBC HOST: It’s basically an apartheid democracy in Georgia.


ARROYO: I didn’t realize that land ownership and careers were being denied to the people of Georgia based on race. Herschel Walker may want to file a breaking report on Joy Reid show. She’ll be shocked. Bob Woodson will react to all of this in moments.

But here’s the truth. Democrats lacked the votes for this federal election takeover in their own caucus. The only way to pass it was to destroy the filibuster in the Senate and shatter the checks and balances of a branch of government.

Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema wisely were not willing to injure the country and their own party’s prospects in the future to ensure passage of this one bill, rather than saluting them for standing on principle and against division. Progressives are on the warpath.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why do they call themselves Democrats when they refuse to do what the party leader wants them to do.

NINA TURNER, CO-CHAIR, BERNIE SANDERS’ 2020 PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: My message to President Biden, saying you’re going to be with me and getting rid of the filibuster, or I’m gassing up the jet on your behind. And I will be in Arizona and West Virginia directly let the American people know who’s standing in the way of my entire agenda.

So President Obama – President Biden, gas up the jet.


ARROYO: OK. If you’re advising Joe Biden, mentioning the word gas, given his undiplomatic flatulence in the UK last year, might not be the best approach. Gas up the jet. If it weren’t for the Secret Service, he’d never find the jet. OK.

And Joy, senators are not elected to rubber stamp the President’s wishes, but those of their constituents, just so you know. Even as its polls nosedive, it’s clear President Biden cares more about his progressive wing than the voters. He is hell bent on jamming this voting rights bill through. The question is why?

After a failed meeting with the Democratic caucus, he finally admitted what this is really about. Note, the calm, controlled clarity of his message.


BIDEN: Is this mic on? I guess. Anyway. And I’m not sure either. One thing for certain, like every other major civil rights bill that came along, if we missed the first time, we can come back and try it the second time.

Who gets to count the vote, count the vote, count the vote? It’s about election subversion. Not just whether or not people get to vote. Who counts the vote?


ARROYO: Who counts the vote? The President’s right. This is not a voting rights bill at all. This is a loose elections and counting privileges bill. It’s about rigging the game for one party, his. Everyone has the right to vote today.

But this federal takeover of elections would deprive the states of their constitutional authority to regulate elections. It would also relax standards. The bill would, in case you want to check up on it, not require picture IDs; force states to offer no excuse mail-in ballots; prohibit states from requiring witnesses or notarizations on mail-in ballots; and it would limit states’ ability to purge their own voter rules to get rid of unqualified voters.

Now, these bills introduce exactly the election subversion Mr. Biden claims to hate. It destabilizes and dilutes the votes of every citizens, or citizen, no matter your race, because it will be impossible to verify who’s voting or even if they’re alive. I would call that a threat to democracy.

Oh, and Congress will be taking more of your money. This voting rights boondoggle implements public funding of congressional campaigns. That’s right. For every $ 1 that Liz Cheney or Nancy Pelosi raise in small donations, they’ll get six of your dollars, $ 6. How does that help your voting rights? Don’t ask me. It’s really just politicians helping themselves.

Then yesterday, the Biden administration’s draconian vaccine mandate for businesses was struck down. The Supreme Court ruled that the government had overreached its authority. No worries, Joe Biden has another plan.


BIDEN: Now, I don’t like to, you know, outline the next steps were taken against. I’d like to outline the next steps are taken against over the Omicron variant.


INGRAHAM: Here’s what he meant to say, I think.


JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: It’s now up to the states and individual employers to put in place vaccination requirements. Businesses and other employers have already taken these steps nearly 40 percent of Fortune 100 companies have vaccine requirements.


ARROYO: Oh, goody. Translation, we will simply bully states and private companies into implementing our unconstitutional vaccine mandate. Even though it has no impact on infection or transmission.

And now the Biden administration is upping the ante, today we learn. They have weaponized the Treasury Department, threatening to pull millions of COVID relief dollars from the state of Arizona, because the state forbids mask mandates in schools. We’re going to talk to the Attorney General in Arizona on the receiving end of this in moments.

But do you see the utter disregard for norms? The flagrant dismissal of the authority of Congress, the Supreme Court, even the states? I thought respect for the other branches of government was at the center of American democracy. But in this mad power grab, we have an administration intent on stripping us of local power, even over our elections. One that uses a virus to impose its will on all people, and anyone who objects is subject to shunning demonization, unemployment, and in some cases, federal prosecution.

Being a good American is not doing as we are told by the federal government and then being forced to fund our own subjugation. That is called autocracy. And you might even call that the real threat to democracy.

Joining me now is Bob Woodson, civil rights activist, founder of the Woodson Center. Bob, I’m so delighted you joined us tonight. I want to play something for you. This is Kamala Harris today. Watch.


KAMALA HARRIS, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: How can we talk to other countries about human rights abuses, autocracies? If we, in our own country, see an erosion of the rights that have been invested in the American people?


ARROYO: Bob, is she really implying that we’re no better than China and Cuba? Because states have voter ID laws?

BOB WOODSON, THE WOODSON CENTER FOUNDER: Absolutely. It’s part of the whole process that progressives have hijacked, the rich legacy of the civil rights movement. And really using it as a bludgeon against the country. And as long as they can keep Black America in a constant state of agitation, anger, and resentment, it means they can easily control them.

In other words, they’re willing to sacrifice Black bodies for Black votes, even as they hijack the civil rights movement. What they’re doing in New York, for instance, they’re tipping their hand. They are now – the mayor is saying that 800,000 illegal immigrants now should – or non citizens should be allowed to vote.

Governor Newsom is saying that non citizens, immigrants are also eligible for health care, and also open borders undermining jobs. How are those three initiatives contributing to the social justice for Blacks in whose name they are saying – they are making these demands?

The other point is voting rights, the biggest deterrent to voter suppression rather is apathy. In many of our cities like Washington D.C., in mayoral elections and others, the turnout is under 6 percent in high crime areas. And the same is true in most places, because they live in a banana republic. And that’s what they’re trying to protect.

ARROYO: I want to roll something for you. This is Al Sharpton. He wants Biden to double down on these so-called voting reforms. Watch this.


AL SHARPTON, NATIONAL ACTION NETWORK FOUNDER: People were concerned about voting and what is not the President’s fault, but is the circumstance. 19 states changed voting laws while it happened, while he was talking infrastructure.


ARROYO: Bob, is this really a major concern for Black America? Mail-in ballots and no ID checks? What about jobs and schools that their children can actually learn in person from?

WOODSON: It’s even worse than that. I mean, they are talking about the voting rights as the most important issue to Black America. That’s not true. And maybe for some elites who profit from it. But when every five minutes of every day, a Black – a child is shot in America, and four times the number of those children are Black.

I know of one woman who lost all four of her sons to homicide before the age of 30. That’s the crisis facing of a low income Black America. It is not voting rights. Some of the same murders and – are occurring in cities that have been run by Black politicians over the past 50 years. If racism were the sole culprit then why are Blacks failing in institutions run by their own people? Why are they failing in political systems where all the control is in the hands of Black politicians?

These are the way you can avoid having to address this dilemma, this – what I call, the enemy within the black community is what we must address. And concentrating on voting rights is the reflection away from that reality. It prevents us from coming up with solutions that the Woodson Center has been promoting and will continue to promote. Restoration from within the community is suffering the problem. That’s what we should be concentrating on.

ARROYO: Bob, you’ve done such incredible work. I thank you for your clarity, your ongoing witness. And you point out exactly what I was mentioning earlier. This disenfranchises everybody, including Black America. These are not advancements in voting rights or anything else. Bob Woodson, thank you for being here.

As I mentioned earlier, the Biden administration is punishing the state of Arizona for unmasking school children, using the Treasury Department in an effort to strip the state of federal funds. Here to respond is Attorney General of Arizona, Mark Brnovich.

Mr. Attorney General, I thank you for being here. The Treasury is threatening to recall $ 160 million of COVID funds that they’ve already allocated to you, unless you mask up school kids in Arizona. How can they do this?

MARK BRNOVICH, ARIZONA ATTORNEY GENERAL: Well, Raymond, they shouldn’t be able to do this. And as I have fought the Biden administration so many times in federal court. In fact, just yesterday, we had a lawsuit in the Ninth Circuit about the Biden administration’s attempt to impose conditions on COVID relief dollars and preventing Arizona from even cutting our income taxes.

So this is just another attempt by the Biden administration to impose the federal will on the states. And I know Joe Biden’s memory is bad. But I assume that he was around when the Constitution was written. And he should remember that the states created the federal government, the federal government didn’t create the states.

And so when Congress passed the COVID Relief Bill, they didn’t impose conditions. And President Biden is not a king. He is the president. So he can’t unilaterally start imposing conditions over policies that he disagrees with.

ARROYO: Yes. We all should remember. This is your money. This is my money that they threw out to the states willy-nilly. Now, they want to add conditions to them, attach strings to limit a child’s freedom in a school in Arizona.

The government’s COVID largesse by the way has sparked mass fraud. Oregon reported $ 24 million in unemployment fraud in 2020. Michigan paid up to $ 8.5 billion in fraudulent jobless claims. And California’s unemployment fraud hit $ 20 billion. And the feds are coming after you, Mr. Attorney General?

BRNOVICH: Yes, it’s absolutely ridiculous. And I would just say one thing to everyone watching tonight. Let us never forget that any government that is big enough to give you everything is big enough to take it away. And so in this country, we have seen right now the Biden administration, the progressive left trying to nationalize everything, whether it’s socializing our economy, nationalizing our elections, and now trying to take control of our local schools.

And so there’s this fundamental question about, why do we even have a federal Department of Education? Why is the federal government dictating to places like Phoenix, Arizona, or Tucson, that they have to teach critical race theory, or they have to have this mask policy or that policy? Because fundamentally, we need to start getting back to the notion that local issues should be left up to people in those states.

It’s not up to the federal government to solve every one of our problems. And as we send our tax dollars to Washington, D.C., the federal government keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and it becomes oppressive.

And this is why the framers wanted our federal government to be limited. And that’s what the Constitution was designed to do, because the framers understood as government gets bigger, it becomes unresponsive. It becomes oppressive. And that’s why you end up in situations where Joe Biden and AOC want to dictate to our schools in Arizona that they should teach this, or teach that, or they should have this kind of policy. It’s fundamentally wrong. And we need to get back to the states and local control.

ARROYO: Attorney General Brnovich, it’s such a wise and important context to situate this in. Because I think people lose sight of that, that this is their money, particularly when other municipalities and states across the country use this money, which was relief money to pay off debts – help people with their rent.

Now, you all get penalized and targeted. It’s outrageous. Thank you very much. Attorney General Brnovich. We will check in the days ahead.

And the federal bullying doesn’t stop there. An obscure federal agency has proposed creating and, listen to this, a database containing the personal religious information of government employees seeking religious exemptions to Biden’s vaccine mandate. It gets worse.

According to the Heritage Foundation, at least seven other federal agencies are setting up similar databases. Joining me now is Wesley J. Smith, chair and senior fellow at the Discovery Institute Center on Human Exceptionalism.

Wesley, you have long warned about how these databases will be maintained, and in this case, abused. What’s your reaction?

WESLEY J. SMITH, NATIONAL REVIEW CONTRIBUTOR: Well, it looks like Joe Biden’s making a list and checking it twice. He’s going to find out who’s religious and nice. It’s really an obnoxious and outrageous, chilling a free expression of religion. Because it seems to me that the point of keeping these records would be to, first, keep people from seeking a religious exemption. And second, perhaps punish those who do.

ARROYO: Yes. Well, they’ve been running down so many of these religious exemptions. I know, in the Military, that there were jags that have been sent out simply to dismiss them. They’re not granting religious exemptions in the Military right now. And I imagine this will proliferate throughout other parts of the federal government. How do you see this information being used, or possibly used down the line, Wesley?

SMITH: Well, it seems to me that there’s a great potential here that an employee of the federal government could think, well, if I create – ask for a religious exemption, this could actually come to harm me later in terms of my professional advancement.

Secondly, it seems to me that you are in – violating people’s privacy. And it just seems part of a broader attack on religious freedom that we see coming from the secular left.

ARROYO: I need to get your reaction to this. Earlier this week, Quebec’s premier announced a new way to punish the unvaxxed. Watch.


FRANCOIS LEGAULT, PREMIER OF QUEBEC: We’re looking for a health contribution for adults who refuse to be vaccinated for non medical reasons. Those who refuse to receive their first dose in the coming weeks will have to pay a new health contribution.


ARROYO: A new health tax basically. Wesley, how long before we see similar policies crossing the border?

SMITH: Well, I’ve already heard some discussion of that, that if people don’t get vaccinated, they should have to actually pay more or perhaps even not receive treatment. There was some really outrageous discussion of putting people at the back of the line in terms of receiving Intensive Care Unit care if they refuse vaccination.

The idea is that if you’ve received vaccination, you get a priority over somebody who hasn’t received vaccination. This whole mandate issue, and as you said in the opening segment, people who are vaccinated can still catch COVID and they can still spread COVID.

I have friends and family right now who are vaccinated, who have COVID, and are having to quarantine. And the idea that we are going to somehow punish people who are unvaccinated and turn them into so many lepers is truly an outrageous thing. And when Joe Biden says, he’s president uniter, he’s actually tearing this country apart.

ARROYO: Wesley, we will leave it there. Thank you for your insight.

Nearly 300 scientists wrote a very angry letter calling on Spotify to censor Joe Rogan’s show. Involving my next guest, Dr. Robert Malone, is here next on the new information overlords. Stay there.



ROBERT MALONE, INVENTED MRNA VACCINE PLATFORM: What the heck happened in Germany in the 20s and 30s? Very intelligent, highly educated population, and they went barking mad. And how did that happen? The answer is math formation psychosis.

When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other, and has free floating anxiety, then their attention gets focused by a leader or a series of events on one small point, just like hypnosis. They literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere.


ARROYO: Now, the psychotic masses are coming for Joe Rogan, for the sin of having Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine platform on his program. Nearly 300 scientists are demanding that Spotify censor Rogan’s podcast, which is the number one in the world. They call Rogan and his guests questioning of vaccines and COVID policies medically and culturally dangerous. And they also claim Spotify by hosting the podcast is responsible for a sociological issue of devastating proportions.

Joining me now is Dr. Malone, who of course, was on that podcast with Joe Rogan. And Alex Berenson, author of Pandemia.

Dr. Malone, I thought scientists were supposed to ask questions and test assumptions. Now that’s being called dangerous misinformation.

ROBERT MALONE, INVENTED MRNA VACCINE PLATFORM: Right. In particular, one of the leaders here is Eric Topol. What’s important, I’m amazed that the presses pick this up. This is only 270 people in there medical writers, nurses, all kinds of people.

In contrast, the declaration in the physicians international alliance of physicians and medical scientists, which is signed only by physicians and medical scientists. I’m the president of that organization, has over 16,000 signatories.

This is a huge kerfuffle over 270 malcontents of mixed origin led by Eric Topol, who is a shill for the administration at this point. This is a non story that’s been blown up by the press.

ARROYO: Alex, you too, have been subjected to these censorious bullies. What’s happening here? This seems to be a trend, particularly as concerns the evolving COVID information that we’re all learning about day by day.

ALEX BERENSON, ‘PANDEMIA’ AUTHOR: Yes, you’re absolutely correct. Listen, I don’t think Dr. Malone does it himself for those of us who are trying to raise questions about the vaccines and he favors when he refers to himself as the inventor of mRNA technology. That’s clearly a large exaggeration.

And I don’t think he does us any favors when he says that ivermectin has been proven to work. I think that’s a huge overstatement of the case. But these are debates we should be having. He should be allowed to say whatever he want, wherever he wants on Twitter, and – or anywhere else. And so should I.

And Joe Rogan provides us a platform to talk and that is why they are going after him. We are allowed to disagree. I can disagree with Dr. Malone. He can disagree with me. The solution is not to ban us.

ARROYO: Dr. Malone, would you like to respond? I got to give you a few seconds here.

MALONE: Yes. Nine issued patents, all filed in 1989. All covering this technology, including the initial reduction to practice. All with my name on them. I would call that the original inventor and I wrote the initial disclosures, Alex. That was a low blow.

In terms of ivermectin, a colleague of mine just came back from Uttar Pradesh. It’s widely used in Uttar Pradesh and they have flatlined their disease. So both of your statements are going to fail with the test of time, but that’s not this discussion. In this case, what we’ve got is 270 malcontents whining because people speaking the truth on Joe Rogan.

As I said, we’ve got over 16,000 signatories that are asserting exactly these same key things. And I’m here in Spain with Mattias Desmet, the academic with over 130 peer-reviewed papers who has synthesized this on the basis of decades and decades of prior academic scholarly work. The A.P. has cited a scientist who is actively involved in nudging PSYOPS, and has promoted that as somebody who is saying mass formation isn’t happening.

ARROYO: I don’t want to run out of time here. Alex, very quickly, CNN has jumped on this censor Joe Rogan bandwagon. They had one of the signatories of that infamous letter on. Watch this.


JESSICA MALATY RIVERA, INFECTIOUS DISEASE EPIDEMIOLOGIST: At the very minimum it would be warning signs and banners that would be issued on a particular episode directing people to credible sources, like the CDC or WHO, on vaccine related information, or other sources.

I know that YouTube removed the video version of the podcast, but that podcast is still available on Spotify, and that is a problem.


ARROYO: Alex, are the CDC and the WHO credible sources of information given their track records?

ALEX BERENSON, AUTHOR, “PANDEMIA”: No. The WHO earlier this week just came out and said we shouldn’t be counting on anymore boosters. Now, this is after six months of the CDC pushing boosters on the American people.

By the way, I want to say one last thing. Joe Rogan was right. There’s a clip that’s going around where he says that he believes that myocarditis is higher post vaccine then post-infection in young men. The data is absolutely clear on that. He is correct on that. There is a preprint that came out on December 25th that showed exactly that. Joe Rogan was right.

And by the way, right or wrong, censorship is wrong, and content moderation is another word for censorship. And this drive to try to get people banned must stop. It’s un-American.

ARROYO: We will leave it there. Gentlemen, thank you. Have a great weekend.

It wouldn’t be Friday without Follies, and since I’m in the host chair, we have a special celebrity guest star to help us. Robert Davi is here for an unhinged college professor caught on tape and much more. Stay there for Follies.


ARROYO: It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for Friday Follies! And for that, we have a special celebrity guest star, actor and director Robert Davi. Robert, thanks for being here.

Look, it’s no secret that universities are at times incubators of ideology. But there is a professor at Ferris State University in Michigan who is truly in orbit. He welcomed his students this way, Robert.


BARRY MEHLER, FERRIS STATE UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR: I want to introduce myself before we actually meet f-to-f, as we say these days, which everybody knows means — which really means that we are all —

When you see me next week, I’ll be wearing this helmet. This helmet is actually $ 300.


ARROYO: Robert, I’m glad we are not doing this f-to-f, as Professor Barry Mehler might say, but I am a little miffed at you for not wearing your astronaut helmet. What do you make of the good professor there?

ROBERT DAVI, ACTOR AND DIRECTOR: Well, the good professor obviously reminded me a bit of Peter Finch’s meltdown in “Network.” And what your previous guest, Dr. Malone had said, that the mask of consciousness of people being put in fear creates a certain kind of behavior, and obviously what we are seeing from the professor is the kind of, I think, intense psychological distress that people are put through this pandemic.

Also, I went a little further, and there was a clip later on in the video thing of “Deadwood.” And a couple —

ARROYO: Let me show it, and then you can tell us the source of it. Let’s roll this. This is the professor explaining why he was willing to trash talk his students. Watch, if you dare.


BARRY MEHLER, FERRIS STATE UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR: I may have — my life flatter than — But I stand before you today beholden to no —

And we’re going to — job. And no — of an administrator is going to tell me how to teach my classes, because I’m a — tenured professor. So if you want to go complain to your dean — you. Go ahead, I’m retiring at the end of this year, and I couldn’t give a flying — any longer.


ARROYO: Oh, my lord. Robert, explain to people, this was a dramatic interpretation.

DAVI: Yes. See, he had showed after this rant a clip of “Deadwood” which had a similar kind of theatrical ranting, and he used that. And some of the students of his past classes said that he uses these things and the language to get their attention, and also as a sense of humor. But I don’t know how he wasn’t guffawing at this. It was kind of upsetting. And a man in distress who is looking toward his tenure and retirement.

ARROYO: Yes, well, he needs a lot of help. I’m happy to report he has been placed on leave.

Robert, maybe the professor should lose the helmet and embrace the mask. A new study is revealing that facemasks make you more attractive to the opposite sex. Who would’ve thought that covering half your face would make you more alluring? “The Guardian” reports 43 women were asked to rate on a scale of one to 10 the attractiveness of images of male faces without a mask, wearing a mask, cloth mask, blue mask, holding a plain black book covering the area a facemask would hide. Robert, here are the photos the women were shown. Which of these do you think they found most attractive? Because apparently the type of mask was important to these women anyway.

DAVI: I would think the light blue mask. I think.

ARROYO: You guessed right. It was actually the two-cent blue disposable mask. I guess these women care more about looks than the environment.

I’m going to show you a few masked and unmasked photos. You tell me which you think are more attractive. First up, who is that mysterious masked woman from San Francisco? And that dashing and one percenter? What do you think, Robert? I’m like the ophthalmologist, better or worse? Better or worse?


DAVI: I would like their whole face covered. I think that would be a lot better, because I like the fashion statement that Pelosi does with all her masks. She has them designed. They’re designer masks.

ARROYO: Yes, they coordinate. The designer builds a mask with the outfit.


ARROYO: But just to fulfill your desire, I don’t think President Biden ever looked more handsome than this.


DAVI: It’s an easy way for him to fall asleep and no one know about it.

ARROYO: He’s trying. We’ll leave it there. Robert Davi, I wish we had more time. I’m out. We will check in with you soon, and thank you for being on tonight.

Still ahead, we break down the lowlights from Biden’s worst week as president. Don’t go away. Wait until you see what they’re doing next week.


ARROYO: Welcome back to THE INGRAHAM ANGLE. I’m Raymond Arroyo.

It’s been a depressing week for Joe Biden. On Monday, the CDC reported record high new COVID cases, 1.35 million. Tuesday, Stacey Abrams and activist groups ditched Biden’s speech in Georgia. On Wednesday, inflation hit a 40 year high, and Biden’s approval hit a new low, 33 percent.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court blocked his vaccine mandate for large employers, and moderate Dems refused to gut the filibuster. What a week.

Joining me now is Tom Bevan, cofounder and publisher of Real Clear Politics, and Jason Chaffetz, former Congressman and FOX News contributor. Tom, do the polls show anything working for Biden at this point?

TOM BEVAN, COFOUNDER, REAL CLEAR POLITICS: No, not really. And most of the polling doesn’t even incorporate all the things you just mentioned. We will probably see right now Biden is at 41.6 percent in our Real Clear Politics average. That is just off his all-time low of 41.3. As you mentioned, the Quinnipiac poll had him down at 33 percent among all adults and 35 percent among registered voters.

So I expect we will see new lows for Biden in the coming weeks because at every turn now they are just hit with bad news. Nothing seems to be working, and they don’t seem to have any sort of course correction or reset in place that will help them get out of the spot that they’re in.

ARROYO: No, it’s a miserable situation politically for them. But as bad as it has been for Joe this week, you know it’s going to get worse when this is your understudy, Jason.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Going to see the same Democratic ticket in 2024?

KAMALA HARRIS, (D) VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I’m sorry, we are thinking about today.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There’s been some talk about a Biden-Cheney ticket perhaps in 2024. Did you read the article?

HARRIS: No, I did not. And I really could care less about the high class gossip on these issues.


ARROYO: The cackle is gone, Jason. That’s not giving Dems the confidence they need. Check out these headlines. Today “The Washington Post” writes “Harris team looked to course change to reset her political prospects.” And here’s “The New York Times,” “Heir Apparent or Afterthought? The Frustrations of Kamala Harris.” A new report says Harris is considering more TV interviews, Jason, hoping it will help resuscitate Democrats’ faith in her. Is this the path forward?

JASON CHAFFETZ, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, her biggest mistake was she didn’t get out away from the office enough. So the antidote is more television where she can’t answer basic television? Are you kidding me? The fundamental problem with Biden and Harris is that their policies suck. They make America worse. And that’s only going to exacerbate the problem.

They give it their best shot for the first 12 months. They made America worse. They don’t have something to fall back on. It’s certainly not their oration skills. They’re not go out and wow a crowd. I don’t know where they fall back to, but they’ve absolutely blown it. They did it on day one. They did it with exactly what they wanted. Biden was out there saying he wants to build bridges with infrastructure. He hasn’t built a bridge with Congress, let alone out in America.


ARROYO: Bridge to nowhere he’s built. Tom, I think one of the issues is that the White House is always making excuses for their failures. Today Jen Psaki tried explaining away voters’ unhappiness.


JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Our message to them is that we are still fighting right now. We are dealing with the realities of the fact that we have a very slim majority in the Senate and in the House. That makes things more challenging than they have been in the past.


ARROYO: Tom, they weren’t recognizing these slim majorities when they tried to pass these absurd bits of legislation.

BEVAN: And that’s the predicament that Biden finds himself in. He promised to unite the country, he promised to shut down the pandemic. And at every turn, he has taken the confrontational role, not only with Congress, but with red state government around the country. And so he finds himself in a very difficult position now where he can’t — the bridges are burned. He can’t unburn them. And he has thrown his lot in with the leftwing of his party. And while that might energize the base in the short term during an election year, it also risks turning off moderates and independents, which he is doing in droves now. Go back to that Quinnipiac poll, his approval rating among independents is down 25 percent. That is a catastrophically low approval rating among swing voters that are going to decide a lot of these races in swing states.

ARROYO: It’s really a delusional type of leadership where he imagines that he’s got these super majorities in both houses the way he governs, and yet everything goes down in flames except COVID relief.

The RNC is finally getting tough on the presidential debate commission. CNN’s Chris Cillizza, I always get that name wrong, had the dumbest take. He wrote “There is no Republican Party these days outside of Trump and his whims. This move by the RNC is rightly read as the latest example of Trump’s successful erosion of any sense that nonpartisan entities can and do exist.” Jason, the GOP has been unhappy with presidential debate moderators for year now. This is nothing new.

CHAFFETZ: It’s not anything new, you’re absolutely right, Raymond. And what they need to do is stand tall and say we are half of this equation, and until we come to a mutual agreement, we’re not going to participate in this charade on having these far left moderators out there asking the Republicans tough questions and asking softball of the Democrats.

And by the way, the erosion of the support for the Democrats, just like Tom said, that only happens when you lose your base, you lose the moderates, you lose the independents. That is all Biden. It has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

ARROYO: I haven’t seen a political sinkhole like this maybe since the Carter administration. We’ll leave it there. Tom and Jason, have a great weekend. Thank you.

Coming up, breaking Olympic news, and another reason you may want to personally boycott the games. “Not One Minute” is next.



LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: We’re launching a campaign tonight on THE INGRAHAM ANGLE called “Not One Minute.” And that means we are getting people across the country to say they will not watch one minute of the Olympics because of what it does to prop up the Communist Party regime and all their subjugation and oppression of minorities and dissenters of the regime.


ARROYO: If you needed another reason to sign on to Laura’s “Not One Minute” campaign, here’s one. According to the “USA Today,” Team USA is telling athletes to use burner phones while in Beijing over fears of surveillance by the CCP. Think about this. We are actually teaching our athletes how to evade communist spies in 2022. With China’s ongoing record of human and religious rights abuses, no one should be going to these genocide Olympics, and that’s before considering their awful efforts to hide the pandemic. Skip the games. Watch not one minute of them. But do send time with those you love.

That’s it for us. I’m Raymond Arroyo. Thanks to Laura and the Anglers for letting me sit in tonight. Greg Gutfeld next.

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