'The Ingraham Angle' on Biden's sinking polls, NBA's relationship with China

这是来自的匆忙成绩单 “英格拉汉角,” 可能 20, 2022. 此副本可能不是最终形式,并且可能已更新.

劳拉·英格拉姆, 福克斯新闻主持: I’m Laura Ingraham, and this is a special edition of THE INGRAHAM ANGLE from Washington tonight.

好的, if it’s Friday, 你懂, I’m going to ask the question, How low can he go? As in Biden in those polls measuring his job performance, 当然. I knew AP-NORC poll has Biden’s approval at 39 百分, the lowest of his presidency. And among Democrats, his approval is that just 73 percent when for all of 2021, it never dropped below 82. Among Hispanics, in a new Quinnipiac poll, he’s at 26.

现在, a key takeaway from the AP piece is that only two in 10 Americans say our country is on the right track. Who are the two? What’s most striking are that some of the comments from Americans about Biden’s performance, they’re stunning. One saying, “I don’t know how much worse it can get.” 要么 “he hasn’t delivered on any of the promises.His policies are destroying the economy.

Now one of the more charitable ones was, “I think he’s tired.” 当然, all of these remarks are on point. Americans are not stupid. They see what’s happening to the family budget, they feel it. They know how bad the crime is. They see food and bus tickets given to the illegals as they debate themselves even having a family vacation this summer.

And the overwhelming majority of Americans tell Quinnipiac they’re seeing what we’ve been warning you about, an economic recession is just around the corner. 最后, we wondered when this has started happening. Biden’s boosters are even seeing the writing on the wall.


身份不明的男性: I am on the more pessimistic end of the spectrum in terms of how I think the economy is going to perform. I think inflation is going to force the Fed to raise interest rates, certainly to 5-6 百分, maybe higher. The road ahead does not look great.

身份不明的男性: There’s very little to be optimistic about the three Is, 通货膨胀, 移民, and now infant formula. Pocketbook issues, kitchen table issues have been abstract for a long time. Now suddenly, they’re very real.


英格拉姆: 是, things are so bad that even Trump hating liberals can’t ignore the situation any longer. And naturally, things aren’t any better on the foreign policy front either. Remember one of Biden’s favorite lines about his conversations with foreign leaders.


乔·拜登, 美国总统: The message I want the world to hear today. America is back. America is back. Diplomacy is back at the center of our foreign policy.


英格拉姆: Well Biden is in Asia on his first trip, and I don’t think any of the world leaders he’s meeting with are very impressed. America’s global influence and power after all comes from her strength, both economic and military. And both are now badly compromised because of the policies and decisions made by Biden and the Democrats.

After a botched withdrawal, a disgusting withdrawal in Afghanistan, now a prolonged proxy war in Ukraine, that slow pivot to Asia and a rising China, our allies and our adversaries see America atits adrift. And can you blame them? How does anyone expect our enemies to fear us if so many of our own elites seem embarrassed by our history, disdainful of our founding and disgusted, 坦白说, by our traditions.

And Biden’s White House has made their disgust for America clear.


ANTONY BLINKEN, UNITED STATES SECRETARY OF STATE: We know we have work to do at home. That includes addressing profound inequities, including systemic racism.

卡马拉·哈里斯, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Racism is real in America. And it has always been.

拜登: Racism, the ugly poison that’s long haunted and plagued our nation.


英格拉姆: In the end you just can’t govern very well, the country you fundamentally loathe. You can only rule over it.

If Biden’s puppeteers are pulling the strings right now, putting all those words in the teleprompter, if they really loved America – 我的意思是, really loved herthey wouldn’t be doing any of this. They wouldn’t have waived off Larry Summers on the inflation issue a year ago. They wouldn’t have put us deeper in debt with COVID and stupid Build Back Better spending. They certainly wouldn’t have killed our energy independence.

And they wouldn’t be turning American against American on race. They wouldn’t have let our borders go to the cartels. They wouldn’t have set in motion the policies that are causing so much pain and suffering to those who deserve at least.

Joining me now is Ari Fleischer, former White House Press Secretary, Fox News contributor and Sean Duffy, former Wisconsin Congressman, and Fox News Contributor. Ari, these numbers, we keep talking about this. It seems like every time you come on it’s another, “How low can he go question.” 但是 39 percent approval he has now and the 26 百分, among Latino voters, where is this all headed?

ARI FLEISCHER, 福克斯新闻撰稿人: 好, it’s where it’s always headed in a democracy, and that means to the people, to election day. And that’s exactly how it should work. 看, there are three devastating numbers for Joe Biden. One is the fact that it’s 2022, a midterm presidential election. History says, throw the bums out, that’s what happens to both parties.

二, 的 39 percent job approval. People don’t like the President. And three the wrong track. People think America is in bad shape. All of this lower the whole litany of what you just walk through, adds up to a democracy that breathes. And the way we breathe, is we go to the polls, and the Democrats are in for a massive, 庞大的, historically large repudiation of their policies.

And I predict to you, it’s going to stretch so far and deep into safe Democratic seats that watch Washington State, where Patty Murray is likely going to lose to Tiffany Smiley if these trends continue. The history shows there’s always a safe incumbent or two who get swept out in this storm, and a storm is coming.

英格拉姆: I also remember Sean, this idea that Biden was going to end COVID. 记得, we’re going to defeat the virus, 对? Remember that? 好, now he has this new COVID Coordinator at the White House, Ashish Jha, he was on CNN this morning. More goalpost shifting, 手表.


博士. ASHISH JHA, WHITE HOUSE CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE COORDINATOR: People who say cases no longer matter, infections don’t matter, only hospitalizations and deaths do. I think this is why one of the reasons they’re wrong. When you have a lot of infections, as you said, you’re going to have disruption, you’re going to have people out of work, people out of school, we don’t want very, very high levels of infection circulating in our communities.


英格拉姆: 肖恩, your reaction.

肖恩·达菲, 福克斯新闻撰稿人: 所以问题是, why are they talking about that now, 劳拉. You just mentioned the polls, and it’s a dumpster of fire for Joe Biden and the administration. But they go back to COVID, because they actually aren’t as bad with the American people and how they handled COVID, 虽然, I think everyone here on the panel agrees that it was disastrous.

我认为, 你懂, the American people are really forgiving. If you make a mistake as a politician, and you repent, and you change your ways, they’ll forgive you for it. But Joe Biden has stacked his White House with so many left wing believers on open borders, attack oil and gas, 你懂, let’s reimagine law enforcement. He stacked them so much, he has no one to say, help me change course. How do we get on a new path?

顺便说一下, this is not complicated stuff. Securing the border is not complicated, supporting law enforcement isn’t complicated. Getting our oil and gas companies to drill again, isn’t complicated.

英格拉姆: 是. And so we’re going to be back to the misery index Ari or shared sacrifice, which just means shared scarcity, as we saw with baby food and maybe other things. 现在, Biden’s Secretary of the Interior doesn’t get a lot of play in the media. But there was an exchange yesterday that I think is starting to gain traction. 看.


它的. 约翰·巴拉索 (R-WY): Do you believe that gas prices are too high?

DEB HAALAND, SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR: 参议员, I completely understand the crunch that so many Americans are under right now. Americans are still recovering from this terrible pandemic and there are a lot of other world events that are making things difficult.

BARRASSO: So it sounds you’re unwilling to say that gas prices are too high.

HAALAND: We’re doing all we can, 参议员.


英格拉姆: 好, that’s a lie. They’re not doing all they can. They’re actually doing things that make gas prices higher. 但, Ari, to this point, Ted Cruz said earlier this week, something I’ve been saying for a while, that this is their policy, high gas prices is what they’ve wanted for decades. They hated our low gas prices.

FLEISCHER: 是. And here’s why. 这很简单. If you want wind and solar to replace oil and gas, wind and solar cannot compete with oil and gas. Economically, it’s impossible. It’s anti-science. It’s anti-science of economics. So you need oil and gas to be at sky high prices. So you can substitute more wind substitute more solar.

看, I’m all for wind and solar. I want as much of that as possible. But the fact is, you can only squeeze the apple so much to get enough juice. And there’s just not that much in wind and solar to generate, so that’s why you need oil and gas. So the Democrats need high gas prices. And what their problem is, they see the results on middle class, low income consumers, and that’s why they’re driving them into the Republican Party.

So the Democrats are in a squeeze of their own making, but that’s why they can’t acknowledge they need gas prices to be high.

英格拉姆: And Sean, if it’s Friday, it also means that it’s time for another development in the Hillary Clinton-Russia collusion story. And Robby Mook looks like testified that Hillary did sign off on part of this, 你懂, plan with theto link Trump with this Russian bank and shethe dissemination of the material. 她曾经是 – 你懂, she signed off on this.

达菲: 是. 所以, 罗比穆克, her campaign manager admitted, what we all knew, which Hillary Clinton was behind the whole Russia collusion hoax that was fed to the FBI and then fed to the media, and we spent two years of our time and billions of dollars investigating this bogus Hillary Clinton story.

But I thought it was interesting. 再次, it was confirmed on the stand, under oath that Hillary Clinton was brought up to speed on this and actually gave the green light to move forward with shooting out this this bogus story about Donald Trump and Russia.

And again, what’s sad about that is Donald Trump last three years, he was fighting the media and these attacks as opposed to leading the country and trying to make us great again, and he still did a wonderful job. But I remember during those times, I would have been in the corner cowering at all the incoming attacks. And I give Donald Trump credit that he stood up and punch back and fought back

英格拉姆: You bet.

达菲: –is remarkable, because most men and women would not be able to do that. 唐纳德·特朗普, good on him. He did.

英格拉姆: Well keep on it. Ari, 肖恩, have a great weekend. Good to see you.

FLEISCHER: Thanks Laura.

达菲: Thanks Laura.

英格拉姆: Now this week, DHS revealed that in April, 多于 234,000 migrants were encountered at the U.S. – Mexico border. That’s the highest in agency history. 好, 今天, we learned that they’re running out of funding to deal with it. NBC News is reporting that DHS will need up to $ 2 billion more to handle the influx.

Our own Bill Melugin is in Eagle Pass in Texas, where he encountered a group of 167 migrants crossing illegally earlier today. 法案, I saw your report yesterday in this really dangerous, dry hot National Park Big Bend, and this is even worse. I can’t believe this.

BILL MELUGIN, FOX NEWS NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: 劳拉, that’s exactly right. The numbers here in Del Rio sector are just shooting through the roof. Just to give you an idea, a Border Patrol report said more than 1,800 illegal crossings in just 24 小时. Those are some huge numbers for this sector. And we want to show you what that looks like.

Take a look at this video. You mentioned this group right off the top. This was a single massive group of 167 we witnessed cross illegally and Eagle Pass this morning at around 8:00 上午. Mostly all single adults. Not really those massive family units like we were seeing last summer. 通常, these have been mostly Cubans, 委内瑞拉人, Colombians, and Peruvians. But the Eagle Pass area has been getting hammered by these big groups. We saw six or seven of them last week alone.

You take a look at the second piece of video also of that same group. From the ground perspective, the Del Rio sector, just since October 1st has had more than a quarter million illegal crossings. Those numbers are up about 150 percent over the same time last year and that has been with Title 42 in place.

Also want to show you this video. Take a look at this. This was last night in Brackettville. We were embedded with Texas DPS, they were chasing a human smuggler. 繁荣! All of a sudden illegal immigrants start bailing out of the vehicle and running off into the brush in an effort to evade. The driver stayed behind, as did some of the men who are hiding in the bed of that pickup truck.

You’ll see our camera get right up on them. Those men decided it wasn’t worth it to run. But this is something we’ve been seeing constantly down here at the border. That driver, that smuggler was a woman from Florida, 美国. 公民. We have been seeing U.S. citizens heavily recruited down here to the border to participate in human smuggling. With Texas DPS telling us since they launched Operation Lonestar last year, they have been involved in more than 2,000 of these pursuits.

劳拉, we’ll send it back to you.

英格拉姆: 法案, this is shocking. Thank you for your reporting, 一如既往.

All right onto another subject tonight. The NBA’s relationship with China. Now remember, it’s been the subject of intense controversy over the last few years, after one of the league’s top owners was criticized after he tweeted a rather innocuous comment in support of a free Hong Kong and then LeBron James piped in and other people.

反正. A new report from ESPN reveals just how much though that the owners have at stake in China. 40 principal owners of teams have $ 10 billion in Chinese investments. First to Miami Heat owner Micky Arison. He has more than $ 375 million tied up in China through his team and his business, Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest cruise operator.

Then Sacramento Kings Co-Owner, Paul Jacobstotal China exposure is at about $ 140 百万, 多于 30 percent of his net worth, mostly due to his investments in Qualcomm. Then Memphis Grizzlies owner Robert Pera’s exposure in China is about $ 369 million through his company Ubiquiti. That’s a wireless equipment manufacturer whose operations are based primarily in Southern China.

Now Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta is the President and CEO of Landry’s which operates 10 restaurants in China, they generate an estimated $ 57 million in annual sales. His estimated total exposure to China is over $ 160 百万.

And the biggest name of them all is Charlotte Hornets owner, Michael Jordan, who donated $ 100 million to social justice efforts here in the United States, 记住, he has an estimated $ 85 million wrapped up in China.

Now could that be part of the reason we’re hesitant to criticize China, as we criticize the United States? Joining me now is Enes Freedom, former center for the Boston Celtics and human rights activist. 埃内斯, thank you for joining us on your birthday, 顺便说说, which is my son’s birthday today, and he’s only 12 岁. 生日快乐, Nico, happy birthday, 埃内斯. Where’s the outrage over this?

内斯自由, FORMER BOSTON CELTICS CENTER: 首先, thank you for having me. And thank you so much for the shout out for my birthday. 但, 你懂, first time I read about this article, I was not shocked at all I have been telling and trying to expose these people from day one. And it’s just unbelievable how the world, and especially people in America that has notsome of the people in Americalet me just, 你懂, fix myselfAmerica has not wake up to this hypocrisy.

40 NBA owners are tied up around $ 10 十亿 – with the Chinese government. And now people finally understand understanding why they are talking about all the social justice, 你懂, problems are happening everywhere. But when it comes to China, they are scared to death.

英格拉姆: It just seems like greed overwhelms basic issues of right and wrong once again?

FREEDOM: 你懂, it’s justpeople need to understand. And it just so hard for me to something to express myself, because obviously I played in the league for 11 years and I was seeing the hypocrisy fromfirsthand. And it doesn’t matter, 你懂, human rights violations happening – 好, all around the world, we have to call them out like it is, 你懂. And moral mattersfor the NBA moral matters until money or business are involved. So that is the one thing that was breaking my heart.

And all these owners – 有 50 NBA ownersare making profit off of slave labor. So we have to, call them out, because they love to sit down and give us this all the social justice talk to us, but in reality they’re scared. They’re only talking about the things that are happening in America, but when it comes tothe things that theytalk about their money your pocket, they’re going to stay silent, and we have to keep expose them.

英格拉姆: And another tidbit from that report from ESPN, and it says, the Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai. Now he was born in Hong Kong, and obviously strong ties to China. In the face is NBAs uneasy relationship with China, Tsai donates hundreds of millions of dollars to combat racism and discrimination in the United States.

But in China, 当然, his company partners with other companies that are blacklisted by the US government for supporting a campaign of repression, mass arbitrary detention and high tech surveillance through state of the art racial profiling. I think that’s facial profiling. And as your reaction to that, just that issue.

FREEDOM: 确切地. 我的意思是, he’s probably the worst of them all. 你懂, I think he is the owner of Alibaba. And he’s pretty much working for the CCP. 我的意思是, I did hear a lot of stories about him and how much he loves to do social justice work, 好, only in America. But obviously when it comes to China, just because of his billion dollars are involved, he’s scared to death. He cannot say a word. And shame on him.

I will just say it like its shame on him. But it justI just wish, just only please God send me one more player to just stand by me so we can just expose this whole truth and show the whole world that what’s really going on.

英格拉姆: 非常感谢. Great to see it. 生日快乐.

Disturbing new details about what some pre-K to third grade students are now being forced to learn in Maryland. We expose it all next.


英格拉姆: Now after years of shutdowns, masks critical race theory in the public schools, it’s no surprise that parents are fed up and they’re flat out leaving. But the New York Times seems to be just noticing this trend writing, “With plunging enrollment a seismic hit to public schools.

You don’t say. Fox’s Chief Breaking News Correspondent Trace Gallagher is in our West Coast newsroom with all the details. Trace?

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CHIEF BREAKING NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Laura these are numbers even the teachers unions are having trouble spinning, because there really is no bright side. Let’s start with the big numbers showing that since 2020 public schools across America are down 1.2 million students.

记住, school funding is tied to enrollment, so public schools are simultaneously losing students and hemorrhaging money. And for midsize cities like Denver, Albuquerque and Oakland, 加利福尼亚州, where funding is not nearly as robust as in the bigger districts, the cuts mean schools are combining classrooms, laying off teachers and shutting down schools all together.

But the bigger cities is where the numbers are stunning. 纽约市, the nation’s largest school district lost some 50,000 students in the past two years. And get this in Los Angeles Unified, the nation’s second largest district, enrollment is expected to plummet by 30 percent over the next decade. Even Orange County, California where parents have fought for years to get their kids into the public schools is seeing a significant drop.

Now there are no major studies yet showing an exact cause for the drop in the number of public students. But experts say there is one very prevalent common denominator and it appears to be the COVID school closures and mask mandates. Even lifelong public school people are moving their kids to private and Catholic schools. 看.


ROHIT REDDI, PARENT AT ST. JOSEPH IN ALAMEDA, 那: We are big believers in public education, and I certainly thought public education would be the way where I’d be sending our kids.


GALLAGHER: Instead they’re going Catholic. And for the record, the National Catholic Education Association says that Catholic schools are up 62,000 学生们, the first increase in 20 年份, the fastest increase in 50 年份. And if the waitlist the private schools were shorter, public school enrollment would be even lower. 劳拉.

英格拉姆: 哇. Trace, 谢谢. With liberal Republican Larry Hogan as Governor of Maryland instead of someone like, 我不知道, 罗恩·迪桑蒂斯, 好, the education establishment in the state is intent on talking to students as young as pre-K, about sex and gender.

New guidance in the state for high school students instructs teachers to examine the impact of gender expression and gender identity on members of marginalized communities and analyze the intersectionality of race, 文化, gender for members of those communities.

It also advises teaching kindergarteners, how to recognize a range of ways that people express their identity and gender. And if you’re a parent of a student from pre-K to third grade, 顺便说说, and you think you can opt out, there is no opt out.

And that’s not the only state it’s happening. 在伊利诺伊州, a school district is teaching preschoolers about sexual orientation. 不过不用担心, they don’t learn about being transgender until kindergarten. In the first grade, they introduce new pronouns and social justice standards.

Joining us now are two parents who have been on the front lines protecting our kids and advancing real excellence in education. Asra Nomani, Senior Contributor at the Federalist, and Ian Prior, former DOJ Deputy of Public Affairs and Senior Advisor for America First Legal. Asra, we’ll start with you.

三, four and five year olds even thinking about this kind of stuff. And why is this in the public school system?

ASRA NOMANI, THE FEDERALIST SENIOR CONTRIBUTOR: This is what they’re thinking about, a little unicorn, an innocent unicorn. But our unicorn is no longer the unicorn that they’re teaching in schools. This is what they’re teaching.

英格拉姆: 哦, I love the gender unicorn. How cute. I loveAsra has a prop that our cameras going to try to zoom in on, but it might be a little difficult. Isn’t that? 没有, don’t turn it around. Stay right there. 好.

NOMANI: 好, so these are the questions. 劳拉, you can youI don’t know ifwhat is your gender identity for a preschooler and a kindergartener? Are you on the scale from female, 女人, a girl; 人, boy, or other? And then what is your gender expression? Your sex assigned at birth, your physical attraction, and then your emotional attraction.

我的意思是, these are words that kids can’t even understand. But in fact, from California to Massachusetts, this is what’s happening. They’re not only going up to our kids minds, but their bodies.

英格拉姆: 现在, Ian, given everything that you advanced in Northern Virginia, 劳登县, we saw the explosion of the controversies there. What’s next for parents in these fights? Because they’re doubling down on the Left on this radicalism?

IAN PRIOR, FMR DOJ DEPUTY OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS: 好, 你懂, I think it’s really interesting. We’ve seen a lot on the gender issue. And parents have a 14th Amendment liberty right to be the primary decision makers for the health, welfare and education of their children. And what you’re seeing is that schools everywhere, are completely disrespecting that.

They’re saying, you don’t get to know about your child’s gender identity, unless the child gives us permission to tell you. Here you have in Maryland, where it’s – 好, if you’re up until third grade, you can’t opt out. But after fourth grade, 您可以. Well that’s an equal protection issue right there.

And what is the compelling government interest that they need to have? They won’t tell you. But their interest is, we need to get to them when they’re young, before they have fully developed brains and can look at this and say, wait a minute, 这是荒唐的.

英格拉姆: 是, 这是荒唐的. Now Fairfax County Public Schools now are considering a new rule, suspending students for malicious misgendering. So suspending students, and apparently the offense carries with it a suspension of up to five days if frequency and intensity are present. Asra?

ASRA NOMANI, “THE FEDERALISTSENIOR CONTRIBUTOR: 就是这个. This is their new track changes in their new policy, and in it they slip in put in this punishment for malicious misgendering. Just unbelievable, because a child has childhood, 对, to discover, to learn, not this kind of punishment that is basically policing, 对.

英格拉姆: But meanwhile, Ian, 与此同时, Ian, they are lowering academic standards at the same time. So they have that malicious misgendering rulemaking, and then you have a lowering of academic standards lowering the bar for everyone. So these are the two competing bad influences on our kids.

IAN PRIOR, AMERICA FIRST, LEGAL SENIOR ADVISER: 那就对了, and not just lowering academic standards, but discipline standards. So all across the country you’re saying we need to close the discipline gap. So all these things that we’re not going to suspend kids for being disruptive in class, we’re not going to suspend kids for things that they normally would be suspended for. But if you misgender someone, now we’re going to start the school to prison pipeline on that one.

英格拉姆: That is more indoctrination, that’s more propaganda.

NOMANI: 它是, 它是.

英格拉姆: 现在, for seventh graders in Maryland, if people think I’m exaggerating here, the sexual health section of this new educational framework for the curriculum says, identifies many different sexual practices with possible outcomes of each. Asra, 再次, I’m not going to read all the sexual practices, people are pretty familiar with those. This is bizarre and it’s borderline abusive.

NOMANI: 是. 术语 “groominghas become part of our vocabulary.

英格拉姆: Grooming, what doesgroomingmean?

NOMANI: Grooming has been, I looked it up today, and it is the act of having inappropriate sexual conversations with children for preparing them for actual acts. And this is unacceptable and unethical in society.

英格拉姆: It’s shattering the innocence of children. Is it not shattering their innocence?

NOMANI: But all of these books here that I brought, let’s talk about it, which tells kids to actually go online and find likeminded people with the same fetishes that they have got red.

英格拉姆: What grade is that for?

NOMANI: This is for seventh to 12th graders. So it’s unbelievable.

英格拉姆: Is this in the public school system?

NOMANI: It is in the public school system. I go this in the public library.

英格拉姆: We don’t have time go through every

NOMANI: 你知道吗, we can’t even show it on TV because it’s so unacceptable.

英格拉姆: Ian, so much of these books, a parent tries to read excerpts at a school board meeting, and the parent is shut down for trying to provoke an absolutely incensed reaction among audience members, attendees at this school board meeting, but the kids can read it.

Guys, thank you so much and for your work on all of this. 很高兴见到你, 谢谢.

PRIOR: 谢谢.


英格拉姆: 接下来, Netflix is dropping some of its woke heroes in a new addition ofSay What?” Raymond Arroyo has it all in Friday Follies next.


JACKIE IBANEZ, 福克斯新闻记者: Welcome to FOX News live. I’m Jackie Ibanez on this Friday night.

The Justice Department will appeal a decision from a federal judge that blocks the Biden administration from ending Title 42. A judge from the western district of Louisiana granted a preliminary injunction Friday, preventing the Biden administration from ending the immigration order put in place to lessen this spread of COVID-19. The CDC has now determined the use of Title 40 to is no longer necessary due to current public health circumstances.

And a rare tornado tearing through a small community in northern Michigan, killing one person and injuring more than 40 其他. Video shows a dark, ominous funnel cloud close to the small town of Gaylord as nervous drivers tried to stay out of the way. Authority say multiple homes are damaged, cars are overturned. The twister also uprooted trees and power lines there that are now blocking the roads.

I’m Jackie Ibanez. Now back to THE INGRAHAM ANGLE. For all of your headlines, log on to FOXnews.com.

英格拉姆: It is Friday, and that means it is time for Friday Follies. And for that we turn to FOX News contributor Raymond Arroyo. 雷蒙德, some big, big names were bounced off of streaming services this week, I see.

雷蒙德·阿罗约, 福克斯新闻撰稿人: 劳拉, and a few others made the cut. Hulu passed on Hillary Clinton alternative history calledRodham.Claire Danes and Dakota Fanning were attached, but Hulu probably asked how much Hillary can the public really take? Edie Falco just played her on cable, and back in March of 2020, Hulu aired a documentary called “希拉里” featuring Hillary. But this time Hulu passed. I guess you could say the Hillary stream has been interrupted.

英格拉姆: “Rodham,” WHO — how many people watchRodham”? I never even heard of it.

Ibram Kendi’s antiracist baby animated special, that was also canned at Netflix. And how big a market can there be for sowing racial division among toddlers, 雷蒙德?

ARROYO: 看, Netflix figured out that Chapelle sells and some of the other stuff just doesn’t. 这很简单. This is being depicted as tossing out the woke sensibility, but I think that read might be wrong. Netflix has decided to smartly stick with their audience and give them mostly what they want, 劳拉. 现在, they are in danger of losing an estimated 2 million subscribers between now and June according to “Il Divo 歌手 Carlos Marin 的前妻讲述了他去世前的最后一个电话,” but I am confused by the newly announcedNetflix at Home” 系列. You’ve heard ofKeeping up with the Kardashians.Get ready for sucking with the Sussexes.


身份不明的女性: What about an afternoon tea with your chickens?

身份不明的女性: 没有, see, I don’t really think that tea with the chickens is what we have in mind.



ARROYO: 劳拉, Harry and Meghan are doing and at home in Montecito series for Netflix. 但要记住, they signed that expensive deal with Netflix. They’ve got to make good on it here.

英格拉姆: 哦, 我的 — is that their chicken? So they have chickens there?


ARROYO: 是, remember the interview with Oprah? They had the chicken coop, 是. They raise chickens. They have celebrities come over. I’m sure it will be a gripping series. So much for privacy driving them away from the royals, 记住. Now they’re inviting the cameras in.

现在, 劳拉, the Johnny Depp trial ground on this week, and if appearances are any indication, you can see who’s winning. Depp entered and exited like he was at a red carpet event. He is gladhanding, he’s having a grand old time. He even did Captain Jack for the fans. Amber Heard looks like she’s leaving a funeral parlor.

英格拉姆: She looks like she’s going to ask you, can I help you with putting your bag and the overhead compartment. 那是什么?


英格拉姆: Or she’s a pilot. 其实, she looks like an airline pilot with the Princess Leia braids. I guess that supposed to make her look very serious and very believable.

ARROYO: Buttoned up.

英格拉姆: But she just looks very corporate. I’m not sure that’s what you want to go. And Ray, you noticed that some of Depp’s kind of evolving expressions from the week.

ARROYO: Since he wasn’t on the stand, Depp displayed the many faces of Johnny this week. There was the laid-back cad. The ruminating artiste. 和, his most common face, the attentive stock investor. He spent most of his time looking like retirees this week, fixated on the screen in front of him. 与此同时, 好, I will let you handle Amber Heard.

英格拉姆: He basically made it clear he was never going to lay eyes on her again, 对. And then Amber Heard, she had herself a pretty consistent face at trial, 对? It was miffed and sullen.

ARROYO: She sort of looked like a ticked off Mrs. Olson, 劳拉, the Folgers lady, with the hair braids and all. But we are going to move on. We’ll see how this transpires in the days ahead.

But it’s time forSay What?” the international edition, 劳拉. We start in South Korea where President Biden today visited a semiconductor plant with Korean President Yoon hoping to boost relations.


乔·拜登, (d) 美国总统: So thank you all very much, and President Moon, Yoon, thank you for everything you have done so far.


ARROYO: 六月, broom, 月亮, schmoon. If this is designed to improve relations, it’s not working, 劳拉. Moon is the former president of Korea. It would be like calling Biden Trump, 好. It doesn’t work.

英格拉姆: 好, it rhymes, and then you get to gloom, which is what we are experienced in the United States.


ARROYO: Then in Ecuador, First Lady Jill Biden had this to say when she closed out her speech there.


吉尔拜登, 我们. FIRST LADY: On behalf of my husband and the people of the United States, buenas tardes.


ARROYO: Say what? Buenas tardes? What are you trying to say? Jill Biden is apparently not a doctor of language, 劳拉. She needs a Berlitz course. Remember last year on Cesar Chavez day when she triedSi se puede”?


吉尔拜登, 我们. FIRST LADY: Si se pwad-way (酸碱度). The future is ours. 谢谢.



英格拉姆: Gracias de todos.

ARROYO: 哦, my gosh.

英格拉姆: Really quickly, 佩洛西.

ARROYO: 劳拉, very quickly, 好, the big breaking news tonight, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, the archbishop of San Francisco, today announced Nancy Pelosi is being denied communion because of her extended and longstanding support of abortion rights while passing herself off as a devout Catholic. The archbishop there says she may not present herself for communion and no priest in his diocese can offer it to her. This is a major, major sanction against Nancy Pelosi as a Catholic.

英格拉姆: 好, 雷蒙德, as a practicing Catholic I disagree with the bishop of arch, 太感谢了.


英格拉姆: Very disturbing. 雷蒙德, 谢谢.

Commonsense election security may be coming to you soon. One organization in Michigan is putting Mark Zuckerberg on notice after he dumped nearly $ 17 million into local elections there. 就这样, 下一个.


英格拉姆: Great news out of Michigan for anyone who cares about secure voting, and we do. The group calledSecure MI Voteis running a petition drive to bring voter I.D. and other commonsense security provisions to the electoral process there. It just makes sense. The effort is in response to the Zucker-buck, Mark Zuckerberg’s money, 几乎 $ 17 million of which were poured into Michigan to fund voter turnout efforts last time, and of course, only and Democrat nominated areas.

Much of the money went to Detroit where Biden got 94 percent of the vote. Nothing to see there, I’m sure. That’s the city, 当然, that cost the Republicans a Senate seat as well. But the swampy development as reported byThe Washington Free Beaconis that Andy Blunt, who is the son of the Republican senator in leadership, 罗伊·布朗特, has joined forces with the George Soros group called the 1630 Fund to spend $ 2.5 million to pay workers not to work on the petition drive. Can you believe this? Swamped in a swamp, that’s what we’re going to say.

Joining me to discuss this tonight is Harmeet Dhillon, CEO and founder of the Center for American Liberty. Before we get into these establishment, typical swamp tactics, 哈米特, I understand we are down to the final two weeks of this petition drive. How many signatures do you need?

HARMEET DHILLON, 首席执行官, CENTER FOR AMERICAN LIBERTY: 是, 这是正确的, 劳拉. We need, the effort, needs to get 340,000 real signatures, meaning you have to have a margin above that, and the deadline is June 1. We have been on pace to collect these signatures, volunteers and paid workers in Michigan, up until the time that this effort developed to actually, literally pay people off to not participate.

And so one of the guys who got this money got a payoff by this Republican bagman fronting for Soros money, blew the whistle on it a few weeks ago, and so there is a pending complaint about it, and that’s how we learned that that’s how Soros is spending their money. So in addition to giving money to try to do counter-petitioning, they are actually trying to constrict the supply of people to do this work, which I believe is all kinds of legal violations and they are in a heap of trouble.

And the worst part about this, 劳拉, as you mention, is that it’s a Republican front. It’s a company that is called Ground Game Political Solutions, which is a division of Husch Blackwell Strategies, which is a mild-mannered midwestern, middle American outfit. And so this is a seriously concerning development that you have Republican operatives who work for a Republican senator and are related to him are actually furthering this anti-democratic agenda.

英格拉姆: These are never-Trumpers. The Blunts are never-Trumpers.

哈米特, this is what a Biden judicial nominees said back in 2017 about voter I.D. 看.


NATASHA MERLE, BIDEN JUDICIAL NOMINEE: It’s inconsistent to denounce white supremacy but not repudiate voter I.D. 法律. The photo I.D. bills disproportionately impact black and brown voters, disproportionately prevent black and Latino voters from voting. And so you cannot say you are not for white supremacy but at the same time be for disenfranchising black and Latino voters.


英格拉姆: So Harmeet, this is where we are, white supremacy equals voter I.D.

DHILLON: 劳拉, it’s so ridiculous. This bill will actually provide free I.D.s for all people who can’t afford them, and like neighboring states already do with no problem. So it’s time to put an end to these lies and Republicans should never be participating in them.

英格拉姆: Everyone has to get out in Michigan, sign this petition, Commonsense Voter I.D., and other security initiatives have to be back in the electoral process. 哈米特, we are on it, I know you’re on it, and we wish you the best of luck. 谢谢.


英格拉姆: A major newspaper was forced to issue a huge correction last night. What they first said will shock you, 虽然. 接下来.


英格拉姆: “纽约时报” last night made a major correction to a story about children and COVID. They initially declared nearly 4,000 children ages five to 11 had died from a COVID related illness. That sounds scary, 对, and could terrify parents across the country. But in reality, that was the number of children diagnosed. This is from the same reported, 顺便说说, who claimed nearly 900,000 children had been hospitalized with COVID. 当时, the number was actually 63,000. I guess that’s what you get if you rely on “纽约时报” for your facts.

That’s it for us tonight. Do not forget, set your DVR so you always stay connected with us. And get your USA made Freedom Matters gear, and I love the mandate freedom options there as well, awesome sweatshirts, nice polos for Father’s Day. Go to LauraIngraham.com, the bags, all of that stuff. 是, the tote bags are awesome for the beach. All proceeds for the month of May will be donated for Freedom Matters to the Shoreline Soup Kitchens and Pantries. So you’ll do a good thing, 太.

英格拉姆: Thanks for watching this special edition of THE INGRAHAM ANGLE. 记得, it’s America now and forever. Greg Gutfeld takes it all from here.

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