'The Ingraham Angle' on educational loss


RUSH LIMBAUGH, FORMER RADIO HOST: In need. Those people are not running around trying to figure out who it is that’s responsible for their unhappiness and their misery. They’re too busy taking advantage of the blessed opportunity to live in this country.


SEAN HANNITY, ANFITRIÓN DE NOTICIAS DE FOX: That says it all. He’s missed. No dejes que tu corazón esté preocupado. Laura Ingraham is standing by. Sabes, I got in the mail the hat today. And you and I both knew Rush really well. And I’m going to tell you something, I guarantee you he would love this hat. And it has the American flag on the back. I hope you can see that. Ahí tienes. And I will proudly put this.

Ahora, this ski thing that you gave me. OK. My skiing days are over. I blew out my knee this year. But what am I going to do?

LAURA INGRAHAM, ANFITRIÓN DE NOTICIAS DE FOX: Bien, Hannity, en primer lugar, I want to tell you, I am so glad you played that Rush clip. You and I were such good friends of his. I miss him every day.

HANNITY: Aquí igual.

INGRAHAM: And his optimism and love for America is something that we all have to keep in mind. quiero decir, it looks like we’re going to hell in a handbasket, derecho, cotidiano. But his point in that clip was, we’re so blessed to be here. Asi que, let’s win our freedom all over again. And that’s the message that we have to continue to bring, and I know you already do to your audience, pero eso, we often remind ourselves, this is just an awesome country and we’re going to be OK, but we’re going to have to pull ourselves up from our bootstraps and win it all over again. That’s what he always used to say and he was right.

HANNITY: Escuchar, nobody can replace them. We all have to up our game. We’re all on board. Y por cierto, he was talking about freedom. That’s when people have the opportunity to bring their God given talent to fruition.

INGRAHAM: You’ve got it.

HANNITY: And he gave his all every day.

INGRAHAM: This is the greatest country on earth.

HANNITY: Amen. We’re praying for Catherine and David tonight as well. Gracias.

INGRAHAM: Está bien, bien, Sean, thank you for that clip. Tu apuesta, ambos. We love them both. And Hannity, gracias. Soy Laura Ingraham, and this is THE INGRAHAM ANGLE. Asi que, let’s dive right in. Randi, the wrecking ball. That’s the focus of tonight’s angle.

If there’s one person other than Joe Biden himself, who’s most responsible for the woes of today’s Democrat party, it’s this woman. Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers. Now with a radical political ideology and a huge budget to advance it, she has more influence on what happens in our schools than any superintendent or school board member. AFT’s massive donor base has translated into major political clout. Now whether we’re talking woke curricula COVID mandate school closures, educational choice, Weingarten’s views carry an enormous weight among Democrats.

The three members of the San Francisco school board who were just recalled on Tuesday night cared more about satisfying Weingarten and the teachersunions than the parents whose children they serve. Ahora, whenever overpaid educates work overtime to protect teachers and advanced the Leftist political agenda, the AFT is super happy. What’s best for children is never their primary consideration. No matter how much Weingarten tried to argue to the contrary.


RANDI WEINGARTEN, PRESIDENTE, AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS: We tried to actually reopen schools more quickly than almost anybody else. We know in- person learning is really important. I sat on the formal commission. We put a report out in Oregon in April of 2020, about the steps to reopen schools and how safety was a vehicle to reopen schools.


INGRAHAM: But the states that took her advice are battling lockdowns and masks mandates to this day. mientras tanto, states like Florida, Texas, Dakota del Sur, they figured out early on that the classroom was among the safest places for children. We all knew that. In-person English class wasn’t any more of a super spreader than in-person shopping at Costco. But Randi, she didn’t care. Para ella, COVID was an opportunity and she tries to squeeze out as many concessions from you, taxpayers, ambos sentimos que sería la forma más auténtica en la que podríamos retratar a Margaret y James.


WEINGARTEN: We need the money for PPE. We need the money for extra teachers. We need the money for extra cleaning and extra buses.


INGRAHAM: Pure extortion of course, even after Democrats in Washington appropriated billions to reopen schools. The unions just made more excuses to lock kids out of class. Asi que, the goalposts kept shifting, we’ll reopen schools, if you give us n95s and contact tracing. We’ll only get back to work when all children are vaccinated, or if you redo the entire HVA system in school.

It was all ridiculous. It was never enough. Lo sabemos. And even Biden wasafter he was elected and the Democrats earmarked billions for schools, that wasn’t enough. And Randi was always on hand to take the side of teachers who didn’t want to teach.


WEINGARTEN: The fear isn’t gone. You see it and who was back in school and who isn’t. Some school staff need accommodations.


INGRAHAM: And who can forget how nasty and sloppy Randi’s acolytes became during COVID. Sitting at home in their athleisure wear, they felt very entitled and superior to the parents asking very inconvenient questions.


MUJER NO IDENTIFICADA: If you’re going to call me out, I’m going to (inaudible) you up. That’s just me.

MUJER NO IDENTIFICADA: They want to pick on us, because they want their babysitters back.


INGRAHAM: Gosh, I forgot about that one. Now these clowns say what Weingarten thinks, but isn’t stupid enough to say out loud. Pensándolo bien, she did let slip what she really thought of parents by enthusiastically tweeting out a Washington Post titled, parents claim they have the right to shape their kids school curriculum. They don’t.

Neither she nor her activist members think parents have any right to offer input, let alone make demands about what they’re teaching and how they’re teaching it. En lugar de, they act like they’re the bosses of the taxpayers who fund their salaries. And the Democrat politicians, they fund – bien, they just sing the same tune.


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTE DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: Met with the teachers’ sindicatos. They want to go back to school. They need some guidance.

WEINGARTEN: My union has been trying to reopen school since last April. We know how important in-school learning is.


INGRAHAM: Now they flex their muscle in the Biden administration to keep schools closed as long as possible, perverting the CDC guidance on reopening, they push for rewriting key lines in the agency’s final draft. And when they got caught by the New York Post. Well Weingarten just brazenly brushed it off.


HOMBRE NO IDENTIFICADO: The Post saying those two suggestions that you offered at least organization offered, make it nearly verbatim in the final draft, you call that normal as far as the ability to do that.

WEINGARTEN: They asked us for language, and we gave them language when they asked us for it. Asi que, there’s nothing nefarious about doing these kindthis kind of work.


INGRAHAM: Ahora, nothing nefarious, just your government acting like the pawn of the teachers’ sindicatos, move along folks, don’t pay attention to that. Pero por supuesto, they could always count on grandma Mimi to put a positive spin on the union’s blatant corruption, no matter how many kids were hurt.


REPS. NANCY PELOSI (Como D): My whole mission in Congress is about the children, for the children. As you’ve heard me say, you’re in the arena, you have to be prepared to take a punch, have to be prepared to throw a punch for the children, for the children.


INGRAHAM: That’s echoing in my mind. The Democrats cared so much about the children, that they joined themselves at the hip with the most anti-child personality out there. What they did to our kids has been nothing short of devastating, loss learning, ansiedad, lack of exercise, weight gain, depression, el consumo de drogas, loss socialization. That’s just a start. All of that was brought on by the lockdowns that Weingarten strenuously advocated.

Did parents ever get an apology from her? Por supuesto, not because she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. And even as mask mandates are being dropped everywhere, Weingarten is still refusing to budge.


HOMBRE NO IDENTIFICADO: What’s the argument against taking off masks in schools?

WEINGARTEN: Let me just say this, I am in favor of an off-ramp on mask.


WEINGARTEN: El país está saliendo de su estupor, is the spread low enough so that there’s no dissemination or transmission in schools.


INGRAHAM: You heard her the masks down until there’s no transmission in schools ever. That means zero COVID. That means mask forever. This woman is a menace. She couldn’t get elected to pick up dog poop in San Francisco today. Ahora, during his campaign, Biden proudly promised to be a puppet for the teachers’ Unión. And that’s one promise he has kept.

But if Biden continues to do that woman’s bidding, he may find himself struggling even in liberal states. A new UC Berkeley poll found that Biden only has like 47 sobre 48 approval disapproval in California. And get this, Kamala Harris, ella ha tenido 38 percent approval in California, that’s her home state, need I remind you.

Asi que, things are really dire for the Democrats here. The guy who’s really in- charge though, you know who he is. His name’s Ron Klain, Biden’s Chief of Staff. He headed up to Capitol Hill today to reassure Democrats that the White House will seek bipartisan solutions going forward. Bien, those are nice words, but we’ve heard him before.

The Democrats need something all right. They need a clean break with the human wrecking ball, who smashed our schools to smithereens these past two years. But I’m not holding my breath. But now is the time for conservatives to make inroads in these states, states like California, Nueva York, Illinois, where parents of all political stripes arethey’re waking up.

Kevin Robinson of San Francisco told the LA Times that he found himself nodding along in agreement was staunch Republicans, people on Fox, Derecha- wing news groups. We were the biggest district in the country that was the last to open up schools. We became a laughingstock of the world. How could this happen, él dijo. He’s just one of many Democrats who suddenly found themselves voting with Republicans against school board members who just wouldn’t listen.

Asi que, with all of this, I just refuse to believe that states like New York and California, the home states of Bill Buckley and Ronald Reagan are forever lost to the Left. These are fellow Americans, and we should do everything possible to help them. The Democrats policies have led to high crime and high prices, and they devastated our public schools. But because of our commitment to keeping the schools open, and parents in control, look what we did, we took back Virginia, we nearly unseated Phil Murphy in New Jersey, and we reclaimed school board seats all across the country, this is only the beginning.

Asi que, if Biden and Harris aren’t popular in California, and they’re not, then the Democrats are vulnerable everywhere. The longer the Democrats dance to Randi Weingarten’s tune, the stronger our populist movement will become. And only by beating them in 2022 y 2024, can we finally put this nonsense behind us and return our kids back to schools, real schools that really teach that are not only open, but responsive to the will of the parents? And that’s the angle.

Está bien. Joining us now is Jennifer Sey, the former brand president of Levi’s who famously left $ 1 million on the table over her values. Jennifer, good to have you on tonight. Ahora, you left San Francisco last year. Asi que, you can’t be surprised about what happened this week, with those three school board members being thrown out of office. But are you surprised that so many Democrats now are speaking openly even to members of the media about what finally broke them?

[object Window], LEFT SAN FRANCISCO OVER SCHOOL CLOSURES: Bien, I will say I’m not surprised that the school board was recalled. It’s a campaign that was started about a year ago. I know some of the folks that started it. [object Window]. quiero decir, era 70, 30. So you know, [object Window]. And the reason it’s surprising is, I was outspoken about school closures in San Francisco since March of 2020. And I certainly felt like I was in the significant minority.

But what this says to me is that there was a silent majority of parents that were incredibly frustrated, outraged that schools were closed for seven months. And they showed up, and they voted in the special election to recall in a really, truly decisive manner. And I think this is causing people to rethink party alignment.

Para mí, it’s not about party, I’m going to vote for candidates that support the causes that I care about. I’m an independent now that I got to Colorado, I’m going to vote for the candidates. I’m not going to pledge loyalty to any particular party. I’m going to vote for candidates that connect with me and support the causes that matter to me.

INGRAHAM: Was it more than just the school closures? Did things that motivated the voters to turnout in sucha large percentage to recall these candidatesrecall these members? Were they annoyed by some of the other bit of focus that the board had during this time, like renaming a bunch of schools and that kind of stuff? Did that play into it as well?

SEY: Oh, 100 por ciento. quiero decir, I was calling in to school board meetings, they lasted seven eight, nine hours, I often got bored and gave up. But they didn’t even talk about getting schools open until the last half hour, they’d spent hours and hours on renaming schools. OK, maybe valid, maybe not, but certainly not in the middle of a crisis when schools have been closed for six months, eight months, nine months, a year and kids are really suffering.

Asi que, they just so showed no urgency on the matter. And it’s a true dereliction of duty. They’re elected by the people of San Francisco. They are responsible for the children. And they are responsible to the families in San Francisco. But that is not who they answered to. They were answering to the teachers’ sindicatos.

INGRAHAM: They were enormously haughty and the unions really were calling the shots across the country in a lot of states, not every school district, but a lot in the states that refused to open. And you saw this repeatedly that the sort of diversity equity inclusion, new curricula was being kind of shoehorned in during this period of remote learning and teachers at home and some teachers in, but that was a real opportunity I think a lot of activists thought they had, because everyone was so overwhelmed with the virus, we can do this other stuff. Do you find that to be the case?

SEY: I think the naming of the schools was such a flashpoint. Because I mean, fue simplemente absurdo. The rationale for renaming was wrong in many instances. It was an insane number. They were renaming Dianne Feinstein Elementary. She’s a sitting senator like or not, we just elected her, our state had just elected her.

INGRAHAM: That’s crazy.

SEY: It just doesn’t. It just doesn’tit didn’t make sense. I think I really do think it was a referendum on the closures and the lack of focus on getting schools open and just intractability. I think that was the driver. Absolutamente. And I know a ton of people there still, No sé, a single person that didn’t vote to recall. And I will say this about teachers, I know a ton of teachers who were also pushing for open schools. Asi que, I don’t think it’s a uniform bunch. I know a lot of teachers who saw the harms, but were afraid to speak out and go against what the position, the union was officially taken.

INGRAHAM: But eventually the voters yes, finalmente, there are a lot of great teachers.

SEY: I don’t want to group all teachers.

INGRAHAM: Ahora, I have a lot of teachers in my family, and II have a lot of teachers in my family and I totally agree with you. But this was a bridge too far. And we’ll see where this goes from here. We’re going to be anxiously following it. But Jennifer, you stood with your principles, and you left big money on the table. And we really appreciate your joining us tonight. Gracias.

And one byproduct of the hesitancy to reopen the schools was that parents not only got more engaged, but that began to see what many of the schools were teaching their kids. Ahora, Brian Echevarria is one of those parents that took the opportunity at Cabarrus County, North Carolina Board of Education meeting recently to make his voice heard.


BRIAN ECHEVARRIA, NORTH CAROLINA PARENT: Biracial, bilingual and multicultural The fact is in America and North Carolina, I can do anything I want. And I teach that to my children. And the person who tells my little pecan color kids that they’re somehow oppressed based on the color of their skin would be absolutely wrong and absolutely at war with me.

With the masks showed us is that the parents, the most powerful group of people in our country, that they’re taking back the wheel. If you believe in CRT, I want to tell you, you’re a liar. Because that means you look at your black neighbor and say that they’re oppressed. And you look at your white neighbor and say that they’re evil, regardless of the experience that you’ve had with them.

And we’re not going to do that. I have an eight-year-old daughter who is absolutely dynamic, who can do anything athletically, intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. She is a dynamo. And I don’t want a man swimming against her in the pool. El hecho es, I don’t want her playing against boys in soccer. I don’t even let my son’s rough her up. Do you think I’m going to let your son rough her up? If you think people who love America are willing to fight for it, you haven’t met parents yet.


INGRAHAM: Ese hombre, Brian Echevarria has also announced he’s running for his state’s general assembly. He joins us now. Brian, did you hear me clapping? I was clapping here. That’s an amazing speech. Increíble. What was also significant about it, aunque, is how it revealed all the challenges. quiero decir, you ticked off thatyou went to the transgender athletes, to the schools, to the CRT. Asi que, what compelled you to deliver this now?

ECHEVARRIA: Sabes, it’s just that time, we have to win this moment. And when I think about the life that I want for my children, every time I turn around, someone’s saying something to take that from them. And I believe that most parents agree that we’re not going to stand and let that happen.

INGRAHAM: The race obsession in schools today is really off the charts.


INGRAHAM: As a man of color, and with children of color, one would think that well, you would be fine with that. quiero decir, liberals would look at you and they just makethey make just a conclusion right off the bat. Oh, he’s with us. What do you say to them?

ECHEVARRIA: Bien, what I say is, I’m a business owner. I’m a financial advisor. I have these beautiful kids and in America, we have every opportunity. I’ve actually traveled Laura to 26 different countries. Y entonces, when I say America is the greatest place on Earth, and there’s no other country in the world, where minorities have it better, where minorities have an equal because there’s nothing that I’m not allowed to do, and I pass it on to my children.

My parents, ellos son 25 y 30 year veterans of the military, and all they shared with me is that I can do whatever I want. And it’s true for every child in America. Obviously we have people who have financial problems and all of that. But this is America, we can get the dream.

INGRAHAM: Is the winning point in anyone’s life in your mind, primero, the family, and someone who cares, really deeply cares about a child. Sounds like you had amazing parents.

ECHEVARRIA: I had amazing parents. The point is the family. Every policy in America touches the family. And parents are literally the most powerful and interested group of people in the country. And whether you talk about critical race theory and telling my little children that they can or can’t do something based on the color of their skin, we have a coffee shop, my children see white people, black people, Hispanos, Asians, everyone come and interact and be together and live life together. They’re on teams with one another. And someone’s trying to persuade them that the life they actually live is not a real thing that they’re oppressed and that this group of people is innately evil.

And the problem I have with that is being biracial. Escuchar, everybody in my family loves me. And they’re white, black, todo, blonde, ojos azules, todo. And that’s the story that this great country put together. The best social experiment in history is thriving, America is doing wonderful.

INGRAHAM: Brian, your optimism and your enthusiasm and your courage in speaking out. It’s infectious. And I hope you’ll come back. Unbelievable speech and we’re going to tweet it out. I’ll put it on my website as well.


INGRAHAM: Because I know every American needs to see that.

ECHEVARRIA: We’re going to win

INGRAHAM: And we’ll be following. We’ll be following your candidacy as well. Brian, gracias. And you don’t want to miss this one. Two of the most maligned doctors are in COVID, Scott Atlas, Martin Kulldorff are here in moments with their reaction to Tony’s latest two step and how our most prestigious universities failed us during the pandemic. Permanecer allí.


INGRAHAM: Before COVID university hospitals, medical schools were thought to be bastions of scientific knowledge, expertise, and most importantly, open dialogue. Bien, two years later, it’s hard to think of any institution outside the CDC that has done more to trash their own credibility and erode public trust. And not only did they become little fiefdoms of COVID tyranny for students, ignoring basic scientific truths like natural immunity, they engaged in mass censorship to silence any faculty who didn’t toe the line, like Dr. Scott Atlas.


HOMBRE NO IDENTIFICADO: Scott Atlas has taken and modified administration policy in ways it could be totally disastrous.

HOMBRE NO IDENTIFICADO: Nobody believes in the things that he believes in.

MUJER NO IDENTIFICADA: He had a very negative impact on affairs inside the White House and on our national response.


INGRAHAM: And you have to wonder how bad things got at elite schools like Harvard. Bien, por qué? Because one of their brightest and most talented professors recently left the school. I’m talking about none other than Dr. Martin Kulldorff, who joins me now. Also with me is the aforementioned Dr. Scott Atlas, former White House COVID Adviser, author of A Plague Upon Our House.

Now Dr. Kulldorff, you say we need to build up new scientific institutions because universities are failing us. You’re a Nobel Prize recipient, just a few years back in chemistry, it’s not just small, little small. Bien, usted – por lo menos – that’s what I thought you are, you’re not. But why does this matter?

DR. MARTIN KULLDORFF, FORMER HARVARD PROFESSOR OF MEDICINE: Bien, science is important. Having trust in science and trust in medicine and trust in public health is important. Asi que, university presidents and medical school deans deny natural immunity after having had COVID infection. Eso es increíble, because we’ve known for about natural immunity for two and a half thousand years since the Athenian plague in 430 BC.

And to have a university president that doesn’t trust natural immunity, that’s like having a university president who is questioning whether the earth is flat or round. And even though they might not say anything about it, they fired people who had natural immunity instead of vaccines. And for hospitals, that’s counterproductive because you had this nurses and doctors who worked on the COVID works in 2020. Many of them got sick, they were home and they recovered and they were back in the job.

And then even though they have better immunity than any of the vaccinated people, they were fired by administrators who are working from home, who were vaccinated. Y entonces, instead they should have been used at the geriatric wards where they are at high risk older patients because they’re the least likely to transmit the virus to them.

INGRAHAM: So the natural immunity was almost completely discounted for really the entire first year plus of the pandemic, still not really acknowledged. And Dr. Atlas, why don’t I give you a Nobel Prize, también. I’m happy to hand them out tonight.


INGRAHAM: Pero el Dr.. Atlas, why do you think that is? Why do you think that is? Why was it ignored?

ATLAS: It’s tough to say. I think there was a lot of misinformation brought forth really out of the leaders of the NIH. I’m talking about Dr. Fauci and the White House coronavirus task for, Dr. Birx, who were so committed to the lockdowns as the only way to say people. And those lockdowns that they got, they failed. But meanwhile partly because there is this unhealthy financial relation between the universities and the NIH, they really cannot, they can’t disagree. It would take a certain kind of character to disagree. Some of the universities get over $ 1 billion a year in NIH funding. Stanford gets over $ 500 million a year. And so that’s a problem right there.

But you have universities does more than just the financial aspect. There is a moral, really an ethical lapse going on university campuses. We have universities who are mandating vaccines and boosters for people who are extremely low risk. Healthy people under 20 have extraordinarily low risk for anything serious, yet they’re being forced to take vaccines and boosters. Y por cierto, at my own university, they are still testing students twice a week who are asymptomatic when the CDC, the CDC itself in October, 2020, wrote it is unethical to force students to be tested if they don’t want to be. There has a complete abrogation of the ethical structure that we trust universities with.

Now beyond that, we see this big idea of stopping the debate. You mentioned it. When you stop the free exchange of ideas, you are literally doing the opposite of what we have universities for. That’s the whole purpose of universities. Y por cierto, you cannot teach our children to think critically if they don’t hear all the sides of their argument. There is no such thing as critical thinking without the free exchange of ideas.

So by their censures, by their really petty op-ed pieces and smears and character assassinations, they’ve done so much harm. And setting that as the model for our young children who are the next leaders of this country is very frightening to me.

INGRAHAM: Dr. Kulldorff, muy rápidamente, why do you think holding on to the masks as they are, Fauci obviously never wants to get rid of the masks. Por qué, why do you think that is? Really quickly.

KULLDORFF: It’s hard to know. I think it is just stubbornness, because we’ve had two randomized trials on masks and their both, one was negative, and one showed a zero to very modest effect size. So there is no scientific evidence that masks are reducing transmissions. So I think it is just stubbornness.

INGRAHAM: We should tell Joy Behar. She said she is going to wear them indefinitely. Caballeros, great to see both you, never censored here on THE INGRAHAM ANGLE.

And the Democrats are very publicly dialing 911. Unfortunately for them, Hillary Clinton answered the phone. We are going to break it down, her ignoble return to the political scene in moments. Permanecer allí.


INGRAHAM: She’s back.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: FOX leads the charge with accusations against me, counting on their audience to fall for it again. They’ll ban books but do nothing about guns. They’ll make it harder for people to vote but easier for big corporations to bust unions. They’ll let polluters trash our environment and let Donald Trump trash our democracy.


INGRAHAM: Funny she should mention trashing our democracy.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I do think that he knows that he’s an illegitimate president.


INGRAHAM: sí, if Democrats reveled in her return, I think it’s only because she’s a brief respite from that bumbling guy supposedly in charge.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTE DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: To get to net zero, to get to — Mira, there is so much more to say. I’m inclined to go on, but I’ve kept you too long.


INGRAHAM: sí, you have.

Joining me, Mark Penn, former Clinton adviser and pollster, Tom Bevan, cofounder and president of Real Clear Politics. OK, Marcos, I surprised myself when I looked this up. She is five years younger than Biden. So she could be the change candidate everyone is waiting for.

MARK PENN, FORMER CLINTON ADVISER AND POLLSTER: Bien, of course she could run. But when you look at the latest numbers, although she has got some support in the Democratic Party, I don’t think she is going to run against the sitting vice president. I don’t really see that that is really going to happen here. I think she is going to take a little bit of limelight now as she got yesterday. And why not? She is a politician.

INGRAHAM: Tomás, the excitement I was marking online today and noting was quite something. And I really do think it’s because, Mira, she came out punching. I don’t agree with pretty much anything she said, but you have got to give it to her. She had that same tone in her voice. And if I didn’t know any better, and Mark, you know Hillary better than I do, but she looked like she was running to me.

Está bien, we don’t have audio on Bevan. We will try to get Bevan back. So Mark, you’re still there. But she really looked like she was running. We’ll try to get Tom back.

PENN: Por supuesto, she looks like she is running. Everyone would want to look like they are running. Y sabes qué, I worked with Hillary a long time. Don’t kid yourself. She will check it out. She will decide if she has a chance of running. The numbers right now don’t favor her. Donald Trump beats her in a rematch by 10 puntos. Her numbers are much lower than Trump. I don’t think she is in a position to make a comeback. Pero por supuesto, she is going to look at it. Everyone would. She is young enough to run again.

INGRAHAM: Ahora, Marcos, I started the show with an Angle about your old friend Randi Weingarten and how the school issue, even in the bluest of blue, San Francisco, has motivated parents across racial, ethnic, political lines to say no can do, can’t do this anymore. Do you think that this issue with the schools and the unions and what they are doing with the policies in the schools, is that kind of the big thing going forward for at least the next year or so in politics?

PENN: Because the big thing is what is going to happen with suburban parents. I think that the Republicans have claimed a lot of the working class voters. And the Democrats were claiming better educated suburban voters. And those suburban voters in Virginia and New Jersey said, not so fast. If our schools aren’t going to teach our kids in the right way and the way we want, we are going to switch our votes over to Republican.

And I think the suburban parents are in play. I think education and what has happened here is going to be one of the major issues. Pero recuerda, we’ve got inflation, we’ve got crime, we’ve got the border, we’ve got international affairs. There’s a lot of issues here are.

INGRAHAM: Tomás, I’m glad you got your voice back. Not that we don’t just like looking at you going like this, but we’re glad you got your voice back. So Tom, when you think about the suburban, that suburban woman, as Mark said, that was the Democrat voter in 2020. They turned out big for Biden, suburban women. If they see an erosion among suburban women, Hispanos, and even some among African American men, they have lost rural voters, it looks like altogether, John Tester saying that the other day, where does this leave the Democrats?

TOM BEVAN, COFOUNDER, REAL CLEAR POLITICS: Bien, it leaves in a very, very bad spot. Y obviamente, midterm election is about, you have got to turn out your base, but you can’t win just with your base. You have got to reach independents and moderates. And to your point, Laura, the data that we have been seeing on independents and moderates, suburban voters, mujer, Hispanos, even African Americans, they look like they have been shifting rather dramatically away from the Democratic Party. It was a big part of their coalition in 2018, 2020. But without him in 2022, Democrats are going to take a beating in the House and the Senate, and then of course, 2024 will decide the presidency.

INGRAHAM: Tomás, really quickly, watching Hillary today, yes or no, does she look like a woman who is going to run again?

BEVAN: No, she sounded like a woman who is going to run again. But the problem for Democratsand Hillary might like to run again. The problem for her is that while she has support among Democrats, she repels independent voters. She lost independents to Donald Trump in 2016. She would lose them again this time around.

INGRAHAM: Caballeros, gracias. Sorry about the audio there, Tomás.

If you think Justin Trudeau’s dangerous power trip couldn’t happen here, piensa otra vez. En momentos, we’re going to explain how. And his latest moves aren’t just, and what they are, an American who cares about freedom is up in arms. The shocking details next.


INGRAHAM: fue asesinado mientras informaba en Ucrania cuando un vehículo en el que viajaba con el corresponsal Benjamin Hall fue atacado a tiros, Justin Trudeau’s deputy made a chilling announcement.


CHRYSTIA FREELAND, CANADIAN DEPUTY P.M.: The names of both individuals and entities as well as crypto wallets have been shared by the RCMP with financial institutions, and accounts have been frozen, and more accounts will be frozen.


INGRAHAM: Ahora, this is all being done under the emergency powers that Trudeau granted himself earlier this week. People think, bien, it is only Canada. It’s not going to happen here. But in a way it already has. Remember last year we learned that Bank of America handed over financial data of 211 of its clients who had used credit card, debit card charges, done them in the days surrounding January 6th.

Bien, Mira, authorities often do request help from financial institutions when they have a specific suspect in mind. But casting such a wide net? That’s unusual.

Joining me now, Jonathan Turley, George Washington University law professor, Colaborador de FOX News. Professor Turley, we understand that they are going to clear the trucks imminently, the Canadian police are set to do that in Canada. They have apparently had enough. But this freezing of crypto and bank accounts, Qué está pasando?

JONATHAN TURLEY, GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY LAW PROFESSOR: Bien, it’s chilling, and it is also unnecessary. They always have the power to clear roads. That is a basic power that is possessed by both the federal government and local governments. And this emergency powers act that they are using is supposed to be designed and most extreme possible circumstances and when those existing laws really are not sufficient. They are sufficient if they want to clear the roads, como ellos dicen. But they wanted to do something more.

And it’s ironic because Trudeau’s father was the one for the first time used the War Measures Act, which was the predecessor to this act. He was the first time, debería decir, to use in peace time. It had been used twice before in wartime. And he then used that act to effectively suspend the civil rights Canadians.

Ahora, what the current Trudeau is doing is really quite alarming. Es decir, he’s putting pressure and barriers on citizens in supporting these truckers. And that’s an attack on free speech and association. And there is no reason for it. If you want to clear the roads, clear the roads. You don’t need this act to do that. But he wanted to do something more. And when you listen to him in the parliament this week, it was really shocking what he was telling other members, that if they support the truckers, they are supporting Nazis. There’s obviously an effort here by Trudeau to ratchet up the tension. I’m not too sure why.

INGRAHAM: So right now, they are getting ready to clear these convoys, the remaining trucks that are there. They arrested one of the organizers some hours ago. Y entonces, under emergency authorities, he didn’t need emergency authorities, correcto, to do that? Whether support the truckers or don’t, they have the ability to do that if they’re blocking roads, correcto?

TURLEY: Derecha, he did. This is an act of civil disobedience. It’s used by plenty of groups, environmental groups, BLM. It is a very standard form of protest. And if you don’t move, you can be arrested. It is the most basic of existing laws.

INGRAHAM: But when you freeze people’s bank accounts for merely donating to the truckerscould that ever happen here? The monitoring and stuff has happened here. We saw that after January 6th. But could we be facing something like this down the road if emergency powers are declared again? Really quickly.

TURLEY: I think we have to be worried. The level of support for Trudeau in the media and our own government is striking. Pero también, you just had one of these sites hacked and the names of donors released. You had GoFundMe freeze millions of dollars with the support of many in this country. All of that is an attack on core free-speech and associational rights. And yet there is barely a whimper from the media and people who would normally support civil liberties.

INGRAHAM: sí, profesor, where are the civil libertarians? Muchas gracias.

Is the chairman of the House Democrats reelection arm a closet druggie? The Last Bite explains.


INGRAHAM: Today the DCCC chair took a trip down memory lane.


HOMBRE NO IDENTIFICADO: I’m kind of going with 84, Bruce SpringsteenBorn in the USA,” senior year of high school, painting houses was probably the height of my professional career at that moment, the happiest, best hand I’ve ever had, lifeguarding on society. But I would also go to 1986, sorts year for the Red Sox. I was at UVA. The MDMA was really pure.


INGRAHAM: Look it up if you don’t know what he just referred to.

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