'The Ingraham Angle' on the green agenda

INGRAHAM: Está bien, Soy Laura Ingraham. El nadador transgénero de Yale Iszac Henig gana el Campeonato de la Ivy League en. Let’s start right at the top. Pete’s Highway to Hell. That’s the focus of tonight’s angle.


HOMBRE NO IDENTIFICADO: Shins roadways are deadlier than ever.

PETE BUTTIGIEG, SECRETARY OF TRANSPORTATION: I think every one of us can close our eyes right now and picture people we’ve known whose life needlessly ended far too soon because of a crash on our roads. It is as if we were living through a war.


INGRAHAM: And we’re living through a war. Oh, that must mean Transportation Secretary Buttigieg is now our general. Bien, the growing danger, he says is a 12 percent increase in traffic fatalities in the first nine months of 2021, compared to the previous year, the biggest increase in more than a decade. Por supuesto, every death is a tragedy. We all know that.

But is it really surprising that we had more traffic deaths in 2021 than in 2020, when millions were staying home? Remember that thing, Ram y Dodge obtienen nuevo 'Hurricane'? No, of course not. En 2020, the economy came to a halt, and so did everything else, which was just peachy for the folks of the New York Times. They wrote, En los angeles, as businesses and schools have closed this month, and drivers have stayed off the roads, air pollution has declined and traffic jams have all, but vanished, marzo 2020.

sí, forget the massive unemployment and the kids suffering on Zoom. Look at the bright side, the climate was happy.


MUJER NO IDENTIFICADA: About a year ago, Los Angeles was ranked the worst air quality in the entire country. And now we’re seeing some of the best air quality, not just in the country, but in the world.

MUJER NO IDENTIFICADA: The pandemic lockdown has taken about 80 percent of passenger cars off local roads. IQRS data shows a resulting 31 percent reduction in air pollution.


INGRAHAM: No, like climate change crazies that control the Biden agenda, were never happier than in the spring of 2020. Businesses shuttered. People stop commuting, and they started ordering DoorDash while binge watching their days away.

But now that people are slowly getting back to the office, even in blue states, they want to make permanent the new normal feeling of the pandemic glory days by making private vehicle ownership increasingly difficult for average Americans. And the sick thing is, they’re concealing their plans by wrapping them in the noble goal of reducing traffic accidents and fatalities.


BUTTIGIEG: This is a national crisis. We cannot and must not accept that these fatalities are somehow an inevitable part of life in America. Now often there’s a great strategy out there. That’s why we are so fortunate in this moment to be able to meet the moment. Thanks to President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure law.


INGRAHAM: Bien, a top official at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cited the need to change the culture that accepts inevitable road fatalities. The culture he’s talking about doesn’t exist because I know no one who celebrates death on the roads. They’re always tragic. The real cultural shift the Left wants to force on us involves our freedom. Doing away with freedom on the open roads, our ability to go where we want as far as we want, whenever we want.


HOMBRE NO IDENTIFICADO: Adventure begins here and never ends.


INGRAHAM: That’s when Hannity was driving. Ahora, this is the vision of America they hate right along with the house in the suburbs, big families, SUV, gas guzzlers, church on Sunday, and their perfect world where climate Trump’s personal liberty, they’ll be able to keep tabs on you even limiting how far you drive. If necessary in emergencies even redirecting your route to a safer destination would have been far easier than trying to tow those big rigs in Ottawa, derecho?

Ahora, they might like free range chicken, but not free range drivers. This is a major reason why they love electric cars. Now liberals may like all this stuff, but let’s face it, when you get in a electric vehicle, you have to recharge those batteries, which means what? Hours and hours. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t oppose electric vehicles at all. I like driving them, they’re fun to drive.

But what I don’t want is to see the government forcing them on people who don’t want them. And you have to wonder about the soundness of Biden’s big EV push. When the king of electric cars, Elon Musk came out against his Build Back Better plan, despite the fact that it was loaded with green handouts and subsidies. Yet the Left’s quest to transform America’s car culture. It’s not just about swapping out the gas powered vehicles for the electric vehicles. No, No, No, No, No. It’s about taking millions of cars off the roads altogether.

Now that becomes obvious when you read the dirty details of Biden’s national road safety strategy, Buttigieg was talking about, they released it last month. Its stated goal is getting to zero traffic fatalities, which is just obviously it’s absolutely ludicrous, just like zero COVID. That strategy was ludicrous. And once you read the plan, it’s clear, road safety a secondary anyway, improve safety on our roadways is also needed to support one critical component of strategies to achieve transportation greenhouse gas reductions. That means more transit, caminando, rolling, riding, to unlock the climate benefits of those modes, etcétera, etcétera, making the road safe for all users. That means more of those annoying green scooters less driving for you.

Now the New York Times inadvertently spilled the beans about all this writing recently. Cada vez más, experts warn that if states want to slash planet warming emissions from cars and trucks, it won’t be enough to sell more electric vehicles. They’ll also have to encourage people to drive less.

And blue states are leading the way in Colorado for instance, new state rules dictate that if localities want to expand highways, they need to offset the extra emissions with cleaner projects such as public transit, bike trails, EV chargers, carpooling, cambios de uso de la tierra. If local governments exceed their emissions budgets, the state can withhold funding for roads.

OK, these are truly sick people. Because their rules always hurt the little guy, as the elites get a fast pass to wherever they want to go. Y por supuesto, we can’t miss the most important component of this insidious push to destroy America’s open road culture, altos precios de la gasolina.


MUJER NO IDENTIFICADA: Gas prices are still climbing across the country. The national average is now sitting at 3.49 Los votantes culpan a Biden por los altos precios de la gasolina debido a la "desinformación".

MUJER NO IDENTIFICADA: The price has been a little bit more each time.

HOMBRE NO IDENTIFICADO: Maldita sea, it changes the way I pump gas.

HOMBRE NO IDENTIFICADO: Bien, the spending more time at home and less time on the roads.


INGRAHAM: Bien, the Left loves high energy prices and they don’t think $ 4, $ 5 a gallon is anywhere near expensive enough. Mayor Pete thinks you should be happy Carlos (ph) en casa, maybe planting your herb garden or hitting the bike trail in the afternoons. Maybe using one of those zip cars if you really insist on traveling around town. As with every issue though, facing America, the goal of the Biden team, it’s not to make your life better. It’s to force you to behave better to leave the old notions of freedom behind. They don’t even like the word freedom anymore.

While they though remain free to go wherever and do whatever, they darn well, por favor. And that’s the angle.

Joining me now is Steve Milloy, former Trump EPA Transition team member, founder of Junkscience.com. Steve, react to the angle because look, they do wrap this up in this very laudable goal of reducing traffic fatalities, which I think everyone would like to see a reduction in traffic fatalities. But they use that statistic from 2021, comparing to 2021 when we had major lockdowns and shutdowns across the country. How valid is that?

STEVE MILLOY, FORMER TRUMP EPA TRANSITION TEAM: Bien, Laura, you did a great job in the angle, you tied it all together beautifully. They’ve hated the car for a long time. I wrote about this, 13 years ago in my book, Green Hell. They’re trying to figure out how to get us out of cars. They’ve tried climate, it’s not working so well. People don’t really want to buy EVs. I guess now they’re going to try traffic fatalities. It doesn’t make any sense. You’re right.

They’re use of statistics is dishonest that’s nothing new. People are going to be surprised when they start going back downtown to work. They’re going to find that it’s going to be a lot more inconvenient for cars. Because while we’ve been away during the pandemic, local governments have been making it more difficult to drive your car, park your car, speed limits have been reduced, parking areas have been reduced. Gasoline prices are up. sí, the government and the Biden administration especially is doing everything it can to make it more difficult to drive.

Why they want to do that? They don’t like cars. They don’t like what cars enable, cual es, como lo mencionaste, living in the suburbs.

INGRAHAM: Pero también, isn’t this partly a control thing as it was with COVID. They didn’t really care about the virus when that border was open. And millions of people are crossing the border without really being tested or any control, so the whole thing was a joke from the beginning. But same with this, correcto? quiero decir, you can’t just jump in an electric vehicle, at least not right now and travel 500 millas, quickly, o 1000 miles quickly.

MILLOY: sí, the internal combustion engine has given Americans more freedom or given the whole world more freedom, you can fill up your car in five minutes and drive 400 miles in a direction, you can’t do that with an EV. Y ahora, the government in the infrastructure package, there’s a provision in there, el Gobierno, they want the government to work on kill switches, so they can turn your car off when they want.

You’re right. It’s all about control as is everything environmental. I’ve been working on environmental issues for 30 años; it’s never been about the environment. It’s about controlling people what they do.

INGRAHAM: Here’s Jen Psaki last week on the importance of quickly ditching the fossil fuel industry. Mirar.


JEN PSAKI, SECRETARIO DE PRENSA DE LA CASA BLANCA: There’s a huge advantage to us to be a leader in the clean energy transition. And over the course of years and decades, we’ve become a clean energy superpower, because ultimately, that’s not just where the jobs are. It’s where the strategic advantage will lie in 10, 20, 30 años.


INGRAHAM: Asi que, espera un segundo, so they thinkthe White House thinks that no one’s going to be using oil in the next 10 años, De Verdad? Bien, China is going to be using oil, we know that.

MILLOY: Bien, sí, China is going to be using oil and coal to make all the green tech crap that we’re forced to buy here in America. We’re not a clean energy superpower, China is. And we should be the oil and gas and coal superpower. We have all the energy in the world. But Democrats don’t want us to use it. They want us to become dependent on China. This whole green agenda. The more it passes, the more mandates we get for wind and solar and EVs. All it does is make us more dependent on Communist China. Who is our geopolitical enemy?

All theseall the materials, most of the vast majority materials for green tech comes from China. And there’s none of these bills or regulations that have been passed. Even bothered to imagine that well, deberíamos – these materials really should come from America, if we’re going to be requiring them, not from communist China, because we’re just otherwise we’re justwe’re dependent on China.

INGRAHAM: Bien, they’re absolutely fine with that. You’re right. Ahora, I have to get to this, Steve. This was also in the New York Times today, wanting Americans to ditch beef for a certain insect. Mirar.


MUJER NO IDENTIFICADA: Unless we make major adjustments to the food we eat and how we produce it, donde (ph) cooked. One of those dietary changes we need to consider might even make you a little squeamish.

HOMBRE NO IDENTIFICADO: And we’re going to finish it off with some whole grasshoppers.

MUJER NO IDENTIFICADA: sí, we’re talking about insects, específicamente, eating them.


INGRAHAM: Steve, quiero decir, they’re just like handing the election to the Republicans. I think we should just run that for the next three years and say, do you want bacon bits? Or do you want that on your salad?

MILLOY: Bien, sí, a principios de este año, they wereI think both the New York Times and Washington Post were advocating that people eat cicadas and I think even on CNN, so one of the reasons it was gross, ellos estan locos. You’re right.

INGRAHAM: Steve, they would love nothing more than to have a kill switch in the vehicles, the trucks of the freedom convoy, derecho? They’d love to just to be able to turn them off and get them out of there or redirect them to another location. They would love that technology right now, then they won’t have to deal with the pesky people. Steve, we love having you on. Gracias.

And the details surrounding the murder of a 35-year-old Asian American woman in Manhattan this weekend, were heinous, but so too was the reaction from the Democrats. For more on that we go to Fox Chief Breaking News Correspondent, Trace Gallagher with a lot more. Rastro.

TRACE GALLAGHER, CORRESPONSAL DE FOX NEWS: Laura, this happened in Lower Manhattan and when police arrived on the scene of a disturbance call, they could actually hear a woman screaming. They ran to the sixth floor but the apartment door was locked and the woman had stopped screaming, but somebody else inside was telling to police to go away saying they were no longer needed. When they finally broke down the door, 35-year-old Christina Yuna Lee had been stabbed more than 40 times allegedly by the man telling police to go away.

25-year-old Assamad Nash, who was found hiding under a bed, it remains unclear if Lee was targeted because she was Asian, but the crime fits a horrifyingly familiar pattern where a man with an extensive criminal history in this case, a black homeless man, is involved in a violent and unprovoked attack.

Assamad Nash had been arrested seven times in recent years for drug possession, burglary and assault. El mes pasado, he was arrested for criminal mischief and tried to escape from a police van. Prosecutors did not ask for bail, and a judge did not set bail. Asi que, Nash was immediately back on the street.

New York Mayor Eric Adams calls Nash, a poster child for the need to change bail laws. But Democratic New York State Senator Carl Heastie says don’t blame Far Left prosecutors, but residents disagree. Escuchar, now to both.


HOMBRE NO IDENTIFICADO: Everything that people find is frustrating to them about what’s going on. It’s just so easy to just blame, sabes, bail reform and I don’t think that’s, that does any of us a service that

HOMBRE NO IDENTIFICADO: We can’t protect against monsters like this. No matter how much we invest, it comes down to our elected officials.


GALLAGHER: Hoy dia, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about crimes against Asian Americans. Mirar.


PSAKI: This rise, Desafortunadamente, because of hate filled rhetoric and language around the origins of the pandemic.


GALLAGHER: But for clarity, the White House has not provided any evidence linking violent crimes to rhetoric concerning COVID origins nor have we seen any evidence like that. Laura.

INGRAHAM: Increíble. Rastro, gracias. And Justin Trudeau’s autocratic invocation of Canada’s emergency powers drew swift condemnation from the media and politicians up north, but also from Americans on the streets of the United States. Hasta la próxima, we’re going to show you what happened when we went to speak to folks outside of the Canadian consulate in New York City. Permanecer allí.


INGRAHAM: If Justin Trudeau thought invoking his emergency powers was going to silence or move the freedom convoy and its supporters, he was dead wrong. Just today, freedom lovers amassed again outside the Canadian consulate in New York City, to let the Trudeau government know what they thought of his actions.

THE INGRAHAM ANGLE spoke with some of those protesters today. Here’s what they told us.


HOMBRE NO IDENTIFICADO: You’re out here, supporting the Canadian truckers in Ottawa, the Canadian people. It’s a peaceful, amazing working class revolution. And I’m just astonished that the legacy left media is not covering it all, or acting like this thing is something that it’s not, it’s multicultural. It’s diverse, it has to do with resisting authoritarianism. And Trudeau has shown his true colors. He is clearly a World Economic Forum authoritarian who doesn’t care about the people.

HOMBRE NO IDENTIFICADO: They have a tyrannical leader just like we do, they’re really the example that we need to follow right now.

MUJER NO IDENTIFICADA: What the Canadian truckers are doing, it’s just amazing. It’s amazing for all of us, all around the world. Everyone who’s affected by the mandates.

HOMBRE NO IDENTIFICADO: It’s too late to do anything right now, he needs to step down and let someone else cover it. But if he’s not going to resign, at least and the mandatesa simple thing they’re asking. Just end the mandates, that’s all they want. And I don’t understandit’s a bigger agenda than what’s being proposed.

MUJER NO IDENTIFICADA: We’re ultimately here for our freedom. This is a war against humanity. It’s a spiritual war against humanity. And there are some people who have not bowed down to their authority. If there’s any war against humanity, Trudeau just now declared it with his emergency use of just using the battlefield of economics. He’s playing a really dangerous game, because ultimately, you can’t be at war with half the populace. And that’s what’s going on in the U.S.

MUJER NO IDENTIFICADA: I’m here to support the Canadians. I’m here to support New Yorkers for health choices of their own and support the people who have lost their jobs due to these mandates, which are really unjust. My history of my life, I’ve never seen anything so absurd. I’m justI’m reallyI was really taken aback by it. I can’t believe that people are not screaming from the rooftops for this, because this is just absolutely ridiculous.

I was a nurse for 18 years and was a very good nurse. Y entonces, they decided to terminate me, even so, even though I had an excellent record.

MUJER NO IDENTIFICADA: We’re seeing different things like their bank accounts, the vaccine mandates, the cards, the QR codes, and all of these things. These are not signs of freedoms. These are things that impede upon freedom, derecho? Kids will need to be given a choice. They need to be allowed to choose rather than have somebody choose for them.

MUJER NO IDENTIFICADA: I think it’s about time that people wake up. I think it’s about time that people become awake from being woke. I used to be woke, but now I’m awake.


INGRAHAM: Oh, my god, I love her. Up north, Trudeau is receiving justified scorn from politicians and media like premiers now from at least four provinces have come out in opposition to his action saying they’re not constructive and only inflame what is a deepening rift in the country. Canada’s second biggest paper, the Toronto Sun published an editorial titled Trudeau has gone too far. In it they ride ever since the freedom convoy first touched base in Ottawa, a couple of weeks ago. The PM has gone out of his way to increase the tensions.

The convoy has been peaceful throughout. The only real violence so far has been a vehicular ramming conducted against protesters. Trudeau never condemned it. It was his incompetence that made such an extreme measure necessary.

And even the Canadian Civil Liberties Association has slammed this decision writing that not only has the legal standard not been met, but Trudeau’s actions like freezing bank accounts set a dangerous precedent. Now in the face of widespread condemnation, Trudeau remains alarmingly defiant.


JUSTIN TRUDEAU, CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER: These are the things that Canadians expect from their orders of government. And I can say that we have worked extremely closely across orders of government with all different places of jurisdiction to ensure that Canadians get their streets and their lives back.


INGRAHAM: Noa Mendelsohn Aviv, the Executive Director and General Counsel of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association joins me now. Noa, five prime ministers have had the Emergencies Act and declined to use it. Asi que, what’s the justification this time?

NOA MENDELSOHN AVIV, CANADIAN CIVIL LIBERTIES ASSOCIATION: Bien, you’re asking the wrong person, because we don’t think that it is justified under the circumstances, the Emergencies Act is supposed to be used in the case of a national emergency and national emergency is defined in the law as something that threatens the safety and security, the health of people in a way that completely overwhelms the provinces, or that threatens the security and the territorial integrity of the sovereignty of candidate in a way that Canadian law cannot handle. And that’s not what we have here.

INGRAHAM: What happens if this continues and morphs into other power grabs by politicians, quiero decir, this time it’s a liberal politician. Maybe it would be a different political persuasion next time. But what happens to the rights of the average Canadian citizen overtime?

AVIV: sí, I think there are serious concerns, for all that there have been disruptions in Ottawa. And we need to be clear, it has been difficult for the people who live in Ottawa, for the last number of weeks. Protest is really important, derecho? Peaceful protest that is non-violent and disruptive is something that is done by protesters on many different issues. Vaccine mandate today, environmental, indigenous rights, black lives matter. There are so many different kinds of protests that happen. And government can’t shut down free speech, and it can’t shut down protest using excessive power, excessive measures. And they certainly shouldn’t be pulling out emergency orders and emergency powers to deal with a problem that they have laws that they are capable of dealing with. And that’s what we’re concerned with.

They shouldn’t be pulling out emergency powers to address things like the Canadian economy or international trade, which are things that they stated in their ordering council that they filed just in relation to this Emergencies Act. Asi que, we are very concerned about government using a law that gives it enormous powers without any kind of legislative process, without the ordinary democratic process.

INGRAHAM: Bien, there’s no review. quiero decir, this is a typical dictatorial move when there’s nowhere to go to appeal it, correcto, ahora?

AVIV: Bien, I mean right now, they’ve just gotten started. Así es. They just declared an emergency. They’ve just put before parliament the order in council that says this is the emergency that’s happening, but on our view, as difficult situations, challenging situations happen all the time, governments have the tools to deal with them. And the emergency powers are much too large power.

INGRAHAM: Too broad.

AVIV: It bypasses the democratic process. Too broad.

INGRAHAM: That too sweeping with no quick judicial review or other review for people to get relief. Asi que, esto es – I never thought I would see something like this in Canada. I don’t think I’ve ever thought I would see what I’m seeing in the United States. And this is not about politics, porque no, you and I probably don’t agree on a lot of political issues. But this is about freedom to speak, to express yourself, ser. And I’m glad you’re speaking out, the American Civil Liberties Union has not really done that, here in the United States. Noa, gracias.

And now to a truly disturbing story right outside the nation’s capital. Just hours ago, THE INGRAHAM ANGLE obtained these shocking photos of books on display at Langley High School Library in McLean, Virginia. Ahora, what you’re about to see was taken at a recent open house for the parents of eighth graders. Notice the sign on the table, “Stuff some adults don’t want you to read.I kid you not.

As you can see, one of the books featured on that table is calledGender Queer.If that didn’t set off alarms, these two sexually explicit pages in the book will. They depict one man performing oral sex on another. Appropriate for eighth graders? Some parents probably think not. Once the public caught wind of this display, the Langley High School principal snapped to, mas o menos, issuing the following statementwe got a copy of the email — “As the Langley staff works to cultivate and maintain The positive relationships with our families, we respect and value our partnership with our school community. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where all feel valued and respect. This sign was incongruent with the beliefs of our school and our school division. Poor judgment was used in its display, and for this I take full responsibility.

So the sign been removed, él dice. He apologizes for any challenges the situation has created. OK, the apology is only offered because they got caught and they put up a stupid sign. Have these people learned nothing after their defeats in Virginia? Have parents not made it clear what they want? Stay out of this business. Teach the kids what they need to know. Parents have to remain vigilant. No matter what progress that we feel we have made politically, this is where things are headed.

Y todavía por delante, there’s a couple of big reasons the corporate media are downplaying the John Durham filing. Congressmen Jim Jordan and Jim Banks here to tell us next what those are. Permanecer allí.



CHARLIE SAVAGE, “NEW YORK TIMESNATIONAL SECURITY REPORTER: There is the underlying question of, was the election in 2016 torqued by Russian meddling? For a long time the president tried to gaslight about that.

The question is whether our allies see President Trump as someone who is in charge of America right now through this very freak 2016 election where he lost the popular vote with all of the Comey stuff and the Russian staff.


INGRAHAM: That was Charlie Savage. He’s what “Los New York Times” calls a national security reporter. For years he irresponsibly stoked the Russia collusion story, so it’s not really any wonder that he has completely ignored the shocking revelations from the new John Durham legal filings. Instead of at least covering what was in the filings, señor. Savage decided to mock FOX News and leave out key details of the underlying story. He writesThe latest alarmist claims about spying on Trump appear to be flawed. But the explanation is byzantine, underlining the challenge for journalists in deciding what merits coverage.

OK, so the story isn’t about what a U.S. abogado, John Durham in this case, has filed, but rather the reaction to the filings that “Los New York Times” didn’t even cover the substance of. This is a classic. Michael Sussman, the lawyer from the Clinton campaign, gave the CIA purposely misleading web data that they then had a tech company mine from the White House and Trump Tower networks. And this doesn’t merit coverage in the eyes of a national security reporter for “Los New York Times”? How Savage.

What this really reveals is that the media have been downplaying Durham for years, so now they are caught with egg on their faces, and they are once again themselves colluding with the left to diminish it all.

Joining me is Congressman Jim Jordan, ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, and Congressman Jim Banks, Republican Study Committee Chair. Let’s start with you, Congressman Jordan. Your response to “Los New York Times” coverage of this, meaning the coverage of FOX’s coverage of it. Increíble.

REPS. JIM JORDAN, (R-OH) HOUSE OVERSIGHT MITTEE RANKING MEMBER: Bien, sí, it shouldn’t surprise us. The press, first they promoted the lie, the idea that President Trump colluded with Russia. We had the three years of the Mueller investigation, all the millions of dollars spent, la 19 lawyers, 40 agents said there was not collusion. So they covered all that. They pushed that narrative. And now when the truth is coming out, the truth that we all said for years was accurate, they’re not going to cover it.

Para mí, aunque, the big takeaway here is Democrats always accuse Republicans of being a threat to democracy. How about Marc Elias in 2016 working for Perkins Coie. It’s Marc Elias, that firm, who helps push the Steele dossier. Entonces en 2021 he is filing lawsuit after lawsuit, going after Republicans in redistricting.

And now we learn in 2022 that Marc Elias, los demócratas’ go to lawyer, chief counsel for the Clinton campaign, was involved with this effort by the campaign of the Clintons to spy on the sitting president, Presidente Trump. So that, a mi, is the big takeaway, because in that filing of Durham this past weekend, he references Sussman and tech executive one are communicating with Marc Elias.

INGRAHAM: Guau. Over on MSNBC, they are openly dismissing Durham’s legal actions. Mirar.


MARCY WHEELER, INDEPENDENT JOURNALIST: Durham is very close to a position where Sussmann is going to have the opportunity to say you didn’t do an investigation before you charged me. And a week before he probably is going to have to do that, this stunt comes out, and you have all these people who were witnesses, who fed these conspiracy theories to Durham on the frontend who then go on FOX News and make false claims about it. That’s what this story is about.


INGRAHAM: Congressman Banks, now the work of a U.S. attorney who has been working for years on this is now a stunt if, or the coverage of the filings that’s a stunt? This doesn’t even pass any kind of straight face test at this point.

REPS. Ron DeSantis que prohibiría a las escuelas públicas y empresas privadas de Florida hacer que la gente se sintiera, (R-IN), REPUBLICAN STUDY MITTEE CHAIRMAN: It really doesn’t. They all have egg on their face. They all denied that Donald Trump was right. He was right all along, that they were spying on him. They were spying on his campaign. They were spying on the sitting president of the United States of America.

Let’s be very clear, if they can get away with that, then they can get away with spying on me. They can get away with spying on any of you who are watching this evening. That’s why this is dangerous. As Jim Jordan said a moment ago, Marc Elias, to call this guy an elections attorney is an insult to elections. This guy gets paid every day by the Democrats to support voter fraud, to rig elections to support Democrats. He’s been pushing election theories to take Donald Trump’s name off the ballot, never let his name very appear on the ballot again.

He is doing it to our colleague Madison Cawthorn, to kick his name off the ballot. And then this week, Laura, el viernes, they are trying to take my name off the ballot and saying that I violated the 14th Amendment because I objected to unconstitutional elections that were conducted in 2020. These are the same people that want to lecture us about democracy? Give me a break. They have not grounds to ever talk to us about democracy again.

INGRAHAM: They’re the most anti-Democratic election meddlers of all.

Congressman Jordan, I was doing a little research for the show, and I saw that you were attacked in “La colina” newspaper today over your criticism of the January 6th committee on this show. “If Jordan was worried that a local reporter might pin him down on such a simple question, wait until he gets 14 former prosecutors on his case. Not only are they hired because of their experience, which is going after the mob or terrorists, they are trained in the Socratic method and the Hegelian dialectic.” Oh.


INGRAHAM: Congresista, that’s such fancy righting. I love reading it. Congresista, tu respuesta?

JORDAN: Bien, a couple of things. Uno, remember this committee has already altered evidence and lied to the American people about it, and we caught them. So much so that they had to apologize. The committee said we are responsible for and regret the error. That is fancy talk, that is the government talk for we got caught lying. So we already know this committee has lied. We know it’s political. We know they are trying to just go after President Trump.

And I would link it to what we just found out from the filing from Durham. Remember what Durham said in his filing. He said they were trying to create an inference and a narrative to go after President Trump. You know what we call that? We call that framing somebody. They were trying to frame the president of the United States, framing the president of the United States of America. That is so wrong. And I think the January 6th committee, the country sees it for the political operation that it is. And that’s why they wouldn’t let Jim and I on this thing because we were going to try to get to the truth and actually, francamente, hold Nancy Pelosi responsible for the fact that she didn’t have the adequate protection and security posture we needed that day.

INGRAHAM: Caballeros, great to see you both. Gracias.

And are the Democrats engaging in sinking their own chances to hold the Senate? Senator Rick Scott is here next on the intriguing dynamic that’s playing out right now in Pennsylvania. Permanecer allí.


INGRAHAM: Remember when Democrats were obsessed with recruiting moderates to run in swing states, like a rising star in Pennsylvania?


REPS. CONOR LAMB, (D-PA): We lost heavy industry, we lost jobs in coal, we lost jobs in steel. A ton of manufacturing has gone overseas to Mexico and China. I’m new, but nobody really held me accountable for that. But Vice President Biden has been around longer.


INGRAHAM: Now Conor Lamb, you just saw, is struggling to stay afloat in the DemocratsSenate primary. He’s trailing Pennsylvania’s far left Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman in the polls and in fundraising as well. Peor, “Politico” is reporting that the party establishment has not come to the incumbent’s rescue. So what does this mean for all the other moderates out there? Here now is Florida Senator Rick Scott, National Republican Senatorial Campaign Chairman. Senador, this has to be music to your ears, the Democrats totally abandoning the middle and going more hard left even despite the drop in approval for Biden.

SU. RICK SCOTT, (R-FL) NATIONAL REPUBLICAN SENATE MITTEE CHAIR: Laura, it’s happening all over the country. Fetterman is Bernie Sanders. And Conor Lamb voted with Nancy Pelosi 93 percent of the time. So not much of a moderate. So if you look, all of these candidate on the Democrat side, they’ve gone far left. Their Green New Deal, shut down fracking, Medicare para todos, open borders, desfinanciar a la policía, parents not involved in schools, that’s where the Democrat Party is now. So it’s bad for the country but it is going to be great for us in November.

INGRAHAM: Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona, he’s up for reelection, he must have noticed what is happening to Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania. Kelly, who is up for reelection, will back a talking filibuster rule only for the proposed voting rights legislation that he cosponsors. Senator Scott, it looks like he is trying to rebrand himself now as more progressive to, qué, avoid challenge from his left?

SCOTT: Antes que nada, he votes 100 percent with Chuck Schumer. He has voted three times against border security in Arizona, which is a big issue. So he is not the moderate he said he was. He is a Chuck Schumer, New York liberal, and he is going to have a hard time winning this reelection. We’ve got a primary there. We’re going to get somebody good out of the primary, and we’re going to beat him.

INGRAHAM: Senador, el dia de ayer, I see that 17 Republican senators signed their name besides 17 Demócratas, bipartisan, that the Department of Homeland Security in consultation with the Department of Labor utilize the authority provided by Congress to release the maximum allowable numbers of additional H-2B visas for the fiscal year. Senador, you did not sign on to this, which is music to, sé, the ears of many of our listeners and viewers, debería decir. So why are your leagues signing on to bring more workers into our country at this point where so many Americans are still on the sidelines?

SCOTT: Laura, No lo entiendo. Antes que nada, we have got to secure our border. Our border is completely open. Número dos, we believe in immigration, legal immigration, and no immigration that is going to kill an American job. So we shouldn’t be doing anything that is going to kill one American job. So we have got to fix our immigration system, but it starts with securing our borders and doing nothing that hurts America jobs.

INGRAHAM: This is all music to the ears of the big tech. They love bringing in the engineers from India and other countries. They have been notoriously collaborating amongst themselves to do that, or conspiring amongst themselves to do that. So again, this seems to be where the rift of the Republican Party is. Is it going to go more populist, América primero, or go back to the Bush-Cheney days of old? Where is the party heading?

SCOTT: I think the party is going towe’re going to focus on securing our border. We’re going to focus on legal immigration, zero illegal immigration. And we’re not going to anything that is going to kill American jobs. That’s where the Republicans are going to be going.

INGRAHAM: And the same on China, where you guys aren’t going to be pushing for the TPP or a new Transpacific Partnership, or dropping the tariffs against China? Because I see a split in the part on that as well.

SCOTT: Laura, it gets frustrating. Communist China is out stealing our jobs. Básicamente, the government of China, the Communist Party, just lies, cheats, and steals. And so we’ve got to stand up to them. We have got to say we are here for American jobs, we’re here for human rights, we’re here for peace and liberty. But Communist China, they just want to dominate the world. They put people in prison for their religious. They take away basic rights of Hong Kong citizens, they threaten Taiwan.

INGRAHAM: Then why are we still doing business with them?

SCOTT: We’ve got to stand up to them.

INGRAHAM: sí, so why aren’t we working to decouple? Why are we worried about tariffs on Chinese goods.

SCOTT: Laura, I’ve had a bill sinceI have been in the Senate for three years. I got a bill for my first cutoff. They’re the same. Companies like Amazon, you disclose exactly where your products are made, so Americans can make informed decisions. But have I gotten it to pass yet? No, because there’s too many people dependent on China.

INGRAHAM: Senator Scott, you have been terrific on this issue, and we’re going to be watching those who are not. Gracias. It’s great to see you.

And as the pandemic winds down, Fauci attempts to it absolve himself. Qué? The Last Bite explains.


INGRAHAM: George Washington could never tell a lie. Tony Fauci is different.


DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, ASESOR MÉDICO JEFE DE LA CASA BLANCA: There is nothing political at all in what I do. And it is really unfortunate that I have become a target of political messages, because I have never have, do not now, nor ever will have anything to do with politics as you know politics.


INGRAHAM: Wasn’t he like best friends with the Cuomos? I have one thing to say to Anthony Faucimandate freedom. See you tomorrow.

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