The legendary Mel Brooks takes to social media to share his support of Joe Biden

Comedian and filmmaker Mel Brooks has never made a political video, ...까지 2020.

Brooks’ son Max posted an endorsement message from his father to his Twitter account Wednesday.
My father, @MelBrooks, 이다 94. He has never made a political video. 지금까지,” 그것은 말했다.
Brooks is seen sitting in a chair in front of a sliding glass door, holding a mug that readsCup of Joe,” a Biden campaign item. Max and one of Brooksgrandsons flank him on the other side of the door.
    Behind me you see my son and my grandson, and they can’t be with me. 왜? Because of this coronavirus, and Donald Trump is not doing a damn thing about it,” Brooks said.
    So I’m voting for Joe Biden.
    Brooks goes on to say that he likes Biden because he likes facts and science and he’llkeep us going.
      Take a tip from me, vote for Joe. 확인, that’s all I got to say,” he concludes as he waves off his entourage and claims he has to go fill out his ballot.
      His endorsement has already been viewed over 2.7 million times on Twitter.

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