'The Lord of the Rings' cast is crowdfunding to buy J.R.R. Tolkien's home and turn it into a literary center

J.R.R. Tolkien’s home in Oxford, イングランド, is where Middle Earth was made. Where Bilbo Baggins first met Gandalf, and orcs and elves and hobbits sparred while one ring threatened to rule them all.

The house on Northmoor Road, where Tolkien pennedThe Hobbit” そして “ロード・オブ・ザ・リング” 三部作, will soon hit the market. To preserve it for fans and writers, the actors who brought Tolkien’s worlds to film are crowdfunding to buy it.
Actors including Gandalf himself, Ian McKellen, and Martin Freeman, who played Bilbo inThe Hobbit” 映画, have launched theProject Northmoor crowdfunding campaign to purchase Tolkien’s home and transform it into a literary center in his honor.
If the campaign succeeds,the home where Tolkien lived from 1930 に 1947 will be the first center dedicated to the fantasy author anywhere in the world, said John Rhys-Davies, who played beloved dwarf Gimli in “ロード・オブ・ザ・リング” シリーズ.
    A Tolkien-esque challenge lies ahead, でも — Project Northmoor has just three months to raise $ 6 百万. Author Julia Golding, who’s leading the project, compared their fundraising challenge to the perilous journey of two of Tolkien’s best-loved characters.
    “しかしながら, we need only to look at Frodo and Sam’s journey from Rivendell to Mount Doom, which took that same amount of timeand we are inspired that we can do this too!” 彼女はで言った ニュースリリース.
      以上 $ 5 million of those funds will go toward the purchase of the home, and the rest will be used to renovate it and create the nonprofit that will operate there. If the campaign succeeds, the home will host literary programs for budding fantasy writers and Tolkien fans alike, according to the campaign.
      Project Northmoor is asking Tolkien readerswho McKellen calledour fellowship of funders” — to donate what they can to the cause. がある various tiers of fundraising the group hopes to reachincluding one that would restore Tolkien’s garden and another that would install a lair for the fearsome dragon Smaug.