'The Masked Dancer' is coming

It takes who to tango?

Fox is bringing a spinoff of its successful “가면을 쓴 가수” reality series to air in December.
“가면을 쓴 댄서” will be hosted by “사무실” star and comedian Craig Robinson, and will operate on much the same premise.
Inspired by a popular segment featured on “Ellen DeGeneres 쇼,” the new programwill feature celebrity contestants shaking their tail feathers, while covered from head-to-toe in elaborate costumes and face masks, leaving audiences to guess their identities.
    Costumed celebrities will be joined on stage by masked partners and back-up dancers, as they perform a series of dances together; spanning from hip-hop to salsa, jazz to tap dancing and more,” 보도 자료에 따르면. “매주, a series of clues will be sprinkled throughout packages, costumes and routines, leading the panelists one step closer to figuring out which famous faces are freestyling behind the masks.
      The show’s panel will consist of Ken Jeong, ...에서 “가면을 쓴 가수” 과 “I Can See Your Voice”; world-famous choreographer and singer Paula Abdul; actor Brian Austin Green, 전자 Giraffe contestant on “가면을 쓴 가수”; and actress and singer Ashley Tisdale.
      A premiere date will be announced later.




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