'The Masked Dancer' reveals the identity of the Moth

“가면을 쓴 댄서” 나방의 정체를 밝혔습니다.

During Wednesday night’s episode, 얼룩말, 나방, 솜사탕과 나무 늘보는 그룹 B에 남았습니다.. 켄 정 판사, 브라이언 오스틴 그린, Paula Abdul, Ashley Tisdale and Cheryl Hines did their best to try to figure out the identities of these masked performers.
The Moth danced the tango to Michael Bublé’sSway,” and when the mask came off, it was revealed to be none other than Elizabeth Smart. Most of the judges were shocked, but Green had guessed Smart previously.
My grandma actually passed away very recently, but she was so much fun,” Smart said during the show. “She never let a moment pass her by, and so when this opportunity came along, 나는 생각했다, I live a pretty serious life, and I’m going to take this opportunity and just have fun.
Smart made international headlines after she was abducted from her bedroom in 2002 나이에 14 and held captive for nine months.
The remaining contestants in Group A will dance next week to compete for the Diamond Mask Trophy.

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