'The Mighty Ducks' star Shaun Weiss celebrates two years sober with striking before-and-after photos

“マイティダックス” 星 Shaun Weiss has celebrated a two-year sobriety milestone in his battle against methamphetamine addiction with an inspiring transformation picture.

43歳の元子役, best known for playing Greg Goldberg in the Disney comedy franchise about a misfit hockey team, became unrecognizable at the height of his addiction to crystal methamphetamine. He was gaunt, lost most of his teeth, and made headlines for multiple arrests.
Weiss is best known for playing Greg Goldberg in "The Mighty Ducks."

水曜日に, Weiss took to インスタグラム to share striking before-and-after images to highlight his commitment to becoming sober. In the first image he appeared emaciated and disheveled. The second photo showed him smiling and looking healthy.
    A journey of a thousand miles begins with 12 amazing steps,” 読んだキャプション.
      ワイス, whose acting credits include the TV series “ボーイミーツワールド” and Steven Brill’s 1995 コメディ “Heavyweights,” also marked the occasion by sharing another photo of a pair socks bearing the sloganSober AF Two Years.
        He added the caption: “🙏 for your 💜& サポート!!.”
        Weiss took the opportunity to encourage others to take a step toward sobriety by posting: “If you or someone you know is in need of treatment — 866.480.2496.
            ワイス’ meth addiction sent him on a downward spiral. 8月に 2018, he was arrested for public intoxication before being released without charges.
            He had another run in with the law in January 2020, 彼が〜だった時 arrested on charges of residential burglary and being under the influence of a controlled substance. による TMZ, the case was dismissed in July 2020 after Weiss completed a court-ordered drug program.