'The Muppet Show' is coming to Disney+

If you thought you’d never get a chance to stream “Die Muppet Show,” fuhgeddaboudit!

Disney+ announced on Tuesday that all five seasons of the Jim Henson variety series are coming to the streaming service on February 19.
The fourth and fifth seasons, Disney noted, het “never previously been released on home entertainment.
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During the life of the series, which originally aired from 1976 aan 1981, “Die Muppet Show” welcomed guest stars like Steve Martin, Elton John, Liza Minnelli, Julie Andrews, Diana Ross and more.
The beloved series joins other Muppets-related content like Disney+ originalMuppets Nowon the streaming service, which is also home to films likeMuppet Treasure Island” en “The Muppet Christmas Carol.




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