La * verdadera * razón por la que Ted Cruz está amenazando a un(no ella) cierre del gobierno

El anuncio de un acuerdo en el Congreso para mantener abierto el gobierno federal más allá del viernes viene con una advertencia importante.: Several Senate Republicans have threatened in recent days to shut the government down over the ongoing fight over vaccine mandates for private companies.

Does Sen. Schumer want to shut down the economy?” Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall said this week, referring to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York. “Does he want to create brown outs? Does he want to threaten national security? So as long as he makes sure we don’t fund that unconstitutional mandate, we’ll be ok.
I think we should use the leverage we have to fight against what are illegal, unconstitutional and abusive mandates,” said Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.
    The question now becomes how far are Cruz, Marshall and several of their like-minded colleagues willing to push the possibility of a shutdown to force the Biden administration into a concession on vaccine mandates.
      A bit of history is useful here.

        En 2013, Cruz was a freshman senator looking to make a name for himself with national conservatives (more on this in a moment). He shut the government down for 16 days in an attempt to hold the Obama administration hostage over the Affordable Care Act. Cruz’s plan was simpleand doomed: Use the shutting down of the government as leverage to force the defunding of Obamacare.
        That was never going to happen. Which everyoneup to and including Cruz — supo. Republicanos — led by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnellwarned Cruz of the dangers of hijacking the government to charge at this particular political windmill. He did it anyway.
          While the effort failedDemocrats didn’t give on the funding of Obamacareit worked for Cruz, politically speaking.
          Como el Washington Post wrote in February 2016 as Cruz was running for president:
          The drama that surrounded the shutdown — including Cruz’s 21-hour Senate speech, in which he readGreen Eggs and Hamto his daughters via the C-SPAN feed — is the defining moment of a Senate tenure that has helped make Cruz the favorite Republican presidential candidate for many conservatives.
          To those supporters, the shutdown signaled the depth of Cruz’s commitment to rein in government.
          Cruz went from being just some senator to being a hero in the fight against the Obama administration. The shutdown, while absolutely terrible for Republicans politically, was a very good thing for Ted Cruz.
          Avance rápido hasta hoy.
          Cruz is yet again threatening a shutdown to accomplish somethingthe removal of a mandate that private businesses with more than 100 employees are to require vaccinationsthat is a) not going to happen but b) seen as a fight for essential freedoms by the Republicans’ base.
          Y, he is doing so as he has his eye, otra vez, on running for president in 2024 and badly needs to win back supporters of Donald Trump who soured on the Texas Republican when he refused to endorse him at the 2016 Convención Nacional Republicana.
          Cruz’s wingman in this fight, Marshall, es — y deténme si has escuchado esto antes — new to the Senate and looking to make a name for himself among conservatives nationally.
          Giving the finger to vaccines and masks plays great with your base. Nobody likes to be told what to do, especially by the bureaucrat class. (When none other than Donald Trump is booed by his own rally crowd for recommending the jab, you know that toothpaste isn’t going back in the tube.)…
            “…There’s no reason to think the threat of a government shutdown will be the senator’s last volley in the battle for ‘personal freedomat the expense of the greater good, a speedier economic recovery, or basic common sense. Because Roger Marshall is far more interested in fighting the culture war than he is in fighting the pandemic.
            No cometer errores: Neither Cruz nor Marshall has any real belief that threatening to shut the government down will change the Biden administration’s mind on the vaccine mandate. It won’t. What they are doing is pure political grandstanding to virtue signal to the Trump base, putting personal politics ahead of the good of the country.




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