Jan 뒤에 동일한 위협. 6 Capitol riot 'isn't over': 대표. 킨징거

RNC MITTEE, 체니에 대한 질책 강화, 1월의 킨징거 역할. 6 MITTEE

대표. 아담 킨징거: This investigation’s still ongoing. 그래서 이러한 청문회 이후에도, we’re continuing until the report. It’s a decision the committee will make on that. I look at this and say there appears to be a multipronged plan that the president tried to, 본질적으로, have a soft coup to overcome the election. So as [나는] not a lawyer, it’s a little different. 나에게, it looks criminal, but I’ll leave the criminal charges to the 법무부. They’re the experts at what that is. But the American people need to know what happened. 그런데, if this is a Democratic administration in the future, anybody supportive of what happened would be outraged. We as Americans just have to hold firm to the rule of law and truth.

When I started this and when the committee started this, the point is to put out the facts. And I look at this exercise more as what is this going to say for the history books? How can this fix the country going forward? 때문에, 닐, this threat isn’t over. It’s still continuing. Nothing has changed. So that’s what I really look for in terms of the impact is the future of this country and 민주주의.

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