La guerra in Ucraina ha sconvolto il mondo. Dobbiamo agire ora per prevenire il prossimo in Asia

Taiwan affronta oggi una situazione simile con la Cina comunista, un vicino aggressivo 60 volte la sua dimensione. Molto probabilmente non è possibile trovare Taiwan su una mappa vuota, but it’s an advanced economy and robust democracy that has lived in the dark shadow of Beijing’s threats for decades. Preserving this democracy has long been a U.S. priorità. Oggi, this island nation, which is slightly larger than Maryland, sits uneasily on the frontline of an escalating contest between autocracy and democracy for control of the 21st century.

Having recently visited with Taiwan’s leadership, I found both resolve and apprehension about the future. Most believe Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping will secure an unprecedented third term in the fall. This will both bolster his power and ensure his place in Chinese history alongside another authoritarian, Mao Zedong. Xi, tuttavia, aims to accomplish what his predecessors could not – mainland control of Taiwan.


Since taking China’s helm in 2013, Xi’s iron grip has rolled back what limited freedoms his 1.4 billion people once enjoyed. In Hong Kong, he broke his pledge to respect that once-free city-state’s status with the false promise ofOne Country, Two Systems.

Nel frattempo, Beijing’s bellicose foreign policy has been marked by debt diplomacy, coercizione, and self-declaredwolf warrior” diplomatici. Its military buildup has resulted in China now possessing the world’s largest Army e Marina Militare, a modern air force, and a growing nuclear capability. Xi’s aim is to build an economy and a military by 2049 able to challenge America’s global leadership so that the Communist Party can rewrite international rules and norms.

It is now time to clearly state that the United State will come to Taiwan’s defense.




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