The weirdest New Year’s Eve ‘dropsyou can watch during the countdown to 2021

The weirdest New Year's Eve 'drops' you can watch during the countdown to 2021

What a bunch of bologna.

While many people can’t wait for 2020 to be over, the celebrations on New Year’s Eve this year will likely be more subdued than usual. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, health officials are still recommending against large gatherings, and many towns are canceling their traditional holiday celebrations.

올해, you can watch bologna, a giant Peep and a pickle all drop on the same night

올해, you can watch bologna, a giant Peep and a pickle all drop on the same night (iStock)

Don’t worry, 그러나. 펜실베이니아에서, the bologna will still drop.

In the city of Lebanon, 잘., it’s tradition to drop a piece of locally made bologna at midnight on New Year’s Eve. 올해, while the event won’t be open to the public, the bologna will still be dropped at an undisclosed location and livestreamed on the city’s Facebook page, Lebtown 보고서.

But Bologna won’t be the only item dropping virtually this year, 어느 한 쪽. Around the country, cities and towns have unique New Year’s Eve rituals which are usually based on a locally produced item, and many of these drops are moving online this year.


Normally, someone would have to be in Bethlehem, 잘., in-person to watch a giant Peep drop on the holiday. 올해, 하나, the 4-foot, 9-inch tall Peep weighing 400 pounds will be dropped virtually, 에 따르면 Peepsfest event page.

더 많은 폭스 라이프 스타일 뉴스를 보려면 FACEBOOK에서 우리를 따르십시오.

The same will be true for the Mount Olive, 체크 안함., pickle drop, which will be streamed on YouTube, 에 따르면 Mount Olive Pickles 페이지.

Not every event is going virtual, 하나. The town of Hershey, 잘., home to the famous chocolate company of the same name, traditionally drops a giant replica Hershey Kiss in the downtown area, followed by a fireworks show. 올해, the downtown gathering will not be happening, although the fireworks show will be held near Hershey Park.

FOX 뉴스 앱을 받으려면 여기를 클릭하십시오.

그 동안에, Mobile, Ala., will not be holding its annual Moonpie drop. 안에 보도 자료, the city explained that it felt that social distancing and other safety requirements could not be maintained during the event. It does, 하나, encourage locals to patronize local restaurants and nightspots.

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