‘The worst public policy decisions of my lifetime’: Brit Hume rails against lockdowns, school closings

Fox News senior political analyst 브릿 흄 laid into public policymakers Tuesday for appearing to solely rely on 박사. 안토니 포시 for guidance on the 코로나 바이러스 pandemic and shutting out scientists from other fields.

He’s an epidemiologist,” Hume told Katie Pavlich of Fauci onFox News Primetime“. “His job is to fight this disease. He’s not an expert in child psychology, or children’s education. He’s not an expert on whether cancer screenings can be postponed when there’s lockdowns that are affecting hospitals. He’s not an authority on the U.S. economy or the damage that may be done to it. He’s just not. That’s somebody else’s problem and it’s not his.

Hume then criticized governors who locked down their states last year based on Fauci’s ever-evolving messaging.

When we as a nation turn over all of our policies [그] this pandemic touches upon or [이다] touched upon by it, to a person with a very narrow focus, we end up with these insane lockdowns and we end up with collateral damage about which he seems unconcerned, because it’s not in his bailiwick, and we end up with the terrible problems that we’ve had,” 그는 말했다.


When they talk about ‘Follow the science,’ the question becomes, which science? Economics is a science. Cardiology is a branch of science … If you only listen to some scientists instead of looking through a broader lens, you end up with the kind of policy decisions we’ve made. I think these lockdowns and the closing of the schools are the worst public policy decisions of my lifetime.

While Hume laid much of the responsibility at the feet of public officials, there was another group he called out.

A great deal of responsibility for our unfortunate responses belongs with the news 미디어, which has been terrible in this.

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