These are the best and worst times to buy a used car

These are the best and worst times to buy a used car

검은 금요일 may be behind us for 2020, but that’s not a problem for used car shoppers, because the best time of the year to get a good deal on a pre-owned vehicle is still to come.

According to an analysis of 32 백만 used car sales by online marketplace, shoppers only find 2.7% more deals than usual around Thanksgiving, ranking behind the November average of 6.2% and Veterans Day at 11.9%.

The best time of the year? That would be Martin Luther King Jr. Day, when discounts of 5% or more are 39.2% more common than the yearly average. 사실로, the entire months of January, February and December look pretty good at 28.7%, 22.1% 과 13.0% led by New Year’s Eve/Day at 20.5% and Christmas Eve at 18.1%.

If the dead of winter is too cold for you to go out and kick tires, March finished seventh on the top 10 list of months and key dates at 12.6%.


But don’t wait for it to get too warm, because the Fourth of July is the worst time to pick up a new ride, 와 18.6 fewer deals than average, followed by the months of June at 16.9% and July at 16.2%.

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