Hulle het alles reg gedoen. Maar na een tuis kapsel, 'n man en vrou is aan Covid-19 oorlede

Mike and Carol Bruno did everything right to avoid Covid-19. Hulle het hulle weerhou om die grotes aan te bied, tradisionele gesinsbyeenkomste waaraan hulle gewoond was. They stuck to phone calls and video conferences with family even though they didn’t live far away.

But a simple family visit to get a haircut claimed both of their lives.
The Brunos were married nearly six decades before they passed away from the virus, their son Joseph Bruno told CNN. The Chicago couple, wie is oorlede 10 days apart, are now among the meer as 1.7 miljoen mense who have died from coronavirus in the US.
Bruno hopes his family’s grief serves as an important reminder of how easy it can be to contract Covid-19, no matter how safe you are.
    Even when we thought we did everything right, we still got it,” Bruno told CNN.

    Precautions fall through

    Aan die einde van November, Bruno’s mother, Carol Bruno, came over to his apartment with his sister so his sister could give him a haircut. Prior to the visit, sy suster, who works in a salon, had taken a Covid-19 test which had come back negative. She had also quarantined for three to four days — a sign the family took to mean that it was safe to be around her.
    His mother, aan die ander kant, hadn’t been out much during the pandemic at all.
    Throughout the visit, which lasted about 40 minute, the Brunos wore masks and avoided hugs, Bruno explained. They also made sure their mother sat next to the windows which they had opened as an extra precaution.
    A day after the visit, Bruno’s sister started displaying symptoms of Covid-19. Mother and son started feeling unwell soon after.

    One visit turns into tragedy

    Carol Bruno, the mother, was admitted to the hospital on Thanksgiving Day, but was discharged that week as her condition improved. Twee dae later, she returned to the hospital where she was put on a ventilator.
    Dan, her husband got sick.
    Mike Bruno didn’t even accompany his wife and daughter to see his son, but started experiencing symptoms and was admitted to a hospital about two weeks after Thanksgiving, according to Bruno.
    A day after her husband was put on a ventilator, Carol passed away. Nine days later, two days before Christmas, Mike followed.
    I think the thing that gives us peace is knowing that my dad didn’t know my mom passed away,” Bruno told told CNN affiliate ABC7.
      All it took was a simple choice after months of caution, a choice they thought was safe.
      Had I made that sacrifice and, jy weet, didn’t spend, jy weet, 30-40 minutes with my momthey would still be here,” Bruno said.




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