‘They’re coming for Christmas next’: Tomi Lahren goes off on California Democrats over renewed shutdowns

'They're coming for Christmas next': Tomi Lahren goes off on California Democrats over renewed shutdowns

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren minced no words in response to the new stay-at-home order imposed by Los Angeles County officials due to a troubling surge in coronavirus cases in the country’s most populous county.

If that doesn’t strike you as full-blown tyranny, you really need to get your eyes, ears, 心, and brain checked, stat,” Lahren said Monday on her Fox Nation show Final Thoughts.

The new safer-at-home order goes into effect Monday and is expected to last three weeks as officials try to curb case positivity rates.

Here’s what I am still not understanding,” Lahren said. “加利福尼亚州, and particularly LA County have had some of the strictest, if not the most strict, COVID protocols from the get-go, so why then are they seeing these skyrocketing case numbers?


Maybe more government intervention, restriction, regulation and infringement isn’t the answer,” she asserted. “Maybe it’s not working.

Officials warned that additional measures would be imposed if the county’s five-day average threshold of new cases exceeds 4,500 or if hospitalizations reached more than 2,000, but Lahren said she is skeptical of their suggested timeline.

Three weeks, huh? It’s been nearly nine months since that first two-week ‘flatten the curve’ [政策] so excuse me if I’m not buying the three-week pipe dream,” she argued.

The new lockdown comes days after the county ordered all restaurants to suspend indoor and outdoor dining for three weeks, a move Lahren described as adeath sentenceimposed on businesses whoare barely hanging on by the skin of their teeth as it is.

Indoor retail, 你懂, the folks that rely on holiday shopping for much of their yearly profit, are back to 20% 容量, which includes nail and hair salons,” 她说, underscoring that under the new order, occupancy limits for indoor retail will be capped at 35%, malls at 20% 和 50% for fitness centers.

Democrats implore us to support small business …,” she emphasized. “等待, you mean the ones they closed and bankrupted or the ones they allowed BLM and Antifa thugs to loot and destroy?”

Many fed-up residents are relocating to escape the county’s policies, but the buck won’t stop there, Lahren said.

The Golden State is just the testing ground,” 她警告. “All of these infringements, 限制条件, shutdowns and orders are just being prepped on the Left coast and the Right coast, but they are headed your way if they haven’t hit you already.

“再次, I’ll say, vote Democrat, get tyranny. They’re coming for Christmas next.

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福克斯新闻’ Louis Casiano contributed to this report.