Thief caught on camera stealing hundreds of dollars of crab from California restaurant

A California 레스토랑 shared footage to YouTube that shows an unidentified man breaking into its outdoor crab tank and making off with hundreds of dollars worth of crab. Fortunately for the restaurant, the local community has since stepped up to help out.

The owner of Giovanni’s Fish Market spoke with Fox News, where he explained that this isn’t the first time an incident has occurred with the tank outside of the Morro Bay restaurant. 그의 말에 따르면, the tank has been outside the building for about 35 years and is popular among tourists.


He explained that the unidentified man broke into the tank and stole about 15 crabs, which were worth about $ 500 (prices are reportedly higher than average at the moment due to conditions during the recent season). The tank can hold about 150 crabs, 하나, which could cost thousands of dollars.

Due to the difficulty selling stolen seafood, Giovanni believes that the crabs were likely stolen for some sort of party (the incident did occur the night before Easter).

더 많은 폭스 라이프 스타일 뉴스를 보려면 FACEBOOK에서 우리를 따르십시오.

다행히도, Giovanni explained that all of the security equipment worked the way it was supposed to. Within minutes of the incident, he had been notified by the security company, the cops had been called and Giovanni had discovered footage of the suspect.

그때부터, he’s uploaded it to 유튜브 in hopes that someone would recognize the man and help with the investigation. He says that the local community has been immensely helpful and that while he’s not happy that the restaurant was robbed, he is amazed and truly grateful for the support of the community and his loyal customers.

그의 말에 따르면, the response from the community has turned a bad incident into a positive one.

While the suspect has not been officially identified, authorities are still investigating the case and Giovanni is hopeful that it will be resolved soon.

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