This is the longest music video of all time -- and it would take you more than 4,200 hours to watch

Twenty One Pilots has officially set a new record for the longest music video of all timeclocking in at just over 4,264 小时.

The pop band, known for their hitStressed Out,” released the songLevel of Concern” 在四月份. Two months later, the duo announced that they were making what they called anever-endingmusic video for the song, using content that fans would upload onto a website.
The final product was a continuous live stream on YouTube. The song would play on a loop, and every time the song began again, new fan videos would appear, creating the intendednever-ending” 音乐视频.
But it did, 最终, end. After a whopping 117 天 16 小时 10 分钟和 25 秒 — beginning on June 21 and ending on December 16 — the group pulled the plug, and the Guinness World Records announced their feat.
    先前, the record was held by Pharrell Williams, who created a 24-hour music video forHappyback in 2013.




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