This Republican senator has a totally wild theory about the impeachment trial

Martedì, the Senate will begin the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump over a charge that he incited the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6. And Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson thinks he knows why.

“Bene, ancora, I have always believed the Russian hoax was a diversionary operation from the corruption that was occurring within certainly the FBI and potentially some of our intelligence agencies.
You have to kind of ask the question, what is this impeachment all about? We now know that 45 Republican senators believe it’s unconstitutional. Is this another diversionary operation? Is this meant to deflect away from potentially what the speaker knew and when she knew it?
    “Non lo so. But I’m suspicious.
    Oh man! This case just got blown WIDE OPEN!!
    Vedere, the reason that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (California) brought Trump up on a charge of incitement is because she is trying to cover up her own wrongdoing in the riot! Uomo! What a move! (Questo è, ovviamente, totally ridiculous.)
    The riot was the result of the “Stop the Steal” rally. Then Trump hyped that gathering for weeks via his Twitter feed. And in remarks to the crowd, urged them to fight for what they believed in.

    Attempts to stoke conspiracy theories that Antifa was secretly behind the rally have been thoroughly debunked. But what Johnson is proposingif that’s the word for what he’s doingis something I haven’t even sentito prima.
    And the reason I haven’t heard it before is because, even when compared to other conspiracy theories floating around out there, it’s just so outlandish. Pelosi pushed the impeachment of Trump to cover up her own role in the January 6 sommossa? What role? And when Johnson says that the impeachment trial could be aimed at deflectingwhat the Speaker knew and when she knew it,” what the actual hell is he talking about?
    The honest answer is not even he knows. Remember that this is the same Johnson who, back in the spring of 2020, argued that we were overblowing what the number of people dying from Covid-19 meant about the virusimpact on society. And the same Johnson who demanded that former Attorney General Bill Barr prove that there was no evidence of election fraud in the 2020 elezione.
    Così, si, there’s a track record here. But that doesn’t excuse what Johnson is doing. This is a sitting US senator suggesting that the speaker of the House triggered an impeachment charge against the outgoing president solely to cover her tracks over, uh, qualcosa.
      per fortuna, we have journalists like Bartiromo to correct the record, destra? Here’s how she followed up on Johnson’s wild claim about Pelosi: “And President Biden on Friday called for the defeat of — citazione — ‘political extremism, supremazia bianca, and domestic terrorism.'
      No, that’s not it. Affatto.

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