This senator accidentally told the truth about why he wanted Donald Trump's endorsement

If you listen closely enough, politicians will usually tell you the trutheven if they don’t do it on purpose. Witness Sen. 查克·格拉斯利, accepting the endorsement of former President Donald Trump at a rally over the weekend in Iowa.

I was born at night, but not last night,” Grassley told the crowd with Trump standing next to him onstage. “So if I didn’t accept the endorsement of a person who has 91% of the Republican voters in Iowa, I wouldn’t be too smart. I’m smart enough to accept that endorsement.
The crowd laughed and applauded.
    But notice what Grassley actually said: He wants Trump’s endorsement not necessarily because he admires him or agrees with him on policy or thinks the former President has a vision to lead America forward. 代替, he wants Trump’s endorsement because Trump is popular with the GOP base. 而已. 就这么简单. Pure political calculus for a politician running for another term in November 2022.

      这是事情: Grassley doesn’t see eye to eye with Trump. 事实上, as recently as (checks calendar) 今年早些时候, Grassley was blasting Trump for hispoor leadership in his words and actions” 一月份 6 美国国会大厦发生骚乱.
        When Trump fired two inspectors general in the administration in 2020, Grassley said that the then-President had “失败了” to cite proper justification for the move.
        而在 2019, Grassley said Trump’s contention that wind turbines cause cancer wasidiotic.”
          There’s more but you get the idea: Grassley was plenty critical of Trump and did his best to make sure there was some distance between himself and the former President on a number of occasions.
            All of which makes Grassley’s willing acceptance of the Trump endorsement all the more, 好, icky. But at least we know why he did it. Grassley told us. It was for politicsnothing more or less.
            重点: Trump’s cult of personality within the GOP grows by the day. And even skeptics like Grassley have now jumped in with both feet.