'This wasn't Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure': 판사는 국회 의사당 폭도 쌍을 선고 30 감옥에 갇힌 날들

Two friends who entered the US Capitol together on 일월 6, 그 중 한 사람은 몰래 침입하여 담배를 피우는 것을 자랑스럽게 여겼습니다., 형을 선고받았다 30 건물에서 불법적으로 행진하기 위해 각각 감옥에서 일.

This wasn’t Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” Judge Tanya Chutkan said before handing down the sentence Wednesday. “They came to Washington knowing full well the events of January 6,” 그것을 추가 “their actions were an assault on the American people.
동안 federal judges have taken different approaches to sentencing non-violent rioters that have pleaded guilty to misdemeanors, Chutkan has sent all eight of the misdemeanor defendants she has sentenced so far to jail for between 14 ...에 45 일.
    Nicholas Perretta and Mitchell Vukich were in the Capitol for 25 의사록, 검사에 따르면. Vukich bragged over text message that hewas in the first 15 people in the capitol” 과 “(g)ot pepper sprayed and shot with rubber bullets lol,” 법원 문서에 따르면. The pair also rifled through some congressional papers they found on the ground and Vukich took some of them and put them inside his jacket before throwing them in a trashcan later, he told investigators.
      What you did on January 6,Chutkan said during the hearing, “it was no ‘let’s go check out what’s happening,'” contrary to what their attorney’s argued.
        January 6th panel reveals Hannity's texts, wants his cooperation

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          January 6th panel reveals Hannity’s texts, wants his cooperation


        January 6th panel reveals Hannity’s texts, wants his cooperation 02:59

          This was a violent attempted overthrow of the governmentand it almost succeeded,” Chutkan added. The judge also noted that Vukich wore goggles during the attack, which suggested that he expected confrontation with the police.
          위에 725 people have been arrested in relation to the Capitol breach, FBI에 따르면, 이상으로 70 sentenced thus far and over 30 receiving jail time.

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