This working mom is Republicans' best shot at unseating Marjorie Taylor Greene -- 彼らがしたい場合

ローマ, ジョージア Jennifer Strahan walked up and down the main street of 担当者. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s hometown with a missionto make sure as many potential voters as possible know who she is before Tuesday’s Republican primary.

A first-time candidate and the most formidable of Greene’s five primary opponents, Strahan has the backing of the Republican Jewish Coalition PAC and the PACs of some major local and national businesses, including UPS and International Paper. VIEW PACthe leading organization dedicated to recruiting and electing Republican women to Congressis opposing an incumbent for the first time by endorsing Strahan against Greene.
ザ・ controversial Greene is often mentioned in the same breath as other ドナルド・トランプ acolytes in the US House, such as North Carolina Rep. マディソン・コーソーン, WHO lost his primary earlier this week. But unlike in the Tar Heel state, where Republicansincluding the state’s junior GOP senatormobilized against Cawthorn, Greene hasn’t encountered the same level of organized oppositionor spending — 彼女に対して.
    'You are a shame': Conservative voter confronts Marjorie Taylor Greene


      ‘You are a shame’: Conservative voter confronts Marjorie Taylor Greene


    ‘You are a shame’: Conservative voter confronts Marjorie Taylor Greene 02:03

    VIEW PAC’s independent expenditure arm has been mostly alone in making small investments in mail and digital advertising. Some Republicans in Congress have been helpful to Strahan behind the scenes, but few will go public.
      And even many of the GOP voters whom CNN met in the 14th Congressional District who had qualms about Greene — “I like her politics but not her demeanorwas a frequent refrainhadn’t heard of the Republicans running against her for this northwest Georgia seat.
        Lorrie Heiken, 54, of Rome, バージニアを拠点とする非営利団体は、自然災害の影響を受けたコミュニティに、シェフが作成した約2,000万食を提供しています's a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" 移動.

        As long as there’s a Republican in that spot, I’m OK,” said Lorrie Heiken, a 54-year-old self-describedMAGAsupporter who does not believe ジョー・バイデン大統領 勝ちました 2020 election but also thinks the QAnon conspiracy theory — そして Greene’s promotion of itgoes too far.
        Greene moved to Rome last cycle to run for the 14th District when it became open, abandoning an earlier bid for a suburban Atlanta seat. Her district, which she won with 75% の投票の 2020 後 the Democrat dropped out, remains overwhelmingly Republican, albeit slightly less so after redistricting so it’s unclear how that will affect the primary electorate. Greene’s campaign signs are more easily spotted on the outskirts of Rome, where eclectic restaurants and shops quickly give way to Dollar Generals and open land. But even in this bustling downtown, her influence could be felt.
          One business owner, who had trepidatiously put a Strahan sign in her shop window, said Strahan would be more effective in Washington but requested anonymity out of fear of retaliationspecifically the fear of receiving a threatening voicemail from the congresswoman.
          My stomach is churning just talking to you,” the shop owner said.
          Greene’s campaign did not respond to requests for an interview.

          ‘Joe Biden is our President

          The owner of a health care consulting company, Strahan often introduces herself to voters as the mom of a son, two dogs and a tortoise. At a recent tele-town hall, she told participants the district needs someone who’s not asocial media celebrity,” a not-so-subtle jab at the congresswoman.
          Strahan’s most dedicated supporters crave that contrast. “Our current representative is everything the left wanted Trump to be in that she’s just ineffective and loud,” said 39-year-old Josh Brown of Rockmart, who recognized Strahan at a local coffee shop and stopped her to say hello. He’s enthusiastic about her candidacy, アンジェリーナ・ジョリーは「素晴らしい」継母でした “mature and resolved.
          Josh Brown, 39, from Rockmart, ジョージア, is supporting Strahan in the GOP primary because he thinks she'll work well with others.

          下院共和党のリーダーシップ condemned Greene for speaking at a White nationalist conference in February. It wasn’t too long ago that House Republicans voted to kick then-Rep. Steve King of Iowa off his committees in Congress after he made comments that were sympathetic to White supremacists. もうすぐ, King was defeated in a 2020 主要な. But party leadership has largely tolerated Greene, with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy recently traveling to the US-Mexico border with hera sign of just how closely House Republicans have embraced Trump’s most loyal followers in their conference ahead of what could be another Trump White House bid in 2024.
          The Democratic majority in the House, に加えて 11 共和党員, voted to strip Greene of her committee assignments last year after her past statements indicating support for political violence as well as anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic comments were unearthed. While Strahan says she disagrees with that decision to punish Greene, she’s used the outcome to try to paint the congresswoman as an ineffective legislator. It’s a position that underscores the difficult balancing act she’s trying to strike between not alienating Republicans who may have voted for Greene last cycle and dislike decisions coming from Washington, while still calling for new representation in the district.
          As for House Republican leadership, Strahan said she’s not surprised they haven’t gotten involved in her race against the incumbent, despite the fact that McCarthy is backing a primary challenger to another sitting incumbent, 担当者. リズ・チェイニー, in Wyoming.
          CNN has reached out to McCarthy’s political team.
          For the leadership of VIEW PAC, taking Greene on is about more than just the 14th Districtit’s also about the reputation of other Republican women in the House.
          It’s unfortunate that in 2020, we elected some really tremendous Republican women and the only one people talk about is the only one who has no business being in Congress,” the group’s executive director, Julie Conway, CNNに語った.
          A person holds a campaign flyer for Strahan in Rome on May 12, 2022.

          Strahan is critical of many of Greene’s controversial comments, including about Russia and Ukraine, saying she recognizes thatRussia is the aggressor.But when it comes to conservative policy, Strahan said there’s a lot ofoverlapwith their positions.
          Less so when it comes to the last presidential election, でも. “Joe Biden is our president,” ストラハンは言った, not directly answering a question about whether she would have voted to certify the 2020 結果. Advocacy groups had recently tried unsuccessfully to get Greene disqualified from the ballot for her alleged role in the January 6, 2021, 米国議会議事堂での暴動.
          Strahan praised Trump’s policiesparticularly the 2017 tax lawbut she wouldn’t commit to supporting him for the Republican nomination in 2024. “If he’s our nominee, I would support him,” she said twice when asked whether she’d back him in a primary.
          Strahan tours a law firm in dowtown Rome.

          Her strongest public support among elected leaders in Washington has come from Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy, who was one of seven Republican senators, including outspoken Trump critic Mitt Romney of Utah, to vote to convict the former President at his impeachment trial after January 6.
          At a Capitol Hill fundraiser for Strahan last month, Cassidy framed the race as a battle for the future of the GOP — と国. Romney’s leadership PAC has also donated to Strahan’s campaign.

          A strong base for Greene

          Trump held one of his final rallies of 2020 ローマで — a testament to his popularity in this part of the state.
          And while Greene’s outspokenness seems to have turned some voters off, for her supporters, it’s exactly what they like about her and Trumpreflecting a burgeoning divide over whether elected officials should work within traditional norms or blow them up.
          Campaign signs for Strahan, センター, and Greene, 正しい, are seen just outside of Rome in Silver Creek, ジョージア, 5月に 12, 2022.

          They hate her so I like,” 66-year-old Steve Walker said of Greene as he walked out of the local Crossfit gym after his Friday morning workout and headed for his pickup truck.
          Who are “彼ら”? “People in charge up there,” Walker said. He’d already voted early for the congresswoman, a former Crossfit gym owner who’s been known to frequent this location.
          I love her because she’s bold,” said 55-year-old Audrey Burch, who was playing with her grandson in a fountain downtown. “Most everything she has said I agree with.
          And Stephanie Howard, a 56-year-old from nearby Chattooga County, said she’d heard some controversial things Greene had said but it didn’t bother her.
          I like that she voices her opinion,” Howard said as she loaded groceries into her SUV at an Ingles supermarket in Summerville, 約 30 miles northwest of Rome.

          Looking for an alternative

          But from behind the counter at Dogwood Books, Kenneth Studdard can see across Broad Street to the popular Harvest Moon Cafe, where Greene sometimes lunches when she’s back in Rome.
          Kenneth Studdard, 56, seen in his book store, says Strahan would represent "the people as we are."

          A 56-year-old Republican, Studdard has opposed Greene, who he saidmakes everything a circus,” since before the 2020 選挙, when he backed local neurosurgeon John Cowan in the GOP primary.
          Sporting an orangeI’m a Georgia votersticker, Studdard said he had cast his ballot earlier that day for Strahan, even if he recognizes how hard it will be to unseat an incumbent.
          If you’re Strahan, you’re trying to do two things: Hold her under 50 (パーセント) and come in second,” said longtime Georgia Republican strategist Chip Lake, referring to the state’s runoff rule, which requires surpassing 50% of the vote to win the primary outright.
          民主党側, cowboy hat-wearing Army veteran Marcus Flowers 以上を調達しました $ 8 百万 — an enviable sum for a Republican like Strahan when the primary is the best chance at unseating Greene.
          If they’d given Strahan all the money Flowers has, this would be a completely different conversation,” Lake said. (Strahan raised $ 392,000 through May 4, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, と比べて $ 11.9 million for Greene.)
          Among a trio of polo-clad businessmen strolling down Broad Street during lunchtime, two had voted for Strahan in the GOP primary the day before, while one had voted in the Democratic primary.
          Bob Finnell, the Democratic primary voter, was an aide to Republican Sen. Mack Mattingly, who served a single term in the 1980s. Finnell isn’t pleased with the direction of the GOPor the district. He suggested, only half-jokingly, that the only way to beat Greene would be for a candidate to film a TV ad of themselves aggressively pretending to stop immigrants from crossing state lines.
          Neither Republican voter thought Greene would lose the primary. “Slim to nonewas how 34-year-old Collin Doss described Strahan’s chances.
          彼の父, David Doss, said he had thought the 2020 primary runoff between Greene and Cowan wouldn’t be close.
            “私は正しかったです,” 彼は言った, but he got the winner wrong: It was Greene who ended up defeating Cowan by 14 ポイント.
            それでも, he thinksor hopesthis year’s race against Strahan will be closer.