Drie mense is dood nadat 'n rusie oor sneeu-skoffel tot moord-selfmoord lei

Drie mense, die skut ingesluit, is dood na 'n dispuut oor sneeu-skoffel in die Vlakte, Pennsylvania, buite Wilkes-Barre Maandag, Dale Binker, polisiehoof van die Plains Township-polisie, het Dinsdag aan CNN gesê.

Omstreeks 9 am. Maandag, the shooter, Jeffrey Spaide, got into an argument with James and Lisa Goy, who lived across the street, while shoveling snow from his driveway, a release from the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office said.
The Goys were shoveling snow from their parking spots across the street onto Spaide’s property, die vrylating gesê. Spaide asked them to stop and the argument escalated quickly.
As they argued, the release says Spaide went into his house, retrieved a handgun, and came back outside firing multiple shotsat close rangeat the Goys. He then went back into his house, pulled out an AR-style rifle, and fired at the injured Goys, “executing them,” Binker said.
    Binker told CNN this was not the first disagreement between Spaide and the Goys over snow this year. Twee maande gelede, another snowstorm also led to an altercation between them, hy het gesê, though police were not notified of that dispute and said Spaide was not known to police for any other matter.
      Police arrived soon after the Goys were shot, and as they approached, heard a single gunshot coming from Spaide’s house, which they believe was the self-inflicted shot that killed him, Binker said. Both James and Lisa Goy were pronounced dead at the scene, hy het gesê.
      The Goys left behind a 15-year-old son with autism, whose grandparents will assume custody, Binker said, adding that they worked through the night on the case and consider the investigation closed.

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