Drie mense is dood, twee beseer, in skietery by geweerwinkel in Louisiana

Drie mense is dood en twee beseer in 'n skietery Saterdag in 'n geweerwinkel in Louisiana.

Afgevaardigdes is net tevore na die toneel in die Jefferson Gun Outlet in Metairie ontbied 3 nm., Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto III said during a press briefing.
Metairie is just a few miles northwest of New Orleans.
One initial shooter fatally shot two people inside the store, according to Lopinto. Both victims were both pronounced dead at the scene.
    Several people then engaged the original suspect inside and outside the store, leaving two more people injured with gunshot wounds, het die balju gesê.
    A persverklaring from the sheriff’s office said the third person killed was the original shooter.
    The two injured people were transported to University Hospital and are in stable condition, according to Lopinto.
      It appears the people involved in the shooting may have been customers, employees or individuals at the location, hy het gesê.
      The New Orleans office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tabak, Firearms and Explosives has special agents working the scene, the agency getwiet.




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