Tiger filmed roaming Houston neighborhood while off-duty cop tries to protect his neighbors

Footage recently surfaced that appears to show a tiger roaming around a Houston, 德州, 邻里. The large cat got loose from a nearby home where it was seemingly being kept as a 宠物 and came within a few feet of a nearby homeowner while wandering the streets.

该事件发生在 8 下午. 在周日晚上, 狐狸 59 报告. According to footage that appeared on social media, the tiger was wearing a collar and was likely a pet.


Video of the incident was uploaded to Twitter by Michael Schwab. It appears to have been filmed from inside a house by a woman who is nervously watching as the tiger sits on a neighbor’s yard. The tiger suddenly gets up and starts walking towards a man who is watching it from the street.

The man then pulls out a gun as the tiger approaches him and comes within a few feet. 幸好, in the footage, the man was not attacked by the large animal.

狐狸 59 reports that the armed man was actually an off-duty sheriff’s deputy who said that he only pointed his weapon at the tiger, not any people, to protect the neighborhood.

A man claiming to be the owner of the cat eventually came outside and brought the tiger back inside of his house, 的 纽约邮报 报告. 显然地, the supposed owner of the cat and the off-duty deputy briefly argued about the incident.


Witnesses said, 然而, that the same man soon came back outside with the cat and loaded it into his SUV before driving off before the authorities could arrive at the scene, 狐狸 59 报告.