'Tiger King' Joe Exotic has sentence reduced by one year, ...에 21 연령, in 'murder-for-hire' plot

조 이국, of Netflix’s “타이거 킹” 명성, 일명 Joseph Maldonado-Passage, has had his sentence in the murder-for-hire plot reduced by one year to 21 연령, according to the courtroom sentencing sheet from the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma – 오클라호마 시티.

We are unsatisfied with the court’s decision and will appeal. The main issues will be addressed in the Motion for New Trial,” John M. 필립스, Maldonado-Passage’s attorney, said to CNN via email.
Maldonado-Passage said in court, 일부, “I have two non-curable diseases and now have to add cancer to that list. Please don’t make me deal with cancer in prison waiting on an appeal,” as provided to CNN by Phillips.
      He went on to say he had spent 16 마지막 22 months in solitary confinement and isolationbeing deprived of basic constitutional rights such as a fair trial, 언론의 자유, 언론의 자유, medical careand the most basic and important aspect of lifesocial interaction.
        Maldonado-Passage was moved to a North Carolina federal medical treatment facility in November after receiving the biopsy results of an aggressive form of prostate cancer. Phillips told CNN via email he thinks Maldonado-Passage will be transferred back to the medical facility.
          Maldonado-Passage was convicted 에 2019 in a murder-for-hire plot against animal rights activist Carole Baskin as well as other crimes that include animal abuse. 배스킨, who owns a tiger sanctuary in Florida and had secured a million-dollar judgment against him, had a long-standing feud with Maldonado-Passage that was chronicled in the “타이거 킹” 시리즈.

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