Tigers outfielders hurt after 'very scary' collision

Hill ended up making the catch, but both players stayed on the ground for several minutes in visible pain. Both exited the games with clear injuries.

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Manager A.J. Hinch provided updates on Hinch and Baddoo in his postgame press conference. Both are undergoing further testing to see the severity of the injuries.

Akil is getting checked out for a concussion and shoulder,” Hinch said. “I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t need at least a few days, if not an (injured list) stint. Derek’s getting his ribs checked out. It looked like Akil’s head went right into his ribcage. I think Derek’s elbow smoked Akil.

When I got out there, both guys were pretty beat up and in a lot of pain. Very scary incident, and hopefully it’s just minimal at best. I just talked to Akil in the clubhouse, so he’s alert and doing OK, just a little beat up. I haven’t seen Derek yet.

The two young players have been impressive throughout the season. Badoo, 22, currently has a .266 batting average with 10 home runs and 44 RBIs. 언덕, 25, is batting .260 with one home run, eight RBIs, 과 13 runs scored in 27 계략.

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