Tigers' Robbie Grossman hits game-winning home run amid head-scratching calls from umpires

6 회 초, 양키스 타자 Gio Urshela는 타이거 투수 Kyle Funkhouser와 맞서고있었습니다.. Urshela는 Funkhouser를 2-2 count and the umpire allowed Urshela to walk to first base even though the count was 3-2 and he didn’t get the fourth ball in order for him to actually walk.

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Nobody appeared to argue the call

Urshela, in his next at-bat, grounded out to third base, but the replay showed he appeared to get to first base before the third baseman’s throw.

The next controversial call from the home plate umpire in the 10th inning and proved to be the costliest for the Yankees.


Justin Wilson was on the mound for the Yankees and he was facing Robbie Grossman. Wilson threw a pitch in the outside corner and it appeared he was able to get the ball over the plate. The umpire called it a ball and allowed Grossman to get one more shot at Wilson.

On the next pitch, Grossman hit a two-run game-winning home run. Wilson was one out from securing the save but instead, the team was handed a 3-2 손실.

Any time you’re not pitching well, it’s not easy,” Wilson said after the game. “I’m mentally tough. I’ve done it for a while, so I know what I can do. I just need to get back on the right track.

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