TikTok user digs for 'treasure,' finds septic tank in own backyard

A TikTok user was hilariously horrified to open a secret septic tank in his 后院, having previously been unaware that his home was on such a sewage system.

Tony Huisman got his hands dirty in a quick clip posted Tuesday, which has since been viewed over six million times on video sharing platform.


I was doing some gardening in my backyard today, and I uncovered some sort of crazy, secret concrete box in the ground,” Huisman said, panning the camera to the dug-up, grassy ground.

Unearthing a rectangular metal box a few feet top, the TikToker lifted up the two heavy handles with a little help pry bar – to reveal a stinky surprise.

It was my septic tank!” Huisman exclaimed, coughing and gagging as he flipped the camera to himself.


Reply to @hoodietvent Thought we was on city sewage. Hopefully this answers everyone’s questions from the previous video ##septic @wellandsepticlife

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Both delighted and disgusted by the find, comenters agreed that they couldn’t look away.


Me watching this: ‘Don’t open that. Don’t open that. No no don’t open that,’” one wrote.

Umm I think it wasn’t treasure,” 另一个开玩笑.

As a plumber I knew immediately,” 一说.

At least you didn’t have to spend $ 500 just for them to locate it like I did,” another teased.

In follow-up footage, Huisman clarified that there was more to the story in a video viewed over 400,000 纽带.

Okay, so I actually did need to dig up the septic tank because it needed to be pumped. I just thought I would make a video out of it,” he confessed. “So yesterday, everything in the house suddenly stopped draining, like completely blocked.

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Calling a plumber, Huisman said the professional asked when the last time the septic tank was pumped.

“什么! We didn’t know we were on a septic system. I have lived here for 6 years… so who knows how long it’s been since it’s been cleaned!” he speculated. “The dumb part isn’t that I didn’t know there was a septic tank – I knew there was a septic tank and I was digging it out on purpose. The dumb part is that none of us knew we were on a septic system!”




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