TikTok用户的胡萝卜切碎的滑稽动作震惊了互联网: ‘我认为他是我的灵魂伴侣’

TikTok user's carrot-chopping antics stun Internet: 'I think he's my soulmate'

We believe it was Steve Jobs who said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

On that note, TikTok user and true innovator Steel.Jobe has become something of a social-media sensation after he was filmed biting apart a carrot and spitting it back into his blender, rather than waste time with a knife or chopping board.

“This guy is living in 2040,” wrote one admirer in response to the video.

“I think he’s my soulmate,” said another.


Many of his TikTok followers claimed that they, 太, do the same thing with their veggies.

“Kinda glad it’s not just me,” one woman wrote.


“I do the same thing,”添加了另一个, echoing hundreds of similar sentiments. “Tell him we’re just geniuses.”

“Also, this is how birds feed their kids,” someone else offered as evidence that Steel.Jobe might actually be on to something.

Cutting carrots by hand? Lame!

Cutting carrots by hand? Lame! (iStock)

Despite the majority of commenters being impressed with Steel.Jobe and his efforts to get pureed carrots into his bloodstream faster than anyone previously thought possible — at least one person called the video “absolutely terrifying.”

In any case, Steel.Jobe’s video has racked up over 4.4 million views since debuting on the platform earlier this week, which only serves as proof that no matter what anyone thinks of his methods, he’s definitely disrupting the more compliant blender-using population.


As of press time, 然而, Steel.Jobe has not revealed what kind of carrot soup, or perhaps carrot smoothie, that he was so in a rush to prepare in the first place.


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