Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ character Mike Baxter is brewing up a plan in upcoming episode

Tim Allen's ‘Last Man Standing’ character Mike Baxter is brewing up a plan in upcoming episode

Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) is a man with a plan onLaaste man wat staan.”

In a Fox News exclusive clip of the comedy seriesepisode airing Thursday night, Ryan Vogelson (Jordan Masterson) is seen discussing an opportunity he has to purchase a house on the same block as Mikeand notes that he’s seriously contemplating it.

The home needs some renovation but Ryan thinks it could be a smart investment. Intussen, Mike attempts to dissuade Ryan from scooping up the property because he actually wants to buy it.

I’m going to buy that house,” Mike tells neighbor Chuck Larabee (Jonathan Adams) after Ryan leaves the room.


“Laaste man wat staan” is currently in its ninth and final season. Allen previously spoke to Fox News about how he was proud the show lasted for so long on FOX but is also understandably upset to be saying goodbye to another character.

He admitted that going to set every day was “aaklig” knowing it was one day closer to the final day of production.


I thought it would be a good idea,” Allen revealed. “It was a terrible idea!”

During this season Allen, in a twist, ook reprises his beloved character Tim Taylor van “Home Improvement.

Tim Allen (playing dual roles) on 'Last Man Standing.'

Tim Allen (playing dual roles) on ‘Last Man Standing.(Michael Becker/FOX. © 2020 FOX Media LLC.)

Home Improvement” gehardloop van 1991 aan 1999 on ABC. Allen’s Taylor was known asThe Tool Manand the host of a DIY-centric television show.

It was really confusing for me to play Tim Taylor, who, I think of Mike Baxter is an evolution of that character. He’s smarter, went to college,” the star described. “We don’t know whether Tim Taylor was really stupid or really smart. ek bedoel, I played the guy I wasn’t sure.

“Laaste man wat staan” began its run in 2011 on ABC before the network canceled the show. FOX revived the sitcom, giving it a 7th, 8th and 9th season.

“Laaste man wat staan” airs Thursdays at 9:30 pm EST on FOX.

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