Tim Tebow worked out for this team at new position: 报告

Tebow worked out for the 杰克逊维尔美洲虎 and at the tight end position, outlets reported Thursday. Tebow has not appeared in a professional football game since 2012 with the Jets. He briefly signed with the 新英格兰爱国者费城老鹰队 before stepping away from football.

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He was with the 纽约大都会队’ organization from 2016 至 2019 but failed to make the majors. He started out in the Arizona Fall League and made it all the way to Triple-A — the top tier of minor league baseball. Injuries cut his baseball career short.

He said late last year he would still pursue his baseball dream but formally announced his retirement in February.

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Tebow played in 35 games in the NFL. He won one playoff game with the Broncos. 他有 2,422 career passing yards and 17 passing touchdowns. 他还有 989 rushing yards and 12 rushing touchdowns over the course of his career.

Before he stepped away from football, several teams were reportedly interested in Tebow’s services if he would move to the tight end position. 根据 纽约邮报, Tebow wasn’t exactly ready to switch his position.




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