Time for Fauci to resign or be fired: 이것의. 톰 코튼

이것의. TOM 코튼: 잘, I’m reflecting what I heard from so many people across the state of Arkansas last week. They’ve lost confidence in Tony Fauci because of his repeated evasions and misdirection and politicized advice. That’s very clear going back to the earliest days of this pandemic when, 예를 들어, he did, 사실로, contrary to his protestations, now dismissed out of hand the prospect that this virus could have originated in the Wuhan labs.

We now know that is by far the most likely origin for this virus. 박사. Fauci appears to have focused more on protecting his agency, which was funding research in those labs and protecting his friends among the Chinese scientists working at those labs, then trying to get the truth for the American people. That’s why so many Arkansans have lost confidence in him and it’s time for him to go.





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