Titans honor Nashville Christmas Day bombing first responders

Titans honor Nashville Christmas Day bombing first responders

그만큼 테네시 타이탄 honored six first responders who were on the scene moments before an RV exploded in downtown Nashville on Christmas Day.

Brenna Hosey, Tyler Luellen, Michael Sipos, Amanda Topping, James Wells and Sgt. Timothy Miller were theHonorary 12th Titansfor the game against the 볼티모어 까마귀 and also plunged a sword into the field to mark the countdown to the kickoff of the wild-card playoff game.

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The Metro Nashville Police Department posted pictures and video from the pregame festivities at Nissan Stadium.


While we can never thank these officers enough for their heroic acts, it is an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to honor them at the game on Sunday,” Titans president and CEO Burke Nihill said in a statement days before the game.

The bombing occurred on Christmas Day. 경찰은 RV가 대피 경고를 울 렸고 15 분 동안 그 지역을 정리하기 위해 카운트 다운을했다고 말했다.. 녹음에 나오는 여성의 목소리는 로봇으로 여겨집니다, 컴퓨터 음성, law enforcement sources told the Associated Press. RV는 또한 폭발하기 전에 노래를 폭파했습니다., identified by law enforcement as “도심” 작성자 : Petula Clark.

The explosion damaged an AT&T building and wreaked havoc on cellphone service for days.

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앤서니 퀸 워너, 63, was believed to be behind the bombing. He died in the explosion.

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