Titans' Mike Vrabel slams Julio Jones for costly penalty: 'Doing dumb s--- that hurts the team'

Vrabelは月曜日に以前のAll-Proワイドアウトを激しく非難した. ジョーンズは第1四半期に個人的なファウルを求められた. カージナルスのコーナーバックであるバイロン・マーフィーに振り回された後、彼は不必要な粗さのフラグが立てられました.

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After the penalty, Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw an incomplete pass on the ensuing third down. Tennessee was forced to punt while trailing 10-0 in the opening quarter.


Critical mistake,” Vrabel 前記. “That’s absolutely nothing that we coach or teach. そう, that would fall into the category of doing dumb st that hurts the team, right there in bold letters. It goes from third-and-1 to third-and-16.

The Cardinals rolled to a dominating 38-13 victory over Tennessee. Jones finished with three receptions for 29 yards in the loss. A seven-time Pro Bowler, Jones was acquired by the Titans in an offseason trade with the アトランタファルコンズ.

昨年, Jones finished with 771 receiving yards and three scores in nine games. He dealt with a nagging hamstring injury for most of the season.