Tituss Burgess reacts to co-star Ellie Kemper's apology over involvement in controversial pageant

Tituss Burgess is offering support to his “坚不可摧的金米·施密特(Kimmy Schmidt)” 配角 Ellie Kemper in the wake of her controversy.

The actor took to his Instagram的 on Tuesday to re-share Kemper’s 道歉 which she posted to her own Instagram account on Monday.
In Burgesscaption he simply wrote, “I love my Ellie.And in the comments section he responded to Kemper, who wroteI love you Tituss,” 与 “哦, & P.S. Next time, just ask me, I’ll tell ya what to do.He also posted an emoji of a smiley face with hearts.
    Kemper faced criticism for her involvement in a debutante ball as a teenager that has come under scrutiny for the organization’s controversial history.
      Kemper was crowned theQueen of Love and Beautyat the Veiled Prophet Ball in 1999. The organization is based in Missouri and was founded in 1878 by former Confederate officers.
          Kemper’s statement read in part, “I was old enough to have educated myself before getting involved. I unequivocally deplore, denounce, and reject white supremacy,” 她继续. “同时, I acknowledge that because of my race and my privilege, I am the beneficiary of a system that has dispensed unequal justice and unequal rewards.
          The Veiled Prophet Organization said 上个星期 that they do not support racism.