Tom Brady participates in Bucs' minicamp following knee surgery: 'He kept begging to go back in'

タンパベイバッカニアーズ head coach Bruce Arians said that his quarterbacklooked fineduring practice, adding that it was hard to keep the seven-time Super Bowl sidelined for long.


I had to pull him out that first period. 私は言った, 'OK, you can have four,’ he kept begging to go back in. だが, the only thing I didn’t want him in was the blitz period. Some guys might get around him too quick,” アリウス派は言った, 経由して

Brady was spotted in a workout video on his social media last week without a knee brace following a significant knee surgery early in the offseason.

Arians said last week that he wasn’t sure how much Brady would participate in minicamp but even he was pleasantly surprised with the veteran’s dedication.

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The doctors and him. They both said he was good to go and still be careful of what we’re doing with him,” Arians said Tuesday. “Trying to stop him from playing is pretty tough.

Brady revealed in a recent interview with Hodinkee Radio – part of a website for modern and vintage wristwatch enthusiasts – that this was his first surgery in “約 12 年” and it was an injury he battled with all season.

I had pretty serious knee surgery this offseason, which is the first surgery I’ve had in about 12 年. So I was really interested to see how it was going to go because last year just took a lot,” said the 21-season NFL veteran, “Every week, I was kind of tending to my knee and I thought, ‘I’d love to see a season, what it looks like when I can really focus on some other strength stuff that I want to do, some other technique stuff where I’m not just focused on protecting my knee all the time.

An injured Brady still managed to take home a Super Bowlhard to imagine what else he can accomplish at full strength next season.